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7 Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Spin (Attacking Style of Play 2022)

Are you playing an attacking-style game with rotations and want to choose one of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin? Don’t worry, because we have selected the ones that best suit your style. See the table with ratings and price before a detailed description. Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Spin Selected by The Author 1. Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN This is an improved version of the already well-known Tenergy rubbers. It is specially designed for topspins for both sides, forehand and backhand. Because of the hardness that the name itself says, you also have incredible power when playing counter spins from a distance from the table. On the other hand, they are incredibly gentle and easy to maintain. We recommend you clean it regularly with a sponge and foam to have the full effect every time. For several reasons, our favorite and best of the 7 table tennis rubbers for spin. Firstly, it is extremely durable and will last long, unlike many ping pong rubbers that change after a few months. This is thanks to the Butterfly production technology, but the price is higher. Secondly, the rubber features Spring Sponge technology which allows for extra ball angle at topspins. For a simple example, with ordinary Tenergy rubbers spins that would hook the net, or the ball does not cross very little, you can cross it with 05 Hard. Moreover, you must learn the game technique well to feel the power and difference of this beautiful rubber. Top players such as Timo Boll, Tiago Apolonia, Marcos Freitas, and many others already use Tenergy 05 Hard. Of course, we recommend it to players who train less, but they should know the basics of rotated topspins. Attacking Style Rubber – Tenergy 05 Hard features, pros & cons Class: Super Speed Surface: Inverted Speed: 130 Spin: 115 Density: 43 The most important advantages are a more accessible performance of the counter loop, even on shorter balls. Then, due to the hardness, you can work the blocks of the ball on the opponent’s attack more easily. Let’s say you like backhand spins. Then you’ll find it easier to perform a rotating entry and even a “banana” flip on a short ball. There is a powerful feeling for a spin on spin shots from a distance of the ping pong table, and the ball gets extra acceleration. Even with service, the ball’s rotation is increased regardless of whether you serve a cut or a side-rotated serve. The special technology “Spring Sponge” is a unique combination of material and air inside the sponge. This allows for a fantastic feeling of “catching” the ball and more control and precision on where you place the balls. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN If you are not well trained or play table tennis only a few times a month, the disadvantage would be. Then the Tenergy 05 Hard will be too good for you, and you will not feel good about its speed. However, it is a matter of the individual. You will feel its power and strength if you intensify the training a little. Either way, you must have a fast enough table tennis blade to perfectly fit the combination. I suggest you look at our selected selection of the best ping pong blades. This way, you can make a complete and new racket. 2. DHS Gold Arc 8 – 47.5 Hardness (Best Chinese Attacking Style Rubber) CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN Very elastic table tennis rubber gives strength and high rotation with each ball. It is equally suitable for forehand and backhand, depending on your style of play. Also, the power and speed are outstanding and minimal effort with good technique to perform high-quality punches. Gold Arc 8 is the most elastic rubber in this list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin. It was developed by DHS and the R&D center with German experts in consultation with Wang Liqin, the world champion. The highest quality rival of this rubber is the Butterfly Dignics 09c which is also made for high arc and rotations. The most important thing is that it is specially made for topspins and large rotations. The outer part of the sponge is incredibly soft, which allows the ball to have friction during contact. On the other hand, the inner part of the sponge is harder, and thus you get the strength and power of the ball. Due to this feature, Gold Arc 8 is suitable for both table tennis ball blocks and short games. The price is quite affordable, but there is no need to doubt the DHS company’s production quality. World players are increasingly using DHS equipment. According to our analyses, it is immediately in second place according to the rotation strength and the arc you achieve. DHS Gold Arc 8 features, pros & cons Class: Super Speed Surface: Inverted Hardness: 47.5 degrees Speed: 93 Spin: 94 Control: 69 Firstly, the essential advantages of DHS Gold Arc 8 are the grip surface and the speed of the sponge. With each ball, this allows you to achieve a good bow and topspin height. Getting flips on short balls or tops when you go on the attack will be much easier. Secondly, the hardness of 50 degrees is just enough to control the ball on the blocks or pimples. However, we should not forget the power of these beautiful ping pong rubber shots. If you want full strength, choose the one with 50 degrees of hardness. On the other hand, if you play slower and your maximum priority is on rotations, then we recommend one of 47.5 degrees. If you play against the best table tennis robots, you will see the advantage of this rubber. In any case, the elasticity comes from the robust pimple geometry. And from a medium and long distance from the table, you get enough speed and strength to return the ball. As a disadvantage, we can say that it needs to be changed more often than Butterfly table tennis rubbers. The effect will be the same, but it will be spent sooner if you train a lot. Suppose we look at the price-quality ratio. Then you are not at a loss anyway. Another thing is that it has a little less control than the Tenergy 05 Hard. However, these are small nuances. With intensified training, you can balance ball control and gain security. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN If you are switching to DHS for the first time, we recommend that you start with a hardness of 47.5, and when you adjust the rubber, the next one should be with a 50-degree hardness. 3. Nittaku Fastarc G-1 (Best Japanese Attacking Style Rubber) CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN This is the best-selling and best of their spin rubbers of all the Japanese table tennis rubbers. It is very fast and has a strong bow, so it achieves top rotation. We should primarily emphasize the hardness of the sponge of 47.5, which gives excellent power when hitting the ball. If you are looking for the best Japanese rubber, this is the right choice from our list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin. It contains a built-in tension power sponge that gives the ball extra speed. Nittaku put his focus on speed along with a combination of rotation. The speed alone cannot surprise the opponent as much as the rotation. But together, you have extra power as an attacking player. We highly recommend it to be intermediate and advanced players. A special reason is that it takes enough training to feel the real power and speed of the racket containing Nittaku Fastarc. Otherwise, the rubber is very soft to the touch and helps when turning with the backhand on the forehand side and vice versa. This is a suitable rubber if you are a competitive player and want to get the most out of tournaments. It would not be ideal for a beginner to put on Nittaku Fastarc right away. So, with a certain level of knowledge and style of play with rotations on both sides, they will surely match your racket. We recommend an offensive table tennis blade with it. On our next page, you can look at even cheaper but offensive table tennis blades on blades under $ 100. Nittaku Fastarc G-1 features, pros & cons Class: Medium-Speed Surface: Inverted Speed: 95 Spin: 96 Control: 68 Hardness: Medium – Hard This beautiful rubber’s three most important characteristics are speed, spin, and a reasonable price. They are durable, so you don’t have to worry about changes and spend them often. The catapult effect is smaller, which is good when playing near a ping pong table. Firstly, speed comes to the fore when you get a little away from the table and when you need to punch an opponent with strong balls. Secondly, the high trajectory of the ball allows for highly spinny attacking strokes and the precision of their trajectory. Due to the high bow, you can also do nice flips on short balls. Moreover, the price is quite affordable for such quality rubber. Perhaps the best price-quality ratio of all 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin from our list. The disadvantage would be a very fast rubber for beginners. We would not recommend Nittaku Fastarc to those who play passively and wait for the opponent’s mistake. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPINAnother thing that can be annoying is when playing spin on a spin. There can be less controlled strokes, but you can also improve that with intensified training. 4. Joola Dynaryz ZGR (Best Table Tennis Rubber for Spin in Europe) CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Extremely powerful table tennis rubber with the most modern technology and a strong catapult effect. Especially since switching from celluloid to plastic balls, players needed the extra speed that rubber could provide. Thus, Joola, a world-famous brand, produced Dynaryz ZGR, representing an evolution for attacking-style players. Hyper Traction Surface and Hyper Bounce Sponge give players a unique possibility of dynamics and spin. Dynaryz ZGR is a very hard rubber with as much as 57 degrees and a shorter retention time. Therefore, more significant acceleration is required to obtain rotation. But on the other hand, when you do that, you get a much bigger bow and rotation than with other rubbers. It is ideal for loops and also controls short balls and blocks well. The innovation that exists with this ping pong rubber is Pips Geometry. This means that pips’ size, width, and range are carefully and precisely determined. In this case, it is: Height: 0.8 mm Width: 1.5 mm Spacing: 0.9 mm We highly recommend this beautiful table tennis rubber to more advanced players and those who play an attacking style. That means aggressive and fast entry to the ball with topspins and even often with flips on short balls. The service is also powerful because you achieve fast and strong rotation with cut balls and those that turn from the side. Joola Dynaryz ZGR features, pros & cons Class: High Speed Surface: Inverted Speed: 100 Spin: 105 Trajectory: 75 Hardness: Hard Firstly, Joola Dynaryz features the Hyper Traction Surface, which has optimal energy transfer. As a result, energy is not lost or absorbed but is directly transferred to the ball, increasing acceleration. Secondly, the sponge is designed to transmit potential energy, called the Hyper Bounce Sponge. It is a unique technology that gives the sponge more elasticity and a higher ball bounce. This gives you more impact power. Thirdly, it contains medium-sized pores, which give the complete rubber a better centrifuge and more significant ball acceleration. Moreover, fantastic and the most advanced technology of all 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin from our list. It is essential to say that training is needed to get used to this beautiful rubber. However, this will not be a problem for players who already want to speed up and improve their game. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The price is also very affordable, considering what you get from Joola. The only drawback is that it takes a long time to feel the effect of spin and speed. The control at the beginning will differ from any other rubber you have played. However, once you get used to it, you will always want to have Dynaryz ZGR on both sides of your racket. 5. Tibhar Evolution MX-D CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN Very fast and modern table tennis rubber from Tibhar’s offer. It is intended for attacking games with topspins on both sides of the racket. It is specially designed to support suitable centrifuge, speed, and performance. Due to its powerful contact when performing, looping is on our list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin. By the way, the Evolution series has been made for several years, but the MX-D is an upgraded version. On the other hand, it should be emphasized that the ball has an extended retention time. This is thanks to the new “Red Energy Sponge” technology. This makes the top layer softer and more compatible with contact balls. Although on the other hand, rubber is very hard in general. For example, the catapult effect is perfect, and the softness of short balls comes to the fore. You feel good control when you block and keep the ball on the table. If you move away from the ping pong table and play faster balls, the MX-D will give you the strength to overpower your opponent. Tibhar MX-D features, pros & cons. Class: Offensive Surface: Inverted Speed: 95 Spin: 96 Control: 87 Sponge Hardness: 50 – 53 Firstly, the advantage is the dynamics in the game which means you will always have good contact and faster balls when making shots. Thanks to the sponge technology we have already mentioned, the MX-D creates a feeling of good contact and a more precise ball placement all over the table. Secondly, perfect grip and high rotations on topspins. If you are a player who does not amplify the game but works more on the looping technique, this is the right choice. Thirdly, it is similar to the Tibhar MX-P we described on our page about the best table tennis rubbers in 2021. Therefore, we can compare it to the Butterfly Tenergy 05 class of rubbers. Moreover, the disadvantage may be that it is not really for beginners. Especially not for children learning table tennis. It will be a little weighty for their hand, but already when they come to the junior rank, we warmly recommend it. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN Another disadvantage is that the rubber is very hard, so players who are used to soft ones will need longer to adjust. In any case, the price justifies the funds, and we think it is entirely correct. 6. Donic Bluestorm Z3 Table Tennis Rubber CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN A unique series of Donic rubbers that have higher ball acceleration. At the same time, they retain the characteristics of a centrifuge and good rotation. The speed is highly improved, so you get extra on an aggressive game with topspins with this choice. The rubber has high tension and a thicker sponge, and the top layer is thinner. As a result, Bluestorm gained strength and vigor. Unlike the others from our list of top 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin, Bluestorm has a lower hardness, only 42.5 degrees. Therefore, it is very soft and allows an extensive and penetrating rotation. Even by the sound, you can conclude that these are strong rotations. The attack is characterized as a thunderbolt, after which this beautiful rubber got its name. I would highly recommend it to players who like constant play with rotations. That means not for those who want to finish the point after the first entry with a topspin. The thickness of the sponge that other rubbers have as “max” marked with this rubber is a bit thinner. It is also suitable for somewhat more passive players who pimple more and surprise their opponents with heavily cut balls. Donic Bluestorm Z3 features, pros & cons Class: Offensive Surface: Pimple-in Hardness: Soft+ Speed: 91 Spin: 97 Control: 73 Firstly, since the rubber is much softer than the others, it gives you extra ball control. Fans of playing table tennis in the style of saving points and patiently waiting for the opponent’s mistake will be delighted. Secondly, this beautiful rubber’s rotation is really strong in quality and sound. This can lead opponents to confusion and confusion at your first entrance. Thirdly, it relies mainly on the racket’s centrifugal effect and the retention time precisely because of the thinness of the top layer. That’s why you need a ping pong blade that has good control. Moreover, it is produced in Germany in the city of Volklingen. Donic has an excellent reputation and has made top-quality table tennis equipment for over 25 years. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPINThey are led by the world-famous table tennis player Jan Ove Waldner in research and development. They are currently sponsoring the winner of the silver medal as a team and the bronze medal individually at the Olympics in Tokyo, Dimitrij Ovtcharov. 7. Yasaka Rigan Spin Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! A unique combination by Yasaka to gain control and speed of the ball. Modern technology has been applied while retaining the classic rubber. From our list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin, this is the best in terms of value for money. It has very high durability, so you will not change it often. At the same time, the characteristics of the centrifuge and spin, as the name suggests, are excellent. It is not recommended for beginners but is executable for users who often change the forehand and backhand sides. The hardness is 45, which gives the ability to play it safe. Not too hard rubber but enough to attack and start playing with topspins. In addition to other Yasaka table tennis rubbers such as Mark V and Rakza, Rigan Spin has been upgraded and uses “Hybrid Energy” technology. That’s why it has the highest speed and is a superpower in punches. Yasaka Rigan Spin features, pros & cons Class: Allround-Offensive Surface: Inverted Hardness: Soft Speed: 89 Spin: 95 Control: 91 Firstly, you have an exceptional convenience with cut balls and serves due to their medium thickness. Rotation with not too much force is the main advantage of this beautiful rubber. Secondly, unlike others, we recommend it to beginners and children who learn spins from scratch. Since the rubbers are not too fast, they will learn the movements and the game of rotations nicely. In addition, game control is the third and most important advantage of this rubber so that recreational players can adapt nicely. As a disadvantage, they would cite the lower penetrating power. If you want to score and finish a point from one or two balls, you will need a lot of strength and good technique. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! We hope you have found all the necessary information in this article and the right choice from the best rubbers for a spin list. Any option will improve your topspins. It’s about how offensively you play and what kind of ping pong blade you have. The goal was to guide you to find the right choice as best you could.  

