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Published on April 16, 2021 Last Updated on October 25, 2021 by Sorin Petroj

Do you want your choice to be an easy and simple one among the best ping pong robots?

See our guide where the most important things you need to know when choosing are presented.





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1. Butterfly Amicus Prime Bluetooth control (Overall one of the best ping pong robots)

best ping pong robots top 3 butterfly amicus prime robot on the table with recycling net


This phenomenal robot from Butterfly provides lots of news and extras, pre-determined exercises, and much more. With a ball frequency of up to 120 throw-outs per minute and additional settings regarding the point on the table where you want to get the ball, this robot represents the evolution of table tennis.

You also have a remote control that is like a pendant. For example, you can keep it in your pocket or near the net so that you don’t mind. After that, you can adjust the exercises you will do.

Robot characteristics

  1. Control the exercises and the way you want the robot to throw balls via Bluetooth. After that, you can set everything you want via an Android or iOS device. However, the device is regularly charged directly by the robot, and the software is regularly updated.
  2. Ball frequency control. This sets the time interval between two consecutive balls. You also have a cycle function that means that you set interval training regarding how long the exercise cycle will last.
  3. Memory storage exercises. This means that you set up several exercises that you will do in succession, and they will all be remembered. You have the choice to perform the exercises at random or one after the other as you wish.
  4. Integrated videos showing how to practice each pre-programmed exercise properly. German Butterfly Coach Richard Prause created those 20 exercises. You can change it all or add some specific balls, or work according to a standard scheme.
  5. A recycling net automatically collects balls into a robot and a remote switch with which you adjust functions. The recycling net that returns the balls to the robot is essential, so you can constantly play without wasting time collecting balls. If you are a table tennis coach, then remote will mean a lot to you to assign exercises to your table tennis players and have time for other players to pay attention.
  6. Butterfly robot expert Larry Thoman supports you. He has 30 years of experience with table tennis robots and is the author of 7 different user manuals. You also get a two-year warranty from the manufacturer and, for parts, a 5-year warranty.

Best ping pong robots Butterfly Amicus remote control and head

Remote control

The android tablet that came with the robot. You can also use the Amicus app on any of your devices. The options are Start, Stop, and +, – for the frequency. You can connect 4 ping pong robots at the same time and do a different exercise for each.

The amount of memory is up to 10 shots, with set speeds, time, the position of each shot. 6GB of memory plus possible expansion to a microSD card. Exercises that begin with service have a short delay at the beginning of each repetition. This way, you get a simulation of the break before starting each exercise, as it normally happens in a real game.

Special use is also for left-handed and right-handed players. A special software interface with diagrams where you can see mistakes, correct or even share your training with friends on Facebook.

Butterfly Amicus Prime remote control functions

The robot can provide types of spins: topspin, backspin, right spin, left spin, no spin, upper left, upper right, left side, and right side. So really, all the possible options you want are provided by Butterfly Amicus Prime. You can create all possible situations from matches through him.

We must not forget that the parts of the head have three points, which enables all rotations. When you program the exercise, the robot gives different rotations at different moments and in different places on the table. So, all possible options are covered. It’s just a matter of how to program.

What does the package include?

-Free delivery, which means the price that is written, is final when ordering.

-Robot, recycling network, and android tablet. You don’t have to worry about collecting balls. It’s up to you to install the robot, adjust the exercises and start playing table tennis.

-Power supply, cables, and American adapter.

-120 balls to start training which is quite enough.

-Carrying bag and accessory package where you have parts and tools if something needs to be replaced over time.

-Technical support and a two-year warranty, as well as a five-year warranty on the availability of parts.

-Tablet holder for fixing on the table if you want to adjust it and then play and follow the exercises.

Our general opinion

Among the best ping pong robots, our favorite choice for several reasons.

Firstly, completely professionally done as it befits Butterfly. Moreover, they thought of all the possible options and situations from the matches that could happen to you.

Secondly, the equipment that comes with the robot, starting from a remote control that is fully digitalized and modern to a recycling network and complete instructions. The programs included in the app also help players who want to try pre-set exercises. Professionals have the complete freedom to set themselves a program according to which they want to play or practice a certain point that they need on the match.

In conclusion, it is intended primarily for professionals and clubs that have severe and top players. To make the most of the Amicus Prime, you need to know table tennis well, and then you will feel the strength and power of this wonderful robot.

I suggest you watch the short video below, which proves some of its versatile possibilities.

I quote the statement of one satisfied user from Amazon:

“This is a fantastic trainer. I was worried before spending 2000+ dollars but knew that I could return if there were problems and took the plunge. Don’t buy models other than Prime. If money is not a constraint, go ahead and buy this. There is no better Robot available on the market. I use it 3-4 times a week, and it is now coming very useful in lockdown during Coronavirus time.”

