3 Best Online Table Tennis Lessons (2022 Coaching Tips)

3 Best Online Table Tennis Lessons (2022 Coaching Tips)

Last Updated on June 26, 2022 by Sorin Petroj

We ranked the best online table tennis lessons and coaching platforms based on the coaches and instructors, tools, videos, lesson plans, and the table tennis coaching fee. From Germany, the UK to China and Sweden- these are the best online platforms to learn table tennis and get one-to-one virtual TT coaching.

We realize that your coach is not always available, or you may want to virtually learn table tennis alone at your home at your own pace.

After reviewing hundreds of table tennis coaching websites, we found the best three online table tennis coaching platforms.

We have you covered from the free membership plans, subscription-based to exclusive table tennis online courses for beginners to advanced-level players.

1. TableTennisDaily Academy (TTDA)

best online table tennis lessons tabletennisdaily academy main image

TableTennisDaily Academy takes the first position as the best table tennis lesson online for due reasons. It is more than a table tennis lesson. So, here’s a brief explanation of what it is, how it works, and if it would be worth your time and energy.

Table tennis daily Academy is a subscription-based online table tennis coaching platform for players of all abilities, from beginners to advanced TT players.

It is also a platform featuring exclusive table tennis short courses by World ranked table tennis players and TTDA coaches.

The Table Tennis Daily Academy website works as an online table tennis hub for players who are serious about excelling. The Tabletennisdaily Academy features the latest table tennis training philosophies in an easy-to-understand format.

The website is highly responsive, covering table tennis tutorials, 158+ table tennis lesson videos, and instructional videos – every possible thing one would require to learn table tennis online and get personalized table tennis coaching.

That’s why it is the best Table Tennis Coaching Website for learning and training; admittedly!

About the Table Tennis Daily Academy Team

Table Tennis Daily Academy was founded by Britain’s number 1 – Dan Ives, who achieved 2 World Records, and Tom Maynard, ranking as England’s number 11 and competed in worldwide leagues.

The TTD team is a group of 8, including the youngest from the UK’s biggest table tennis clubs to the World Champions.

About the Table Tennis Daily Academy Team

The team debuts Under-21 National Champ Bronze Medalist – Garth Kinlock, the Danish Junior No.1 – Danial Simonsen, and the Paralympic Champ – William Bayley, alongside Tom and Dan Ives – holding the world record for the longest rally (8 hrs 40 min and 5 sec).

What will you learn from TableTennisDailyAcademy?

From Table Tennis Daily Academy, you will learn the following:

  • The Basics: Building the fundamentals and the basics needed to build a solid base.
  • Technical Skills: A wide range of forehand and backhand strokes, HD slow motion shot analysis, and mastering the basic skills of high-level advanced players.
  • Service & Receive: The secrets to improving service and receiving shots, reducing mistakes, and gaining more confidence.
  • Training Exercises: Training exercises, breathing exercises, table tennis drills, game-based exercises, shared practice approach, and innovative exercises like the 30,60,90 principal.
  • Psychological Aspects: Setting goals and Dan Ives table tennis mental tools and philosophies that can transform your thinking, help you make pragmatic decisions on-court, and take the lead.
  • Analysis: Dan and Tom’s studies match plays like Tom Vs. Pro defenders, Dan’s TTD team debut, Harimoto backhand analyses, etc.
  • Fitness: Effective and easy-to-follow fitness drills that help improve your speed, agility, and strength training. Tactical Aspects: Spotting cues, using timeout, tactical advantages of changing pace and playing to the elbows, reading spins, and loads of effective tactics.

tabletennisdaily academy basics

There are more than 158 table tennis tutorial videos and eight podcasts as of this writing. Dan and Tom are constantly adding content every table tennis day. The first Table Tennis Daily Academy podcast was in 2017. Currently, there are eight episodes.

From the TTDA Coach Corner section of the TT daily academy’s website, I gathered that students eagerly wait for their podcast. And, if there’s one table tennis coaching podcast that can help you learn table tennis – it is Dan and Tom’s TT podcast series.

Who is TTDaily Academy suitable for?

It is suitable for anyone seeking a personal online table tennis coach. After all, it has been created to help TT players get the most out of their table tennis.

