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Published on April 11, 2021 Last Updated on October 25, 2021 by Sorin Petroj

Are you ready to improve your game and want to choose the ping pong rubbers that best suit your style?

Speed, spin, and control are the 3 most important things to pay attention to.

Before a detailed analysis, see the table and rating of the best ping pong rubbers for different players.

Best ping pong rubbers selected by the author:





butterfly tenergy 05 ping pong rubber


yasaka rakza 7 soft ping pong rubber


butterfly dignics 05 ping pong rubber


yasaka mark v ping pong rubber


joola express ultra ping pong rubber



1. Butterfly Tenergy 05 high-speed rubber

Best ping pong rubbers Butterfly Tenergy 05 red


Our favorite and the most popular rubber on the market. Professional players use it because it has exceptional characteristics and speed.

Timo Boll, one of the world’s best players and European champion, uses Tenergy rubbers on both sides of the racket. If you are not a beginner, I recommend this rubber because of its speed, spin effect, the way it absorbs the ball, and durability.

We know that the rubber is consumable, but in this case, Tenergy 05 proved to be a more durable and long-term rubber that provides its performance even after a long time of playing and wear.

Sponge and high tension technology

Players can select the rubber’s thickness in 3 options: 1.7, 1.9, 2.1 sizes. The most commonly used is the known max size of 2.1. For example, the thicker is the sponge layer, the more balls you can control in the game and send to your opponent. The thinner is the layer, the more control you will have but also the slower balls.  Offensive players use a thicker layer of sponge to have more power when hitting.

Tenergy 05 ping pong rubber sponge red

The sponge on the rubber has another important thing, and that is its hardness. With the same rubber model, you have several different levels of hardness. When the layer is softer, the racket absorbs the ball better, and therefore the control is better. We should also emphasize that topspins are easier to report with more rotation if the sponge is softer.

Our chosen model, Tenergy 05, is suitable for spins, while Tenergy 064 is much faster and has less control. Meanwhile, as a third model for comparison and a better understanding of how much the sponge affects the rubber. So, we will list the Tenergy 80, between 05 and 64 models.

Rubber characteristics

  • Type: Inverted
  • Class: Super speed
  • Speed: 130
  • Spin: 115
  • Hardness: 36

If you are a player who prefers attack in your game, I really recommend this rubber because you will feel the quality and speed at the first training session. It is best to combine it with a ping pong blade, which is faster and more offensive. Here are the best blades by the author.

But if you have your favorite and want to change the rubbers, you will surely feel the difference by putting Tenergy 05 on the racket. It is also recommended to use a protective foil on the rubber when you are not training and storing it in the racket case. The best glue for all Butterfly rubbers is Free Chack II. The gluing method can be found on this page in the section below under the Racket assembly video.

Another important thing is that Tenergy was among the first to use “Spring Sponge” technology, which provides the ball with a moment longer hold. This way, you achieve better control when pimping and serving.

Tenergy 05 rubber all characteristics

All in all, the best overall rubber of my choice. I have been using it on my racket for several years, and it has always shown quality and longevity.



2. Yasaka Rakza 7 soft rubber (Best Value-Budget rubber)

Best ping pong rubbers Yasaka Rakza 7 soft rubber


This particular Yasaka model is on our shortlist because the Rakza 7 model is softer rubber from the previous model. This rubber has improved control, and the ball block is excellent. When you hit the ball, you have a better sense of precision because it will be easier to hit the part of the table you want.

The combination of the new “Power Sponge” top sheet partly provides turning power and better grip. Returning short balls and service is much better than with other fast rubbers. However, we should say that this rubber belongs to the slower category and focused primarily on spin and ball control on the table. If you are familiar with Butterfly rubbers, Rakza 7 soft is similar to the Sriver FX model.

Rubber characteristics

  • Type: Inverted
  • Class: OFF- style
  • Speed: 93
  • Spin: 96
  • Hardness: 42

Firstly, the rubber sponge is primarily designed for players who play with more ball rotation. Secondly, if you are more passive in the game style, have more pimples, wait for the opponent’s mistake, or place the balls precisely in certain parts of the tables, then this is the right ping pong rubber for you.

