5+ Best Ping Pong Table for Kids (Mini Table Tennis Tables)

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Kids love playing table tennis. It’s a fun and exciting sport that people of all ages can enjoy, but what is the best ping pong table for kids?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a table tennis table for kids.

In this article, I compiled a list of some of the best children’s ping pong tables and children’s table tennis sets that both kids and parents love. We’ll also review regular adult-sized ping pong tables suitable for kids and teenagers.

Other best ping pong tables for sale and saving discounts are available here.

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  • 12 mm Table Top

  • No assembly required

  • Net & Post Set Included

Kids Ping Pong Table Reviews & Top Picks

Table for Kids




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Best Overall


Butterfly Family Mini Ping Pong Table thumbnail image

Best Budget


Killerspin Impact Mini thumbnail image

Best Multi-purpose


Killerspin Impact Mini thumbnail image

Best Foldable


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Best 6+ Ages


1. Butterfly Junior Stationary Table

best ping pong table for kids overall model Butterfly Junior Stationary Table


Overview: With the Butterfly Junior table tennis table, you can create your mini-table tennis academy right home and prepare your kids for bouncing fun.

Compact and lightweight, this 3/4 size table tennis table is the perfect choice for homes, kids’ rooms, and other locations where a full-size table would be too large. Fun, easy to set up, and great for all ages – the Junior offers hours of family fun!

Butterfly Junior Stationary Table Specifications

  • Table Dimension (LxWxH): (6.75 x 3.75 x 2.5) foot or (81 x 45 x 30) inches
  • Folded Dimension (LxWxH): 45” x 3” x 40.5”
  • Tabletop Thickness: 0.47ft or 12mm
  • Tabletop Material: MDF Wood
  • Base and frame material: Steel
  • Weight: 62 lbs.
  • Color: Blue or Green
  • Approval: USATT
  • Recommended age range: 9+
  • Warranty: 3-years

Butterfly Junior Stationary Table Features Worth Mentioning

Kids-Friendly Dimensions

The dimension of this kid ping pong table is 3/4 of a standard-size ping pong table. It is slightly larger than mid-sized ping pong tables. The table is 7 feet (84 inches) long, 4 feet(48 inches) wide, and 2 feet 6 inches high. When folded, the dimensions of the Butterfly Junior Stationery Table become 3.75′ high x 3′ wide, which is very space-saving for storage.

Two-Piece Design

Butterfly Junior table is a two-piece ping pong table. Thus, each half is separate for easier and lighter transportation. Each half can be used together and folded when not in use.

Butterfly minitable green and blue

Foldable, Space-saving, and Portable

The Butterfly Junior ping pong table’s legs are foldable on each half. Each of the legs is ¾ foot and is square. When the legs are folded, it allows compact storage of 5 feet or 12.5cm in width. The table has two side wheels on the inside of each half. Thus, you can move this table quickly.

Protective Corners For Safety

The tabletop of this portable ping pong table is equipped with corner protection pads providing protection and safety. The corner pads are magenta and look very vibrant.

Butterfly clip net and post set included.

It comes with a Butterfly clip net and post set, 6 feet high, the same height as the regulation-size net. The best ping pong blades for juniors are reviewed here, and they are Timo Boll J & TJ.

Conveniently Accommodates In Any Room

Keeping three feet of space around the sides of the Butterfly Junior table tennis table and five feet of space from both ends will accommodate the table nicely and allow good player maneuverability.

Butterfly clip net and post set included

Easy To Set Up

The table tennis table comes partially assembled. It takes only one person and 4-5 minutes to assemble the Butterfly 3/4 folded junior table fully. All it requires is to take it out of the package, unfold the legs, set the tabletop, and attach the clip net set – that’s it.


The Butterfly Junior Kids table tennis table is intended for indoor use only. But some of the Butterfly junior table tennis reviews mention that it can also be used outdoors when used with caution. That’s because this table from Butterfly’s mini ping pong series comes with square steel legs that provide a solid foundation on grass and outdoors.

