Best Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold (Top 5 Reviews of 2023)

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Since you opened this Five Best Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold review, you’re likely an intermediate ping pong player looking for the best paddles to help advance your technique.

Finding the ideal table tennis paddle involves a lot of considerations, like the cushioning and the thickness of the blade. Finding the grip style that feels the most comfortable to you is crucial, too.

Best Expensive Ping Pong Blade for 2023

Penhold Blade




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Best Overall


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Best Japanese


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Best for Beginners


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Best for Attackers


Best Power & Speed


To assist you, we examined and reviewed the top 7 paddles for penhold gripping Ping-Pong, which are easily available on Amazon. Also, they are all authorized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The most expensive ping pong paddle doesn’t mean it will suit your style of play.

Best 5 Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold Selected by The Author





Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC CS Proline thumbnail image

Best Overall


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Best for Advanced Players


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Best Power


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Best Spin


Best for Professionals


Here, we’ll examine the top 5 Table Tennis Paddles paddle list for the pen-holding technique. As we have stated before, for a racket to be considered a penhold-style racket, it needs to have a short grip so that a player can easily maneuver it with their thumb.

The Table Tennis Paddles we have listed are some of the best-reviewed rackets on the internet. Among them, the best brand for Penhold style play is the Butterfly brand, of which we have listed quite some rackets.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the 5 best Penhold Table Tennis Rackets we could find!

1. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC CS Proline

model Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC CS Proline


The speed and large sweet spot provided by the Super ZL Carbon material enable the Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC to be designed for strong and reliable strikes. The best option for an intermediate player with an attacking style.

For players looking to generate a high-level attack while wielding pressure on the opposition with strong topspin play, Dignics 05 is advised. Since traditional Chinese penhold rackets are made with rubber on only one side of the blade surface, the reverse of the blade is finished with a racket sheet.

Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC Features

  • Blade: Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC
  • Handle: Chinese Penhold – a shorter, conical-shaped handle
  • Wood: 5 Wood & Super ZLC
  • Reaction: 120
  • Vibration: 107
  • FH Rubber: Dignics 05 2.1mm sponge
  • Speed: 135
  • Spin: 120
  • Hardness: 40
  • Price: $498.97 on Megaspin

The Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC is a penhold ping pong racket that is designed for experienced players.

The racket is made of durable materials and offers a large sweet spot. The racket is also relatively light, making it easier to generate powerful strokes.

The Dignics 05 rubber provides excellent spin and speed, making it ideal for players who want to generate a high level of attack. Overall, the Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC is a great choice for experienced players who are looking for a durable and powerful penhold ping pong paddle.

harimoto innerforce proline penhold racket package


If your playing style is for attack or you prefer more forehand play, this is the suitable ping pong paddle. It is an expensive ping pong paddle with high-quality materials and of table tennis blade.

2. Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket


The Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket is made using wood and carbon fiber layers. A thin covering of carbon fiber is placed over the outside plies of the hardwood surface.

The blade will become lighter, stronger, and more rigid thanks to the carbon fiber addition. Compared to an all-wood blade, this has a bigger sweet spot and will be more reliable.

Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Features

  • Brand: Butterfly
  • Grip Size: 3 1/4 inches
  • Sport Type: Table tennis
  • Material: Rubber
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Frame Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Blade: penhold grip made of carbon
  • Speed: 0
  • Spin: 0
  • Control: 0

The Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket is one of the best ping pong paddles on the market. The wooden surface outer plies are followed by a thin layer of carbon fiber, making the blade lighter, stronger, and stiffer.

This penhold-style paddle also includes 2 40+ ping pong balls, making it ideal for advanced-level players. The Butterfly Nakama P1 is a great choice for competitive ping pong games if you’re looking for a top-quality ping pong paddle.

Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Features


 The Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold ping pong paddle is a great option for intermediate players. The thinner rubber provides good control, and the balanced weight makes it easy to maneuver.

The durable paddle can withstand the wear and tear of intermediate players.

Overall, the racket is a great choice for those looking to improve their game. intermediate players will appreciate the thin rubber and balanced weight, while the durable construction will help extend the life of the paddle.


3. Victas Sleek – Japanese Penhold & Ventus Extra Rubber

best ping pong paddle for penhold model Victas Sleek - Japanese Penhold


Victas Sleek’s Ventus Extra Max Rubber and no rubber color sheet is the ideal combo for someone who wishes to improve their game with a professional racket.

This premium Japanese Penhold blade will be made and assembled for professionals to train with by applying a layer of varnish to seal the wood and then placing the pre-packaged rubber on the forehand.

Victas Sleek Features

  • Weight: 85g
  • Blade Size: 140mm x 135mm
  • Grip size: 85mm x 20mm
  • Grip: Japanese Penholder
  • Material: 7-ply Wood
  • Shape: semi-round / 1 side
  • Thickness: 0 mm
  • Type: ALL

 The Victas Sleek is a top-quality penhold paddle that is perfect for serious ping pong players. The paddle has a power sponge that gives your strokes extra spin and power.

