7+ Best Pickleball Machine 2023 Reviews (Spinshot, Tutor)

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Whether you’re a beginner seeking to improve your skills or an experienced player aiming to refine your shots, investing in the best pickleball machine can be a game-changer.

In this blog post, we will explore the best pickleball machines of 2023, highlighting their features, benefits, and why they stand out from the competition.

Pickleball has gained immense popularity in recent years, and players are constantly seeking ways to improve their skills. One effective method is to invest in a pickleball machine, which allows players to practice and refine their shots without the need for a partner.

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What is The Best Pickleball Ball Machine?

A pickleball ball machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to assist pickleball players in their practice sessions. These machines are capable of shooting balls at various speeds, angles, and trajectories, allowing players to replicate real-game scenarios and develop their skills.

When using a pickleball ball machine, players can adjust settings such as ball speed, spin, and direction to create customized drills that cater to their specific needs.

Additionally, these machines are capable of simulating different shot types, such as fireballs, which are fast and powerful shots, or softer shots that require finesse and control.

1. SPINSHOT PLAYER Pickleball Machine – Best Overall

best pickleball machine 2023 model SPINSHOT PLAYER Machines - Best Overall


The Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine is a versatile and advanced machine designed to meet the needs of players of all skill levels. Its notable features include a programmable electronic control panel, which allows you to set custom drills and shots.

The machine can deliver a wide range of spins, speeds, and trajectory variations, making it ideal for simulating real-game scenarios. With its durable construction and easy portability, the Spinshot Player is a top choice among pickleball enthusiasts.

With a hopper that holds up to 85 pickle balls, you can engage in extended practice sessions without the need for frequent reloading.

Customize Your Drills:

Each of the 12 pre-programmed drills can be personalized to suit your specific needs or the requirements of your family or club members.

You can adjust the height, direction, spin, and speed for each of the six sequential shots, allowing you to fine-tune the drills according to your preferences. Once you’ve customized your drills using the DrillMaker app, you can save them directly to the machine.

SPINSHOT PLAYER Pickleball Machine features and drills

The next time you use the machine, simply press the corresponding drill number button, and you’re ready to start your game.


  • Programmable control panel for customized drills.
  • Variable spin, speed, and trajectory settings.
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.
  • The portable design makes it easy to transport.


  • Relatively high price compared to other models.
  • Limited battery life, requiring frequent recharging.

Machine Dimensions & Weight:

This advanced pickleball machine has compact dimensions of 20″ (H), 18″ (L), and 12″ (W), making it easy to transport and store.

It weighs 42lb, contributing to its portability and maneuverability on the court.

Speed: With the Spinshot Pickleball machine, you have control over ball speed. It can deliver balls at speeds ranging from up to 60mph for a challenging practice session or as low as 10mph for more controlled and precise shots.

best pickleball machine 2023 spinshot player on the court with balls and paddles


Battery & Power Information: The Spinshot Player Pickleball machine comes with a battery included, capable of supporting 2-3 hours of playtime. It’s a rechargeable battery, so simply charge the battery overnight after the training regimen.

2. Spinshot Pro Pickleball Machine – Best Value-Budget

best pickleball machine 2023 model Spinshot Pro main image


Among the array of available options, the Pro Pickleball machine stands out as one of the most popular pickleball machines on the market. It offers a multitude of features that allow players to fine-tune their training sessions.

With its user-friendly machine control panel, the Pro Pickleball machine provides multi-function speed control, horizontal and vertical oscillation, as well as top spin and backspin adjustments.

To further enhance the training experience, this good pickleball machine offers control over the ball feed rate, allowing players to set intervals between 2 to 10 seconds. This ensures adequate time to prepare for each shot and maintain a steady rhythm throughout the practice session.

Spinshot Pro Ball Machines Features

The inclusion of towing wheels and a retractable handle allows for easy transportation, and you can conveniently place all your pickleball paddles and equipment on the machine and tow them together.

