Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners (Top 5 of 2023 Reviews)

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It can be a bit tricky to figure out the best ping-pong paddle for beginners. There are so many different options available, and it can be difficult for novice players to know what kind of paddle they need.

Worry not because there are some excellent choices out there. We’ve compiled a list of the top five paddles that are perfect for beginners, so let’s take a look at them!

Our Winner – Best Premade Table Tennis Racket for 2023

Racket & Features

Image & Price

  • Softer Feel & Great Spin, Control

  • Wakaba & Flextra Rubbers

  • Gift Box & FREE Racket Case

best ping pong paddle for beginners our winner model Butterfly Bty 702 FL Racket Box Set thumbnail image

If you are a table tennis enthusiast just getting started, the Butterfly Bty 702 racket is your best option. As one of the most popular beginner paddles on the market, this International Table Tennis Federation-approved racket has been highly praised for its high speed and strong grip.

Meaning even beginners can quickly learn and improve their table tennis skills with this amazing product.

Top 5 Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners Selected by The Author

Beginner Paddle






yasaka sweden extra with mark v rubber racket thumbnail image

Best Lightweight


Best for Kids


butterfly timo boll 3000 racket for beginner thumbnail image

Best Control


Best Spin



1. Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber

best ping pong paddle for beginners model Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber main image


Yasaka Sweden Extra is the second-best type of ping pong paddle for beginners. It is deemed an Allround blade by Yasaka, the Sweden company that constructed it. The Sweden Extra is a 5 layer wooden blade engineered to provide the optimum balance between power and feeling.

The Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V rubbers is a great option for beginners because it’s lightweight and easy to handle but still offers a good amount of power. This racket is also perfect for people who want a convenient, lightweight racket they can carry around wherever they go.

The Mark V Rubber is referred to as the most versatile and durable type of rubber. It has been an all-time classical choice for its dynamic speed and spin.

Yasaka Sweden Extra Features

  • Blade construction: 5-layer wooden veneers
  • Handle type: Flared
  • Rubbers: Yasaka Mark V rubbers on FH and BH
  • Rubber thickness: 2.1 mm
  • Weight: 89 grams
  • Spin: 90
  • Speed/Power: 90
  • Control: 82

Yasaka Sweden Extra with the Mark V has 4.5/5 star ratings on Megaspin. The blade itself is one of the best-selling blades in the world, while many players opt for the Yasaka Mark V rubber for their ping pong paddle.

Megaspin offers the best combination – the blade comes pre-assembled with rubber, so you can play with it right out of the box. Also, you can find a comprehensive collection of table tennis balls for beginners and interval practicing to improve your skill level.

Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber features and penhold grip




Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V Rubber Pros & Cons


  • It is a beautifully vernished racket suitable for beginners and all-round players.
  • The table tennis paddle comes fully assembled using professional tools and matching side tapes.
  • The rubbers are attached with VOC-free table tennis glue on both sides, so you can easily replace the rubbers in the future.


  • This pre-assembled rubber is not available elsewhere other than Megaspin. You may get the blade or the rubber individually from other sites or Amazon. But the combo is only available on Megaspin’s online table tennis store.


2. Butterfly Timo Boll 3000

best ping pong paddle for beginners model Butterfly Timo Boll 3000 main image


The next one on our list is Butterfly Timo Boll 3000, designed for developing recreational players, particularly beginners. It has a lightweight, balanced design that makes it easy to use, even for kids.

The racket is designed with a flared handle, which helps provide better grip and control over the ball when playing at high speeds. The handle is made of plywood, so it doesn’t feel too heavy when swinging around.

It is concave at the center, making it easier for beginners to learn how to play with this racket by focusing primarily on controlling the ball rather than worrying about how they hold their racket.

The Timo Boll 3000 has a standard sponge rubber frame, Pan Asia, on both FH and BH, offering power and control. The hybrid construction of the frame allows it to focus on both power and control while still providing the comfort of an all-wooden racket, which makes it an ideal option for those just starting.