Butterfly Junior Table Tennis Pros and Cons


  • Multi-purpose: Since it is a two-piece table and each half separates, you can use it for multiple purposes.
  • Lightweight and portable: The legs fold on each half consisting of two side wheels – these two features allow lighter transportation/portability.
  • Hassle-free clip net set: The net clip set is easily attachable.
  • Pre-assembled: The table ships assembled with a free ping pong net.
  • Great warranty: The table is covered with Butterfly’s 3-year “worry-free” warranty.


  • It is expensive, but given the amazing features, your investment will be worth it!

Final Thoughts on Butterfly Junior Stationary Table

We ranked Butterfly Junior Stationary because it comes with all the kid-friendly features one would want. Most importantly, it carries the ideal length, width, and height suitable for kids aged 5 to above.

At the age of 5-6, a child hasn’t yet developed good hand and eye coordination. These days, most of the mid-sized ping pong tables are 3-3.5 feet in width, which is too narrow for toddlers and kids of 6 years old. It might be difficult for your child to hit the ball onto the other side of the table.

YouTube video


Butterfly Junior Stationary is your best option if you want a high-quality midsize table that comes with ideal length and width and is also kid-friendly at the same time.

Yes, it is pretty expensive, though. And, if you are looking for a good kids’ ping pong table at a reasonable price, look no further, as the following four tables are budget-friendly.

If you still want the best ping pong table for kids, regardless of the price, Butterfly Junior table tennis is available for sale at $424.99 on Megaspin. Both the colors (blue and green) are available there. This is the lowest price of the Butterfly Junior table, and it is covered with Butterfly’s 3-year warranty and free curbside shipping with liftgate delivery inside the USA.

2. Butterfly Family Mini Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Family Mini Ping Pong Table main image


Overview: The Family Mini ping pong table is the smallest in the line of Butterfly and is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to start playing with family and friends. This family-favorite mini ping-pong table is designed for children, youth, and adults alike.

Dimensions: What are the dimensions of the Butterfly Family Mini Ping Pong table?

It is a 1/3rd regulation-size ping pong table. 55.2 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 24 inches tall. The table height is ideal for adults to reach and is also adjustable for kids. The table fits perfectly well in a kid’s room, dorm, or small office. When folded, the dimensions of the Butterfly mini ping pong table become 2’3 high x 3′ wide x 3′ deep.

Butterfly Family Mini Ping Pong Table Specifications

One-piece ping pong table equipped with kid-safety features: Unlike the Butterfly Junior Stationary Table, this one is a one-piece table. It also comes equipped with child-friendly tilt-option and angle adjustments. Thus, this ping pong table helps ensure every family member can enjoy table tennis with ease and comfort in a lifetime investment.

Butterfly Family Mini Ping Pong Table Specifications

  • Table Dimension (LxWxH): (4.6 x 3 x 2) feet or (55.2 x 36 x 24) inches.
  • Folded Dimension: 28″ x 45″ x 3″
  • Tabletop Thickness: 0.47ft or 12mm
  • Tabletop Material: MDF (wood)
  • Base & Frame Material: Alloy steel
  • Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Color: Blue or Green
  • Warranty: 3 years

Features of Butterfly Family Mini Ping Pong Table Worth Considering

  • Its one-piece design and included net set make it as easy to set up as it is to store away when not in use.
  • The foldable and portable Butterfly Family Table Tennis table provides a high level of entertainment within a compact design and is a space-saving choice.
  • It is easy to transport and features durable construction, so players can enjoy years of fun!
  • This family and children’s table tennis table is easy to set up in minutes and folds effortlessly. A child-friendly tiled top option is also available for toddlers or those who want slower play.
  • This mini table tennis table features a professional-style net set, so there’s no need to buy separate nets!
  • This mini table tennis table is an excellent gift for anyone who wants to play table tennis games with family and friends.

Butterfly Family Mini Ping Pong Table Pros and Cons


  • This mini ping pong table is a family-friendly table suitable for both children and adults.
  • The angles of this mini-size ping pong table are adjustable, so it won’t hurt your back when playing with kids.
  • This is a budget-friendly ping pong table for kids.
  • It has all the features you and your children need to enjoy hours of ping pong and other games.


  • The table will require time and an adult’s strength when unfolding the legs, folding back, or moving the table.

Final Thoughts on Butterfly Family Mini Ping Pong Table and Review Summary

This mini table tennis table for kids is reasonably priced, compact, foldable, and portable – everything one would look for in a kids’ friendly ping pong table.