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7 Best Tips to Improve Table Tennis Fast (How to play really better?)

There are several ways to progress, regardless of your level of play and number of training sessions, and here we will explain the seven best tips to improve table tennis fast. It is more important to train correctly in table tennis, not just a lot of time. Our suggestions will explain what you can change quickly and maintain later through regular training. 1. Learn a new service We are watching many players who have one or two serves and only use them all the time. They tell you how they know it best and have not learned other services when you ask them. No matter how good the service is, if you don’t change it during the match, the opponent will soon learn to return it. Today’s table tennis, which is played up to 11 points per set, requires a lot of changes. The more willing you are to make changes, the more successful you will be. Changing the service can confuse the opponent and lead him to make a mistake. It doesn’t have to be an ultra-fast or cut ball, but different enough to give you back a lovely ball to attack. It would be best to have at least three different services you often use between the points. Also, it will be great to have one that you will serve in rare but important moments. This is one of the top 7 best tips to improve table tennis fast. Honestly, it’s not difficult to learn new service and practice it to make your game progress by at least 20%. See further examples of what services to practice. What types of serves to learn? The good side of this exercise is that you can train independently without a partner. You can use a box of training balls cheaper than professional ones and use them only for practice services. After training, at home, if you have a table tennis table or in a club, prepare a box with balls and practice the service without anyone returning the balls to you.  You cannot learn table tennis to serve well if you constantly play with opponents. In this suggested way, with a box of 50 or 100 balls, you practice one after the other serve without interrupting or continuing the game. It would be best to serve one or two boxes after training when you are already tired, and you will see the effect in a short time. Each table tennis player knows individually the specific serves he has learned. We will list a few examples as ideas that you could bring to your matches. Types of table tennis services Forehand short-cut serves (With an open racket, you cut the ball forward as in pimpling. Make sure it falls in the part of your table as close to the net as possible so that it also falls into the opponent’s part of the table as short as possible.) The backhand short-side service runs from the middle of the table and aims toward the opponent’s forehand side. You should have good leg spacing and stand with your eyes straight toward the opponent. When you cut the ball at the last moment, turn your racket slightly downwards to achieve a side rotation.) Long and fast services (Here, it is essential to have a surprise factor. You will achieve this by taking a position as if giving a short service. At the last moment, make a quick move like a forehand drive and a clean ball toward the opponent. Also, the ball must fall as close to you as possible, and the table line to fall on the opponent’s part as close as possible to the end of the table and the line.) Forehand service that goes to the side of the table (Like with pimples, you have to lower the top of the racket down to get the ball’s trajectory that will go towards the sideline of the table to the opponent’s side. This service can make the opponent go all the way to the other side, and you then have the whole space to transfer the ball to the other side, which is empty.) Reverse pendulum serves (It’s a little more complicated but very effective. See how it performs in the Table Tennis Skills for Advanced Players section.) 2. Don’t hurry between points This is more of a psychological factor, but it dramatically affects the match’s outcome. Many table tennis players don’t think about it, so they play to pass the ball as soon as possible. However, the break between points affects you very well. Firstly, if you are impressed by the last point, you have little time to plan the next point calmly. Secondly, the opponent will not see your quick reaction and nervousness, so you gain confidence. In addition, you have the opportunity to think of the next point and tactics of play in those few seconds. As we all know, you can use a towel to wipe every 6 points. Timo Boll and Lin Gaoyuan take a short break at a critical result. However, we are talking about other points where it is essential not to rush to serve as soon as possible. As in standard tennis, you have the right to tap the ball on the table or the floor several times before performing the service. Of the psychological tactics, this is the most important of the seven best tips to improve table tennis fast. Timo Boll’s style of play is the best example of how to stay calm and focused on the whole match. When should I take a break? A break is never wrong to make. There are certain moments during the match when it is crucial to take a break to improve your game and the game’s result. For example, when an opponent gets several points in a row. Then if you slow down a bit with the service or wait for the service, you can influence him to interrupt his excellent series of points. The second most important moment is when the result is 8:8 or 9:9. Then, 2 points can decide the winner, and that is why it is crucial to tap the ball a little or take a towel. As you do this, think of the next point. You will be better prepared than if you were served in a hurry right away. The third moment, my favorite for the break is when you lead by a 4,5 points difference, and your opponent only gets you a point difference. Then, with a short break, you stop his series just when he thought he would catch up with you. As he gets closer, he has self-confidence, but you will break his series of points with that break. 3. Speed up your footwork Table tennis has accelerated so much in the last few years that you can’t play without good footwork. It doesn’t matter if you play recreationally or if you are a professional. Working on the footwork can improve your game by up to 30%. Firstly, try to practice movement at the table without the ball and opponent. It’s called “dry training,” which means you move and improvise points with a racket at the table. It would be best to do this in batches of 2 minutes each. Keep in mind that you are bent at the knees while doing this. Secondly, go for a run occasionally and make short sprints. Even if you do it once a week, you will see an improvement in the speed of the ping pong table after a while. The body needs to get used to these short and fast movements here. Thirdly, practice with a ping pong robot at least two times a week if you have it or if it exists in your club. You can also practice movement with your playmate. The best exercises are mid-forehand-backhand and forehand-backhand alternately, but with as many balls as possible without strong shots. Moreover, good table tennis footwork is essential for your progress. Regardless of the level of the game and age, every player can improve their movement and thus raise the level of the game. For example, the Power Pong Omega robot is quite expensive, but for footwork and basic skills, there are affordable ones. See the ratings and features of the best and cheapest robots in our section Ping Pong Robots Under $ 500. 4. Practice keeping the ball on the table without hitting it hard One way to increase the safety of holding the ball is to practice it. Sometimes it is boring to pass the ball many times without a final point. However, it is vital to gain self-confidence and make the opponent make the first mistake. There are attractive and faster points, but most often, those players who transfer one ball more to the table win. Once you gain that security, you will easily amplify the ball and choose the one you want to be the final one. Since this is one of the seven best tips to improve table tennis fast, I will show you how to do it in training. Exercises for transferring as many balls on the table as possible When warming up the forehand and backhand sides, do not immediately increase the shots, but switch as much as you can. If your partner or opponent does the same, still look at yourself and do what is best for you. Also, it can be pimping all over the table with movement as an exercise. You ask the opponent to do such an exercise without anyone entering with a topspin. This way, you will get the safety of pimping. Secondly, the first exercise after warming up must be dedicated to safety in training. This means that the goal will be to do as many rounds of the same thing as possible. For example, if you do two times forehand plus one backhand, practice it as often as possible without stopping. Thirdly, give yourself a goal to return the service first, the second ball to enter the topspin (rotated), and only at the third ball to finish the point. This way, you will gain a game plan from the third ball and know that the first two will be for the start of the points. Moreover, you will see progress quickly if you pay attention to these things in the next month. You won’t be surprised at your opponent’s serves, pimps, and topspins. On the contrary, you will have the answer and always one ball more on the table than them. 5. Determine the concept of the game Every player should have the concept of a game of table tennis. There is no universal formula as to which concept is best. However, you need to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and conclude what your concept is based on that. We will help you look at your game from multiple perspectives to find the proper advantage. It would be best if you determined what works best for you. Because otherwise, you will play ping pong as your opponent dictates. If you know your strongest advantages, you can persuade your opponent to give you such balls in various ways to use them. Take a look at some examples of the game concept. You will then determine your concept, but defining it and sticking to it is the most important thing. Examples of the concept of the game in table tennis Predominantly offensive style of play with forehand side force. You will always strive to attack the first or second ball and cover 80% of the table surface with a forehand. So you will also serve that the opponent must return mainly to the forehand side. Mostly a stopper style of play by waiting for the opponent’s mistake. This means that you will not aspire to topspins because your blocks are safe, and you will wait for the opponent to attack. Then, with safe and precise blocks, you make him move more and make mistakes. Mostly an attacking style of playing with the backend. There are players whose backhand is naturally stronger, and they force as much of the table as possible to cover with a backhand. Indeed, the forehand must be satisfactorily safe, and then you consistently score a backhand. Predominantly defensive style of play. This means that during 90% of the match, you will defend with a pimp and move away from the table. So your concept is to return as many balls as possible until the opponent gets tired or makes a mistake. Aggressive attacking style to get the point from one or two balls. This is a complicated concept and requires a lot of training. The focus is on an attack with strong topspins on both sides. If the opponent returns the ball, the goal is further to strengthen the second or third ball. 6. Best Tips to Improve Table Tennis Fast with different and better players All of this that we’ve analyzed so far won’t make sense if you play every day with one or two of the same players. One of the seven best tips to improve table tennis fast is to play with as many different players as possible. If it’s possible, and with better than you, this way, you will learn from your mistakes and be better every time. I know a lot of players who even pay for table tennis lessons, but always with the same person. Then when the match with the others starts, they get lost and can’t cope with different balls. It is crucial to play games with as many various partners as possible. Even if you are better than others, play with them. You will do well in those matches. I also recommend going to tournaments where the opponents are weaker but where the system is to play many games. One tournament with 10 matches is worth 3 pieces of training at home. Why is it important to play matches with better players? Firstly, a psychological factor is learning to accept defeat. Your game will improve when you accept that and start thinking only about the next point. The best table tennis players do not show emotions when losing points but always focus on the next ball. Secondly, you will always learn something new and valuable from better players. Sometimes it’s a new service, a specific block, side pimping, etc. The next thing is that by playing with them, you will see your mistakes and what you need to work on in the future. Moreover, from experience, I always won after a strong tournament where I suffered defeats, returning to matches with players of my level. When you feel the experience and the strength of the blows of the better ones, of course, it will be much easier for you with the weaker ones. 7. Make videos of your matches and training The last of the seven best tips to improve table tennis fast is to record matches and exercises. Nowadays, modern video cameras and smartphones are a pity that sometimes you don’t take videos and see yourself playing later. Of course, a coach can always give you good advice. However, you will know precisely how to fix a particular move when you see yourself. You have noticed that you always notice an opponent’s mistake, even when you play. This is because we always see better from the side than our movements while we play. Therefore, when you take a video, you will have a good insight into both the shots and the movement at the table. You can watch my matches and training on the following YouTube channel. Believe me, and I corrected a lot by looking at myself in the video. Also, I recommend that you do it from time to time, but accept the mistake and practice it in the following pieces of training. How to Improve Table Tennis Fast – Conclusion Look at this as a long-term process, step by step, to success. These tips will help you speed up your game, reflexes, and strokes little by little. Therefore, try to practice a little bit of everything, and you will see results very quickly. You will feel more excellent and more vital when you start a new match because you know that you have improved certain things. We hope these seven best tips to improve table tennis fast have helped you progress in this sport. Second, there is no order to follow. It is essential to use every item and advice in training and tournaments. In the end, the overall result will be positive. Working on yourself is very important, and when you succeed. After that, your opponents will be the least of your problems.  

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Table Tennis Skills for Advanced Players (How to improve your game?)