In terms of dimensions, the Spinshot Pro Pickleball Machine measures 20″ in height, 18″ in length, and 12″ in width. The AC model weighs 43lb, while the battery model weighs 47lb.

Spinshot Pro Ball Machines Features and carrying package

When it comes to speed, the Spinshot Pro Pickleball Machine can deliver a constant ball speed of up to 60mph. This speed can be adjusted, and pickleball players have the ability to customize the top spin and backspin as desired.

It is a battery-powered machine that can support 2-3 hours of play. After each use, simply charge the battery, and it will be ready for the next session. The machine comes with a compatible battery charger, and the power cage’s smart design allows for easy installation or the option to upgrade the machine to an AC supply.

spinshot pro pickleball machine and paddles on the court


Lastly, the Spinshot Pro Pickleball Machine features a foldable ball hopper with a ball capacity of 85 balls. This capacity ensures uninterrupted pickleball game sessions without the need for constant refilling.

3. Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra

best pickleball machine model Tutor Plus Ultra main image


The Pickleball Tutor Plus is another excellent option for players looking to improve their skills. This machine offers both oscillation and random shot capabilities, allowing players to practice a wide range of shots.

It features a large ball capacity, which means longer practice sessions without the need for frequent reloading. The Pickleball Tutor Plus also offers a convenient remote control, making it easy to adjust settings without interrupting your practice.

Enhanced Features and Remote Options

The Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra, an upgrade to the already feature-rich Pickleball Tutor Plus, is a top pickleball machine that offers a wide array of features to test and improve your skills.

With digital settings and 6 preset drills, you have plenty of options to keep you engaged and challenged. The Ultra also introduces the convenience of three different remote control options, allowing you to make adjustments without interrupting your practice.

Choose from a wireless 2-function remote, an FM wireless multi-function remote, or a smartphone-based multi-function remote for added flexibility.

3 pickleball tutor machines ultra spin and mini

Impressive Capacity and Power Options

The Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra is equipped with a remarkable capacity, capable of holding up to 110 pickle balls.

Its ability to shoot balls at speeds of up to 65 mph ensures a dynamic and intense practice session. For easy transport, the machine features mounted 3″ wheels.

Additionally, you have the choice between battery-powered or A/C electric power options, providing versatility to accommodate your specific needs.


  • Oscillation and random shot capabilities for versatile practice sessions.
  • Large ball capacity reduces reloading frequency.
  • Convenient remote control for easy adjustment of settings.
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transportation.


  • Lack of advanced features such as spin control.
  • The battery may drain quickly during extended practice sessions.

A Comprehensive Tool for Serious Players

Designed for serious players, instructors, and clubs, the Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra is one of the top pickleball machines available.

Its advanced features include electronic elevation, random oscillation, and 2-line oscillation (previously optional in the standard model), offering a comprehensive training experience.

These features allow you to simulate different playing scenarios, improve your agility, and enhance your overall performance on the court.


With its user-friendly design and impressive capabilities, the Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra is the ultimate companion for players looking to elevate their pickleball skills.

4. Pickleball Tutor Spin Ultra – Best Spin Settings

best pickleball machine 2023 model Tutor Spin Ultra – Best Spin Settings main image


For players seeking a machine that specializes in spin shots, the Pickleball Tutor Spin is an ideal choice. This machine excels at delivering accurate and consistent topspin and backspin shots, allowing players to develop their skills in handling spin variations.

With its easy-to-use control panel and sturdy construction, the Pickleball Tutor Spin offers an immersive practice experience for players of all levels.


  • Exceptional spin shot capabilities for specialized practice.
  • Easy-to-use control panel for quick adjustments.
  • Durable construction ensures long-term reliability.
  • Portable design for convenient transportation.


  • Limited in terms of shot variety compared to other models.
  • Relatively high price point.