YouTube video


The tabletop is also constructed of high-quality materials, and kids can do many types of activities on the table surface, like homework or attending online classes.

That’s why the Butterfly Family table is a practical choice for table tennis kids’ tables.

3. Killerspin Impact Mini Table Tennis Table

best ping pong table for kids model Killerspin Impact Mini Table Tennis Table


Overview: The mini ping pong table from the Killerspin Impact series is a small table tennis table of 1/5th of a regulation-size table.

It is equipped with tournament-grade surface materials. It boasts a new sleek black tabletop surface of 12mm thick with a UV coating to protect against harsh UV rays.

The smooth tabletop sits on galvanized steel legs at the standard height of 2.5 feet, with counterbalanced levelers providing better stability.

Suitable For All Skills And Space

The Killerspin Impact Mini Deep Chocolate table is an adjustable ping pong table specifically designed for people of all ages and skill levels.

Features like the folding mechanism and durable construction make it an ideal table for kids’ rooms. The sleek black tabletop and Killerspin’s distinctive craftsmanship make this mini table tennis table ideal for offices, pubs, and recreation centers.

The Second Smallest Kids’ Table Tennis Table     

Killerspin Impact Mini is the second smallest ping pong table for kids. This mini ping pong table is 2/5th the length and ½ the width of a regulation-size table tennis table. At 4.1 feet in length and 2.45 feet in width, the Killerspin Impact Mini table tennis table is perfect for any space, even smaller office spaces and college dorm rooms.

best ping pong table for kids killerspin impact mini second image horizontal

Foldable And Portable       

The easy folding mechanism of this miniature ping pong table makes it possible to play ping pong in places where you never imagined! Since it is very easy to fold, unfold, and set up, children can use it with anyone in their circle of friends and enjoy the game at any skill level.

Durable And Multi-Purpose

The mini ping pong tables from Killerspin are among the top choices for families of all ages because they’re designed for ease of use, durability, and performance. Killerspin Impact Mini tabletop is also suitable for digital generation table tennis activities.

Mini Table Tennis Table Specifications

  • Table Dimension: 49.2 x 29.5 x 30 inches
  • Tabletop Thickness: 12mm
  • Table Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Tabletop material: Fiberboard with UV coating
  • Base & Frame Material: Alloy steel
  • Suggested age range: Unisex/adult/teenagers.
  • Assembling: Take it out of the package. Unfold the legs, set the tabletop, and play.
  • What’s included: Built-in post system with add-on net.
  • Warranty: Killerspin’s 1-year limited warranty

Killerspin Impact Mini Ping Pong Table Features Worth Mentioning

  • This table is an elegant mini-sized table tennis table. It is a new model from Killerspin’s Impact series constructed with the principle of the Fibonacci Golden Ratio. This means the design and the build of this ping pong kids’ table will look aesthetically pleasing and bring harmony to your room’s interior. The tabletop surface of the Killerspin mini ping pong table is UV coated, resistant to wear and tear, and durable.
  • You can use it both indoors and outdoors in your backyard. It is better not to leave it outside when not in use without a protective cover.
  • It is compactfoldable, and easy to store.
  • The adjustable height makes it suitable for both teenagers and adults.

The Killerspin Impact Mini Ping Pong Pros and Cons


  • The most significant advantage is the table comes with adjustable leg heights.
  • This ping pong table is suitable for both adults and ambitious children.
  • Each half of the table doubles as a backboard, offering playback/solo/single-player mode.
  • The tabletop is weatherproof.
  • It’s proven that the smaller the table, the better the player needs to be because a smaller surface requires more skill to use effectively and better maneuverability. Killerspin Impact Mini is designed specifically for teaching children. The mini table is challenging even for top players and will help improve your tenacious kids’ skills better than any regular-sized table would.


  • Standard table tennis tables are 5ft in width, but this Kid’s Table Tennis Table is half the width of a regulation table surface at 2.5ft only. Toddlers who just began to practice can find it challenging to keep the ball in play on such a narrow surface.
  • Once you get used to playing on mini-sized ping pong tables, it will take time to adjust to full-sized tables.
  • The table does not have attached wheels, so transporting the table will take time.