If you read this article, you have surely learned the basic skills and want to improve your game with table tennis skills for advanced players. Here we will clarify what the techniques and moves used by top players are. You can achieve everything with diligent training, and you need to know how to do it. Therefore, see below the list and description of today’s table tennis’s most important and current skills. 1. Spin on spin from a distance This is a very complex technique that requires good movement of the legs and a good position when in contact with the ball. It is performed in such a way that both table tennis players are a meter or a meter and a half from the table in a topspin position. The point is to start with topspin, and the opponent should also retaliate. It works much faster than with balls near the table because the topspin you get already has a certain speed and bounce of the ball. Top players know how to transfer over 20 balls in this way, but what sets them apart from others is their perfect technique and speed of reaction to any ball. When the first two or three balls start, it becomes harder and harder. That’s because, at the already high speed of rotation you get, you fight back with even greater rotation. How is a spin on spin performed? Firstly, you need to bend at the knees at a greater angle than when hitting near a table. It allows you to be prepared for heavy and fastballs and react to those that don’t come exactly where you expected. Secondly, as with the basic topspin, you need to perform a rotation at a smaller angle because the ball will definitely come quickly and bounce a lot because of the opponent’s topspin. Thirdly, you need to make a forward movement and react at least 30% faster with your elbow and wrist than with a classic topspin on pimp balls. Moreover, the technique of performing the stroke is such that you must first learn the basic topspin. Only then, with the help of speed, reflexes, and catching a good angle, you should achieve a spin on a spin. So, only with an opponent who also knows how to perform it. This is one of the most important table tennis skills for advanced players that is still used today in top competitions. 2. Reverse pendulum serve The most modern table tennis service today. Almost all professional players use it, but even though you are not a professional, you can learn and use it as something that will give you an advantage and make a difference in points in your matches. It can be performed as long, short service, or with side rotation. The most important thing is to position yourself well with your body on the side and your elbow raised. You have to react very quickly with your wrist when running because only then will you make enough rotation for the ball to cross to the opponent’s side of the table. After this service, it is important to say that you can expect certain moves from the opponent, and in that way, you can predict what you will play as the next move. Most often, players enter with a flip or make a pimple with the racket top raised. What you can’t expect is a short ball, it’s very difficult, and in 90% of cases, you will get a long one after this service. So you can build a point and prepare to attack your opponent with topspins right after the serve. Execution technique Firstly, take a position not towards the opponent but from the side and bend slightly at the knees before throwing the ball. Prepare the elbow to raise it and the top of the racket to be down. Secondly, when you throw the ball, lower the top of the racket down using the wrist, and you will rotate by making the kick forward with the wrist and slightly to the side. Thirdly, the angle of impact must be greater than that of ordinary pimp balls. The larger the angle, the greater the rotation from the side. The smaller the angle, the stronger the pimp ball. Moreover, the wrist and elbow are most important when performing an internal pendulum serve. Therefore, try to raise your elbow and keep your wrist as close to you as possible before contacting the ball, and at the end, as close to the table as possible. 3. Chop block technique One of the most difficult table tennis skills for advanced players to perform. This is because it is quite different from the basic block on both the forehand and backhand sides. However, with this move, you almost have a guaranteed point. It will be twice as difficult for the opponent to set his feet to hit the ball and react adequately after this ball. Players who use pips-out ping pong rubbers are much more adept at performing this move. On the other hand, if you have standard rubbers, you can also achieve this, and the effect will be twice as good. It’s about blocking the topspin off the table while making a short but quick move to the side to get extra rotation. The basic thing is to keep your hand up as you are normally prepared for the block. After that, only at the moment of the block make a short movement with your wrist from the side and down. Top players use this, but not as often as the spin on spin, only when the opportunity arises. How to exercise a chop block? Firstly, practice footwork and attitude towards the ball while waiting for topspins. Always watch your opponent how he is positioned and what kind of spin he will draw. There are no rules on which ball to do this, but you decide when you see that he has pulled the weaker spin and has time to block. Secondly, the top of the racket should be up, and instead of making forward movements, you will react abruptly to the side when in contact with the ball. In this way, the stability of the block remains, but you also add lateral rotation. Koki Niwa, the Japanese male table tennis player is the best at this skill. Thirdly, the best way to practice is with ping pong robots because they throw you an unlimited number of balls. If you play with a partner or a club friend, it will happen that he will get bored of constantly spinning while you practice that block. This is due to the fact that the very awkward ball returns and will not be able to switch constantly as usual in training. Moreover, set your table tennis robot to topspin strokes in one place on the backhand and thus practice the chopping block. There are very good ping pong robots that have all these features on our site. 4. Backhand banana flip If you want to perform the most popular table tennis skill, you should definitely learn the backend banana flip. It is not as difficult as it seems, and if you have learned the basic skills while reading this, it will be very easy, and you will succeed in a short time. Backhand banana flip got its name from the “banana” because when you make a turn with a racket, the trajectory is exactly like the shape of a banana. It is performed only on short balls. You need to lower the top of the racket as close to the table as possible and make a flip-up to the side with your wrist. Fan Zhendong performing the backhand banana flick The other important thing is to go completely under the table with one foot so that you can approach that short ball. Many world players use banana flips even from the middle of the table and then return to the forehand. Fan Zhendong is the king of modern “banana flip.” This move is said to open the game and launch an attack automatically. In addition to not being a standard flip, the ball gets a sideways rotation which also confuses the opponent. How to successfully do a banana flip? The most important thing is to learn a simple backhand flip first. That is why many moves from the table tennis skills for advanced players are related to the basics. When you have succeeded, lower the racket’s top to the bottom completely close to the table. At the same time, you come close to the table, and one of your legs is under the table. Raise your elbow and turn your wrist down. When in contact with the ball, just turn up and to the side. You will learn the banana flip from the middle of the table most effectively. Tell your play partner to give you short balls in the middle of the table. And you make a move towards his forehand side. When the backend banana flip ball is successfully performed, it should have a side rotation and surprise the opponent with its trajectory. Another thing is that the racket should be open as in pimping before contact, and at the moment of contact, it should be closed forward and from the side. After that, be sure to expect either topspin or a clean long returned ball. One thing is for sure with banana flips. In no case will a short ball come. Flip is an attacking move and forces opponents to aggressive exchanges of blows. That’s why it’s important to have good footwork. After entering the short ball, you need to quickly return to the position for topspins or blocks. Whatever you choose for the next move, you must return to the normal distance of the ping pong table. 5. Counter topspin This is a skill that the best players have used for a long time. However, it is very effective and brings a safe point in most frequent situations. It is named after the fact that you react to your opponent’s topspin quickly and explosively with a counter spin. You can use it from the forehand and backhand side, but in this case, we will describe the forehand because it is the most common. This means that you do not move away from the table with a spin on spin skill but stay close to the table and hit the ball as soon as possible.  That way, you don’t give the opponent time to get on the ball. If he is not well placed, he will usually not even be able to touch the ball. In that case, the shot will be like in standard “winner” tennis. As with the blocks, your hand should be up and your posture as low as possible so that you can perform this move. Contact with the ball is very important and should be as soon as it bounces off the table. By no means, bounce too much and then react. The angle of the racket needs to be a bit more closed than with the topspin to cover that rotation that has already come from the opponent. Counter-spin technique Firstly, have a low stance near the table as if you were going to do a ball block. The hand should be up at the height of the table, and you should be ready for an aggressive and short movement. Secondly, the racket should be more closed than with topspin, and you should perform a shorter movement. Sometimes the counter spin is very short but effective because you only add and speed up the opponent’s rotation power a little. Thirdly, this is not about the wrist as in flip and service. Elbow and low posture are the most important here. Moreover, the speed of reaction will bring the fruit of success in any case. The faster and shorter the movement, the better the counter spin. The advice is to watch when the opponent from the middle of the table wants to draw a topspin. Then you will counter-spin on his deep forehand. In that case, the probability that he will return the ball is very small. 6. Short push return One of the not-so-interesting table tennis skills for advanced players but very useful. In general, spectators do not like to watch when players play short balls. However, that is what makes the difference in points. Similar to soccer, when the team has good passes and saves from the defense. So in table tennis, when you return the short balls well, you are actually protecting yourself from the opponent’s attack. You automatically cause him to give you a chance to attack. According to official table tennis rules, you can’t touch the ping pong table during this short stroke. Short push return could be one of the basic skills. But, we have listed it here due to the complexity of the performance. As much as you think it’s easy to return a short ball to an opponent’s serve, there are still a lot of variations. There is a technique for returning a short ball. For both, even to those that are made with spin from the side or upwards. However, above all, it is important to adjust the racket’s angle and to gradually enter one foot under the table so that you can approach the ball. The hand should be in the pimp position. After that, at the last moment of contact, you will make a move for a short pimp. Short serve return techniques and angles Once you have mastered the basic pimp skills, you are ready for short balls. The hand should be above the ping pong table but as close to its surface as possible. In any case, the racket is open. Forehand or backhand does not matter. The racket must be open at a large angle. Secondly, unlike pimples, where you use the wrist a lot, it is only slightly used here. The most important thing is the contact feeling with the ball. It would help if you made very little contact with the ball forward. Thirdly, if you make a rotation of the ball from the side, then just with the same move and short contact, hit the ball on the counter side from the spin coming. Watch the top of the table tennis net as much as possible so as not to lift the high ball. Moreover, it is also allowed to hang a little table while pimpling upwards. Therefore, try not to hit it, but you can touch the table with the racket a little when shortening the ball. It is also important to let the ball bounce as little as possible here. The sooner you catch her contact, the sooner you will feel better about returning the same short. 7. Fast and long serve One very good weapon for scoring in table tennis. It would be best if you did not use it often because you can get the balls back much faster. However, occasionally, when the opponent is waiting for a short ball near the table, it is important to insert a long and fast shot in order to surprise him. Here, it is important that you do not show signs that the opponent will see. These signs are that you intend to serve a long one when throwing the ball before the service. The players should do this at the last moment when the ball is almost in contact with the racket. These are often forehand serves that are intended to hit the corner of the table or the end line. Anticipation in table tennis means predicting the next movement or movement of the opponent. It would be best if you practiced a sense of anticipation with this service. This means that while throwing the ball in the height of the corner of your eye, you observe the opponent. If he is ready to go to the backhand side, you will serve a long and quick service on the forehand side of the table at the last moment. Fast and long serve technique Firstly, take a stance as if you were serving a plain pimp ball. The look must not betray you in the sense of looking toward the end of the opponent’s table. Secondly, the angle of the racket should initially be completely open, and when in contact with the ball, make a quick move with the wrist forward with the racket closed. The wrist is crucial here. Thirdly, the part of the table you need to shoot is closer to you. The point is to hit hard and fast your nearest part of the table, and then the ball will also go to the far part of the opponent’s part of the table. Besides, it doesn’t take a lot of practice to perform this service. It would help if you practiced more in hiding your intention to give debt. Then the real effect is almost a safe point. Therefore, our advice is to serve 80% short, and 20% occasionally serve long and faster. 8. Backhand topspin on the parallel side Similar to the usual backhand topspin, you only need more feeling and the ability to position your legs better forward. This move is harder to perform, which is why this is one of the table tennis skills for advanced players. On the other hand, this is a very, very powerful weapon for scoring points in table tennis. The angle of the shot is shorter and it is harder to hit the ball in the right place. But that means it’s just as hard for the opponent to get it back. Firstly, because of speed, and secondly, because of rotation. When the opponent is waiting for the diagonal, the backhand parallel is 50% of your winning point. That is why it is important to learn it if you want to improve your game drastically. You should be prepared for a lot of training to achieve this move. Even high spins and giving the opponent time to react are very inconvenient if they are performed in parallel. The most important thing when performing this skill Try to bend enough at the knees and keep your arm down. The open racket should also be an elbow ready to jerk on contact. The wrist is also important in this move. So, racket below the level of the table with the top down and make a jerk forward in parallel during the contact. Then close the racket depending on the angle and trajectory of the ball. It is best to draw a backpack topspin parallel to the pimp balls coming to you from the opponent’s diagonal. Then you will definitely surprise him, and you will only be able to set the racket. If he is lucky, he will give you back a high ball that you will score. The position of your legs should be in line, and you should only go forward with your body when making contact. Table Tennis Skills for Advanced Players – Conclusion With hard training, you can learn all the table tennis skills for advanced players in a few months. However, it is most difficult to maintain that level later. As in other sports, the rules apply that preserving and defending a trophy is harder than winning it for the first time. In any case, it is a nice feeling when you learn something new and when you manage to apply it in matches. In this article, we have categorized skills by the difficulty of performance. So if you don’t know any of them, try to practice in turn. The first three on our list are the easiest, and later come the ones that need more training. We hope you have learned a lot in theory and can apply it in practice. Of course, even when you learn in training, you can always read our article again to improve some finesse in moves. Table tennis skills for advanced players will be updated over time as table tennis progresses. We will follow the trends and novelties in the world.

best table tennis rubbers in 2021 tibhar dhs stiga butterfl

12+ Best Table Tennis Rubbers in 2022 (Complete Buying Guide)

