TOP 13 Best Ping Pong Blades in 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Choosing the best ping pong blades for your play style will significantly affect your further table tennis progress.

Have you progressed, or are you already an experienced player, so it’s time to move on to a new blade and a better racket?

See the table below before we analyze our top picks for 2023 in detail.

Our Winner for 2023

Blade & Features

Image & Price

  • Wood+ALC

  • Large Sweet Spot

  • Great Dwell Time

  • Consistency: 93

timo boll alc blade our winner august


Best Ping Pong Blades in 2023 Selected by The Author





butterfly viscaria arylate carbon ping pong blade

Best Stability


yasaka ma lin soft carbon ping pong blade

Best Budget


G-Fless NEW 2023 Material


gewo sensus carbo speed ping pong blade

Best Spin


nittaku acoustic carbon ping pong blade

Best Power


Best Ping Pong Blade Price & Speed Chart

Best Ping Pong Blade Price & Speed Chart

1. Timo Boll ALC Blade (Best Choice of 2023)

Timo Boll ALC Blade main image


The Timo ALC blade is a beautiful and premium product that feels soft in your hand. It’s rated at 85 out of 100 by the company, making it perfect for any player looking to improve their game with increased speed while still maintaining feeling on serve. A similar table tennis blade and comparison is the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade.

The moment you pick up the Timo Boll Blade, it is clear that this product offers superb control. It’s light and relatively soft to the touch, with an eye-catching design on its surface. It has three handle styles, flared, anatomic, and straight.

These blades are fast enough when h.ot spinning and are recommended for an offensive player. It also has a good ball feel in defensive situations because they’re more complex than other types of rackets used by players who prefer more powerful strokes.

Timo Boll’s ALC blade is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and useful items on today’s market. Its large sweet spot, great dwell time (which makes it perfect for looping), and medium-high throw angle allow players to generate steep curves from anywhere.

In fact, after trying faster and more popular blades with lower looping capabilities but not being able to use their potential fully, it was then realized what made him come back again.

YouTube video

Timo Boll ALC Blade Features

  • Blade class: Offensive
  • Playing styles: Attack
  • Blade composition: 5 Wood + 2 ALC
  • Thickness: 5.8mm
  • Made in: Japan
  • More Spin: 89
  • More Control: 87
  • Consistency: 93
  • Huge sweet spot


  • Head Size: 157 x 150mm
  • Anatomic Handle Size:100 x 24mm
  • Flared Handle Size: 100 x 24mm
  • Straight Handle Size: 100 x 22mm

best ping pong blades timo boll alc two handle types


The Butterfly Timo Boll weighs 86 grams, the reaction property is 118, and the vibration of 103. If you are looking for the best table tennis blades that can provide the modern-day attacker with versatility and power, look no further than Timo Boll ALC.

2. Butterfly Viscaria Arylate-Carbon Blade

best ping pong blades butterfly viscaria arylate carbon main image



Extremely offensive table tennis blade for players who want speed and high-quality shots. What separates this blade from the other ping pong blades is the hand’s feeling when in contact with the ball. It is fast enough among attacking blades. So, you can play strong balls, and at the same time, it has control over softer shots and blocks.

With Butterfly Viscaria blade, it’s a little harder to play cut balls, but that balance is achieved with more training. World champion Zhang Jike uses this blade. It is made of arylate-carbon composition, which means that arylate fibers give you flexibility and shock absorption. On the other hand, carbon blade fibers allow elasticity and minimal energy dissipation.

For example, the Butterfly Viscaria blade is perfect for counter-spin shots from the table and, at the same time, provides control if you move away from the table and want to have solid but controlled strokes from a distance.

Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade Composition

It consists of 7 layers, 5 of wood + 2 arylate-carbon. The blade weighs 87 grams and comes with two types of handles. FL, which is rounded, and ST is entirely flat. All in all, you will choose how you are used to it. Also, the compact head is made to help a lot when playing counter or fastballs from the table.

Best blades butterfly viscaria arylate-carbon features

I do not recommend this blade to beginners. So, all the good sides and benefits of these faster ping pong blades come to the fore if you are an experienced player or a professional.

When you choose Viscaria, I recommend Butterfly Tenergy rubbers, 05 or 64 models. It will also fit with slower rubbers. To feel the total quality, faster and harder rubbers are needed. Of course, a lot of training, which experienced players know how important it is.

Why is Butterfly Viscaria still the most popular ping-pong blade among attackers?