Final Thoughts on Killerspin Impact Mini Table Tennis

If you’ve tried playing table tennis with your child or kids, you know it can be hard to have competition because of the table size and their swings. This mini-sized ping pong table is constructed to address this problem.

Killerspin Impact Mini ping pong table can stimulate a competitive atmosphere and keep your tenacious kids hooked for hours.

YouTube video


Also, if you are looking for the best children’s ping pong tables with adjustable height, you can close your eyes and go for the Mini Deep Chocolate ping pong table from Killerspin Impact.

4. JOOLA Midsize Kids Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table


Overview: JOOLA Midsize Compact table tennis kids table is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It comes with 4.2 out of 5 stars from 2,565 customers and is one of the most popular and highly rated ping pong tables for children and players of all ages for due reasons.

JOOLA Midsize pong table is built with the regulation-size height (30 inches) but with all the convenience of a midsized table: foldability, compact storage, quick set-up, and multi-functionality. It is 2/3rd of the official-size table tennis tables at 6ft in length and 3ft in width. This midsize ping pong table is black all over with a striking white edge vertically amidst the table.

It is a sturdy two-piece ping pong table with separate, free-standing square halves. The two-piece design of the Joola Midsize Compact table tennis table makes it great for entertaining, playing board games, or playing just about any table game with children.

This kids-friendly table tennis table is foldable, easily transportable, and takes only 10 minutes at the top to re-assemble.

Kids Table Tennis Table Specifications

  • Dimensions: (LxWxH): 6ft length x 3ft width x 2.5ft height
  • Folded dimensions: 36 inches x 36 inches
  • Tabletop thickness: 1.8 inches
  • Table weight: 49.5 lbs.
  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Warranty: JOOLA’S 1-year warranty.
  • Recommended age and suggested users: Unisex to adults

Features of JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Worth Mentioning

  • It comes with JOOLA’s custom-sized net post set with a screw clamp design for easy attachment.
  • This midsize table comes 100% pre-assembled with the legs attached to the table. You just take it out of the package, fold it down, and lock the table into place.
  • It is a multi-purpose ping pong table for kids and adults, suitable for playing board games or just about anything since both halves are separate.
  • Each leg is connected to the table, ensuring level playing surface stability.

JOOLA Midsize Ping Pong Table Pros and Cons


  • This ping pong kid’s table comes with all the benefits of midsize ping pong tables: short in height, kids-friendly, foldable, and space-saving.
  • This midsize table is separated into two square halves; each half weighs only 31 lbs, making it lightweight and easier to carry.

JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table a woman and a kid playing



  • The two halves are not joined together, so you’ll have to move each half individually when transporting the table. That means you’ll require more time to move the table alone.

5. Pick Up and Go Portable Ping Pong Table for Kids

Pick Up and Go Portable Ping Pong Table for Kids main image


Overview: The Pick-Up-and-Go Portable Table Tennis is an exceptionally kids-friendly ping pong table that adults will also fall in love with. The table is close to the size of regulation ping pong tables.

Plus, it is foldable, portable, and packable in a snap. This children’s table tennis table is 26 inches high when set up and comes with ideal kid-friendly features.

Pick Up and Go Portable Ping Pong Table Specifications

  • Standing dimensions: 59″L x 27″W x 26″H
  • Folding dimensions: 30″L x 27″W x 5″H
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Color: Blue and green
  • Recommended age: 6 years and above.

Kids Portable Table Tennis Table Features Worth Mentioning

  • This is a complete children’s table tennis set that comes with the table, and along with it comes ping pong balls, paddles, and the net set!
  • It is an amazing kids-friendly ping pong table designed and recommended for children aged 6 years and above.
  • The table is very lightweight(29 pounds) and very portable.
  • The handles on both sides make it convenient to carry.
  • The table requires little assembly and is very easy to set up.
  • The table is foldable and allows two-on-two and solo table tennis playback modes.
  • It is suitable both indoors and outdoors.
  • It comes with 1 net set, 2 ping pong paddles, and 3 ping pong balls.

Final Thoughts on the Pick-Up-and-Go Children Table Tennis Table

This ping pong kid’s table is a perfect gift idea for a special child in your life. It’s known that the best age to start table tennis is after six, and this table is recommended for kids 6 years and above.