In this blog post, we’ll review the top 12 table tennis rubbers in 2022 dominating the world of the offensive game style. After careful research and testing, we made this list based on certain advantages of fast-paced gameplay, such as topspin, control, speed, durability, and spin. The list includes the best of the Butterfly, Tibhar, Stiga, JOOLA, DHS, and Donic. Many professional players use these rubbers because they are excellent for an offensive, aggressive, and powerful style. Our Winner & Best Overall for 2022 But first: when you look at the top table tennis players in the world today, such as Ma Long, Timo Boll, and Dimitrij Ovtcharov, you will notice that they all have ultra-fast types of rubbers. They use two types of rubber on the FH and BH of their racket, and we will single out all of these high-performance table tennis rubbers in this list. New Table Tennis Rubber (Speed & Spin – 102, 105) Yasaka’s Rakza 9 is intended for attack playing style. It is one of the most popular rubbers among intermediate players. With its Hybrid Energy system technology, Rakza 9 is the fastest table tennis rubber from Yasaka Brand. Best Table Tennis Rubbers in 2022 Selected by The Author All of the rubbers below are designed to suit different playing styles. Although some are more versatile than others, it is safe to say that these rubbers have been designed for attacking players. This guide aims to single out seven of the best table tennis rubbers in 2022 recommended for hard hitters, smashers, and aggressive players. These rubbers have dominated several years of tournament wins and will undoubtedly give you the competitive edge over your opponent and the ones you’ll need to feel supreme. 1. Butterfly Dignics 05 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Dignics 05 rubber is a high-performance rubber preferred most among offensive players with a focus on speed and spin. It is a viable rubber suitable for both backhand and forehand. Depending on how you pair this rubber onto your blade (forehand, backhand, or both sides), it allows you to expand the possibilities and become a more advanced player. The weight of Dignics 05 is 569 grams. The rubber has a firm and elastic top sheet. The top sheet of the rubber is very grippy, which is why the ball will stay on the paddle providing you more dwell time. The Spring Sponge X of Dignics 05 has a hardness of 40 degrees, which sits between the hardness of Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 05 Hard rubbers. It is a high-speed table tennis rubber with a MAX sponge thickness. The thickness of the sponge is 2.1 mm (1.9 mm is also available). A thicker sponge means the rubber provides a soft feel and more spinny, making it a good choice for the fast player. This rubber performs superbly, whether you rely on closeup counterattacks or love to do aggressive flicks. Players who seek power mid-distance from the table and use banana flicks will also love the excellent holding capacity of the rubber’s grippy top sheet. The best table tennis players with Dignics 05 are Harimoto Tomokazu and Lin Gaoyuan. Butterfly Dignics 05 Performance & Key Features Speed: 13.5 Spin: 12.0 Rubber Hardness: 40 The speed and spin of Dignics 05 are more than Tenergy 05 rubber sheets, while the hardness is in between. Also, Dignics 05 provides 3.4% more power and 22% more arc than Tenergy 05 rubber sheets. It uses spring sponge technology for modern players. But the most notable feature of this rubber is that it’s incredibly spinny, yet due to the grippy top sheet, it provides excellent safety and control both close to and from mid-distance of the table. This rubber is most favored among players who tend to shoot supper spinny loops. When executing topspin strokes, the ball travels further, higher over the net, and deeper on the table. This provides an advantage to players who play with less strength. The rubber generates enough power to drive the ball deeper into the opponent’s court away from the table. All these attributes make it a fabulous choice for opening. Butterfly Dignics 05 Service, Return, and Block When serving, the Dignics 05 generates a lot of spin with ease. Although spinny, the rubber provides excellent control during the service and receive. That’s because the surface of the rubber is very grippy, making it hold the ball longer and allowing you to produce a lot of rotation to the ball for backhand flicks.  The rubber’s low trajectory and dwell time will give you more control during the counterattacks. The superb control of the rubber makes it perform fantastic at blocking. When you are under pressure and need to block, you’ll find the grippy top sheet of the rubber extremely useful. It doesn’t require much adjusting when blocking shots, and the ball will go over to your opponent sharp and effectively. Butterfly Dignics 05 Pros and Cons Pros Dignics 05 provides excellent offensive advantages like solid impact, excellent spin, and super responsiveness. It is a super-grippy rubber. It grabs the ball amazingly well, whether offensive or defensive. The rubber is very spinny yet provides enough control to play confidently and attack with power. It is a very durable rubber. The edges won’t break easily. It would play like a new one, and its performance will stay intact even after a year. Cons Players who like smashing on forehand might find the rubber too bouncy as it gives off a lot of power. This may smash the ball out, so it’s better to pair the forehand of your paddle with a less spinny rubber (Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 05 Hard) and use Dignics 05 on the backhand for superb backhand flicks. As with most of the Butterfly rubbers, Dignics 05 might seem pricey. But it’ll be worth your money because it lasts longer than other rubbers. Best Table Tennis Rubbers in 2022 – Butterfly Dignics 05 Review: Our Verdict Dignics 05 is a fantastic rubber that provides more spin, high speed, and powerful topspin. This high-performance rubber will improve your attack ability. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The only thing Butterfly could work on is perhaps they could lower its price so that more players could try it out and advance their attacking skills. 2. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Playing with Stiga DNA Dragon Grip rubber will be a great experience. This rubber is for players seeking control and spin in a loop-oriented game. It offers effective control through its specially formulated Dragon Grip Sponge, good speed, and high spin potential. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip is preferred among players who want to improve their game and make the most of their paddle. It is also a good choice for players who wish to unleash their true potential of offensive game style. Stiga developed the sticky surface of this rubber to deliver high control and maximum rotation. When Stiga launched its first table tennis rubbers, it opened a new era in Table Tennis. Where the ball hit on a Stiga rubber is only clearly perceptible when the ball bounces off one of these rubbers. Ever since that, it’s been known that Stiga is at the cutting edge in developing table tennis technology. This time too, Stiga has broken new ground by introducing a new construction: Dragon Grip. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip rubber sponge has a firm, non-slip surface and hardness of 55-degree. It is extra hard than Digics and Tenergy rubber sheets and 5 degrees more than the DNA Platinum H. The thickness of the rubber is 2.3 mm. The influence of the rubber on your play has never been more direct or even more immediate than with Dragon Grip – a unique feature is that you can control ball placement immediately and intuitively! Stiga DNA Dragon Grip Performance & Key Features Speed: 88 Spin: 99 Control: 71 Hardness: 55 Stiga DNA Dragon Grip provides a balanced level of control, optimal outstanding spin, and high arc ball rotation. The tensor technology of the rubber’s surface offers you an unbeatable grip and a high elasticity, which means you can play with maximum comfort. It’s fast and spinny, but not too fast and spinny. This means you can use it as a backhand rubber and forehand rubber. Technically, it is a good rubber for those who want to adjust their offensive game style or for players who wish to unleash their true potential in the attack. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip Service, Return, and Block The extra hard sponge of Stiga DNA Dragon Grip allows you to release maximum energy at the moment of impact in the serving or return your hard shots. Swiping this rubber will feel smooth and soft, regardless of serving or receiving it. It is suitable for players who want to generate precise spin and speed at the ball for an offensive game style.  A player’s strengths are not a direct result of their speed but rather several factors. Some lead blades sometimes end up giving your opponent an upper hand. The Dragon Grip from Stiga DNA rubber is an innovative sheet that balances powerful spin without compromising control and speed. The rubber provides a distinctive sound. While playing, the sound gives you immediate feedback on the stroke’s timing and style. For example, whether it was played too early or late in the incoming ball, whether you had to close the angle due to poor timing or not hitting the ball enough, and whether you played it on the forehand or backhand side. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip Pros and Cons Pros The Stiga Dragon is good at unbalancing your opponent; it is fast and has a higher arc and spin potential. You will love this rubber if you are a fan of sensation (e.g., the distinctive smash and hit sound) and immediate feedback. You’ll also love Stiga DNA Dragon Grip if you look for rubber with a top-quality grip and seek more spin from a drive, loop, and service return. Cons The rubber can be a bit vulnerable to cut shots and ball sensitivity. It might feel a bit harder and heavier than Dignics and Tenergy rubber sheets, but this is an excellent choice to unleash the true potential of squash and smash players. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip Review: Our Verdict In a nutshell, DNA Dragon Grip rubber is a fast attack-top spin rubber. It is ideal for players who have mastered the basic technique and have a strong attacking and offensive game style. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! And if you use it on the right blade, you can even push to win over the table. 3. JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! With JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR, you’ll have the competitive edge to win! This rubber is an excellent choice for hard hitters and offensive players who want to play with more timing and powerful shots. The Rhyzen ZGR is the most powerful rubber in JOOLA’s Rhyzen line. This rubber will let you take your game to the next level, featuring a Hyper Traction Surface and kinetic energy Balance sponge. The rubber surface is tacky and great for faster table tennis paddles. This innovative design features small pips for improved grip and control and a medium-spacing that allows you to generate massive amounts of spin. Moreover, the BALANCE SPONGE ensures precise shots and excellent control. The pimple structure and balanced sponge combine to create a rubber that is easy to use and produces a massive spin. JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR Performance & Key Features Speed: 8.5 Spin: 11 Trajectory: 7 Precision: 8.5 Hardness: Hard+ (54 to 55 degrees) This innovative and one of the best table tennis rubbers in 2022 is designed to give you the competitive edge you need to take your game to the next level. With its superior grip and speed, you’ll be able to dominate your opponents and win every match. This design combines JOOLA’s smallest-sized pips with medium-spacing to enhance the top sheet’s tacky grip and make it easier to generate massive spin. Also, this rubber offers excellent control value and produces precise shots. JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR Service, Return, & Block If you want to block your opponent’s shots with a lot of power and smash your serves at full speed, the JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR rubber is your weapon of choice. This top-of-the-line table tennis rubber is designed for maximum energy transfer, so you can quickly increase ball rotation and achieve impressive speed. The JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR rubber has very high catapult properties (touch-type), which deliver a considerable amount of kinetic energy quickly. With the Rhyzen ZGR rubber, you can dominate your opponents on the court due to the enormous speed and power generated when releasing your strokes. JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR Pros and Cons Pros It is the most budget-friendly professional rubber of choice in 2022. This rubber creates a controlled and quick kinetic energy transfer from the player’s racket into the ball surface. The unique sponge of this rubber provides an impressive effect and significant speed so critical for your devastating shot. You’ll get a pack of 18 free Joola paddle wipes from Megaspin. Cons It is a hard sponge rubber designed for professional table tennis, and you’ll require to master basic skills to unleash its full potential. Harder to play against players who have anti-spin rubber. JOOLA Rhyzen ZGR Review: Our Verdict For players looking for a looping topspin rubber with a special catapult effect, the Rhyzen ZGR is a perfect choice. With Rhyzen ZGR, you’ll experience an impressive level of speed without loss of control and enjoy a good sense of stability and exceptional stopping ability. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It is also one of the best rubbers for someone who does not want to change their setup often because of its reasonable price tag and durability. 