Firstly, the Balsa technology provides incredible power and speed when playing fastballs. Perfect for the new plastic ball.

Secondly, the middle layers of Koto and carbon fiber give you an excellent feeling of holding the racket, especially with the Flared handle type.

Moreover, not to mention shock absorption is excellent with this table tennis blade as soon as you have additional control over the ball blocks and pimping on the corners of the table to throw the opponent off balance.

You are wrong if you think you can’t feel the difference by going to Viscaria. Players who are not professionals but tend to control more are always delighted with this blade because it shows significantly better characteristics, even with slower balls.

According to previous experiences, we can say that the Viscaria Arylate Carbon blade provides 20% to 25% easier play and more effortless playing of exercises and elements in training. The bottom line is that you need less effort and energy to achieve the same volume and pace of play. Similar is the Butterfly Zhang Jike blade.








Was $159.99


Was $164.99


Was $51.95


Was $269.99


Was $59.95

3. Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon Ping Pong Blade

Best ping pong blades Yasaka Ma Lin blade


The perfect table tennis blade for players who want better ball control.

It has very thin carbon fibers, so it has more control than the others. Overall, the blade’s composition has a softer outer layer and a harder inner layer and contains carbon. The blade’s weight is 89 grams, enough to simultaneously achieve ball rotation and speed.

I recommend Yasaka Ma Lin blade to players who have used ready-made rackets so far and now is the time to improve their game by a degree more. They will adapt very quickly because the table tennis blade is not too fast and is also suitable for cutting balls and blocks.

A great blade with handle types in all four options. Flared, Anatomic, Straight handle, and even the Penhold option for Asian players. Another important thing is that this blade has a high “sweet spot.” This means that the vibration of the ball is not felt in 90% of cases. One of the best blades among carbon blades.

Penhold table tennis blade (Chinese version)

Yasaka Ma Lin Penhold blade version

The opposite is the absorption and the feeling that the ball is on the racket. So, when you return the serve or block the opponent’s topspin, you will have a fantastic sense of controlling the ball’s accuracy and direction.

This penhold table tennis blade would be pretty slow for more advanced players and professionals. But if you are a penhold player on an intermediate level, you can even play balls from a distance from the table strong enough.

It also depends a lot on your partner or opponent. If they are much better players, you will feel that you are playing slower, but if they are of similar quality as you and you play tournaments at your level of play, Yasaka Ma Lin will be one of the best ping pong blades for you.

All in all, Yasaka has always been known for producing quality and long-lasting rackets. So it is with ping pong blades. Quality, accuracy, control, and longevity are the most important benefits.


So with the characteristics, the weight of 89 grams, speed of 92, control 83, and seven-layer wood, we can say that it is quite a correct blade for medium-advanced players. In terms of overall quality, it is justifiably in our selection of Top 12. For the Japanese penhold playing style take a look at the Butterfly Cypress Max blade series.


4. Butterfly Timo Boll Allround Table Teninis Blade

Best ping pong blades Butterfly Timo Boll allround blade


In our opinion, the best table tennis blade for a budget. Exceptional control of the ball with lower speed for attacking players makes this blade perfect, even for children who plan to play table tennis professionally later. This ping pong blade was named after the two-time World Cup champion, Timo Boll.

Firstly, it weighs only 85 grams, making it easier to handle and play near the table.

Secondly, that means cutting balls with a lot of feeling, blocking the opponent’s topspins, and even the first entry after the service with rotating balls. You will have superior control and ball placement.

Finally, you will do all this perfectly with Timo Boll’s all-around blade and suitable table tennis rubbers. The best ping pong blade for beginners.

The handle comes in 3 shapes, Flared, Anatomic, and Straight, to choose according to your habits. The blade’s total composition is five layers, with a reaction of 96 and a control of 83. It is also suitable for more passive players waiting for the opponent’s mistake by keeping as many balls on the table as possible.

Rotation of the topspin on a fast and slow racket

Timo boll slow and fast racket test table tennis table

As you can see, it doesn’t mean a slower blade is a worse table tennis blade right away. It all depends on the style of play. You can see the hitting with more rotation concerning hitting with more speed in the picture.

You already know how you are currently playing, so you will decide accordingly. Timo Boll is a very offensive blade.

If you are a sparring partner to a professional player, I recommend this ping pong blade because the service and block ball return are ideally achieved. Another great thing to remember is the precision of dividing the balls across the table.