Butterfly Timo Boll 3000 Features

  • Blade construction: 5-layer wood
  • Handle type: Flared; concave at the center
  • Rubbers: Pan Asia on FH and BH
  • Sponge thickness: 2.1 mm
  • Spin: 75
  • Speed/Power: 85
  • Ball Control: 75

The Butterfly Timo Boll 3000 also features a 2.1 mm short pimple thicker sponge for even better touch accuracy and a fast-acting stringing system that allows it to be strung up quickly and easily by any table tennis player—even one who’s new to the sport!

With its lightweight design, this racket is perfect for those looking for a high-performance tool with minimal weight but still enough resistance to keep them from being overwhelmed by the game.

Butterfly Timo Boll 3000 table tennis racket red rubber and blade handle


Butterfly Timo Boll 3000 Pros & Cons


  • It is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).
  • Timo Boll 3000 paddle comes pre-assembled with rubbers on both the front and backhand.
  • It is a beginner’s racket that offers low power and spin, making it ideal for beginners looking to get into table tennis.


  • Upgrading the racket with another rubber is impossible because the rubbers are permanently attached to the wood.


3. Butterfly Harimoto Tomokazu 1800

best ping pong paddle for beginners model Butterfly Harimoto Tomokazu 1800 main image


A review on the best ping pong rackets for beginners is incomplete without including a racket from Butterfly. And Harimoto Tomokazu 1800 is one of the best Butterfly ping pong paddles for novice players.

It is a 5-ply wooden racket designed to help you learn how to swing correctly and comes with a flared handle, the most popular size. One of the best ping pong paddles also has a decent weight, making it easy to handle and play with.

Butterfly Harimoto Tomokazu 1800 comes pre-assembled with Addoy rubbers on the blade’s front and backhand. The sponge thickness of the rubbers is 1.5 millimeters offering a good spin and control.

Harimoto 1800 is great for the budget compared to expensive ping pong paddles.

That said, Butterfly Harimoto Tomokazu 1800 is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and needless to say, this ping pong paddle is the most recommended for kids and novice players.

  • Blade construction: 5-layer wood
  • Handle type: Flared; concave at the center
  • Grip size: 4 1/2 inches.
  • Rubbers: Addoy on FH and BH
  • Sponge thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Spin: 70
  • Speed/Power: 70
  • Control: 84

Butterfly Tomokazu Harimoto 1800 table tennis racket for kids specifications



Butterfly Tomokazu Harimoto 1800 Pros & Cons


  • The racket is approved by the USA Table Tennis Association and the International Table Tennis Federation.
  • It is priced under $50 and is a very affordable racket for kids and beginners.
  • Tomokazu Harimoto 1800 is the most recommended racket for kids and control playing style.
  • It comes with a thinner sponge, which is 1.5 mm. The thinner the sponge is, the more it becomes easier to control the blade.
  • The handle design and grip size suit people with small hands and kids.
  • It comes with two pieces of white 40+ ping pong ball.


  • The rubber is permanently attached to the wood, which is why replacing the rubbers can damage the quality of the racket.
  • These beginner paddles are not recommended for professional players.


4. Killerspin JET 400 Smash N2

best ping pong paddle for beginners model killerspin n2 smash main image


JET 400 Smash N2 is the best table tennis racket for beginners to intermediate players. It has been designed by Killerspin, a company that produces high-quality ping pong equipment for recreational players who want to enjoy playing table tennis without spending too much money on their equipment.

It is a 5-ply wooden blade equipped with Killerspin’s Nitrx-4Z rubbers on both sides. The blade features a smooth play surface with a thin 1.8 mm sponge for a bounce-back effect and to keep their shots on target.

This racket is made using high-quality materials durable enough for frequent use but light enough for players just beginning their journey into table tennis.

The size and weight of the racket are perfect for beginners because it is lightweight and small enough to hold in your palm. The handle of this racket is constructed with a comfortable flared grip allows it to fit in your hand comfortably and gives you better control as you play.

