5 Best Ping Pong Blades for Penhold (2023 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Here we have listed the 5 best ping pong blades for penhold players to help them take their game to the next level. Keep reading this article to learn more about the penhold technique and the best penhold blades (2023).

The penhold is an Asian-style grip for holding a racket. The head of the paddle faces down and is held like a pen or pencil. Many players are now using the backside as well. Shakehand blades have a more extended handle than Penhold blades.

A round racket with a short handle is used in the Chinese penhold style. This allows for better flexibility in adjusting the table tennis racket angle by pushing in either direction with the thumb and increases the wrist’s range of motion.

These are the primary factors that give this serving style an advantage. Most players who use this style have extremely quick footwork, allowing them to play most balls with their forehand.

The 5 Best Penhold Table Tennis Blades Selected by The Author

Penhold Blade




best ping pong blades for penhold butterfly fan zhendong super zlc thumbnail image

Best Overall


victas dynam blade thumbnail image

Best Japanese


butterfly falcima table tennis blade thumbnail image

Best for Beginners


butterfly viscaria super alc blades thumbnail image

Best for Attackers


Best Power & Speed


What are the 5 Best Ping Pong Blades for Penhold Grips?

This article will look at the top 5 table tennis paddles for the pen-holding technique. A blade is not a penhold blade unless it has a short grip that lets players easily control it with their thumb.

Some of the best-reviewed blades online are the five penhold blades we listed. The Butterfly brand, of which we have listed 3 blades, is among the best for Penhold-style play.

Let’s look at the top five ping pong blades in 2023!

1. Butterfly Fan Zhendong Super ZLC

best ping pong blades for penhold model Butterfly Fan Zhendong Super ZLC main image


Butterfly Fan Zhendong Super ZLC ranks as one of the best ping pong blades for penhold players. This blade offers excellent bounce with Super ZL-Carbon, a high-density carbon, and a ZL-fiber weave. Combined with the expansion of the high-reaction area, it allows for powerful shots and stability.

This penhold blade’s design and construction are inspired by the World’s No.1 table tennis player, Fan Zhendong’s attack-oriented playstyle. This good blade features the highest reaction properties (12.3 on a scale of 1 to 13) and 11.1 vibrations (on a scale of 1 to 12), making it one of the best ping pong blades for penhold players.

Butterfly Fan Zhendong Super ZLC Features

  • Ping pong paddle plies: 5W+2SZLC.
  • 5.6mm Blade Thickness.
  • Size of blade: 161x150mm.
  • Size of CS Handle: 82x24mm.
  • Response: 12.3.
  • Vibration: 11.1.
  • Penhold racket weight: 85g.
  • Penhold grip origin: Japanese.
  • Price: $399.99.

Butterfly Fan Zhendong Super ZLC Features blade

If you are wondering where to buy Butterfly Fan Zhendong Super ZLC, it is available on Megaspin’s online store. Some butterfly blades, such as Korbel and Grubba, are manufactured in factories in both Europe and Japan, giving them two variations.

Megaspin always stocks the Japanese version of a blade when a European-made version is available.


2. Victas Dynam 10.5 Japanese Penhold

best ping pong blades for penhold model Victas Dynam 10.5 Japanese


The Dynam is a powerhouse with a great feel, made to meet experienced players’ demands. The attacking Ping pong blade, the Victas Dynam 10.5 Japanese Penholder, is made from superior Kiso Hinoki one-ply wood, 10.5 millimeters thick. Kiso Hinoki wood is used to make the Victas Dynam 10.5.

That said, Victas Dynam 10.5 features all the characteristics of a quality penhold blade. It is a super resilient table tennis blade. The blade is constructed to withstand the rigors of being hit at high speeds.

Victas Dynam 10.5 Penhold Blade Features

  • Penhold paddle style: Offensive Plus speed.
  • Veneer made of a racket (Kiso).
  • Square-shaped penhold paddle.
  • Made for hard-hitting shots.
  • 10.5mm of racket thickness.
  • Size of Racket: 145 mm x 135 mm.
  • Grip Dimensions: 90 mm x 20 mm.
  • Speed: 100.
  • 99g in weight.
  • Produced in Japan.
  • Price: $229.99.

Victas Dynam 10.5 Penhold Blade Features

This means that it will stay in shape even when it takes a beating during play. According to Victas Dynam 10.5 reviews, the blade is flexible enough to bend and twist when adjusting your grip or position on the table.