I recommend combining a little faster rubbers if you opt for this blade. This will achieve a balance between speed and ball control. Butterfly recommends mixing it with Rozena rubbers, but in my experience, you won’t go wrong with Teneregy 05 FX either. You will achieve the maximum rotated balls in topspins and the maximum cut balls in pimples.

As we said, the best table tennis blade for the budget. Quality, long-lasting, and versatile table tennis blade for beginners to slightly more advanced players is highly affordable, from all-round blades to not-so-fast blades. To sum up, you get it all with the Timo Boll Allround blade.


5. Gewo Sensus Carbo-Speed Ping Pong Blade

gewo sensus carbo speed ping pong blade main image



Another high-speed blade on our shortlist. The reason for this is its composition material of manufacture.

The blade comes with seven layers, two of which are top-quality Aramid carbon. This carbon gives exceptional wood control and a very high speed with suitable rubbers.

I recommend this table tennis blade for players who play an attacking game with many top spins and counter spins. Indeed, it is not too heavy to produce good and faster shots, even from a table distance.

When you read the features and see their weight of 99 grams, you think it may be too heavy compared to the others from our shortlist. Believe me, it’s not like that. It’s a little heavier, but you don’t feel much difference. On the contrary, it’s an advantage in strengthening the game and attacking.

The recommendation is as follows:

 1. For advanced and professional players. Use table tennis blades combined with harder rubbers to practice a minimum of 5 training sessions per week plus leagues and tournaments. You will have a perfect feeling of the strength of the ball’s impact. Spin on the spin from a distance will also give you the power and strength that the Gewo blade gives.

 2. For players who are experienced but do not practice as much. Combined with softer and slower rubbers, you can create an excellent racket. You will have control of the ball, and when you attack and take the initiative in the game, you will feel the strength and power of the shot thanks to this ping-pong blade.

The power of the Carbon-Aramid combination

Carbon-fiber vs aramid in table tennis blades material

Gewo Sensus Carbo-Speed is the new ping pong blade with the latest technology.

Due to the use of the new carbon aramid, the wood gained stiffness, and at the same time, Aramid improved and regulated the feeling. Hat combination is the future of fast rackets, so the current price is a bit higher, but it is worthwhile.

Carbon fiber contains 95% carbon, while Aramid is a new synthetic fiber technology that provides perfect effects of speed and control of your ping pong racket. A similar blade is Butterfly Petr Korbel.

Let us remind you the speed is 102, the control is 84, and the composition is seven layers, 5 wooden + 2 carbon from Aramid carbon. Secondly, you can choose a handle in 3 flared, anatomical, and straight shapes. All in all, excellent offensive blade with all the characteristics. The only thing left for you is training and playing matches.

6. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Ping Pong Blade

Best ping pong blades Nittaku acoustic blade review


Even though Butterfly is the world’s leading manufacturer of table tennis equipment, this Japanese table tennis blade had to be on our shortlist. Nittaku is exceptionally famous for its top-quality ping pong blade making.

The technology used here for manufacturing is exceptional and used in string instruments. This means a unique FE-carbon material.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon gives you the feeling of complete control of the ball and the high speed of the racket. Similarly, what sets it apart is the hand’s feeling.

No other offensive blade gives you that feeling that you have complete control over the ball’s trajectory and intensity when hitting.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade and Andro rubbers
YouTube video

You need to pay attention to the table tennis rubbers that connect to the blade to choose the racket. Since the blade is a little heavier, 92 grams, you should take softer rubbers, and you will achieve a complete balance between control and speed.

Nittaku Acoustic features a speed of 92 and a control of 65. Therefore, it is clear that the focus is on speed, and players who practice more will quickly adjust and feel the blade’s power and strength. Consequently, I should immediately mention that the Nittaku Acoustic Blade is not recommended for beginners.

The construction material is wood (5 layers) and composite (2 layers). Currently, there is only one flared handle option. Another great table tennis blade from Nittaku is the Violin.

Nittaku acoustic carbon inner

Recommendation for the type of players who should use this table tennis blade:

1. Attackers with short spins from the table play in the style of the most modern players in the world. Also, players who invest in short balls often flip than pimples and wait for the opponent to enter.

2. Attackers with a style of play at a middle distance from the table. The table tennis blade is perfect for a spin on spin shots or taking the game’s initiative after one block. However, I do not recommend this blade to defensive players and players who are more suited to waiting for an opponent to make a mistake.

Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade table tennis daily picture



7. XIOM Allround S Table Tennis Blades

Xiom allround S ping pong blade main image


Introducing the XIOM Allround S, a classic all-round blade of European-style construction. Lower and controlled speed allows you to manage the game against your opponent. A slightly more significant and thinner face combines well with soft /max sponges. A solid and clear feel connects the ball with the player’s senses. Perfect for the traditional all-around player.

This quality blade is perfect for players who want significant control over their game. The large sweet spot and thin face make it ideal for backhand shots, while the lower speed provides plenty of opportunities to put your opponent off their ping-pong game. It is a classic blade with wooden layers that give you a perfect balance.

We have reviewed other great Xiom table tennis blades in detail for players who like this brand.

Xiom Allround S Features

  • Speed: 73
  • Control: 77
  • Thickness: 5.4 mm
  • Weight: 85 grams
  • Plies: 5

With this blade, you can control the ball close to the ping pong table. It is best suited for beginner players. Xiom Allround S is a perfect blade among table tennis wood blades. You can improve your table tennis game by choosing softer rubbers in this combination. It’s not a defensive blade, but not like the Butterfly’s fastest blade.


8. Stiga Clipper Classic

stiga clipper classic table tennis racket main image


The Stiga Clipper Classic is perfect for players who want additional power behind their strokes. This world-renowned blade is made from seven different types of wood for a solid feel and has been used by many top-level players from Asia.

Its sturdy construction allows for complex loops and strokes, while its comfortable grip provides a firm hold. The FL handle design offers a better grip and allows you to perform your best shots.

If you’re looking for a stiff, all-wood table tennis blade known for its speed and consistent performance, the Stiga Clipper Classic is perfect. This Stiga blade won’t flex when you hit the table tennis ball hard, providing a little more vibration than carbon blades for a more responsive feel.

The Stiga Defense Pro blade is a great option for the defensive style of play.

Stiga Clipper Classic Features

  • Speed: 88
  • Control: 62
  • Weight: 95 grams
  • Thickness: 6.6 mm
  • Construction: 7-ply

The Stiga Clipper table tennis blade is a flexible blade that provides excellent control and ball handling. Handle styles are flared and straight. It’s unsuitable for aggressive players who want to improve their power when playing table tennis. Anatomic handles are out of stock currently on Megaspin.

Among cheap blades, the Stiga Clipper Classic is the best table tennis blade. It is a perfect blade if you prefer to use versatile spin play during the ping pong game. From the new Stiga blades, here is the Cybershape Carbon.


9. Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special – Chinese Penhold

Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special - Chinese Penhold


The Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special is a wood blade with a 7-ply construction. It is designed for aggressive, close-to-the-table players.

The blade features harder inner veneers for power and a slightly softer middle veneer to reduce vibration. This combination provides the perfect balance of power and control for offensive players.

The Ma Lin Extra is also extremely lightweight, making it easy to maneuver around the table. This high-quality blade is the perfect choice for serious ping pong players with its high-quality construction and excellent performance.

The Ma Lin Extra Offensive is the best penhold among Allwood blades. You can quickly execute quick counter looping returns, hit good blocking shots, and nice looping. If you play the penhold style of table tennis, the Yasaka Ma Lin Extra will surely satisfy your needs.

Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special Offensive Blade Features

  • Playing style: Penhold
  • Construction: 7-ply wood blade
  • Control: 74
  • Speed: 90
  • Weight: 88 grams

The table tennis player who wants to improve the paddle’s speed should pair this offensive blade with Tenergy 05 rubbers or Rakza 7 from the Yasaka brand. The speed and control are balanced, so you don’t need a softer rubber.

Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Ping Pong Blade Handle Types

Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special Offensive Blade Features and handle types


All wood blade Yasaka combined harder inner veneers with a softer middle veneer. The result is high power without vibration.

10. Butterfly Primorac Carbon

best ping pong blades Butterfly Primorac Carbon main image


The Butterfly Primorac Carbon is one of the Butterfly blades with Carbon Fiber and Cypress layers.

The cypress wood gives the blade more control than other Butterfly blades on the market. The speed of this blade is incredible, making it one of their best-selling products.

The name “Butterfly Primorac” was given to this product to honor the Croatian legend, Zoran Primorac. It has exceptional control and power, making it ideal for players who want to win their game.

Butterfly Primorac Carbon Features

  • Playing styles: Attack
  • Class: Offensive style
  • Thickness: 7 mm
  • Plies: 3 wood plies + 2 Carbon
  • Weight: 88 grams
  • Reaction: 125
  • Vibration: 133
  • Speed: 95

Primorac Carbon Handle Types

Primorac Carbon Handle Types ping pong blades


While the carbon blade may not offer as much contact time with the ball as other options on the market, it more than makes up for it in terms of speed and performance.