Best ping pong robots Butterfly Amicus Prime table and remote control blue color



2. Newgy Robo-Pong 2055 digital control box (Best ping pong robots for budget)

Top ping pong robots - Newgy Robo-Pong 2055 and remote control


New electronics, new software, and a better and more precise robot than its predecessor Robo-Pong 2050+. Completely designed and built with components in the USA, this nice ping pong robot will make your training easier and fill the time when you don’t have a partner to play with.

Speed, frequency, and ball oscillation control Robo-Pong 2055 is a modern and high-quality ping pong robot. It also has 64 pre-programmed drills, so you can definitely improve your level of play by training with it.

Robot characteristics

  1. The frequency and accuracy of the ball are digitally oriented. You can determine exactly which part of the table the ball will come and how much rotation. This allows you to practice leg work and certain movements with the highest rotations.
  2. 64 pre-programmed exercises as well as the option of choosing random balls. Firstly, you can use the already given exercises for various situations that often happen in matches. Secondly, if you want as many different balls as possible for the robot to throw at you, then use the random function. After that, every next move is unpredictable.
  3. Large selection of shots and spins. You can especially adjust the robot for topspin, backspin, side rotation from left and right, as well as a clean ball and a combination of all of the above. The shot can be clean, rotated, the ball is as high as a “lob,” you can get a service and practice returning. Also, pimpling can be practiced on short and long balls.
  4. It can be removed quickly and easily and placed on all table tennis tables because it is made to meet all standards. Also, an important thing is the recycling net for collecting balls, which we remind you of, as with the previous model, makes the game easier because the balls are returned to the robot. The capacity of the balls is 120, and you get 48 which is enough to start training.
  5. A one-year warranty is valid in North America and has a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you don’t take risks if you’re not satisfied. Although the users of Newgy robots are generally very satisfied and it is no coincidence that we have chosen it in the Top 3.

Remote control

The digital control panel is easy to handle and comes in 5 different languages. Here you adjust the speed of the ball, the frequency, and specifically the position on the table where the ball will come from.

You don’t have to adjust the same speed and frequency. If you want an exercise that will give you 2 or 3 slower balls and then a few fast ones on different sides of the table, you can also adjust it to improve your movement.

Newgy Robo-pong 2055 remote digital control

Also, 64 programmed exercises help a lot if you have children learning table tennis or practicing basic things. Of course, even professionals can set up a variety of possible exercises, plus you can practice restoring different services when turning the robot’s head.

The only thing missing is the variation of turning the head during the exercise. The head is adjusted manually before the start of the exercise, but that is why the price is twice as high as the models that provide it.

However, this model offers a lot for such an affordable price, and overall it is very durable, long-lasting, and accurate. As a conclusion to remote control, we can say that it is phenomenal because it also can program and record the exercises that you design or want to improve.

This way, you will arbitrarily determine the exercise, record it and save it in memory so that you can work on it for the entire future period. You can use the optional software listed on the next page of New Support Downloads.

What does the package include?

Oscillating robot head. It reacts by adjusting to moving left, right, throwing clean, pimp balls, topspins, etc.

-The recycling net that we have already mentioned is essential for the automatic collection of balls. There you also get a package of rubber tips and plastic buttons.

-48 orange balls to start training. These are 40mm balls modern, but we should note that adding other balls will not harm the robot and will work perfectly.

Newgy Robo-pong ping pong robot with all accessories

-A digital control box is the most important thing to set up and control the robot. It is very easy to use, and you also have a quick start guide.

-Warranty form is valid for one year and also transformer and connecting cable. 1 Pong-pal is used to make it easier to collect balls. It has a capacity of 20 balls, and so you will quickly and better collect the balls that go next to or under the table and return them to the robot.

Final opinion and video

Firstly, a modern classic one of the best ping pong robots with a very affordable price, looking at other manufacturers. Newgy Robo-Pong 2055 provides everything you need to practice certain movements, correct movement, and program exercises.

Secondly, the perfect training partner for your children already training at the club and want to improve the game at home further. Also, if you play table tennis as a hobby and occasionally practice certain moves or even fitness and weight loss, this is an ideal robot that makes it all possible.

In conclusion, we recommend this robot to players who want to improve their game at home or in the club where they train. With programmed exercises, both beginners and children can learn many movements and moves in table tennis. Durability, classic look, but quality, and a versatile robot adorn the Newgy Robo-Pong 2055. We remind you of the digital box, and its improvement over its predecessor makes it even better and thus more modern for modern playing table tennis.


3. Power Pong Omega robot with tablet included (Modern Digital one of the best ping pong robots)

Top ping pong robots Power Pong Omega and remote control


One of the most modern and best ping pong robots on the market. Upgraded from the previous version, it is now completely wirelessly controlled. Also, it comes with a tablet, and you can also use your device to install the application and manage it.

The application has been updated, and it is important to say that the American development team updates regularly, and customers will always receive free updated versions.