Killerspin Jet 400 Smash N2 Features

  • Blade construction: 5-layer wood
  • Handle type: Shakehand Flared
  • Grip size: ‎3 7/8 inches
  • Rubbers: Nitrx-4Z rubbers on FH and BH
  • Sponge thickness: 1.8 mm
  • Weight: 250 grams
  • Spin: 90
  • Speed/Power: 70
  • Control: 80

Killerspin rates the speed of this racket at 70, spin at 90, and control at 80 on a scale of 10 to 100. This tournament racket comes with a price tag of around $70, but it is worth it because it provides a smooth and good-quality experience.

Finally, Killerspin Jet 400 Smash N2 comes with 4.5 out of 5-star ratings from 353 customers on Amazon. It’s got everything a newcomer needs without breaking the bank. Best of all, it is an ITTF-approved racket making it perfect for competition.

Killerspin Jet 400 Smash N2 features table tennis racket


Killerspin Jet 400 Smash N2 Pros & Cons


  • It is the most affordable and beginner-friendly ITTF-approved racket we’ve ever seen.
  • The racket comes pre-assembled with Nitrx-4Z rubbers on both sides.
  • It comes with a gift-worthy storage box that provides excellent protection for the racket!


  • It might not be effortless to replace the rubber sheets in the future.

5. Killerspin JET 200 BluVanilla with Gift Box

best ping pong paddle for beginners model Killerspin JET 200 BluVanilla with Gift Box main image


Killerspin JET 200 has a good balance and is easy to hold, which makes it ideal for beginners. The handle is slightly carved at the center, which is a nice feature because it’s not too round or flat, so your hand can grip it well.

The best part about this 5-layer racket is that it’s made of a durable material that won’t get damaged easily and will last a long time. It also has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to grip and use, which is essential when learning to play ping pong!

Killerspin Jet200 BluVanilla comes with a carrying case, so you don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed while playing with friends or family members at home!

  • Blade construction: 5-layer wood
  • Handle type: Flared
  • Grip size: 3 7/8″
  • Rubbers: Blue and black Jet basic rubbers
  • Sponge thickness: 2.1 mm
  • Weight: 182 grams
  • Spin: No official rating
  • Speed/Power: 60
  • Good Control: 85

Killerspin Jet 200 BluVanilla table tennis racket with paddle case


Killerspin Jet 200 BluVanilla Pros & Cons


  • It is the best ping pong paddle for spin and control.
  • It is beautifully constructed with a classic wooden appearance, along with a deep blue handle and natural vanilla color.
  • The racket comes pre-assembled with blue and black rubbers.
  • Killerspin Jet 200 comes in an elegant white gift box.


  • The rubber attached to the FH and BH is not approved by the ITTF.
  • It is a bit heavy table tennis bat.

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners – Wrapping Up

We rated Killerspin Jet 400 Smash as the best ping pong paddle for beginners because it has all the features essential for novice players.

Firstly, Jet 400 Smash comes with 1.88 mm thick rubber – the ideal sponge thickness for beginners who want the optimum balance between spin and control. Secondly, it is an ITTF-approved paddle, so you know your money is worth the price tag.

killerspin jet 400 vs 200 table tennis rackets for intermediate players

Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V rubber falls on the premium side, but you have to know the rubber attached to the blade comes with over 5 years of shelf life! Also, it is considered one of the best pre-assembled rackets among top players.

Finally, Butterfly Harimoto 1800 and Killerspin Jet 200 are two of the best budget-friendly options for beginners.

And if you want to feel the spirit of world-class players and championships, look further than the Timo Boll 3000 – a great ping pong paddle equipped with ITTF-approved rubber, which is good for learning basic strokes.

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners – FAQs

What to look for when choosing a ping pong paddle for beginners?

A beginner-friendly ping pong paddle must have the following features:


The weight of your paddle is crucial in determining how much force you can apply to the ball while playing. You’ll want to find a paddle that feels comfortable in your hand and doesn’t feel heavy, or you’ll be at risk of getting injured.

Handle & Grip

Some ping pong rackets come with flared handles, and some are straight or conical. A flared handle is an excellent way to grip the paddle, but you don’t get as much control. It’s better for backhand shots and serves.