4. BUTTERFLY DIGNIGS 09C CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Exciting and different table tennis rubber compared to all rubbers from this brand. It feels like DHS Hurricane 3 in terms of feel, but it’s faster. It was first released on April 1, 2019. The Dignics 09c has a smooth and s very sensitive surface. When buying this rubber, you have a protective layer not to damage the rubber quickly. This is the hardest Butterfly rubber, and it has 44 degrees. The cube, 74 grams, and the heaviest rubber among the best table tennis rubbers in 2022. The first rubber of this company is where the ball can stick to the racket when you press the ball. In addition to the Dignics 09c, there are also Dignigs 05, 64, and 80, which are 40 degrees, but different from this one. The characteristics are more similar to the Tenergy series. The thickness of 1.9 and 2.1 mm can be found on the Dignigs 09c market. Timo Boll, in cooperation with the company Butterfly, made this rubber. The best players who play with this rubber are Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov. Speed and Spin Speed: ​​130 Spin: 130 Rubber hardness: 44 Unique table tennis rubber, its highest characteristic is spin. Although it is a very hard rubber, it stays on the racket longer and can produce much more rotation than others. Butterfly Dignics 09c has a large bow, and when opening the game, you get a heavy first spin that is uncomfortable to return. After Hurricane 3, this is the rubber with the most spin but not making a big difference. This kind of rubber had to be produced because changing the plastic balls lost many rotations. In terms of speed, it is a bit slower than the Tensor rubbers. For example, it is not too fast in the first meter or two from the table. Still, it accelerates significantly after the bounce, making it inconvenient for its opponents. So, to pull a quality spin, you have to play much more directly, and putting a little more energy into the shot is necessary. After all, the quality of the rotation is much higher. Service, Return, and Block It is necessary to enter more energy during service with spin, but the spin is much higher than the other table tennis rubbers. When receiving service, it is perfect. Because the ball stays on the racket a little longer, the service can return much easier than with other rubbers. It is also suitable for opening a backhand flip game. Interestingly, Dignics 09c has excellent control. It is not demanding when looking for angles, such as Tenegy 05. Because it stays on the racket a little longer, you have time to change the racket angle to return the ping pong ball well, making it perfect for a counter spin. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Cons Since European players are used to the rubber tensor, it isn’t easy on Dignigs 09c. If you try this rubber a couple of times, you probably won’t like it. It has a different feeling when playing. So, if you are not used to playing with Chinese rubbers. It is necessary to play with it for 2 to 3 months to feel comfortable with this rubber. The downside of Dignigs 09c is the price itself because it is very expensive.   5. TIBHAR EVOLUTION MX-P CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Tibhar’s most popular rubber will be among the best table tennis rubbers in 2022. They are made exclusively for plastic balls and are very high-quality rubber. Interestingly, they have a powerful smell when unpacking. It is interesting because of the loud sound of the rubber when hitting the ball, which many table tennis players like. With this rubber, it is impossible not to notice its speed. The players who popularized Tibhar Evolution are: Vladimir Samsonov, Bernadette Szocs, Paul Drinkhall… The cube weighs 73 grams, and the cut one weighs 49 g. The hardness of the rubber is 45.7 degrees. The Evolution series, in addition to the MX-P, FX-P, and EL-P, which are softer table tennis rubbers, the MX-S, which is slightly harder than the MX-P, and the MX-P, Hard, whose hardness is 50 degrees. Speed and Rotation Speed: ​​98/100 Spin: 96/100 Control: 67/100 Rubber hardness: 45.7/100 High ball speed can be achieved with just a little effort when hitting. This is important because the rubber has a catapult effect. For the rubber to be perfect and the strength and rotation of the rubber itself, it is essential to have solid control. This table tennis rubber fulfills everything. Tibhar Evolution MX-P has a catapult effect. With a bit of effort, you can play a quality shot. This rubber, in addition to speed, has an excellent rotation. It is perfect for opening the game and brings a significant advantage because you can constantly send spins at the table’s end. When playing more aggressively, the rubber doesn’t lose much on rotation. It is direct and does not have a big bow when hitting. The best rubber is played from half distance, and then it can reach full potential. It is needed by players who lack speed in the game, which this rubber can undoubtedly provide. Service, Return, and Block Due to its solid control, it is suitable for good return service. It is perfect for opening the game with a backhand flip, and because of its speed, it is very awkward for her opponent. The rotation when serving is felt well. It is perfect for pimpling the balls. You can return the spin continuously, precisely, and with quality with a short movement. It is also suitable for a block. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Cons This table tennis rubber is very high quality. Although it has a solid rotation, you cannot compare it to the Tenergy 05 or Hurricane 3 because it does not produce much rotation. With this rubber, the first ball after opening can be critical. The MX-P is very fast and straightforward and travels to the end of the table when struck, and if a good enough angle is not made, mistakes are possible. This table tennis rubber does not forgive mistakes.   6. STIGA DNA PLATINUM H CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON The latest Stiga product and a newer version of the Stiga DNA Pro. It is much faster and has a more pronounced catapult effect than the previous version. There is an improvement over the earlier version. It is the best table tennis rubber in the Stiga collection. Although Stiga is a Swedish company, this rubber, like the DNA Pro, was manufactured in Germany. This rubber was designed and developed in close collaboration with the Chinese national team members. When looked at a little better, DNA is a combination of STIGA Genesis and Mantra rubber. It has similar speeds to the Mantra and rotations as Genesis rubber. The young future star of European and world table tennis, Truls Moregard, is currently playing with this beautiful rubber. You can find 1.8, 2.0, and 2.2 mm thicknesses on the market. The rubber in the cube is 71 grams. In addition to DNA Platinum H, M, and S versions are softer rubbers and XH, which is harder and is 52.5 degrees. Speed and Spin Speed: ​​164 Spin: 140 Control: 74 Rubber hardness: 50 Although it has a lot of speed, the rubber is not too demanding and has reasonable control. Cut balls are easy to return, so you can easily open the game with this rubber. An excellent bow is created during topspin since it is a fast table tennis rubber. One of the best table tennis rubbers in 2022 for advanced players who play close to the table. If you want to choose the thinner rubbers, you should consider this Stiga DNA model. However, this rubber has a nice rotation, and its principal characteristic is speed. It is also good from a distance. It is suitable for spin-to-spin play. This rubber is made by PCS technology (Power Sponge Cell), allowing for more aggressive play with many spins. Stiga DNA Platinum H is suitable for the ball to travel longer to the end of the table with higher speed and rotation and be able to make angles to defeat your opponent. Service, Return, and Block One of the best table tennis rubbers in 2022 gives excellent control and stability in the game. You can efficiently perform rotation during service. However, it is fast rubber and easy for the serves to return without significant problems. It is very good with the block, the ball is easily kept on the table, and you can control the game. When taking heavier blows, you can find a suitable table angle. This rubber was created for a counter spin. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Cons In general, it is difficult to find a defect in this rubber. It can’t be said to be the fastest, have the most spin, or have the best control, but it is at the top in all those segments. We can say that this is a very high-quality table tennis rubber.   7. DHS HURRICANE 3 NATIONAL CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Hurricane 3 National is the most favored smooth Chinese table tennis rubber. Players use it mostly only on the forehand side. Specially made for plastic balls. When plastic balls appeared, little was lost on the rotation. So, with the creation of Hurricane 3, the DHS has enabled players who play with this beautiful rubber. So, not to feel this disadvantage much. It is interesting when buying this rubber that there is a protective foil that keeps this rubber sticky. Almost all Chinese national team players play with this manufacturer’s table tennis rubber or similar rubbers. You can find the rubber thickness in sizes of 2 and 2.15 mm. It is a very hard, 50-degree rubber and not flexible. That’s why many players who play with one of the best table tennis rubbers in 2021 use a booster to soften this rubber and give it extra speed. Speed and Rotation Heavy: 2.15, 2 Speed: ​​12/12 Spin: 11/12 Control: 12/12 Rubber hardness: 50 Speed ​​is not a characteristic of this rubber, although it may be. To reach a reasonable speed, you must hit it with strong blows. What makes DHS Hurricane 3 National unstoppable is the spin. Abnormal rotation that drives every opponent crazy. During strong blows, a very high-quality rotation remains. When the topspin is pulled, this rubber produces a very heavy rotation. Very good rubber to open the game. The high arch strikes the ends of the table and enables excellent consistency in the game. Service, Return, and Block Because it stays on the racket for a long time, this rubber has extremely good control and is suitable for all types of servers. However, it is better for a reception to quickly neutralize the opponent’s service and send the ball to the desired place. It is ideal for pimples, and it can be controlled and perfectly do pimples on each ball, spin, and even the one with the highest rotation, without problems. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Cons When we mention the wrong sides of this rubber, it is speeding, although the Chinese have shown us that this is not the case. You have to train with this table tennis rubber for a long time to learn all the advantages and disadvantages. That bothers those not used to training with Chinese rubbers the most. As another flaw is a spike (lob ball). It is impossible to hit a high ball hard with this rubber. Other Great Table Tennis Rubbers in 2022 You Should Consider 8. BUTTERFLY TENERGY 05 CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON When the best table tennis rubbers in 2022 are mentioned, it is impossible to omit Butterfly Tenergy 05. Although it was produced in 2008, it is still one of the most popular rubber among a large number of table tennis players. It is the first original rubber from the Tenergy series. Players who popularized this rubber were Timo Boll, Michael Maze, Kalinikos Kreanga, and Dimitrij Ovtcharov. Until the appearance of plastic balls with these rubbers played by Ma Long and many others. The cubes are 69 g, and the cut ones are 49 g. The hardness of the rubber is 36 degrees. The thicknesses of the rubbers you can buy are 1.7, 1.9, and 2.1 mm. In addition to the Tenergy 05, there are the Tenergy 19, 25, 64, 80, and Tenergy 05 Hard versions of this rubber. In addition to them, you can find the FX version of all these table tennis rubbers on the market, which is a little softer and is 32 degrees. Speed and Spin Speed: ​​130 Spin: 115 Rubber hardness: 36 It has a catapult effect, which means it is a very fast rubber with an extremely high spin. The outer layer of rubber makes excellent contact with the ball, giving a perfect speed and spin when hitting the ball. The rubber is not too hard. It does not have to hit the hardest to get a quality kick. Although the Tenergy 05 has a good speed, the highest quality and the main feature of this rubber is that it can produce a lot of rotation. This rubber can create a lot of spins even with cut balls, which makes it perfect for opening the game itself. Players who use this rubber gain an advantage over the opponent at the beginning of the point. The shot quality gives many players great self-confidence, which is why many players decide to use this beautiful rubber. Service, Return, and Block The Tenergy is one of the best table tennis rubbers in 2022 and excellent with serving because it produces a lot of rotation, but it is terrific when playing flip due to speed and rotation. It is inconvenient to receive the service because the rubber is fast and at an excellent angle to neutralize the service opponents and return them to their field. The Tenergy is also high quality when pimpling. If good timing is found, a blow with this rubber is indefensible. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Cons The downside of this rubber is the control. This rubber has a high speed and rotation, and if you do not have a solid technique, it is challenging to meet the requirements of this rubber. Butterfly Tenergy 05 does not forgive mistakes. It would help if you found a good angle to play a quality ball. Another objection to this rubber is the high price. 9. Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This top-quality rubber has been enhanced with a new pimple formation and a harder sponge to give you explosive power and spin. The upgrade offers enhanced dynamic and spin qualities, making it the perfect choice for players who want to dominate their opponents. With its slightly harder sponge (medium ++), the Bluefire M1 Turbo is perfect for those who want an extra competitive edge. This speed demon will help you blast past your opponents with ease. Slight harder sponge and slightly faster make this rubber perfect for those looking to unleash some serious firepower. The Bluefire M1 Turbo table tennis rubber is designed for advanced players looking for a rubber that provides more speed and spin. The slightly harder sponge and rubber create a faster, more responsive ball perfect for attacking shots. Plus, you can expect increased dynamic thanks to the harder sponge. The top surface rubber offers extra spin while the slightly harder sponge (50°) provides increased dynamically. Best Table Tennis Rubbers in 2022 – Donic Bluefire Features Speed: 9.8 Spin: 9.8 Control 6.6 Hardness: 7.9 Throw angle: 6.6 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! 10. Yasaka Rakza 9 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Yasaka family of rubbers has been an industry leader for years, and their newest addition is sure to make them even more popular. Rakza series is International Table Tennis Federation – ITTF-approved rubbers. With the release of Rakza 9 came a new formula that offers improved speed characteristics compared to previous models while maintaining flexibility due to its hybrid energy system, which combines different types of wood pulp filaments at … Read more