Best ping pong rubbers Yasaka Rakza Hybrid energy power sponge rubber

Yasaka Rakza 7 has a special integrated speed-gluing effect, which means that its sound is reminiscent of rubbers that ping pong players glued in the past with old glue. You will feel it best when you move a little away from the table, play spin on a spin with your opponent, or hit the high ball harder.

Great rubber durability, perfect for the game’s current rules with a plastic ball and control of the ball during the game. The dimensions you can choose are 1.8, 2.0, and max. I recommend choosing “max” to achieve the full effect in the game.

Overall, our best value-budget ping pong rubber. The price is quite affordable for players who want to improve their racket with good and soft rubbers. Moreover, players who want to enter with topspin, the first ball by rotation or backhand entry, and later keep safe balls on the table.


3. Butterfly Dignics 05 (Best Overall from ping pong rubbers)

Best ping pong rubbers Butterfly Dignics 05 black rubber


New offensive weapon in table tennis! For strong topspins and attacking play, the best rubber currently on the market. We recommend it for professional players or players who train a minimum of 5 workouts per week.

With the latest technology, Butterfly has managed to make a rubber that raises each player’s play level. A combination of “Spring sponge X” has greater elasticity and reinforced abrasion. It is currently used by world-class players such as Harimoto Tomokazu and Lin Gaoyuan.

Dignics vs. Tenergy

The difference between Dignics 05 and all previous Butterfly rubbers is in their performance and quality. Firstly, you get 22% more arc when you spin. This means that when you perform a topspin with the same strength as with another rubber, for example, Tenergy, you will get a 22% better spin.

Secondly, you will feel more power in the impact with this beautiful table tennis rubber. Players who train regularly will feel the difference in the first training sessions. That is why it is recommended for advanced and professional players.

I would especially like to point out how Dignics 05 behaves on short balls. When entering with a flip or the famous “banana-flip,” a greater ball effect was obtained. A better spin and a stronger ball will come to the opponent, so you are then forcing him into a passive position.

Rubber characteristics

  • Type: Inverted
  • Class: High-offensive
  • Speed: 135
  • Spin: 120
  • Hardness: 40

Another technology applied to Dignics rubbers is “High-Tension.” This means better turning and higher ball speed. This creates extra strength when hitting short balls at the flip entrance.

New generation rubber – Dignics 05

Needless to say, how effective it is to spin on spin points away from the table. This is where you can see the real power of this beautiful rubber.

Try to imagine the situation in which you play an important match, and with the result 2: 2 in sets, it is important to start the last 5th set well. As a striker in the game, you must not play passively but continue your already familiar game.

In a few moments, the first or second topspin decide. Then matters if your spin will go in the middle of the table or at the end near the white line. And also matters if it will be with an adequate arc of rotation. Then Dignics 05 rubber will bring you an advantage and maybe a decisive result.

Butterfly Dignics 05 red rubber the best in 2021


Overall, a professional table tennis rubber of the best quality today. In our opinion, the price is justified for reasons of innovation and quality. Not for beginners, but for professionals certainly, one step further in the future of table tennis.


4. Yasaka Mark V (Best from ping pong rubbers for beginners)

Best ping pong rubbers Yasaka Mark V black and white rubber


It’s time to recommend the rubber for beginners and table tennis players who train several times a week.

Perfect for that level of play and rubber that has been on the market for many years and shows quality and longevity. In short, it is amazing how durable it is and how much it provides the full effect of ball control even after a long time of playing.

Yasaka Mark V will meet the expectations of all players who learn table tennis and slightly more advanced players who train several times a week. The ball’s control is excellent and keeping the ball on the table up to a certain speed is quite good.

We should note that we do not compare it with today’s fastest rubbers, which show a greater effect. This is about the average speed that is needed when learning important starting moves in table tennis.