With a wealth of table tennis knowledge to share, Dan and Tom have teamed up with World Class table tennis players creating a platform that offers innovative and adequate resources for players of all abilities – from beginners to advanced.

The table tennis tutorial videos on the TTDA website serve as a table tennis training program for beginners and intermediate-level players.

The table tennis drills videos and masterclasses of TTDA are for advanced players. So even if you are an advanced table tennis player, the TT Academy will help you take your game to the next level.

What makes TTDaily Academy the best online table tennis coaching platform?

Direct Contact With Coaches: The online table tennis coaching section, a.k.a the TTD coach corner of TableTennisDaily Academy, works as a communication channel and one-to-one table tennis coaching rather than a public forum. You could also call it the best table tennis coaching forum that lets you ask questions privately and get personal match analysis.

best online table tennis lessons coaches at tabletennisdaily academy

VISIT Table Tennis Daily WEBSITE!

You get to ask important questions and get answers directly from the table tennis daily team – Dan Ives and Tom. It’s a very useful segment for the TTDaily members of the online table tennis coaching. Well, how?

See, it soon gets contradictory when you take answers and consider advice from millions of people. As a serious player, you shouldn’t waste time focusing on so many things; instead, you should get personalized answers and advice from a coach. Also, that’s how the table tennis daily academy’s coach center works.

Best Online Table Tennis Lessons – Dan & Tom Videos

Video Game Analysis: You can also have your game analyzed by sending Dan and Tom your videos. I saw one guy post a 1-hour video of him playing with his club members and seeking advice on the mistakes he must avoid and ways to beat good blockers from the table tennis daily team.

Dan and Tom take the TTDaily members seriously and always get back with a reply. After all, that’s the point, and they are always there to help you improve your performance. That’s one of the reasons why the table tennis daily academy reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Helpful Coach Corner (Q&As): Most of the 650 questions and 158 table tennis tutorial videos are on techniques, tactics, serve and receive, table tennis psychology tips, and Table Tennis Daily Dan equipment of choice.

You can see the questions and students’ questions, but can you view the coach’s responses, ask a question, or watch table tennis lessons online? Nope, not with the Free Membership.

You can access only 1 podcast and 4 table tennis lesson videos with the TTDaily Free Trial. But yes, you can get table tennis lesson ideas from the website.

Table Tennis Daily Academy’s Membership Plan

  • TableTennisDaily Academy Free Trial: You can access 4 HD premium videos and 1 podcast. Check here.
  • Monthly Membership: £9.99 per month ($12.62/monthly)
  • Yearly Membership: £99.99 per year ($126.28/yearly)

With the table tennis daily academy free membership, you’ll only get a taste of the table tennis lessons online with access to only 4 table tennis coaching videos and 1 podcast.

But with a yearly or monthly membership of just $12.62, you get online table tennis unblocked for life!

Here’s a breakdown of the Table Tennis Daily Academy subscription plan and packages:

TTDaily Training & Coaching

Monthly & Yearly Subscription


1. Tutorial Videos





Tactical Aspects


Service & Receive


Training Exercises








Total Videos Currently


2. Coaching Podcasts

3. Video Analysis

4. Virtual On Screen Coach

Monthly Membership

Yearly Membership

Note that the membership plan is recurring. Many people join table tennis classes online but don’t know that the membership plan renews automatically.

So, be aware that you can cancel your membership plan anytime. Otherwise, you will be charged automatically.

Table Tennis Daily Academy Masterclasses & Short Courses

The masterclasses on TableTennisDaily Academy are core-specific table tennis coaching and table tennis online courses mainly for advanced players.

If you want to step up the offensive side of yourself, master aggressive topspin strokes, look for ways to gain tactical advantage and win points, you got to learn from the World No. 12 and Britain’s No. 1 – Liam Pitchford.

If you want to learn deadly serves and the power of deception in table tennis, you must learn from the best server of all time – Par Gerell.

par gerrel serving for swedish team

  • TableTennisDaily Academy Liam Pitchford Masterclass: £79.99
  • TableTennisDaily Academy Par Gerell Serving Masterclass: £29.99

TTDaily Liam Pitchford Masterclass

TTDaily Par Gerell Serving Masterclass

Winning Backhand

Learn Point Winning Serves

Slow Motion Analysis

Master The Art Of Deception

Access Pro Secrets and Tips

Slow Motion Serve Analysis

Tactical Insights

Access Pro Secrets and Tips

Liam's Forehand Secrets

6 Week Table Tennis Training Program



The Liam Pitchform and Par Gerell Serving Masterclasses at TTDaily Academy are one-off payments costing $101.02 and $37.84, respectively. That means, unlike the membership plan, there’s – no recurring payment.