Final thoughts on the Pick-Up-and-Go Children playing outdoors a family


You can have any kid playing indoor and outdoor pong with this lovely table. Any girl or boy would love the vibrant color, and it is very lightweight and suitable for camping or play dates with friends.

Special Considerations: Electronic Pong Handheld Game Table For Kids Above 8


Hasbro Tiny Ping Pong Table for Kids

Hasbro Tiny Ping Pong Table for Kids main image


Overview: Hasbro Tiny Pong Solo is a handheld electric ping pong table for kids. Hasbro Pong makes solo table tennis more enjoyable and interactive for kids, thanks to the electronic ping pong game features and the handheld pong game table. This tiny ping pong table for kids is very popular among parents and their children.

Although it requires AAA batteries to emit the lights and sounds, it is a safe electronic table tennis table for 8-year-old kids because kids can play with or without the batteries.

With the batteries, this handheld ping pong table emits lights and sound as the player levels up, and the balls bounce on the Mini Pong Hasbro table tennis tabletop.

If the sounds and light seem bothersome, take out the battery, and the electronic ping pong table will keep your kid playing ping pong solo or your little one practicing ball bouncing.

YouTube video
The tabletop of this tiny ping pong solo table is constructed of wood, giving the real court feel. It also comes with convenient ball storage right underneath the tabletop.

What is the size of the smallest ping pong table? Ping Pong fun facts: The tiny ping pong solo table from Hasbro Gaming is smaller than a tennis show box!

Hasbro Tiny Pong Instructions

  1. Take the provided ping pong ball out of the underneath storage area.
  2. Push/press the yellow switch on the middle of the tabletop surface downwards, activating the electronic ping-pong game mode. You will hear the built-in robot say, “..welcome to Hasbro pong /tiny pong solo. Your current record is 0” the first time you press the yellow button.
  3. Put the orange ping pong ball at the top of the hole of the yellow switch and choose your preferred mode.
  4. There are two modes: beginner and expert. You can choose your preferred method by tapping the launcher side of the tabletop on the table’s far side.
  5. Press the yellow trigger button underneath the table at the handle, automatically launching the ball.
  6. Try bouncing it back and forth.

If you wish to reset the game, you don’t need to look for the tiny pong’s reset button; there isn’t any. Simply remove the batteries, wait 5-6 seconds, press the launch button, and put the batteries in. This will reset the score to zero.

Hasbro Electric Pong Table Pros and Cons


  • This tiny ping pong table for children is super affordable; it costs just $15.90.
  • The ping pong electronic game brings a new, exciting, challenging atmosphere where dads and sons try to beat the top score.
  • It comes with one free ping pong ball.
  • Both adults and children can practice playing without the battery.
  • The functionalities, the ease of use, and the lightweight design will provide hours of competitive fun for friends and family.
  • It indeed makes solo ping pong for children super fun and exciting.
  • This Mini Handheld Children Table Tennis Table is an excellent choice as a Christmas gift.


  • There isn’t any option to turn off the lights and stop the sounds.
  • It is an electric table tennis table and doesn’t trigger/launch the ball without batteries. Kids can practice with it, though.
  • It doesn’t come with the batteries included.

Hasbro Tiny Pong Instructions


Hopefully, this article has covered useful ping-pong facts for parents seeking the best ping-pong tables for children. In my next post, I will cover how to teach a child to play table tennis. Meanwhile, don’t forget to read the fantastic facts about table tennis in the Olympics that’ll inspire your kids from here.

Best Ping Pong Table for Kids: Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick a table that’s good for your kid?

The easiest option is to go for a table tennis table designed particularly for children or choose a child-friendly ping pong table. But it would be best if you also considered your child’s age and the purpose of use.

image with two kids playing table tennis

If you intend to teach your child table tennis at home and looking for a kid-friendly ping pong table, you must consider the following features:

  1. The Four Ideal Sizes of Kids Ping Pong Tables
  2. Junior-size or 3/4 size ping pong table: These kids’ table tennis tables are 3/4 of the regulation-size ping pong tables. These children’s table tennis tables are also called junior-size tables, and the dimensions are 81x 45 x 30 inches.
  3. Mini-size or 1/5 size ping pong table: These are 1/5 of the official tables and are often considered children’s table tennis tables. The dimensions of 1/5 ping pong tables are 4.1ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft.
  4. Family-size or 1/3 size ping pong tables:1/3 or family-size table is also suitable size ping pong table for kids. The dimensions of these kids’ ping pong tables are 4.6 x 3 x 2 ft.
  5. Mid-Size or 2/3 size ping pong tables: Midsize ping pong tables are 2/3rd of the regulation-size tables. The dimensions of the 2/3 ping pong tables are 6ft in length x 3ft in width.
  6. One-piece Vs. Two-piece ping pong tables for kids

What is a one-piece ping pong table for kids?