Rubber characteristics

  • Type: Inverted
  • Class: Offensive – allround
  • Speed: 90
  • Spin: 90
  • Hardness: 46

The composition of the rubber is a mix of synthetic rubber and natural rubber. This gives the entire racket very good ball control and dynamics in the game. We can say that the best ping pong rubbers for playing near the table and with short balls. You will have the feeling that you can always pimple a short ball and at the same time long and cut one when you decide to do so.

Yasaka as a brand is one of the oldest in the world of table tennis. They are generally known for the longevity of table tennis equipment, and rubber Mark V proves just that. Our recommendation is to try the Mark V rubber, and you will not regret it. It is adaptable to any ping pong blade you have.

Yasaka brand winning story table tenni
The price is low, but that does not mean that the quality is worse. On the contrary, the Mark V model has existed for many years, but Yasaka has tried to maintain a high production level even today. I warmly recommend it to beginners and players who do not play very offensively.


5. Joola Express ultra pips-out rubber

Best ping pong rubbers Joola express ultra rubber


A real-time rubber for defensive players. It is in our selection as the best for players who prefer defense or passive table play. For example, it is mainly used on the backhand side to amortize the game.

If we look in this direction, you will make the opponent’s mistake because he gets a totally different ball rotation than he expects. Joola Express ultra has a soft sponge Balance and Tensor technology. This means an additional effect of the ball as with rubbers glued with old glue and an additional speed of the ball.

Extremely suitable rubber for short balls and pimples. Even for block balls with counter-rotation, it is good. Players who play defense or passive play have known for years that such a short-pip rubber means a lot when confusing opponents.

Rubber characteristics

  • Type: Pips-out
  • Class: Defensive
  • Speed: 75
  • Spin: 90
  • Hardness: 40

Firstly, when returning the service, the rubber is very effective, you can return any service rotation nicely, and the opponent will get a completely different rotation than he expected.

Secondly, it is perfect for block balls, no matter how strong the rotation of the opponent’s spin is. And when you happen to want to push the ball or attack, you can also with this rubber, and you will be surprised how many strange and rotated balls you will send.

Sponge balance

Joola express ultra ping pong rubber sponge balance

In conclusion, as a user of the Joola Express rubber, the goal is for you to have balance in the game and make your opponent lose his sense and precision. Due to the high tensity and short-pips rubber, you “depreciate” the balls of any kind of rotation. For example, attackers and players who play fast will “slow down” the balls and bring the game to your proper place.

Joola express ultra pips out red rubber

Overall, looking for the right rubber for defensive players, we recommend that you stick it on the backhand side to report topspins with the forehand and stop or slow down the game with the backhand.


The procedure of gluing rubber to the racket

This is the perfect way to glue. The best ping pong rubbers in the world and all the others are glued according to the same described procedure, so watch the video. It is not difficult to do that at all, and I would advise from personal experience:

1. Wait for the glue to dry well. Sometimes it’s 20 minutes, sometimes more than half an hour, you’ll know that when the white color on the rubber is lost.

2. Do not glue the racket often. With the new technology of gluing, the racket will have the same effect after a few months. That is why it is important to have quality and rarely glued rubbers. I would recommend every 6 months if you don’t often play or every 3 months if you are a professional.


What to consider when choosing ping pong rubbers?

Firstly, you need to consider what style you are playing. If you are an attacker, then you will choose a fast rubber with a thick sponge. Whether you attack more with rotations or fast and aggressive balls, you know whether you are looking for the rubber to be softer or harder.

Secondly, if you are a more passive player waiting for an opponent’s mistake, you will take a slower rubber or a pips-out rubber, described in our selection of Joola Express ultra.

Thirdly, the sponge’s thickness is important in the sense that it is not the same whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player. Beginners prefer a thinner sponge, and we recommend 1.9. For more advanced players and professionals, definitely “max” thickness.

sponge thickness analyze on article best ping pong rubbers top 5

Moreover, the price also plays an important role. However, in our description of the best ping pong rubbers, we have selected the ones with a long shelf life. Calculate that the price of one rubber is shown, and you may take them in pairs for both sides of the racket.

You will definitely feel good in the game with the new and best ping pong rubbers on the racket, and you will feel a big difference compared to the old racket.


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