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Table Tennis Equipment List (Names, Measurements & Reviews of 2022)

What equipment is used in table tennis? Why is table tennis equipment essential? Where to buy table tennis equipment online? We’ll give you a list of the primary table tennis equipment you’ll need to get started in this post. We’ll also recommend some products to help you get the most out of your game. There are basic things you need to have to play table tennis and accessories that are not necessary but can help you improve the quality of the game. Finally, we will suggest a few tips to make it easier to use table tennis equipment and avoid making mistakes when choosing. Table tennis equipment is just as essential as hard and valuable training. Take a look at the basics. Basic Table Tennis Equipment List The list of an Important Table Tennis Equipment There are many different things you need to play table tennis: a table tennis racket, ping pong balls, a table tennis table, and clothes. The racket includes the ping pong blade and rubbers. We reviewed the best rubbers for control, spin, chopping, and more. Especially, the best ping pong rubbers for backhand are reviewed in detail. There are many models of table tennis rackets and tables. We will list the essential criteria to meet the game’s rules. It is also advisable to have adequate clothing and footwear for the sports hall unless you play outside or backyard. 1. The Table Tennis Racket Our primary competition means an essential piece of equipment is undoubtedly the racket. Today, there are many different table tennis rackets, but the main criteria are as follows. It is composed of a blade and two rubbers, one of which must be red and the other black. Some blades are either with additives such as carbon. This is the most important equipment. With rubbers, it should be said that the differences are in thickness, types, defensive, offensive, more complex, softer, and pips-out rubbers. The handle can be straight, anatomical, flared, or penhold. Racket prices range from the cheapest, from $ 10, to the most expensive, over $ 300. Firstly, pay attention to what type of racket fits best in your hand, by which we mean the weight and shape of the handle. Secondly, if you are a striker who prefers to play with topspins, choose faster table tennis blades and rubbers of maximum thickness. Depending on the game’s speed, you will choose harder rubbers, for example, Gewo, or play more with rotation than softer ones. Thirdly, always keep the racket in a paddle case that is also an integral part of the table tennis equipment, and re-glue the ping pong rubbers every few months to have the full effect of bouncing the ball. Premade Vs. Custom Made Table Tennis Rackets If you’re serious about table tennis, you’ll want to invest in a custom-made racket. Premade table tennis rackets might be cheaper and require less effort to set up, but they offer far less flexibility in terms of both playing style and quality of components. When you assemble your own bat, you can choose each part to suit your individual strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the side tape is placed around the racket to protect it from hitting the table. This usually happens with pimps or short balls when you can attach them, so it would be good to have side tape to make your racket last as long as possible. Premade table tennis rackets have several advantages over custom-built rackets. For one thing, you can select the rubbers or blades that best suit your playing style. If you find that you’re not getting the results you want with a particular racket, you can simply upgrade the rubbers or blade without having to buy a whole new racket. Additionally, the overall quality of the components tends to be higher with premade rackets. This means that they’ll last longer and perform better than lower-quality custom-built rackets. 2. The Ping Pong Tables There are many ping pong tables, from recreational players to the highest quality and professional. Also, outdoor ping pong tables have been made to play in the backyard. According to the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF, the table tennis tables should be 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and placed 30 inches above the ground. Firstly, the tabletop thickness, which ranges up to 30 mm for the best, is essential. This gives you the ability to have a good and accurate bounce of the ball while playing. With a smaller plate thickness, the ball jumps incorrectly and may slip. The cheap table tennis tables have a lower thickness. The tournament play table price is around $ 1000. Secondly, the table tennis net that separates the two halves of the table is also essential. It is also part of the table tennis equipment and can significantly affect the quality of the game. There are many table tennis net manufacturers, but we will list the rules each must meet here. It needs to be six inches high. The height from the table surface to the top of the net should be 15.25 cm. Also, it should be very tight so that the ball does not often end up with “net” kicks. In addition, you can also unfold the ping pong table and pack it when you are not playing, so you should keep this in mind when choosing. This is also the most expensive investment for table tennis equipment and a very long-lasting one. A cheap table costs under $ 500. Once you decide to buy a ping pong table, you can have it for life if you choose and store it correctly. We have described the indoor and outdoor ping pong tables in more detail on the following pages: Official table tennis tables from Joola Brand. Outdoor Tables with reviews in detail. 3. Ping Pong Balls Without ping pong balls, this sport would certainly not be as beautiful as it is, as many other ball sports are. Some rules have changed during the history of table tennis, including the table tennis ball, which used to be smaller and made of a different material than today. Earlier, the ball had a diameter of 35mm, and today only 40mm is used. The material was celluloid, and today all ping pong balls are made of plastic. Those changes happened because table tennis became a high-speed game due to the interestingness of following sports and fair play in the sense that creativity comes to the game and not just the speed and explosiveness of the ping pong balls. In addition, there are different types of table tennis balls from other manufacturers, from cheaper ones for training to competitive ones and somewhat more expensive ones. Balls can be white or orange. You can find training balls for $ 5 to $ 15 per pack of 12 or 15 pieces. Competition ping pong balls have a better rebound and tend to last longer. Their range is from $ 20 to $ 40 per pack of 3 or 6 pieces. 4. Table Tennis Gear (Clothing & Shoes) The last basic things in table tennis equipment are clothes and table tennis shoes. Some players play recreationally in a tracksuit, but it is recommended that you play in shorts and a T-shirt. There are specially branded T-shirts and table tennis shorts, but here we are talking about the fact that it is essential to play in them, regardless of the manufacturer. CHECK PRICE ON: MEGASPIN AMAZON Table tennis shoes are entirely different from others for other sports. They are made so that they do not slide so much. At the same time, your foot is light in them so that you can move faster. Soles are the most important when choosing table tennis shoes. Take a look at our reviews on Butterfly Shoes. That’s because they are made to be flexible so as not to lose balance. Also, table tennis shoes still protect you from injury. If you play in different shoes not intended for this sport, you can seriously worsen your footwork. What is special about table tennis shoes? Table tennis shoes are vital for anyone who wants to play the game at a competitive level. They are designed to reduce friction and provide good grip, making it easier to move around the table. In addition, table tennis shoes have a thin sole that helps to prevent injuries. While other pieces of equipment, such as table tennis bats, are important, table tennis shoes are essential for anyone who wants to play the game at a high level. However, if you are playing on a hard concrete floor, the lack of shock absorption in your shoes can lead to joint problems. It is therefore advisable to wear table tennis shoes with thicker soles if you are going to be playing on concrete. Another disadvantage of table tennis shoes is that they don’t provide much grip. This can be a problem if you are playing on a slippery surface, as you may find it difficult to keep your footing. In addition, the shoes can also be slippery on the sole of your opponent’s shoe, making it difficult to get a good grip on their shoe for a serve or return. Finally, table tennis shoes can be quite expensive, especially if you are looking for a top-of-the-range pair. However, if you are serious about playing table tennis, then investing in a good pair of shoes is definitely worth the money. Accessories for Table Tennis Equipment The accessories that need to fill your table tennis equipment are desirable but unnecessary. It should only make your training and matches easier. These include: Table tennis glue Towel Water bottle Cleaners The bag Ball holder Net gages Ball picker Table covers The barriers Umpire scorers The most important but also the most expensive is Table Tennis Robots. 1. Table Tennis Glue You only need this accessory the first time you glue your racket if you choose a special blade and rubbers. If you buy a ready-made racket, you don’t even need glue. When choosing a good-quality glue, it is vital to get sponges and a sponge gripper in the package. This allows you to apply the glue correctly on the surface of the blade and rubber. Then when it dries, it is essential to use either a roller or by hand to properly distribute the rubber on the blade to keep the surface smooth and clean. You can see more details about how to glue a table tennis racket on the following page on our website: How to assemble a table tennis racket? You can also find more detailed information about various glues, their characteristics, prices, and manufacturers on the following page: Best Table Tennis Glue – Top 5. 2. Towel In our opinion, a table tennis towel is one of the essential accessories because players sweat a lot during the game, especially those on a professional level. During training, wear a towel every time. So, between exercises, use it to wipe yourself, and along the way, it is an excellent way to take a break. You can use other towels, but those intended for table tennis are made to absorb water and sweat better. The towel is essential for one special reason when it comes to matches. According to the rules of the ITTF, for every 6 points, you have the right to use the towel and take a short break. Many players, and I will tell you that from experience, almost everyone does it. The reason is that even though you may not need a towel at that moment, you gain precious moments to think about the next point. It can also be an excellent tactic to stop an opponent if he makes an extensive series of points in a row. 3. Water Bottles This is especially important for players who train a lot and are more prolonged than an hour. Through play, you lose a lot of fluids and can become dehydrated if you do not drink water occasionally. That is why, in our opinion, a water bottle is listed as an addition to the table tennis equipment. Especially on hot summer days, it is recommended to have a water bottle with you at every training or match. As with towels, drink a little water between sets or between workouts. This will mean a lot to you at the end of the training because you have not lost any fluid from your body. Water bottles are pieces of equipment for every player. 4. Rubber Cleaners If you want to keep your table tennis racket as long as possible, it is recommended to have a rubber cleaner. It consists of a rubber foam cleaner and a care sponge. Occasionally apply foam to the rubber and rub slowly with a sponge to clean it nicely and extend its lifespan. Another thing is that the effect of contact with the ball will last longer if the rubber is carefully and occasionally cleaned. CHECK PRICE! Rubber cleaners can be found at very affordable prices, and in any case, they help maintain the racket. Consider this only as an addition to your equipment if you have invested a lot in your racket, so it would be wrong not to clean and maintain it. 5. Table Tennis Bag It is essential to take all your table tennis equipment in your bag. Both in training and tournaments, bags are significant. To save the racket and other equipment, keeping it in a holster and a bag is crucial. When you change T-shirts between matches at a big tournament, it would be good to put them in a particular part of the bag. On the other hand, a racket, shoes and a towel in another special part. High temperatures or water can damage your racket, and at the same time, it is nice to have a bag like a genuine athlete. There are many types of table tennis bags. Firstly, from smaller ones for training to large ones where you carry a lot of equipment. Secondly, the prices are very affordable, so we recommend each player to have at least one bag that they will keep only for table tennis. 6. Ball Holder This is unnecessary, but it is nice when the players keep their balls in the holder. The same goes for a bag because the balls are wet or mixed in a bag with a t-shirt and shoes. After that, it may not have the same effect when playing. They will last longer and always be clean if you put them in the ball holder after each training. There is another type of holder, and that is the ball box. It keeps the balls at the height of the table and next to the table while you play. This is especially important for coaches but also for players in training. Then you don’t have to collect one ball at a time every moment. Hold several balls in the ball box and train the exercise at full speed until you have used up all the balls. You can see an example of such training in the video below, where I train with my friend and do exercises with balls from the ball box. 7. Net Gauge All the umpires in the world use the net gauge to measure the height of the table tennis net before starting any competitive match. Its purpose is to check that the table tennis nets are well tightened and meet ITTF standards. As we said before, the height of the nets should be 15.25 cm. So, the net gauge is placed and see if it is correct. It’s not wrong to have it with you in your bag. For example, check the net to ensure that the height is good when you train. You will always get used to a good height and adjust your exercises and points accordingly. This is the cheapest addition to table tennis equipment, but it is not insignificant. On the contrary, many matches where one point decides the winner ended with a point close to the net. For example, even happens that the ball does not pass by 1 mm. That millimeter is essential when the grid is measured correctly with a net gauge. 8. Ball Picker These are essential products for big pieces of training. Coaches mostly use ball pickers and players who work with many balls to help them collect. It is vital to have a ball picker to make it easier to collect the balls and keep your back from bending every time you take the ball off the floor. They have an ergonomic shape and a piece of net. That allows you to take a lot of balls off the floor at once and put them back in the box. CHECK PRICE! This, first of all, speeds up your training because you do not waste time picking the balls. Secondly, you save your back and do not get tired further. They also have an affordable price, and it is not wrong to have them as an addition to table tennis equipment. 9. Table Cover It is essential to have a table cover if you use an outdoor ping pong table. They are more exposed to the sun and rain, so they should be preserved and covered. Table covers are not used in a sports hall where you train every day or even twice a day. That’s because you are nonstop active, and the tables are inside. However, if you play in your backyard or don’t often play, dust is possibly gathering on the tables, so it is essential to have a table cover. Their most important characteristic is water resistance. They are made of weather-resistant nylon and have handles and fasteners. Zippers on both sides allow fastening if the wind blows, thus opening when you want to play table tennis. 10. Table Tennis Barriers Barriers to preventing the ball from going to another court are most important when the sports hall has multiple tables lined up for play. They mark your part of the field where you play. Also, they often prevent the ball from going to the following table to disturb other players. In large tournaments, 40 and 50 table tennis barriers indicate the brands that produced them. Their construction is usually made of steel pipe and solid PVC with foil to protect them from scratches or cracks. 11. Umpire Scorers Table tennis would not be interesting if there were no competitive spirit and counting points during the match. That’s why umpire scorers are relatively small in size and display points and sets preferably have time-out add-ons. Firstly, they are very light and can be worn anywhere. Secondly, when unfolded, they have the shape of a triangle that is placed on an umpire table. 12. Boosters Boosters are substances commonly used in table tennis to improve the speed and spin of the ball. Boosters can be either water-based or oil-based, and they are typically applied to the rubbers on the paddle. Table Tennis Boosters can significantly improve a player’s performance, and professional players often use them. However, boosters can also be dangerous, increasing the risk of injuries. Falco Tempo Long Booster is an excellent option if you’re looking for a safe and effective booster. It provides a long-lasting speed glue effect without the risks associated with other products. Table Tennis Robot (What is included?) The table tennis robot is included in the accessories because you can practice without it, but if you can afford to have it, it will help a lot. Firstly, it contains a robot head, a remote device, and a net that collects the balls. Secondly, you can set the time, frequency, speed, and places where the ball will arrive. Thirdly, it is easy to set up and remove from the table, taking it anywhere. Besides, they are pretty expensive but worth the investment, because once you take them, you will see that you will always want to play table tennis with them. There are ordinary table tennis robots that range from around $ 500, and the most expensive ones are over $ 2,000. The difference is in the way and the options they provide. Cheaper variants do not have a collection net and do not have a lot of programs for various exercises. You place them on the table and throw balls from there. Their other name is desktop robots. CHECK PRICE! This most expensive equipment and high-level models have many options and digital wireless remote controls. You can also memorize the exercise you practice and repeat it every time you train. They can throw ordinary balls, topspins, pimps, and even serve. Who has the opportunity to buy, I recommend taking a table tennis robot and thus significantly improve their game by practicing with it. Advice on using table tennis equipment Here are some tips when choosing table tennis equipment to ease your doubts. In addition to our list, we think that users should also have support and advice when deciding to buy. The essential thing is cleaning the rubber surface so you can produce more spin by playing in training and tournaments. Choosing ping pong rubbers and blade The first and foremost thing about choosing a table tennis racket is to select the correct rubbers and blade that suit you. Liu Guoliang once said that “the most expensive blade is not the best, but the one that suits you.” Therefore, you should keep in mind what type of player you are, attacker, defender, play more on ball control or pimp. Look at blades according to composition, speed, control, and handle shape. You can see more about the right racket on our page: How to choose a table tennis racket? Of course, pips-out rubbers are specially intended for passive players who want to confuse their opponents with the effect of shortening the ball. See descriptions and features of the best table tennis rubbers on our next page: Table Tennis Rubber Reviews. Which table tennis shoes, T-shirts, and towels should I choose? Firstly, table tennis shoes can greatly affect your training and matches. That is why it is important to choose light, soft ones. Also, when selecting a number, do not take the ones that are correct for your number so that they do not tighten you and do not get blisters on your fingers. REVIEWS AND BUYING GUIDE! In my experience, it is best to take shoes half number size bigger than usual because they will tighten over time, your foot will be loose, and you will quickly move around the table along the way. Secondly, the t-shirts of mostly table tennis companies are all good and quickly absorb sweat. The only thing that is important here is not to take white ones for matches because that is forbidden due to the interference of the ball, which is also white. Moreover, towels are essential, so it would be good to take one of the medium sizes. REVIEWS AND BUYING GUIDE! Secondly, balls are not a significant investment, but there is a big difference between training and competitive ones. If you are a coach and work with children, you should know that they can often tread balls. That’s why you need training balls in larger quantities. They will last longer, but you will have a competitive effect in training with them. Many players use the balls marked with three stars regardless of the manufacturer. How necessary is table tennis equipment to me? It is just as important as proper training and warm-up. With the right equipment, you automatically raise your level of play, mobility, and good feeling. This is the equipment you’ll need. It doesn’t matter if you play on a worse table tennis table with constantly cracking balls and a racket that is not good for your style of play. It is essential to warm up well before each training session or match not to injure yourself. Secondly, it is essential that you do the exercises correctly and technically improve your game. And thirdly, it is essential to choose the equipment that suits you best, which is long-lasting. You don’t want to invest money in equipment constantly, so make sure you find what you need when choosing. You will feel comfortable during the game or training with the right equipment. How and when to use a table tennis robot? Since this is the most expensive equipment, we paid little attention to choosing and using robots. Use it as an addition and enhance your workouts. Never use it nonstop without playing with players. You should practice the exercises you miss in matches with a table tennis robot. The next move is where the robot can help you the most because he doesn’t make mistakes and can share balls at high speed that players can’t otherwise.  If you have chosen one of the more expensive robots, take advantage of all its possibilities. Adjust the exercises and save them in memory. When using, always make sure that it is well and firmly placed on the table first. Then provide a sufficient number of balls so that the robot does not work in space. And lastly, measure each time how much you work or the number of balls. You will always have a clear picture of how tired you are and how much you have ordered. We hope that you are sufficiently informed when choosing table tennis equipment and that you will enjoy this wonderful sport. What is the most expensive piece of table tennis equipment? The most expensive table tennis equipment is the robot, costing up to 2000 dollars. If you’re looking for a high-end table tennis robot, the price can range from around 1000 to 2000 dollars. Table tennis tables can cost up to 1500 dollars. Some people might think that it’s a bad investment because you only use them once, and then they’re just sitting around collecting dust! The blade of a table tennis player can cost up to 400 dollars, but there are blades out now that top-of-the-line manufacturers have made for less than 50 bucks! Table Tennis Equipment Measurements Measuring your table tennis equipment? Then first, make sure you have the correct dimensions for a successful game. The dimensions of a table tennis table must be 2.74 meters (9 feet) long and 1.525 wide, with the height designated at 15 centimeters or 6 inches – this may also overlap onto parts on top if it’s not too high off ground level. The height of table tennis nets is 15.25 centimeters or 6 inches tall, with a 2-inch margin on either side to fit under the table’s surface, making them easy to remove when necessary without damaging anything else in sight. Here are the official dimensions of table tennis tables: Before 2000 when this Olympic standard was first implemented, most were much more significant than today. The ball must be no less than 2.7 grams in weight and have a diameter of 40 millimeters, or 1.57 inches around its circumference. A table tennis blade is 17 centimeters long and 15 wide, made of different types of wood to make the best quality possible. The average size for a paddle at an ITTF standard can be expected between 6-7 inch blades, but they vary depending on what type you want or need it to, such as heavier ones used by servers in exchange services matches while other players use lighter weights. The table tennis paddle is often referred to as the “racket.” By International Table Tennis Federation standards, at least 85% must be made from natural wood like balsa or cypresses. Table Tennis Equipment – Conclusion Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced table tennis player, we hope this equipment guide has helped you. I hope that this guide has helped you understand the many different types of table tennis equipment available and what might be the best choice for your needs. The table tennis tables and paddles are essential. If you want to improve your game, take a look at the 7 tips to improve table tennis fast page. Remember to consider your budget, playing style, and the surface of the ping pong tables you will be playing on when making your purchase. The good quality 3-star ping pong balls are important to choose from. And most importantly, have fun!. Thanks for reading!

most expensive table tennis blades butterfly joola gewo

Most Expensive Table Tennis Blade (Top 8 Best for Value 2022 Reviews)