The racket is also lightweight and has a high control balance, making it ideal for penhold grip players. With this combo, you will be able to take your Japanese Penhold game to the next level.

The Ventus Extra rubber provides excellent spin and power, making it perfect for penhold players who want to dominate their opponents. If you are looking for a quality penhold paddle that will give you an edge over your opponents, the Victas Sleek is the perfect choice for professional players.

best ping pong paddle for penhold model Victas Sleek


Victas Sleek is one of the best penhold ping pong paddles for tournament play and Japanese style. This pen-hold paddle, in combination with Ventus ping pong rubber, is a great option for backhand shots and blocks all around the table.


4. DHS Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold 4006

DHS Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold 4006


This is a terrific paddle for those who have advanced beyond the basics of ping pong and need a paddle that can provide greater control, spin, and speed. It has a short handle and a lightweight paddle, so paddles feel as if you’re not used to playing with a penhold.

Given that the blade has seven pliers, you will note that it is thicker and possibly heavier than standard paddles. Additionally, the black and red rubbers provide excellent traction.

Remember to give each side of the DHS Ping Pong Paddle 4006 Table Tennis Racket its due, and choose how you wish to utilize them. The white and black sides are two different sorts of rubber, each suitable for a particular style.

DHS Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold 4005 – Features

  • Brand: DHS
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Material: Rubber
  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Wood: 7-ply pure wood
  • Rubber: One side Pimples In / One side Pimples in
  • Loop with the quick attack: Stronger power expresses speed and spin

There are many different types of ping pong paddles to choose from, from defensive ones to more offensive ones, but if you’re looking for a penhold paddle, the DHS Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold 4006 is one of the best options on the market.

Made with 7-ply pure wood, this paddle provides excellent control and power, and the thicker rubber allows for a quick-attack loop with a stronger power to express speed and spin.

Compared to the shakehand grip, the penhold grip style is perfect for players who want better control over their shots, and the thicker rubbers provide plenty of cushioning and more spin. This penhold ping pong paddle is specially designed for an aggressive style of play.

All you need to do is make sure that the product is in brand-new condition and that the rubbers have not been damaged. So if you’re looking for top-quality ping pong paddles with maximum control, the DHS Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold 4006 is a great option.

dhs racket model 4006


 The complete package of this paddle has a gift box for better storing and carrying the racket. It is a very durable racket, so you don’t have to worry about changing it. Surely, one of the best penhold ping pong paddles from the brand DHS. It has an affordable price on Amazon.

5. Butterfly Duifu Proline

best ping pong paddle for penhold model Butterfly Duifu Proline


The Proline Series is recommended for advanced-level players. The Proline Series is ideal for a consistent, steady all-around attack from close to mid-distance.

The Butterfly Duifu Proline’s SK7 Classic is a strong yet flexible blade designed for all-around aggressive play. Rozena boasts high speed, spin, and a slightly softer, forgiving sponge.

The Spring Sponge Technology provides a great feel. Because traditional Chinese penhold rackets have rubber on only one side of the blade surface, the rear of the blade is finished with a racket sheet.

Butterfly Duifu Proline Features

  • Blade: SK7 Classic
  • Handle: Chinese Penhold – a shorter, conical-shaped handle
  • Ply: 7 Wood
  • Reaction: 111
  • Vibration: 93
  • FH Rubber: Rozena 2.1mm sponge
  • Speed: 130
  • Spin: 108
  • Hardness: 35

The Butterfly Duifu Proline penhold ping pong paddle is recommended for professional ping pong players. The best ping pong paddles are made of very high-quality materials, and this paddle is no exception.

The table tennis racket is solid yet flexible for all-round attacking play. Rozena has great speed, and spin, and its slightly softer sponge is a bit more forgiving.

The Spring Sponge Technology offers a tremendous feel and more spin. The backside of this thick blade is finished with a racket sheet, as traditional Chinese penhold table tennis racket players prefer. These penhold ping pong paddles provide excellent control and power for players seeking to improve their ping pong game.

best ping pong paddle for penhold model butterfly duifu full package


The whole racket is made with high-quality materials from the brand Butterfly. If you are a serious player who wants a racket for tournament play, then Butterfly Duifu Proline is the best pen-hold grip paddle for you.

What is the Penhold Technique?

The penhold grip, which originated in Asia, is used to hold the racket with the head looking downward and is similar to how one would hold a pen or pencil. Compared to Shakehand blades, Penhold blades have a shorter handle.

Penhold players frequently solely utilize the forehand side of the paddle and don’t use a rubber sheet on the backhand side (though with the modern style, many players are now using the back side as well).

What is the Penhold Technique

Since the Penhold technique uses the same bat side for all strokes, there is no crossover point where the player must choose which side to use.