So, you’ll have access to all the 16+ videos, Liam’s tactical insights, and Par Gerell’s 6-week serve program for life!

But, for members who are not enrolled for the masterclasses, the table tennis master DVD free download is not available.

Final Thoughts on Table Tennis Daily Academy

Table Tennis Daily Academy should be your first choice if you are serious about learning table tennis online. Not to forget, TTDaily Academy is the most budget-friendly option. At first glance, you might be disappointed that you can only access four videos with a free membership plan.

But note: TTDaily Academy’s $12/monthly and $126.28/yearly subscription plan is all-inclusive of everything – all the table tennis lessons online, table tennis coaching videos, including personal video analyses from Dan and Tom, and guidance except the masterclasses.

best online table tennis lessons tabletennisdaily last image players

The Table Tennis Daily team is serious about their table tennis coaching platform and the community. They also listen attentively and even give you advice free of charge.

Moreover, it is the most budget-friendly table tennis lesson online, indeed. So, that’s why it tops our list as the best online table tennis lessons.


2. Table Tennis University (TTU)

best online table tennis lessons tabletennis university main image

Table Tennis University is the 2nd best platform for online table tennis lessons and ping pong courses. It offers a comprehensive table tennis program for beginners to advanced players.

TTU is also popularly known as the best in providing online table tennis classes for adults who want to under a major transformation in just 52 weeks by learning the Chinese table tennis knowledge.

About the Table Tennis University Team

Coach Tao Li: Tao Li, the founder of Table Tennis University, has 40 years of experience in table tennis coaching. He played professionally in China for numerous years and won the 1989’s Chinese National Junior Championships (gold medalist).

He was also the Head Coach of the Beijing Jiaotong University Table Tennis Program. Coach Tao Li moved to Canada and is currently the NCCP Certified Level 3 Coach at GVTTA.

best online table tennis lessons coach tao li university

Instructor and Coach Tom Lodziak: England Level 2 coach Tom Lodziak is currently the 2nd best table tennis tutor featured at Udemy. Tom Lodziak’c table tennis course (table tennis for beginners) carries 4.7 / 5-star ratings from 2,983 students plus 301 overwhelmingly positive reviews worldwide. Currently, he also captains the Cambridge Table Tennis Club.

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert Scott Armstrong: At Table Tennis University, you’ll also learn strength training, fitness, and physical conditioning from the Certified fitness expert, Scott Armstrong.

He specializes in injury prevention and supports the physiological components of table tennis.

Professional table tennis tutor Ben Larcombe: Students at Table Tennis University also get live table tennis coaching and support from Ben Larcombe via Skype, email exchange, and webinars.

What will you learn from Table Tennis University?

As the name suggests, it works as an institution for table tennis where you would learn everything from the academy. The only difference is that you learn table tennis online and at your own pace.

From Table Tennis University, you will learn the fundamentals (free), footwork, table tennis drills, mastering tactics, and an arsenal of techniques from Coach Tao. Best of all, you will learn power and strength training from certified fitness experts.

Who is Table Tennis University suitable for?

The videos, ping pong courses, and communication with TT coaches and instructors are in English. The Course Curriculum (Level 1) course is suitable for beginners.

The level 2 and 3 courses are suitable for advanced and professional players who want to progress to an elite level.

Table Tennis University also runs core-specific exclusive ping pong courses online by the Chinese master, Coach Tao Li. Most importantly, if you want to improve your fitness or master the power of devastating shots for tournaments. Moreover, TTU also runs a high-level table tennis course called Xtreme Explosive power for advanced-level players.

Table Tennis Coaching Fees and Cost at Table Tennis University

The Level 1 Starter Skill course is free, and you can start immediately by signing up and enrolling in the academy. The Level 2 course is $297, and the Level 3 course is $197.

Table Tennis University video packages are $47 per package.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of the three table tennis training courses and complete short ping pong courses at TTU:

Table Tennis University Courses

Who is it suitable for?