Robot characteristics

  1. The Android tablet comes in the package and with which you have the most modern functions. You can group drills, categorize and program them. There is also a function of a random selection of the ball. On the other hand, the speed and rotation of each ball can be adjusted individually.
  2. Ball recycling net and continuous play. As long as there are balls in the system, the robot will continue to work, and the net only helps to get the balls back to the right place.
  3. Robot head with 3 wheels. This means that it provides you with all possible rotations and can change them during the exercise. All in all, it is adjusted using the Android application on the tablet or your device. Exercises can be performed with up to 120 balls per minute, depending on your request.
  4. Drills with 8 balls and different types of turns, speed, trajectory, and placement at a certain point on the ping pong table. You can program each ball individually. For example, if you want a short pimp ball on the forehand and then the next long ball on the backhand. After that, the third spin ball in the middle of the table can achieve all this with the Power Pong Omega robot.
  5. Cluster memory with 10 slots, each containing 33 drills. Everything can be played one after the other if you want or at random for the robot to choose exercises for you. There are also pre-determined drills that you can practice. You can use tagging to determine which exercises to do for each player.
  6. 100 3-star balls from Power Pong. So, that is certainly enough for you to practice everything that this beautiful robot offers—also, a 3-year warranty on the robot and parts and live customer support 7 days a week.

Remote control

The best ping pong robots in the world are reflected in the options and possibilities they can provide you to have all the possible situations that happen to you in matches. In short, Power Pong Omega provides many options, the most important of which are:

Firstly, speed, spin, side rotation, and delay time until the next ball. All this is set at the bottom of the tablet screen.

Secondly, the ball’s position on the tablet screen indicates exactly where the ball will come to you on the table, so you can determine and program each one individually for later practice.

Thirdly, the ball’s trajectory is determined on the right side of the screen, which means how the ball will travel to yours, whether it will already have an arc or will arrive directly and right as if the opponent was hitting a clean ball towards you.

Power pong robot remote control with functions

Similarly, the application can memorize all the exercises you specify and do them afterward for later. With this great and powerful app, you can search for them by name, exercise group, or create a new exercise. However, a mighty ping pong robot with a powerful control application.

What makes Power Pong Omega better than other best ping pong robots?

-It can suggest features and updates directly to developers to compose an exercise appropriate for you.

Create drills directly on the app, share and adjust sequences and drill videos that you can view on YouTube. Here you can see how to use the application that applies to Power Pong Omega and model 5000

-A large number of different types of strokes. With spins, there is more or less rotation, serves with various rotations, block, lob, clean ball, pushing, cutting, all with the help of the program you adjust.

-Mirror function helps provide the same exercises you set depending on the player, whether the player is right-handed or left-handed.

-In service, you have the option to set a certain downtime to simulate the actual course of the match because no player serves the ball immediately, one after the other.

Conclusion about 3 best ping pong robots

If you want a professional ping pong robot that can provide all possible exercises and quality with the help of the application, then Power Pong Omega is the right choice.

We recommend it to professionals and players who will use it to the maximum in recording exercises, creating new situations from their matches, and passing it all on to their teammates. Firstly, the best ping pong robots from the Power Pong brand are made in Hungary. Secondly, their application is made in the USA, and the complete warranty and technical support service are based in the USA.

Moreover, I suggest you watch a short video about the variations provided by Power Pong Omega.


How can the best ping pong robots improve your game quality?

Watching the complete training of one professional player can help, but if you train along the way with other club players and play real matches. Where the ping pong robot helps the most are the following exercises:

-Topspin and backhand spin. During a training session with a lot of repetition and returning the balls to the right place, you will perfect this move to the maximum where a regular sparring partner cannot return as many balls and with as much precision as a ping pong robot. Therefore, this is the situation where you can see the difference and quality it provides.

-Work on your movement. Whenever an opponent makes a mistake, you will go for the ball or throw in a new ball if you train with a few balls. On the other hand, the ping pong robots are throwing an unlimited number of balls. So, you are forced to move nonstop while the exercise lasts. In this way, you will greatly improve the movement at the table, and the robot will help you a lot.

-Situations from matches. If you program an exercise that often happens in matches, then a ping pong robot will surely help you master it. According to plan, we do some things, but some have to practice many times to perfect them and instinctively do it in the match. The robot helps a lot, and it will give you that scheme that you program indefinitely. So, you will later do it instinctively and move correctly, just as you practiced.

Power Pong Omega application options that can help

Power pong application options on tablet

-Training effectiveness. When you program an exercise at certain points on the table and with a certain time interval, there is no mistake in wasting time or collecting balls. You will do the maximum both in time and in the number of given balls, which means your training is maximally effective.

All in all, there are certain things that a robot cannot replace a real player. These are predictions of the ball, movement to one side, and a kick to the other. So, only a live person can make such moves.

Still, the best ping pong robots in the world greatly help both children and professionals improve the overall quality of the game and the physical condition needed for important matches.


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