The penhold grip is good for shots like lobs and topspins. You’ll need to use your wrist more and ensure you’re using it correctly. For beginners, choosing a ping pong paddle with a flared handle is always best as it provides better grip and control.

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners – Rubber and sponge thickness

All the ping pong paddles in the above list are pre-assembled with 1.5 to 2.1 mm rubber, which is ideal rubber thickness for beginners. It is best to choose a pre-assembled racket like Yasaka Sweden Extra with Mark V rubber.

Both the blade and the rubber are most recommended by coaches to beginners. The tackiness of the rubber coating is also important. A very tacky rubber is great for controlling the ball contact.

Number of plies

Ping Pong Blades with 5 layers of wood or plies are the best choice for beginners. On the other hand, the 7-ply blade is ideal for intermediate to advanced players.

The number of plies is an important factor because it indicates how flexible the blade is, and it also determines the weight. Fewer plies mean the racket is lighter weight, and it is easier to control and loop.

One more thing to keep in mind is cleaning the paddle. Here is a detailed article on the best ping pong paddle cleaners and how to clean them.

On the other hand, more plies mean the blade is a bit heavier in weight which is suitable for attacking and blocking. These blades are excellent for intermediate players who want to generate spin in their strokes.

Other Table Tennis Paddles for Beginners You Should Consider

The Palio series is a popular choice among beginners regarding table tennis bats.

The Palio Master 3.0 is the third generation of the popular Palio Expert Table Tennis series.

Legend 3.0 is the third generation of the popular Palio Expert Table Tennis series. The Palio Expert 2 was created in an exclusive collaboration between the renowned Palio brand and Expert Table Tennis.

Expert 2.0 is the second-generation version of the popular bat. These table tennis bats are designed for beginner players and offer a good balance of weight, power, and control.

If you’re looking for a table tennis bat to help you improve your game, consider one of the Palio expert bats.

Palio Master 3.0 Table Tennis Racket & Case

best ping pong paddle for beginners model Palio Master Table Tennis Racket main image


If you’re an intermediate table tennis player who has mastered the basic strokes, you’ll want to check out the Palio Master 3.0. This table tennis bat is part of the Palio Expert Table Tennis series and comes with custom-made, ITTF-approved rubbers that are replaceable.

The Palio table tennis bat provides a high level of speed and spin, making the Master 3.0 great for advanced players who want to maximize their performance at the competition level.

The long-awaited version 3 of the bestselling Palio Master includes everything that made the original great, plus some improvements. If you want to learn table tennis from the beginning, this is a great beginner paddle to start with.

For example, there is now a wider edge tape to help keep the rubbers secured while still allowing them to be replaced quickly and easily. In addition, a better quality paddle case has been introduced to protect your table tennis paddle when not used.

Palio Legend 3.0 Budget Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners

Palio Legend Budget Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners main image


The Palio Legend 3.0 is the newest generation and a tournament-level paddle. It comes with some significant improvements for your table tennis game.

Wider edge tape keeps the ping pong paddle rubber secure, a better quality case protects your bat, and a redesigned blade gives you even better control. These ping pong paddles for beginners are recommended for experienced players looking to generate maximum power and more control.

The Palio Legend 3.0 paddle can generate decent spin, and it is one of the lightest paddles on the market. These rubbers (Palio Hadou) are replaceable, competition-legal, and provide high levels of speed and spin.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a pre-assembled rubber guard, so you’ll have to put that on yourself before you can start playing. But other than that, this decent ping-pong paddle is top-notch and will help you take your ping-pong game to new heights!

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners – Conclusion

So, if you are looking for a great ping pong racket, hopefully, this article has helped you choose the best one for your needs. Choosing the right paddle is essential if you are starting to play ping pong.

We’ve got you covered if you are starting to play table tennis and need a slower and lighter racket to help with your entry skill level.

Remember that it is essential to choose a slower and lighter paddle to help you develop your table tennis skills. We hope this article provides enough information for you to make an informed buying decision when choosing the best table tennis paddle. Thanks for reading!

And finally, good luck on the tables – may the best table tennis players win!

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