How much cost the most expensive table tennis blade? What is the fastest and most expensive table tennis racket? Are they worth buying? We have made this article with the best information for table tennis fans and professionals looking for the top, most expensive table tennis blades. If you are reading this, know that the article is dedicated to more advanced players and contains professional and especially understandable information for those who have been in table tennis for a long time. Before a more detailed analysis, look at our table and ratings of the most expensive table tennis blades below. What is the most expensive table tennis blade? There are many different table tennis blades on the market, ranging in price from around $20 to $400. The most expensive blade is the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC, currently priced at $400. The blade is made from a special type of carbon fiber that is 1.8 times more densely woven than other carbon fiber, giving it a larger sweet spot. The blade is also designed for offensive players, with a thinner-than-average ply structure. The Butterfly is the most popular table tennis brand globally, and its blades are some of the most expensive on the market. However, they are also some of the highest quality, and many professional players use Butterfly blades such as Lin Yun-Jun Blade. Expensive Ping Pong Paddle Price Comparison Chart Should You Try Premade Expensive Rackets? If you are looking for a new racket, you may be wondering whether to buy a premade model or assemble your own. There are advantages and disadvantages to both choices. Premade rackets are usually more expensive, but they come with a blade and rubbers that have been carefully chosen to work well together. This can save you time and effort if you don’t want to spend time researching and testing different combinations. However, premade rackets may not be the best choice if you have specific preferences, as you may not be able to change the rubbers. Premade Expensive Ping Pong Paddles Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC Proline & Tenergy 05 rubbers ($ 559.97) Butterfly Franziska Innerforce ZLC Proline & Dignics 05 rubbers ($ 457.97) Killerspin Stilo7 SVR & Nitrx 4Z rubbers – Limited Edition ($ 349.99) If you are new to table tennis, you may be wondering whether you should invest in a premade, expensive racket. While it is true that high-quality equipment can improve your game, it is essential to remember that table tennis is a skill-based sport. In other words, the most expensive racket will not make up for lack of practice or natural talent. However, for experienced players, a premade, expensive racket can be a worthwhile investment. It will improve your game and help you take your skills to the next level. You can reach your full potential as a table tennis player with practice and dedication. 1. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade CHECK OUR DETAILED REVIEW or PRICE ON: MEGASPIN The most powerful table tennis blade is made with Super ZL carbon. This means you have a better reaction to the ball and a more comprehensive range of responses. The large all-spot allows you to hit the shots exactly where you want. The highest table tennis blade price is because it gives great power and a good feeling. Spin and block shots are so effective with this blade that you will throw your opponent to his knees. You will feel the greatest virtues if you play at a medium distance from a ping pong table with counter-attacks. After that, speed and precision come to the fore. We should also mention the efficient entrances to flips and banana flips, which are modern in today’s table tennis. You can’t achieve such moves without an effective table tennis blade. On the other hand, with Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC, you will further amplify that shot, and it will be very embarrassing for any opponent to cope. Most Expensive Blade – Zhang Jike Super ZLC Features Class: OFF Style: Attack Plies: 5W+2SZLC Thickness: 5.6mm Made in: Japan Head Size: 157x150mm Anatomic Handle Size:102x24mm Flared Handle Size: 100x25mm Straight Handle Size: 100x23mm Weight: 90g Reaction: 123 Vibration: 111 Firstly, the blade is made in Japan according to the highest standards of workmanship. The weight of 90 grams is exactly how much it should not burden the hand without having powerful blows. We recommend it to attackers with extremely fast rubbers to bring their game to the highest level. Secondly, Super ZLC carbon allows the racket to have a large sweet spot. This means that you will have the same feeling when hitting and controlling the ball, no matter from which part of the racket you hit at that moment, as you can see in the picture. Moreover, this expensive ping pong paddle comes in all three handle variants, so everyone will adjust to what kind of handle they have used before. Further, if you want the best ping pong blade from the most successful brand Butterfly with the name of the Olympic champion Zhang Jike, then this is the choice that will delight you. Once you decide on this blade, you will never change it again because you will always feel the power and strength of the blows during training and matches. CHECK THE PRICE ON: MEGASPIN Is it worth the money invested? Of course, it is. Many players say it’s the best and most high-speed ping pong paddle they’ve ever tried during the time. So, as we have already said, attackers and experienced players who want to improve their speed and topspins will feel the magic of this most expensive table tennis blade. 2. Butterfly Amultart ZLC Table Tennis Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is the leading hybrid of Butterfly’s table tennis blades with ZL fibers. High-speed blade with which you will get efficiency on topspins and ball blocks at any time. Due to the ZL fibers achieve longer ball retention in terms of control when hitting in any position. We also recommend the table tennis blade to players who prefer an attack from half distance, which means they play aggressively but not close to the table. At spin-to-spin points, you will feel the strength and power of this beautiful table tennis blade the most. Butterfly Amultart blade is 7.1mm thick and has three layers of wood plus two of ZL Carbon. This makes it very effective in topspins and, at the same time, exploited in attacks to increase the speed of the ball. We highly recommend combining it with Butterfly rubbers such as Tenergy 05 or Dignics. You will achieve good precision and amplification of blows from the table with them. Butterfly Amultart ZL Carbon comes in all handle shapes, so you can choose the one that suits you best. The vibration is also excellent, so whoever wants extra control and retention of the ball will have the opportunity to feel it with this blade. Butterfly Amultart ZLC Blade Features Class: OFF+ Style: Attack Plies: 3W+2ZLC Thickness: 7.1mm Made in: Japan Head Size: 157x150mm Flared Handle Size: 100x25mm Weight: 84g Reaction: 122 Vibration: 137 However, superfast players who practice attacks in training and want to invest with topspins on both sides should take advantage of this beautiful table tennis blade. There are many reasons why it is second of the most expensive table tennis blade. One of them is the quality of workmanship in Japan, which will last a very long time. In our opinion, you will never change it again when you try it. That is why it is worth the investment, and secondly, it provides speed and efficiency that you have never felt before. If you opt for this table tennis blade, we recommend that you put side tape to save the racket. There is a lot of money to set aside, so you must well keep it. But, you will love him during the first training, you may not have control immediately until you get used to it, but you will love his power and speed after a while. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! We must also say that it is a bit lighter than our first model, so younger players can also use it. It’s not a big difference, but it still means you are a junior or a cadet and looking for a place in your country’s national team. 3. Joola Vyzaryz Freeze Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Among the most expensive table tennis blades, this is the best when it comes to spins. This blade will provide an incredible sense of rotation due to its manufacturing technology, whether you prefer forehand spin, backhand spin, or playing from a distance. Namely, the innovation of 5 + 2 layers, Limba’s outer, provides superior contact with the ball and thus good contact when attacking with topspins. The quality of workmanship is such according to AL-C technology and thus gives a powerful feeling in the hand. Moreover, the expression freeze is not without reason in this beautiful Joola table tennis blade. The Freeze means that the innovative technique of hardening the layers at low temperatures has achieved an additional better feel and control of the ball. So, composite materials are produced in Japan and the handle in Italy. We have to mention that you get a lot of control but not speed with freeze technology. This is why this blade differs from the first two in our article. If you are a player who plays more often on the safety of switching balls on the table without suddenly boosting, then this is the right blade for you. If you want to get on the racket speed, we recommend that you create faster and harder rubbers, and then you will achieve that balance. Joola Vyzaryz Freeze Blade Features Class: OFF Style: Attack Plies: 7 (limba outer, limba, al – c, kiri core) Thickness: 5.89mm Dimensions: Head (Thickness: 5.8mm, Length: 157mm, Width: 151mm) Dimensions: Flared Handle (Length: 100mm, Width: 34mm), Straight Handle (Length: 100mm, Width: 28mm) Made in: Japan + Italy Stiffness: Medium Stiff Handle types: Flared, Straight, Chinese Penhold Weight: 85g Speed: 90, Control: 80, Hardness: 70 According to the analysis of the sponsored Joola coach, Matt Hetherington, this table tennis blade has a perfect touch, safety, spin control, and a high arc. However, according to him, it is suitable for players who play with high rotations. On the other hand, strength and power come when your opponent attacks and you reinforce the balls with strong blocks or counter spins. In our opinion, if you are a player who trains less but plays on the feeling of the ball, you can also use Joola Vyzaryz Freeze. What is certain is that the blade is made to be easier to handle for defense and attack. We recommend slower table tennis rubbers for intermediate players like Joola Energy X-tra, Gewo Neoflex, and Andro Hexer. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Is it worth the money? Of course, you are if you are the type of player we have described. It would not be suitable to expect a game with quick attacks from the table, and then Joola Vyzaryz Freeze does not give you enough speed. But if you are a player who likes rotations and balls with a high arc, this is a great table tennis paddle. 4. Stiga Rosewood NCT VII Ping Pong Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! One of the fastest table tennis blades on the market. It contains Rosewood veneers, and thanks to that, you get maximum stability and a feeling of strength when attacking. This is a very offensive blade with seven layers. This manufacturing technology has enabled the blade to have a large sweet spot while maximizing the impact force. On the other hand, you don’t lose control of the ball either, but it is more intended for aggressive attacks with topspins. Firstly, the weight is 97 grams which means it is enough to feel and hold the racket firmly in your hand during an attack. It doesn’t have carbon fiber construction like other expensive paddles on our list. Secondly, Stiga Rosewood is a high-speed table tennis blade to play near the table where you can make bets with topspins or even flips on short balls. It belongs to the best quality wooden blades globally. Thirdly, you can control the ball by taking softer rubbers but fast enough. It will not be worth combining hard ping pong rubbers or too slow ones. For attacking style, it has better control and explosive power. Moreover, the price justifies the quality because Stiga is a well-known brand that directs production to equipment for modern players playing atomic table tennis. Stiga Rosewood NCT VII Blade Features Class: OFF+ Style: Attack Plies: 7 (Wood + NCT) (2 * Rosewood 0.3mm, 2 * Ayous 0.8mm, 2 * Ayous 1.5mm, Ayous 1.6mm) Speed: 91 Control: 60 Hardness: 100 Thickness: 6.9mm Weight: 97g Stiffness: 57 Width: 158mm Height: 151mm Made in: Sweden Overall, the Stiga Rosewood NCT 7 is speedy and powerful. You should pay attention to short balls and pimps. You can only feel that precision with training. Is Stiga Rosewood worth the money invested? In any case, for players who train a lot and like aggressive modern table tennis, it is. We do not recommend this blade for more passive or defensive players. But that’s why, with attacks, counter-spins, backhand blocks, or spin-offs from a distance from the table, with Rosewood, it’s absolute magic. You do not need any additional power or load. All you have to do is technically make the right move and not stiffen your hand, and the ball will go full force. We recommend sticking table tennis rubbers such as the Butterfly Tenergy 64, Stiga Calibra LT Spin, and Yasaka Mark V xs. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! In the end, the composition is made of wood, but you have the impression that you are using a carbon blade. This is due to the superior Rosewood technology we have described. Players who used to or now play with a carbon blade know the difference. 5. Victas Liam Pitchford Expensive Table Tennis Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Victas Liam Pitchford is the most expensive table tennis blade made by an English superstar player. The energy and strength of this beautiful blade are provided by Zexion carbon fibers that are placed directly under the outer layer. For table tennis players who didn’t hear about Liam Pitchford, he is a top player who prefers attacks from near the table. So, this blade is made for you who like entrances with topspins near the table, and do not wait for the opponent to take the initiative. However, speed ​​is excellent, but you must achieve control with better and more frequent workouts. It feels good to touch the ball, which means you can do nice blocks and spins near the table. The weight of the blade is 90 grams, which is well above average to have the effect of solid attacks. Firstly, carbon is lightweight and stable material often used in aircraft design. Develops great speed for direct attacks. It’s great for an aggressive playing style and faster than, for example, the Viscaria blade. Secondly, the combination of Zexion and carbon enhances repulsive force, allowing both playstyles: rigid and flexible. Zexion is high elasticity and has excellent fiber. However, we recommend it to the most experienced players or professionals who want to increase the speed of their game. On the other hand, when you are in good training, you will feel that the control of the ball is on your side. Above all, Zexion carbon fibers give the racket superior reliability and safety of the ball on the short points. The blade comes with flared and straight handles so you can adjust to how you’ve played before. Victas Liam Pitchford Blade Features Class: OFF Style: Attack Plies: 7 (5 wood + 2 Zexion carbon) Speed: 87 Control: 80 Hardness: 90 Thickness: 5.9mm Weight: 86g Stiffness: 70 Width: 157mm Height: 150mm Made in: Japan Firstly, the blade is very hard, and it is recommended to put soft table tennis rubbers to achieve balance. Of course, they need fast and attacking rubbers, but to be soft like Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX, Yasaka Rakza X Soft, and Tibhar Evolution MX-P 50. Secondly, look at Liam Pitchford and the way he plays, and then you will see how the blade is made, which suits his style more. His top matches are on the following YouTube address. Moreover, one should consider the seven-layer blade, which allows for excellent speed and reasonable control thanks to Zexion fibers. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Liam Pitchford’s blade will surely suit you if you are a striker with topspins that contain rotations or faster balls near the table. With short balls and pimps, you need to adjust a little, but even that won’t be a problem after a week or two of training. 6. Gewo Aruna Hinoki Carbon Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Very offensive and one of the most expensive table tennis blades which the legendary Mr. Quadri Aruna makes. However, we can say that the blend of dualism, on the one hand, is made for strong punches and touches, and on the other hand, it is perfectly balanced and provides gentle feedback. Firstly, it is made of the finest and carefully selected Hinoki veneers, which brings the player’s feeling to perfection. Secondly, it features a slightly softer inner core with extra carbon fiber for better ball control. Moreover, Gewo Aruna Hinoki Carbon is a high-quality and the most expensive table tennis blade from Gewo. With slightly larger dimensions and is manufactured to the highest quality standards. In any case, the blade is not too stiff, so it belongs to the category of players who prefer ball control without having a specific strength in attack. Unlike other expensive paddles, we recommend using harder rubbers with a thick sponge to achieve balance. We can say that it belongs to the OFF category of premium table tennis rackets. That’s because it’s not too fast table tennis blade and has a specific dose of vibration when in contact with the ball. That’s why it is perfect for blocks and a more precise division of balls all over the table to make the opponent move more. It is recommended for players who prefer an attack, but not so much with topspins. So, with precise shots closer to the table tennis table. Gewo Aruna Hinoki Carbon Blade Features Class: OFF to OFF+ Style: Attack Plies: 7 (5 wood + 2 carbon) Speed: 101 Control: 88 Hardness: 85 Thickness: 5.75mm Weight: 89g Stiffness: 85 Made in: Germany How often have you just watched a video about the most spectacular points starring Aruna Quadri? If not, see below. The most trophy-winning African table tennis player of all time is known for his powerful forehand shots, which led him to the Top 20 players in the world. To maintain the level of a world table tennis star, Aruna must be on the best path, “The Better Way To Play,” which is why he chose GEWO. The close cooperation of German wood specialists and the practical experience of a top table tennis player has produced the Aruna table tennis blade series, which is of top quality and sophisticated design. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! That’s why you get 100% Aruna for your money! The edge of the racket is made of ABS technology, which gives it strength and reduces the likelihood that the wood will be damaged when hitting a table or slipping. 7. Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC New Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC New Table Tennis Blade is excellent for players who want a powerful and consistent paddle. The blade has high resilience and a perfect balance of speed and control. The handle is very comfortable and makes it easy to switch from forehand to backhand side. It is a good blade with high control and consistency. The speed is not high but decent. The only downside is the price, as it is one of the more expensive paddles on the market. However, the quality of the paddle makes it worth the investment for serious and advanced players. The ball almost seems to pick up speed after touching the opponent’s side. Blocking has the same control as before. However, the punch block seems to be easier for me to perform. Service and short receive also perform well. The spin is still present even though the Lin Gaoyuan seems faster than the Viscaria. Also, it has a longer dwell time. Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan Blade Features Playing style: Attack (OFF) Composition: Arylate Carbon Blade Thickness: 5.7 Flared handle size: 101 x 24 mm Straight handle size: 100 x 22 mm Ping pong paddle Plies: 5 wood + 2 arylate carbon Vibration: 103 Reaction: 118 Weight: 87 grams The thick blade gives the table tennis racket good stability, while the depth of the blade provides excellent power and spin potential. The large sweet spot also makes it a great choice for players who want to be able to hit the ball with precision and power. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Also, it may be too light for some players, but overall it is an excellent option for anyone looking for high-performance and expensive ping pong paddles. This blade is made from the highest quality materials, and it’s designed to provide a fantastic shot feeling and performance. It’s also compatible with Stiga DNA Platinum rubber, making it an ideal choice for players who want to get the most out of their game. 8. Nittaku Violin Table Tennis Blade CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Nittaku Violin table tennis blade is a superb choice for advanced players who demand the very best. The Violin blade uses a unique binding method generally reserved for crafting high-end stringed instruments. As a result, it offers exceptional speed and an unparalleled feeling of control. In addition, this expensive ping pong paddle is made with only the finest quality materials, making it a truly outstanding option for competitive players. The Nittaku Violin is an expensive blade, but it is worth it. The blade is made from quality materials, and it is such a blade that it provides all the speed you need without losing control or feeling. The blade is also fast, but it doesn’t lose control. This makes the Violin an excellent choice for those who want a high-quality and expensive table tennis racket. Nittaku Violin Blade Features Playing style: Attack (OFF) Composition: 5-ply all-wood blade Blade Thickness: 5.3 Flared handle size: 102 x 23 mm Straight handle size: 100 x 23 mm Control: 65 Speed: 88 Weight: 88 grams With its all-around playing style, the Nittaku Violin is a great choice for those who want to deliver quick loops with plenty of spins. The blade’s longer dwell time and increased flexibility make it easy to generate much power, while the high control ensures that your shots will stay on target. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Expensive Ping Pong Paddles on Amazon If you’re looking for a ping pong paddle that will help you play an attacking style of game, then you’ll want to check out these picks from Amazon. There’s a wide range of table tennis equipment on the market, so choosing a paddle that suits your playing style is essential. These models are all designed for players who prefer to attack, and they offer great control and power. Most Expensive Table Tennis Rubber The Butterfly Dingics models 80, 64, 09c, and 05 are some of the most expensive table tennis rubbers. They all retail for 93.99. While this may seem like a lot of money, these rubbers are designed for professional players and offer a significant advantage over cheaper models. The Dingics models have a softer sponge, making them more responsive and providing more spin. They also have a tacky surface which helps to grip the ball. As a result, they are much better suited for competitive play. If you are serious about table tennis, investing in a good quality rubber is essential. While the Butterfly Dingics models may be pricey, they will give you an edge over your opponents. Why Are Butterfly Blades So Expensive? First, Butterfly is one of the most popular manufacturers in the sport. Their products are preferred by many pro players for their quality and consistency. Second, Butterfly blades are made with high-end materials that provide exceptional performance. The most expensive table tennis blade is from the Butterfly brand, and the second and third ones are also. And finally, Butterfly invests heavily in research and development to ensure that its products are always at the forefront of technology. As a result, Butterfly table tennis blades offer superior quality and performance, making them worth the price tag. Worth buying the most expensive table tennis blade? Many friends often ask me if they should buy their children the most expensive table tennis blade, hoping they will achieve a top result. It can be a double-edged sword. So, remember that you should not immediately take the most expensive and fastest rackets, especially for children. They need to get used to learning the technique of playing and moving, so they can slowly replace their table tennis rackets. If you are an experienced player, it is worth taking and changing the blade because you already have enough experience, and you will quickly get used to it. Please pay attention to the analyzes we talked about in this article to find the one that suits you. Whenever you want to change a racket, blade, or rubber, remember what Liu Guoliang said: There is no best table tennis paddle in the world; there is only a paddle that suits your style of play. In conclusion, carefully choose and inform yourself about table tennis blades’ characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages and then decide. Of course, the most expensive blades provide top quality. But, if you hit your style with the qualities of wood, then you are on the right path. So, you will surely be happy and delighted with your new table tennis racket. Most Expensive Table Tennis Blade – Conclusion Any blade you choose from our list will surely speed up and improve your game. The only question is how ready you are to train to feel a table tennis blade fully? Each has a different composition, thickness, speed, control, and other characteristics. They are very high quality, durable, and give incredible momentum in the game. Above all, we would like to mention that you shouldn’t try a blade from this list as your first one. Firstly, you need to learn to play table tennis. Once you have learned the primary skills and have good footwork, it is time to move on to a faster or the most expensive table tennis blade. The most expensive table tennis blade is designed for players’ fast and attacking style. This means that you will achieve maximum effect combined with natural table tennis rubbers. Also, you will have a racket that you can use for the rest of your life. This means that you will only change the rubbers when worn out. So, this investment is such that you use it all your life once you have invested. Therefore, in conclusion, we can freely say that choosing the right table tennis blade will please you and improve the game of this beautiful sport for years.  