Number of courses, videos, course contents

The Cost and duration of courses

Level 1: Starter Skills

[Covers the basics and fundamentals]




3 short courses

3 hours of footage

12 lessons a.k.a the Basics Mastery

1 hour, 10 lectures from Tom Lodziak’s Featured Table Tennis For Beginners

$0 / forever

FREE forever

Level 2: Core Curriculum

[Leveling Up]




52 weekly lessons

148 drill demonstration

60 Q&A

20+ hours of table tennis instructional videos

Live TT coach support from Ben

$297 / forever

Level 3: Mastery Modules

[Advanced-level for professionals]



6  advanced modules

10 hours of footage

18 hours of table tennis workout vidoes

Access to Scot’s Xreme courses

Acess to table tennis DVD free download

$197 / forever

Best Online Table Tennis Lessons – University Video Packages


No of videos: Intros, outro & table tennis drill videos


(Each of the packages come with 5-6 table tennis instructional videos free.)

Service Mastery

7 intro

15 drill videos (Ex: pendulum sidespin, forehand Tomahawk)

$ 47

Forehand Smash Mastery

1 intro, 1 outro, 1 game analysis, and 25+ drill vidoes on smash, alternating spins and smash mastering third ball attack

$ 46

Forehand Loop Mastery

7 explanatory videos, 30 drill videos on an arsenal of various techniques to put an aggrasive attacker under pressure and develop ‘the killer instinct.

$ 47

Backhand Loop Mastery

7 videos on intros and game highlights

25+ backhand drill videos  with cutting-edge loop training

$ 47

Xtreme Table Tennis Course Bundle

You get access to 18 videos on Xtreme Footwork Conditioning plus Xteme Explosive Power.

$ 97

What makes TTU the second-best online table tennis platform?

Helpful table tennis coaching tips and free tutorials: One of the best things I liked about Table Tennis University is the Table Tennis coaching tips offered by Coach Tao Li after each training session.

Excellent table tennis instruction videos and coaching guide: Coaching table tennis beginners requires good teaching skills and patience. But don’t panic. You can learn how to coach table tennis by watching the Table Tennis University videos and TT coaching demonstration.

At Table Tennis University, you get access to 50+ free table tennis lessons videos and table tennis tutorials for beginners simply by enrolling/signing up at their website.

TT University video lessons with coach tao li

There, Coach Tao Li has made table tennis online coaching much easier by giving you access to table tennis training videos free download option. Each video comes with a training schedule that you can print and exercise.

Once you sign-up, you get access to the table tennis coaching videos free download option plus PDF training schedules which you can use for your table tennis classes.

TTU is also a good option for parents, children, and kids: children can learn the basics and the fundamentals by watching the table tennis instructional videos free (Level 1 Starter Skill) from the online table tennis coaching platform.

Table Tennis University Pros and Cons


  • It is the real deal if you are looking for the best Free Table Tennis Lessons online.
  • They offer affordable and budget-friendly core-specific short courses.
  • Table Tennis University videos are very well demonstrated with easy-to-understand English.
  • You can watch and download the lessons to your pc, phone, or tablet.
  • You get Live tutor support (if you choose Level 2)
  • Level 3 gives you access to Coach Tao’s table tennis training DVD free download options.
  • Lots of free helpful content and printable table tennis exercise schedules
  • Most of the premium courses and coaching videos are FREE and made public.
  • Unlimited access to the platform for a lifetime
  • TTU allows you to use the videos however you like!
  • No- recurring payment.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied within 30 days.


  • TTU training courses are subscription-based plans, which are not clearly stated on the website. However, the videos are one-time payments. Please be aware and see the terms and conditions for your perusal.

Final Thoughts on Table Tennis University

Most Table Tennis University reviews won’t mention why TTU is worth your energy, time, and money. But let me tell you why.

First, you learn from an experienced coach with 40 years of professional expertise born and raised in China.

Second, the Free Plan gives you access to the 1 hour and 10 lectures from table tennis for beginners course by Tom Lodziak, which sells at Udemy at $29.99 plus access to a lot of free content.

Third and finally, you would want to enroll in the Level 2 course because it is all-inclusive. You get live one-to-one table tennis coaching from the coaches alongside Coach Tao Li’s instruction.