The Pickleball Tutor Machine features

With its impressive ball capacity of up to 120 pickleballs, this machine ensures uninterrupted practice without constant reloading. The compact design of the Pickleball Tutor Spin Ultra is optimized for convenience and ease of use.

Equipped with attached 3″ wheels and a heavy-duty handle, this machine can be effortlessly maneuvered to any desired location without straining yourself. Its portability allows you to set up the machine wherever you need it on the court.

The Pickleball Tutor Spin Machine provides three remote control options, including a 2-function remote for convenient on/off controls of ball feed and oscillation, an FM multi-function wireless remote, and a smartphone-based multi-function remote.

Choose your preferred remote control option at the time of purchase, keeping in mind that only one remote option can be used per machine. Please note that equipment installation may be required before shipment. The machine’s new digital readout panel is designed to be highly visible, allowing you to easily check your settings from a distance. This feature enables you to make adjustments and switch between drills with maximum efficacy during your practice sessions.

The Pickleball Tutor Spin Machine provides three remote control options and tennis court


With its ample ball capacity, portability, and versatile remote control options, the Pickleball Tutor Spin Ultra is the best pickleball machine with adjustable spin settings.

5. Franklin Sports Automatic Pickleball Launcher

best pickleball machine model Franklin Sports Automatic Pickleball Launcher main image


The Franklin Sports Automatic Pickleball Launcher is a budget-friendly option that offers reliable performance for beginners and recreational players. With its simple design and easy operation, this machine provides consistent shots that help players improve their overall gameplay.

While it may lack advanced features, the Franklin Sports Automatic Pickleball Launcher offers great value for the price.


  • The affordable price makes it accessible to a wide range of players.
  • Easy operation for beginners and recreational players.
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transportation.
  • Reliable performance for consistent shots.
  • Can be powered with a built-in battery.


  • Limited in terms of advanced features.
  • Less suitable for experienced players seeking more customization.

6. Pickleball Tutor Mini – Budget Choice

best pickleball machine 2023 model Tutor Mini main image


The Pickleball Tutor Mini is a compact and lightweight machine designed specifically for beginners and those with limited space. Despite its smaller size, this machine offers impressive features, including variable speed and oscillation capabilities.

With its affordability and user-friendly design, the Pickleball Tutor Mini is an excellent entry-level option for players looking to develop their skills.


  • Compact and lightweight design for portability and storage convenience.
  • Variable speed and oscillation capabilities.
  • Affordable price point suitable for beginners.
  • Easy to set up and operate.


  • Limited ball capacity requires more frequent reloading.
  • May lack advanced features desired by more experienced players.

The Pickleball Tutor Mini, crafted by Sports Tutor, is widely regarded as one of the best machines available. With a ball capacity of up to 55 pickleballs, this compact powerhouse can propel them at speeds reaching 50 mph.

Weighing a mere 24 lbs, it offers exceptional portability, allowing you to effortlessly transport it around the court.

One of the standout features of the Pickleball Tutor Mini is its battery court time. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, it provides approximately 3 hours of uninterrupted play.


The machine itself is covered by a generous 3-year warranty, while the battery is protected for a year. This warranty offers peace of mind, knowing that you are investing in a high-quality and reliable product.

7. Lobster Pickleball Machine

best pickleball machine 2023 model lobster pickleballcentral


Lobster Sports, a renowned name in the world of pickleball pitching machines, presents the Lobster Pickle Ball Machine, an exceptional ball machine designed to elevate your game, whether you’re using it with indoor or outdoor balls.

This versatile machine offers features like random oscillation and speeds of up to 60 mph, making it an ideal practice partner for pickleball enthusiasts.

What truly sets the Lobster Pickle Ball Machine apart is its endurance, providing up to 4 hours of continuous use per charge. You have the flexibility to set the ball feed rate to your preference, with options ranging from 2 to 12 seconds.