Overall, the Butterfly Primorac Carbon is the fastest table tennis blade and an excellent option for anyone looking for a durable and consistent racket.


11. Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC

Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC blade main image


The Zhang Jike ALC blade is one of the best table tennis blades for an offensive player who wants speed and control. This carbon blade has a high reaction and control, making it easy to use while attacking.

This blade is made with arylate carbon, making the high reaction and control possible. This table tennis blade is made according to World champion Zhang Jike.

The Zhang Jike ALC ping pong blade is designed for offensive players who want to maximize their power with effortless control. Compared to Viscaria Blade, it is faster and has both speed and spin higher. This is a powerful table tennis monster if you prefer a backhand topspin attack.

The perfect choice for player-looking lefties or right-handed models – this one will get you where it’s going fast without sacrificing too much precision when hitting your opponent up close.

Best Ping Pong Blades – Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC Features

  • Class: Offensive blade
  • Speed and Control: 89 & 93
  • Blade composition: 5 Wood + 2 ALC
  • Thickness: 5.8mm


  • Head Size: 157 x 150mm
  • Anatomic Handle Size: 102 x 24mm
  • Flared Handle Size: 100 x 25mm
  • Straight Handle Size: 100 x 23mm

best ping pong blades zhang jike alc second image


Zhang Jike ALC weighs 88 grams, while the reaction is 118, and the vibration of 103. Zhang Jike has made the best table tennis technology among all offensive blades.

12. Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC

best ping pong blades model Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC main image


The Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC is a table tennis blade with improved Power and Precision All-in-one. Are you looking for a table tennis blade that perfectly balances additional power and control?

Look no further than the Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC. This high-performance model has a unique performance perfect for those who want to take their game to the next level. Let’s take a closer look at what this blade offers.

The Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC table tennis blade is a good option with both ZLC Carbon technology and Innerfiber construction, making it one of the most powerful and precise blades on the market. The good balance and Carbon layers are placed close to the core, providing an overall soft feel without losing out on the amazing characteristics of ZL Carbon—namely lightness, flexibility, and speed.

Compared to Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC, it has an OFF rating, making it perfect for aggressive players who want more power in their shots.

It weighs 87g, has a reaction rate of 105, and a vibration rate of 95. It comes with an anatomic handle size of 100x24mm, a flared handle size of 100x24mm, or a straight handle of 100x23mm so you can find your ideal fit.

YouTube video
When playing with this blade, you can expect great stability across all aspects of your game as it can do everything well, from blocks to smashes to serving.

One of The Best Table Tennis Blades for Offensive Players

You’ll be able to play close to the table while still having enough power to hit powerful shots that will surprise your opponents.

In conclusion, one of the most aggressive table tennis blades provides you with both power and control. However, it is a fast blade for intermediate players who need their paddle to have great speed and spin.

Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC penhold vs flared handle type



This high-performance model is designed to provide players with exactly what they need to take their game up a notch while maintaining great stability across all aspects of play.

With its combination of lightweight design and flexible construction, there is no doubt that this table tennis blade will help elevate your game!

13. Victas Liam Pitchford

best ping pong blades model Victas Liam Pitchford main image



Presenting the Victas Liam Pitchford table tennis blade, the preferred choice of renowned English superstar Liam Pitchford!

This premium “Made in Japan” OFF blade incorporates the revolutionary Zexion® carbon fiber directly beneath the outer ply, delivering unmatched vigor and power.

Balancing at a speed rating of 87 and a control rating of 80, this lightweight blade at just 86g is the perfect fit for aggressive power players like Liam Pitchford.

Step up your game and dominate the table with the Victas Liam Pitchford table tennis blade, designed to unleash your attacking prowess!

Type of ping pong blades by handle style

There are 4 types of racket handles:

Flared – The flat is the beginning of the handle closer to the rubber, and at the end, it slowly expands to one side to ensure your safety when holding the racket.

Straight is flat from start to finish, giving you a little flexibility in how you hold it during the game, which is not recommended. But many players are used to choosing such a handle and have a better racket feeling in this case.

Anatomic – At the beginning, closer to the rubber is a thinner handle, and as it extends towards the palm, it becomes more comprehensive. In this case, you get complete confidence that the racket will not fall out of your hand.
Penhold – The handle is shorter and adaptable for Asian players because they hold the racket like a pencil.