A one-piece ping pong table has two halves connected through a central folding mechanism. A two-piece ping pong table comes with two independent halves; You can join each half of the table to play and use it alone for a general purpose when not in play.

Both one-piece and two-piece ping pong tables are usually foldable. However, moving two-piece ping pong tables is easier since each half moves separately, and lifting each half is easy.

On the other hand, you will need to push a one-piece table. Also, since each half of the table is not detachable, it will require more strength to push the table than two-piece ping pong tables.

What is a two-piece ping pong table for kids?

That said, high-end one-piece folding ping pong tables with caster wheels require less time because the two halves move together. On the contrary, the two halves of a two-piece ping pong table move separately, so moving two-piece tables will require more time, although easy.

Whatever you choose, I will always suggest going for ping pong tables that are compact: foldable, and portable, and the ones that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors because you never know if setting the table in the backyard might motivate your children.

The Pick Up And Go Ping Pong table we reviewed here fits these points. It is lightweight (29 lbs), suitable for indoors and outdoors, and a very kid-friendly ping pong table that all children will love!

Kids Ping Pong Table Safety features

You must pay attention to the safety features of the table. Parents must not let a baby play table tennis without adult supervision. You might get table tennis tables for children under 3 years, but kids playing table tennis must be under their parent’s supervision.

playing table tennis outside family with a mini tables

Even the most kids’ friendly table tennis tables, like the Hasbro Pong table and children’s table tennis sets, have small parts and balls that can be a choking hazard for 3-year-old children. As a parent, you must learn these facts about ping pong balls.

Kids ping pong tables should also have essential safety features like rounded corner guard protection for the tabletop. It helps reduce injury.

You should also consider if the ping pong table is safe for you and your kid’s health. Since most ping pong table surfaces contain wood, you must look at the label and check if it has a California Proposition 64 warning.

For instance, STIGA Legacy table tennis tables can expose chemicals, including DEHP, which can cause reproductive harm and cancer. You’ll notice this model from STIGA carries the label warning. That said, the ping pong tables for kids that we reviewed here do not fall under this category and are safe for kids.

Additional factors to consider

  • The number of children who will need to use it and the age of the children because some mid-sized ping pong tables are too narrow.
  • Take into account space limitations and the place where you will set it. How much space is needed for your kid’s table tennis game? Will you set it indoors, or do you plan to set it outside or in your backyard?
  • Recall the purpose of use. Consider the table’s primary function: recreation or teaching your kids. If you want to buy a recreational ping pong table, you must focus on the table’s weight and portability. For instance, the Pick and Go ping pong table for kids is very lightweight and a great option for recreational use like camping.
  • Knowing if the ping pong table is foldable is essential if you have limited space. A foldable kid’s ping pong table saves space. Also, high-end foldable ping pong tables allow solo playback mode.
  • Take into consideration your budget range.
  • Make sure you consider warranty and shipping.

What is the ideal size of a children’s ping pong table for learning?

For children, a non-regulation size is an ideal size for learning purposes. Since you’ll be teaching your kid, a tiny ping pong table of 4ft in length and 2ft in width might be too short a distance for you to hit the ball effectively to your child and for your child to hit the ball back to the other side of the table.

Even if you are a professional player, you will need time to adjust to a smaller table. Thus, you will need at least a foot long and a bit wider than a 2ft wide table tennis kids’ table.

As you can see from our list of the best ping pong tables for kids, Butterfly Junior, Butterfly Family, JOOLA Midsize Compact, and Heathsong’s Pick-and-Go are the best table tennis tables for kids that are ideal in size and good for teaching your kid table tennis.






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