Or choose the Mastery Module (Level 3) if you want to improve your fitness for the upcoming tournament and gain ‘that unfair advantage, a.k.a the Chinese dominating tactics’ and unleash the explosive killer shots at your competition.


3. The Timoboll Web Coach

timo boll web coach portal main image

Timo Boll WebCoach is a PREMIUM online table tennis web portal offering many tools to learn table tennis online by world-class athletes and coaches, particularly by Timo Boll!

The platform’s mission is to teach Timo Boll’s 30 years of table tennis expertise to every table tennis player.

About the Timo Boll Web Coach Team and Instructors

Timo Boll will coach you; World No. 11, the most successful German Table Tennis player and considered the most popular in China, the country of table tennis champions. Alongside Timo Boll, you will be trained by the

German Table Tennis Association (DTTB) licensed trainer-A, Andreas Ball, and other renowned guest players.

What will you learn from Timo Boll WebCoach?

You will learn Timo Boll’s strategies and everything covering several aspects of table tennis from Timo Boll and TBW’s TT coaches. Most importantly, you’ll learn from a professional player, Timo Boll, who defeated World No. 1 Fan Zhendong, to get motivation and learn setbacks and strokes.

Beginners will learn the basics of strokes that one needs to improve forehand and backhand, leg adjustments, stroke movements, setbacks, and striking techniques from the short ping pong courses / the video packages.

Advanced players will learn techniques to excel in their forehand and backhand strokes, setbacks, VH and RH Schuph, Banana flicks, and advanced techniques.

Professionals will learn subtleties and additional tactics from Timo Boll that led him to dominate the turf for years and also get access to explanatory videos.

Who is Timo Boll WebCoaching suitable for?

Timo Boll WebCoach (TBW) is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced professionals. The TBW platform features a well-rounded table tennis training program for beginners and an advanced training program for table tennis professionals.

The short, single packages are designed according to levels: beginners, advanced to professional levels. Although, the all-inclusive TBW and the packages mentioned here are in English. I advise you to listen to Timo Boll’s podcast before commencing.

Table Tennis Coaching Fees at Timo Boll WebCoaching

The All-inclusive package works as an all-in-one coaching. The All-Inclusive package costs $106.18 (99,000 EUR) yearly. The single video packages start from $7.41 (6,90 EUR) to $21.45 (19,90 EUR) for players of all levels.

You get access to Timo Boll’s training videos (A to Z) for 1 year and participate in the TBW competition with the $106.18 all-inclusive package.

Every package is designed based on your level: beginners, more advanced, and pro consisting of 4 videos accessible for 4 months. The video packages are reasonably priced, which you’ll see in the following sections.

Video Analysis (max 10 minutes): You can get your table tennis matchplay videos analyzed by Timo Boll at 499 EUR or Andreas Ball at 79,99 EUR.

Live Skype Session (20 minutes or 40 minutes):

You can get private one-to-one table tennis coaching sessions on skype with Timo Boll at 249 EUR for 40 minutes. Also, the 199 EUR for 20 minutes would want this if you want a boost of confidence and discuss psychological aspects. Or, simply get personalized table tennis coaching from Timo LIVE!

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of different types of table tennis online courses and packages at TBW:

Best Online Table Tennis Lessons – Timo Boll Video Packages

Timo Boll WebCoach Training Video Packages
TBW Packages Who Is It Suitable For? Number of


Duration of package Cost
All-Inclusive Beginners



All training videos and packages are unblocked. 1 year 99,99 EUR
Forehand Package






Beginner Forehand – 5 Videos

Advanced Forehand – 6 Videos

Professional Forehand – 9 Videos with explanations


4 months Beginner Forehand: 6,90 EUR

Advanced Forehand: 7,90 EUR

Pro Forehand: 9,90 EUR


Backhand Packs Beginners



Beginner Backhand: 6 videos

Advanced Packs: 5 videos

Professional Backhand packs: 5 tutorial videos with explanations

4months Beginner Backhand: 7,90 EUR

Advanced: 6,90 EUR

Professional Backhand: 6.90 EUR

Supercharge  Packages Beginners


Beginner Serve Videos: 9 videos

Advanced serve videos: 5 videos

4 months Beginner Supercharge pack: 19.90 EUR

Advanced Supercharge: 11.90 EUR

Setback Packages Beginners



Beginner’s setback videos: 4 videos

Advanced setback videos: 4 videos

Professional setback videos: 3 videos

4 months


Beginners: 9.90 EUR

Advanced: 990 EUR

Professional: 7.90 EUR

Premium Table Tennis Coaching and personalized tools
Video Analyses Anyone Max 10 minutes Timo Boll’s analyses: 499 EUR.