Type of ping pong blades by speed

There are 3 types of ping pong blades looking at speed, and this is very important to keep in mind when choosing:

Defensive table tennis blades – There are essential controls and lower ball speed. Mainly, it does not include carbon wood but with as few layers as possible. In our analysis, the Timo Boll blade is the closest to this category, although it is not wholly defensive.

Allround table tennis blades – They are primarily medium speed, focusing on ball control. This is ideal for beginners and players who practice several times a week. In our analysis, I would single out Timo Boll Blade and Yasaka Ma Lin for this category.

Offensive blades – High-speed and strong blades, primarily used by top players and players who practice more often. Their playstyle comes down to attacking as early as possible with topspins without a lot of pimping the ball. Certainly, Butterfly Viscaria, Gewo Sensus carbon blade, and Nittaku Acoustic, other wooden blades are in our analysis.


What else to pay attention to when choosing ping pong blades?

Firstly, you should pay attention to the serial number when buying and the tag located at the bottom of the racket handle. This will protect you from fake wood that may be on the market. Best Budget Ping Pong Blades are suitable for controlled-style players.

Secondly, construction material and the handle’s shape handle are essential when choosing because you will be sure that the blade suits you. The defensive-style blades are not listed here.

Moreover, all these things should not worry you when buying through our partner Megaspin, but we say this as a precaution if you plan to buy from other unverified sources.

ping pong blades serial number and tag handle

In any case, beginners should choose lighter table tennis blades by weight and without additives such as carbon and others. Then you progress or are already a more advanced player, and you can experiment with many combinations.

We recommend that you take the heavier blades and softer rubbers so that you will find the style and feel you need in many wood and rubbers are rubbers on the market today, and it is not a crucial price to achieve success.

The most important thing is to make the best combination for yourself from everything that exists. Only in time will you know if you need a heavier or lighter racket, faster or slower rubbers, and their thickness and hardness.

How to protect your table tennis blade?

Firstly, put side tape around the racket when you stick rubbers on it because it will protect your blade when you play short balls or accidentally hit a ping pong table through the game.

It happens to everyone. Even the most experienced players can accidentally hit the table and damage the wood. This is why side tape provides perfect protection, and the racket will last you a very long time.

ping pong blades racket case and side tape protection

Secondly, when gluing the racket, I recommend that you first rub your blade with a light and not too sharp sandpaper and then wipe the wood with a dry cloth. Put table tennis glue on the blade, and you can start gluing rubbers.

The next time you re-glue the racket, keep in mind that part of the glue is left on the table tennis blade, and you should repeat this procedure with sandpaper and cloth.

YouTube video
Moreover, every time you don’t play table tennis, use and put your blade together with the rubbers in the racket case because you will be in a safe place. It will not wear out like if you just put it in a bag.

And the last thing we don’t have to mention, but we will still say for those who don’t know. Watch out for high or too-low temperatures. The racket that stays in the strong sun can be damaged. This will not happen immediately, but it will lose its characteristics.

Special Ping Pong Blades

Some blades have unique surface treatments. They have special chemicals in addition to the layers on the wood and are thus produced into small crystal structures. These are the Yinhe M and Nano Series blades and have certain key advantages.

Firstly, the surface becomes much harder, which allows for more excellent impact resistance.

Secondly, the surface gets a stronger sealant, which means it will not be damaged when you remove the rubbers.

The following special ping pong blades are Hinoki. They have a much denser construction and a slightly heavier feel. They provide excellent turning and a much longer retention time.

hinoki blade butterfly made in japan

In any case, Hinoki blades are not great; they are just different from the others. They are usually 10 mm thick, and the material is from the inside of a younger tree, which is why they are lighter than the others.

However, what kind of tree the layers are cut from and what the blades are made the difference. The younger the tree, the softer and weaker the blade. The older they are, the heavier and more solid the blade will be.

Best Ping Pong Blades – Conclusion

With so many options for table tennis blades available, it can be challenging to find the best table tennis blade. We’ve put together this list of our top recommendations and helpful tips to help you make an intelligent purchase decision.

We hope these insights into what makes a good ping-pong paddle inspire you to take your game up another notch! Ping Pong is one of those games where using the right equipment can make all the difference.

Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive or want an investment-worthy product, there is plenty of c there waiting to try them. If any of these sound like they might suit your needs and budget, please don’t hesitate to reach out today.

We hope that this article has helped you to make the best decision. You can choose the right table tennis, carbon, or even a professional blade.

Also, table tennis technology is progressing very fast, and new table tennis blades will come soon. If you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us!






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