The Penhold technique can be utilized in many variations, such as:

  • Curving the index finger while keeping the thumb almost parallel to the blade.
  • In between the thumb and index finger, various spaces are left.
  • Index finger slightly overlapping the thumb.
  • Use one, two, or three remaining fingers to touch the blade.
  • Adjust the placement of the remaining fingers along the back of the blade. You must do this from the base to the middle of the blade.

What is a Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold?

The round racket for the Chinese Penhold style has a short handle. The thumb should rest along the side of the racket handle roughly parallel to it on the forehand, and the index finger should wrap partially around the handle’s end. The middle, ring, and little fingers are turned outward on the rear.

By moving the thumb in either direction, the table tennis racket angle may be adjusted more flexibly, and the wrist’s range of motion is also increased.

These are the main elements that give this serving style an advantage. Attacks over the ping pong table are quicker because the player doesn’t have to worry about striking the table with his hand. After all, the racket hangs downward.

Most players that employ this approach have incredibly rapid footwork, enabling them to play most balls with their forehand.

What’s a good Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold?

A good Ping-Pong should have all the good features that make a Ping-Pong paddle effective. Two essential parts of the ping pong paddle for penhold greatly impact how the bat operates; these parts are the blade and rubbers. Since almost all players choose their blades and rubbers after they reach an advanced level, you should become familiar with both.

The list of features of a good Ping-Pong paddle for Penhold will allow our readers to better understand what to look for when buying a Ping-Pong paddle. The features that make a ping pong table effective are as follows:

  • Rubber: Additionally, you should be aware that different rubbers have different levels of tackiness and grip. The capacity to produce spin is known as grip, and tackiness is essentially a subclass of grip.
  • Top sheet: The rubber’s top sheet, frequently red or black, is its outermost layer. Top sheets come in various styles, including inverted, short pimples, long pimples, and anti-spin. However, the majority of rubbers have inverted pimples. Thus we will only discuss these types of rubbers today.

Other Important Factors

  • Sponge: A sponge layer that sticks to the blade is placed beneath the top sheet. Depending on the rubber, you can choose a custom bat with a thickness ranging from around 1.2mm to 2.5mm. Your paddle will be more explosive the thicker you go. With thinner sponges, this comes at a higher cost in terms of control.
  • Blade: The rigid portion of the bat, known as the blade, is where you attach your rubbers and grip it while playing. They are constructed from thin, glued-together layers of wood. Typically, blades contain five to seven plies, while some cutting-edge blades occasionally have more layers. Most of the sensation you experience from the table tennis ball comes from the blades, which is crucial when adding spin to your shots.
  • All-wood construction: The most prevalent composition is all-wood, and you may find it at the beginning of advanced blades. The blade’s name implies that it is entirely made of wood, with no additional layers like carbon. Blades made entirely of wood typically provide the most sensation but are slower.

What are the types of Ping Pong Paddle Handles?

There are four primary varieties of handles available. Your choice of handle largely depends on your individual preferences and how you grip your bat. Here is a similar paddles handle:

  • Penhold: Only penhold grip players may use this type of handle. Available in both Chinese and Japanese designs, which affect the length and roundness of the handle. The types of Ping Pong Paddle handles are as follows:
  • Flared: Flared is a handle that is most frequently used. It is the widest near the end and is the thinnest in the center. It makes it less likely that your bat will escape your grasp.
  • Anatomic: When held in your palm, the handle has a bulge near the center. It is much easier to control when playing since it fits right into the player’s palm.
  • Straight: The handle is the same width all the way around. Straight handles may be square or rounded.

How is The Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold Handle Rated?

We evaluate each rubber and blade based on three key factors. They are a quick approach to determining if a piece of equipment would suit you. To determine whether a piece of equipment suits your style, you should look further than these features.

The three features to rate a Ping Pong Paddle are as follows:

  • Speed: How quickly you can make the ball move is its speed. Most players prefer to play quickly and look for quick equipment. Speed can be increased by adding more plies to your blade or using rubber with a thicker sponge.
  • Control: Control is the capacity to maintain consistency and keep the ball on the table. The harder it is to handle the bat, the faster it is. Since speed and control are directly correlated, slower bats typically have more control.
  • Spin: The amount of rotation you can create by touching the ball is called spin. Strong spin is produced by grip-able rubbers, making your opponent’s life difficult. However, it is somewhat of a double-edged sword because spiny rubbers frequently find it difficult to counter-spin.


Best Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold – Conclusion

We hope that our Best 5 Table Tennis Penhold Paddle review has given you insight into what to consider while looking for the top ping pong paddles. The Butterfly brand dominates the best paddle options for Penhold grip.

We’ve tried to concentrate on a handful of the best possibilities because it may be very daunting to look through all the numerous options. To give you the greatest information we could, we did manufacturing research, practical testing, and review analysis.

And we can only apologize if you believe that none of them fit your level. Please read some of our other reviews; we have plenty.






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