  • Machine weight: 35 lbs
  • Inverted hopper
  • 8-inch wheels
  • Hold 135 pickleball
  • External battery pack – 3-6 hours with charger upgrade

Additionally, the Lobster now comes standard with a trickle charger, eliminating concerns about overcharging the machine.

lobster pickleball machines on the court launching balls with a player


Lobster Pickleball Owner’s Manual Download

Manufactured proudly in the USA and backed by a reassuring 2-year manufacturer warranty, the Lobster Pickle Ball Machine boasts vibrant lime and red colors that ensure it stands out wherever it’s put to use.

How to Choose The Best Practice Machines for Pickleball?

With numerous pickleball machines available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one that meets your specific needs, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. To help you make an informed decision, consider the remote control, ball capacity, battery life, drills included, and other features.

Ball Capacity

The best pickleball ball machines have a large capacity which refers to the number of balls a machine can throw in a single session without reloading.

While a higher capacity may initially seem attractive, it’s important to consider the size and weight of the machine.

Remote control

Opt for pickleball machines that feature user-friendly interfaces and controls. The setup, operation, and programming should be straightforward and intuitive, allowing you to focus on your practice rather than dealing with complex instructions or technical difficulties.

Ball speed

The adjustable speed range of pickleball machines typically starts at 10 km/h and can go up to 120 km/h, accommodating different skill levels and training needs.

Unlike tennis, where the speed of the service is much higher, pickleball machines focus on providing a controlled and consistent practice environment.

best pickleball machine on the court ready to for playing

Weight and Portability

The best machine is designed to be easily carried, with handles or tops that can be packed to reduce its size. Additionally, these machines often come with properly sized wheels, making it convenient to move them from one location to another.

If the machine will be used exclusively indoors, the weight may not be a major concern. However, if you frequently have a pickleball practice outdoors and need to transport the machine, it is crucial to ensure that the weight is manageable for you.

Programmable drills

Pickleball machines with programmable drills offer a versatile training experience. Additionally, the inclusion of features like random oscillation adds an element of unpredictability to practice sessions, making them more realistic and challenging.

The best pickleball machines have 5-10 included memory drills.

Who Should Buy a Pickleball Machine?

Players who are serious about improving their skills and honing their techniques will find great value in owning a pickleball practice machine.

Additionally, pickleball instructors and coaches can benefit from using a machine as a training tool to provide structured practice sessions and drills for their students.

Furthermore, pickleball clubs and community groups can consider investing in a machine to offer members additional practice opportunities and enhance the overall playing experience.

Are Pickleball Machines Worth it?

Owning a pickleball machine eliminates the need for a practice partner, making it a convenient option for players who want to train independently.

While pickleball machines can be a significant investment, their long-term benefits are in terms of skill development and practice opportunities.

pickleball match with 4 players playing doubles

Can a Tennis Ball Machine be Used for Pickleball?

Tennis ball machines are typically designed to accommodate the size, weight, and speed of tennis balls, which differ from pickleballs.

The difference in ball characteristics can affect the trajectory and bounce, making it less ideal for pickleball practice.

How Long Does the Battery Run for the Pickleball Machine?

On average, most pickleball machines with a fully charged battery can run for about 2 to 4 hours of continuous play.

Regularly charging the battery after each use is recommended to maintain optimal performance and maximize the battery capacity.

Best Pickleball Machine 2023 – Conclusion

Investing in a pickleball machine can significantly enhance your skills and provide valuable practice opportunities. Each of the reviewed machines offers unique features to cater to different player preferences and skill levels.

The Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine stands out with its programmable control panel and versatile shot options, while the Pickleball Tutor Plus offers oscillation and random shot capabilities. For players seeking specialized spin practice, the Pickleball Tutor Spin is a solid choice.

Beginners and recreational players can opt for the Franklin Sports Automatic Pickleball Launcher or the Pickleball Tutor Mini, both offering affordability and user-friendly designs.

Consider your playing level, specific needs, and budget when selecting the best pickleball machine for you.





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