It is intended for intermediate players who prefer an extra spin and good control when playing close to the table. If you are an offensive player, the Victas Dynamo will be a great ping-pong racket for your needs.

Victas Dynamo 10.5 is available on Megaspin and is priced at $229.99.


3. Butterfly Falcima Chinese Penhold

Butterfly Falcima Chinese Penhold main image


Another budget-friendly option for penhold players is the Butterfly Falcima. The Falcima is the latest 5-ply all-wood blade from BTY. The Falcima has an outstanding balance of stability and bounce, which is why it is a good option for table players with a penhold grip.

The Butterfly Falcima blade is suitable for beginners and those who want better maneuverability and speed. It is simple to swing and generate power with this blade because its moderate weight is neither too light nor too heavy.

Butterfly Falcima Penhold Blade Features

  • Ply 5 Wood.
  • The blade is 6.0mm thick.
  • Blade Dimensions: 161 x 150 mm.
  • Size of Handle: 82×23 mm.
  • Response: 109.
  • 97 vibrations.
  • It weighs 84g.
  • Produced in Japan.
  • Price: $73.99.

The Butterfly Falcima is the best ping-pong paddle for attacking ping-pong players. For players who prefer the penhold technique, it is excellent because the paddle provides good grip and comfort while still being lightweight and easy to swing.

The Falcima also has an increased grip with the Soft Grip Tape, providing comfort to the racket handle. To extend the longevity of your racket, consider adding side tape to the blade, protecting the wood in the event it hits the table.

Butterfly Falcima Penhold Blade Features


For those who are just getting into table tennis, this blade pairs well with the Sapphire rubber from Butterfly. For those who want good speed, Butterfly Roundell and Rozena rubber are suitable high-tension rubbers that pair well with them.

4. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC

best ping pong blades for penhold model Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC


Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC is one of the best Chinese penhold blades. The Harimoto ZLC is a significant advancement in blade technology. Adding this blade technology to the ZLC could make this blade an instant favorite in the Chinese Penhold market, similar to the success of the Harimoto ALC.

The ZLC fibers of the Harimoto Innerforce ZLC excel as an attacking blade for two particular characteristics. The first characteristic of the high rebound area is that it improves overall contact in the sweet spot for better control and feels soft when held but produces powerful shots.

The second characteristic is the dynamic feedback produced by the blade layers’ construction.

Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC Features

  • Style of play: Attack style.
  • Pen hold paddle plies: 5W + 2ZLCx.
  • The blade is 5.7mm thick.
  • 161x150mm blade size.
  • Size of CS Handle: 82 x 24 mm.
  • 85g in weight.
  • Reaction: 105.
  • 95 vibrations.
  • Produced in Japan.
  • Price: $242.99.

The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC is a Chinese Penhold table tennis blade that is great for competitive ping pong games. The Dignics 05 rubber is recommended for this blade, as it has the highest trajectory and shortest travel path on the table.

Overall, this is a great choice for those looking for a Penhold racket to help them win their next competitive ping pong game.

Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC penhold blade Features

By making it like this, the manufacturer ensured that the player would feel at the top of their game when using it. Harimoto Innerforce ZLC Chinese Penhold has a 5 out of 5 stars rating on Megaspin. It is readily available on Megaspin at $242.99.


5. Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special

best ping pong blades for penhold model Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special main image


Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special ranks as the best-budget penhold blade in 2022. It is perfect for players who want better control and speed. The Extra Special Yasaka Ma Lin comes with a 7-ply constructive wood blade.

This ping pong blade for penhold is perfect for competitive close-to-the-table players.

Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special Features

  • Speed: 90.
  • Maintain control is 74.
  • Plies: 7.
  • Weighs 88g.
  • Made in China.
  • Price: $74.95.

Due to the unique feel of pure wood, many elite players prefer the all-wood construction of Yasaka Ma Lin blades. Yasaka’s skilled woodworkers combined the blade’s inner surface with the slightly softer middle surface.

Because of the mix, the Yasaka Ma Lin can hit with the desired power without shaking. The Yasaka Ma Lin extra offensive table tennis blade is a great option for professional ping pong players. It has a good dwell time, speeds away from the table, and has excellent control.

best ping pong blades for penhold model Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special Features


The only downside is that it is a bit heavy, but that is to be expected with a professional-grade ping-pong paddle. I would also recommend sanding the neck of the paddle to make it more comfortable for your fingers if you are playing with a penhold grip.