Andreas Ball’s analyses: 79,99 EUR

Live and private Skype sessions with tt coaches Anyone 20 minutes or 40 minutes Timo Boll’s Skype session:

249 EUR / 40 minutes

199 EUR / 20 minutes


Timo Boll WebCoach Pros and Cons


  • High-quality HD table tennis training video that beats other
  • Plenty of affordable packages to choose from.
  • Access to Timo Boll’s motivational and table tennis instruction videos.
  • The all-inclusive package gives you the chance to participate in the TBW portal’s competition and receive exclusive gifts.
  • Get the latest news of the table tennis world from Timo Boll and listen to Timo’s podcasts.
  • Get live and one-to-one coach support directly by having a personal skype session with Andreas Ball and Timo Boll.
  • Except for the all-inclusive package, there’s no recurring fee.
  • Offers gift vouchers, which you can get access to from their website and surprise Timo Boll fans and your table tennis friends.


  • Limited time duration: TBW video packages are available for only 4 months.
  • Nothing’s downloadable & nothing’s free: There aren’t any table tennis coaching videos free download option, and neither can you watch anything free.
  • You’ll need an internet connection: You can’t learn table tennis offline at TBW. You can only view the videos online at the TBW portal.
  • You can’t share: Unauthorized distribution of the table tennis training videos or TBW material will lead to legal action.

Final Thoughts on Timo Boll WebCoach

You don’t need to look anywhere for Timo Boll WebCoach reviews as professional and world-class players, including Dimitri Ovtcharov, take it as a privilege to train and learn from Timo Boll.

Firstly, he acknowledged on the Timo Boll WebCoach website how training with Timo has helped him prepare for tournaments.

Despite being a premium online table tennis coaching platform, TBW runs several discounts.

Secondly, there are many table tennis video and tutorial packages now at 6.90 EUR, which is very reasonable. Hence, it’s worth it if you want to learn table tennis from world-class players online!

Best Online Table Tennis Lessons: FAQs

How to learn table tennis lessons online?

We have compiled a list of the best online table tennis lessons and short core-focused table tennis courses. These online table tennis coaching platforms offer you everything you need to make your table tennis learning at home more accessible and more effective.

From world-class table tennis tutorials for beginners to the best table tennis training videos and table tennis classes for adults, this list compiles the best of the online table tennis coaching platforms.

Why learn table tennis lessons online?

If you search table tennis lessons near me, Google may show you nearby TT clubs, but that doesn’t always happen. So you might want to learn table tennis online. Other reasons to learn table tennis lessons online are as follows:

  • You want to learn table tennis alone
  • Have a busy schedule
  • You want to learn table tennis virtually via desktop or mobile
  • You want to learn at your own pace

Can you practice table tennis alone?

For sure, you can, but only to a certain extent. You can also get a table tennis robot at your home and practice yourself. However, the first piece of advice is to find a table tennis coach.

Watching match random ‘learning ping pong videos’ trying to learn about any shot without learning the basics. It would do more harm than good. You can watch the videos to analyze, not to follow blindly. And these days, you can find a professional table tennis tutor online quite easily. For instance, Table Tennis Daily Academy.

A professional table tennis coach is experienced and would guide you with the best practice that fits your game style and would help you progress.

So, even though there are many ‘how to play table tennis for beginners tutorials’ online, don’t follow them blindly. You should instead take suggestions from your coach before you commence on some random table tennis lesson ideas.

How do I get a table tennis coach certification?

Most of the table tennis coaching centers provide special table tennis coaching courses with certificates. You can even get certified from Udemy. However, you can apply to the International Table Tennis Federation if you want international accreditation as a table tennis coach (ITTF).

The ITTF and Swedish Table Tennis Association accept applications from international TT coaches for their upcoming high-level TT coaching course in Boston, Stockholm.

It is a 5-day course starting from 31st July 2022, and it will provide table tennis coach certification to 12 international coaches. It is open for application.


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