Overall, this is a great option for professional players looking for a solid penhold paddle.


Table Tennis Penhold Tips

The best ping pong blades for penholds in China have a short handle and a round head.

On the forehand, the thumb should rest along the side of the racket handle, roughly parallel to it, and the index finger should wrap partially around the handle’s end. The middle, ring, and little fingers are turned outward on the back of the paddle.

The penhold ping pong racket can provide enough speed and faster reaction when switching the sides from forehand to backhand and vice versa.

The table tennis racket’s angle can be easily adjusted by moving the thumb in either direction and increasing the wrist’s motion range. Because the player is not worried about striking the table with his hand, these techniques give this serving style a clear advantage, such as faster attacks over the ping pong table.

What types of Ping pong paddles are there?

Your preference for a handle and how you hold your bat will determine your suitable type. Ping Pong paddles come in the following varieties:

penhold holding the racket table tennis

  • Penhold style paddle: This paddle is only permitted for penhold grip players. The penhold paddles are available in Chinese and Japanese styles, which impact the handle’s length and roundness. In this post, we have listed the five best penhold paddles, so give it a read.
  • Flared paddles: The handle that is most frequently used is flared. The center is the thinnest, and the end is the widest. It decreases the likelihood that your bat will escape from your control.
  • Anatomic paddles: Anatomic handles have a bulge in the middle when held in the palm. Since it fits perfectly in the player’s palm, it is much simpler to control while playing.
  • Straight paddle: The straight paddle handle is uniformly wide throughout. Straight handles can be square or rounded.
  • Paddle Sets: They consist of the racket, paddle case, ping pong balls, and net set.

What makes a good Ping pong paddle?

A good Ping pong paddle should have all of the desirable characteristics that make a Ping pong paddle effective. The blade and rubber of ping pong paddles significantly impact the bat’s operation. Pro players pick their blades and rubbers to suit their technique, so you should become familiar with your paddle’s parts.

The list of Ping pong paddle features will help our readers understand what to look for when purchasing a Ping pong paddle. The following elements contribute to the effectiveness of a Ping pong table:

  • Table tennis blade: The blade is essential to a ping pong paddle. It is the rigid portion of the bat where you attach your rubbers and grip it while playing. The blades provide most of the sensation you feel from the ball, which is essential when adding spin to your shots. They are made of thin, glued-together layers of wood. Typically, blades have five to seven plies, with some cutting-edge blades having more layers.
  • Rubber top sheet: The top sheet of rubber is the outermost layer, usually red or black. There are many types of top sheets, including inverted, short pimples, long pimples, and anti-spin. The majority of ping pong rubbers, however, have inverted pimples. As a result, we will only cover these types of rubbers today.
  • Rubber sponge: Underneath the top sheet, a sponge layer should stick to the blade. Depending on the rubber, you can get a custom bat with a thickness ranging from 1.2mm to 2.5mm. The thicker your paddle, the more explosive it will be.

A good penhold paddle is resilient, flexible, and forgiving.

What are the best ping pong blades for penhold made from?

The most common material used in beginner-to-expert-level blades is wood. Wooden blades typically offer the best feeling when you hold them, but on the other hand, they are slower.

Other materials can also be used to make ping-bong places but in small amounts. If you’re not comfortable playing with only wood-made blades because of your technique. Most ping pong blades are made of three, five, or even seven layers of wood, depending on your preference.

Carbon fiber is usually added to create a ping pong blade to make it stronger and faster. It can also create a sweet spot for you to hit the ball better.

The blade can be made from carbon fiber, glass fiber, or compressed paper, but the material must be less than 0.35mm. If you’re planning to buy a blade made from carbon fiber, then you should know that they are very expensive and are only made for professionals.

Best Ping Pong Blades for Penhold – Summary

This article has chosen five top ping pong blades for 2022. Finding the ideal blade for you among the many available choices can take time and effort. This is the main reason we wrote the article in the first place: to improve your ping pong skills and to promote the game.

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We researched these best ping pong blades for penhold and reviewed them to bring you the top 5 table tennis blades of 2022.

We can only hope that you found this article helpful and that you’ll go on to become the Ping pong superstar the world has been waiting for. All the penhold ping pong paddles are made for serious ping pong players who need good practice and continuous training.






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