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Best Table Tennis Clubs in the USA

If you live in the US and love table tennis, you will surely find in this article one of the best table tennis clubs in the USA. Feel free to visit it and learn the skills of this beautiful sport with the best coaches in the best playing conditions. We will talk only about professional table tennis centers with conditions for all types of players, a large sports hall, and professional coaches. 1.WESTCHESTER Table Tennis Center (Pleasantville, New York) Club History In the beginning, players played table tennis in the club twice a week in Hastings-on-Hudson, north of New York. By 2008, the club was growing and had more than 100 members so that you can play it 6 times a week. In 2009 Will Shortz and Robert Roberts, friends of the club sought a permanent facility for the club. So, the result was the Westchester Table Tennis Center. In short, it is now one of the leading table tennis facilities in the country. The program of one of the best table tennis clubs in the USA The table tennis club is open 7 days a week and is located at 175 Tompkins Avenue, Pleasantville, NY. It currently has 30 table tennis tables and holds monthly USATT tournaments with $ 6,000 in prizes that attract players worldwide. These are the largest monthly table tennis tournaments in the United States. Westchester Table Tennis Center is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 10 p.m. Above all, the club is open to table tennis players of all skill levels. It is located on over 21,000 square feet with 30 top-notch Double Happiness tables. There is a possibility of group training or individual for children and adults. The location is 3 1/2 blocks from the Pleasantville station on MetroNorth (55 minutes from the Grand Central Terminal). The club also contains over 100 parking spaces. A truly exceptional table tennis club worth visiting, and if you are an experienced player, you can also try to compete in a monthly tournament. The Westchester Table Tennis Center is growing and becoming more popular in the US. Club members were born in over 25 different countries around the world. It just says how much table tennis is generally a multinational sport. Also, this is a sport that connects people and socializing. On the other hand, the club accepts table tennis players from all over the world willing to play and help. Skill levels range are from beginner to professional, so at any level you are currently playing, I recommend visiting one of the best table tennis clubs in the USA, The Westchester Table Tennis Center. Club members: Will Shortz, Pleasantville, owner of the club and crossword editor of The New York Times Bob Mankoff, Briarcliff Manor, humor editor of Esquire, formerly cartoon editor of The New Yorker Brian Koppelman, Manhattan, co-writer of “Ocean’s Thirteen” and other films; co-creator / executive producer of Showtime’s “Billions”; host of the podcast “The Moment” on ESPN Radio Nenad Bach, Croton-on-Hudson, Croatian-American singer, composer, and peace activist Steve Zeitlin, Hastings, founder/director of City Lore; one of the country’s leading folklorists Steven M. Horowitz, White Plains, chief of cardiology at Stamford Hospital Joel Hoffman, Katonah, popular writer and speaker on the Bible Robert Bernstein, Ardsley, a leading expert on autism and learning difficulties Students from middle school, high school, and college Doctors, investment bankers, computer technicians, a nanny, a trained repairman, an architect, a toy inventor, and an eclectic mix of other occupations Professional coaches: Rawle Alleyne National table tennis coach of Barbados, 1991-2006 Former member of the ITTF Coaching Committee, representing the Caribbean B.A. in Kinesiology (exercise science) from Temple University in Philadelphia Diploma in coaching from the Hungarian University of Physical Education, specializing in table tennis Kokou Fanny Table tennis champion of Togo, 2009-15 Top 6 in African Olympic trials, 2020 USATT rating 2400+ Courage Nanevie Bronze medalist (team) at the All African Games, Abuja, Nigeria, 2003 Aerobics and footwork training specialist USATT rating 2200+ About the club owner Will Shortz resides in Pleasantville, New York. He started his career at Penny Press Magazines, then moved to Games magazine for 15 years. He has been the crossword puzzle editor for The New York Times since 1993. In addition, Will Shortz founded the World Puzzle Championship in 1992 and director of the U.S. Puzzle Team. He is an avid table tennis player. In May 2011, with Barbadian champion (and his long-time friend) Robert Roberts, he opened one of the largest table tennis clubs in the Northeast in Pleasantville (Westchester Table Tennis Center). He has played table tennis in over 40 countries around the world and continues to do so. By the way, Shortz is the author or editor of more than 100 books and owns over 20,000 puzzle books and dating magazines back to 1545. Club Address: In any case, if you are near New York or live there, be sure to visit the Westchester Table Tennis Center and enjoy table tennis. The location is below. So, if you want more detailed instructions on finding the club, click on the next link for directions. Westchester Table Tennis Center 175 Tompkins Ave. Pleasantville, NY 10570 (914) 741-0738 2.Sunrise Table Tennis Club (Pinellas County, Florida) About the Club and Locations The club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Sunrise Table Tennis Club includes 4 recreation centers owned by the City of Clearwater. If you are in Florida and love table tennis, visiting one of their beautiful centers would be good. There is also a summer camp for children, which includes 8 weeks each summer, 8 hours a week. Players can pay daily registration fees or annual memberships. The club is also known for organizing tournaments, so you can get involved to try your quality at them. Locations where sports centers are located are:  The Long Center 1501 North Belcher Rd. Clearwater, FL 33765 727-562-4905 Ross Norton Recreation Complex 1426 South Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. Clearwater, FL 33756 727-462-6025 Morningside Recreation Complex 2400 Harn Blvd. Clearwater, FL 727-562-4280 Rigsby Recreation Center 605 2nd St N Safety Harbor, FL 34695 727-724-1530 Members training program Firstly, there are several programs that Sunrise Table Tennis Club offers. The program for club members is with coach Gary. It is located at The Long Center on Thursday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Secondly, another program is the junior training program which is held on Saturdays from noon to 3 in the afternoon. Coach John leads the training for players aged 8 to 13. Training is held at the Countryside Recreation Center. Moreover, these young players will learn skills such as footwork, properly handling the racket, the importance of spins and the types of spins in table tennis, and multi-ball training. In addition, they will learn proper serving, push, blocks, and counter strokes. The next program is junior, which enables additional preparation of sportsmanship and building self-confidence in addition to basic things and exercises. Additional cardio exercises are also being done. The fourth program is sports camps. They are held over the summer and contain, in addition to basic exercises, skills, and tournaments in which all players who have trained participate. Coaches of one of the best table tennis clubs in the USA The first coach of the club is Gary Fraiman, who has more than 45 years of experience. As a player, he had had successes, such as being the representative of Belarus before he arrived in the USA. Here he achieved special success as a coach: Certified by USATT as Regional Coach and ITTF level 1. Recently relocated from Baltimore, MD to Clearwater, FL High-performance coach at Sunrise table tennis club, Clearwater, FL Personal coach of US Para team members Jenson Van Emburgh, Tara Profitt, and Valerie Ann Rolph National coach of US Para team. The second coach is John Reynolds, who is an ITTF Certified Coach. His titles are: USATT Certified Coach Safe Sport Certified USATT Certified Tournament Referee USATT Certified Umpire STTC Junior Summer Camp Coach Assistant Coach for Coach Gary Fraiman, Senior Clinics 40 years of Experience, Training, Tournaments, Play & Safe Sport is a new required training course required by the USATT and ITTF for all Coaches, tournament Umpires, and Tournament Referees. Sunrise super league held on Fridays This beautiful club also organizes a special tournament, so if you are able, register. In addition, it is a tournament on Fridays once a month at the Ross Norton Recreation Complex. Players should be USATT members and club members. If they are not, then the tournament membership fee is $ 5. You can see the schedule and registration for the tournament on their website at the following address. In any case, if you are a table tennis fan or recreational player, it is worth visiting this club and trying your skills at their tournaments. The conditions for the game are perfect, and the people who are members take care of the club, so we can say that the club was created and maintained with love for table tennis. There is also a special schedule for training and recreational table tennis, which you can also see on their website homepage. However, contact the coaches, and you will surely be welcome to practice certain skills in one of the best table tennis clubs in the USA. Club Address: Sunrise Table Tennis Club c/o Carolyn Adams, Secretary 1651 Lakeview Lane #B Dunedin, FL 34698 3.Los Angeles Table Tennis Association (LATTA) About the club The Table Tennis Center in Los Angeles is one of the largest in all of America. It contains an area of ​​10,000 square meters where you can play table tennis on 16 tables approved by the ITTF. Since 2010, the club has been working with children from the south and east of LA as well as from cities in the San Gabriel Valley. On the other hand, tournaments such as the USATT 2 Star tournament and U2000 tournaments are organized here, which are unofficial every Saturday. You can become a member of LATTA, and then the participation is $ 5, and you play a lot of matches. Who is not a member pays a little more. For example, if you do not live there, then you are in transit and want to try to cross the racket with their players. The location is at the following address: 10180 Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA 91731. You can contact the club at 6269278670 or by email: tawnybanh@yahoo.com. There are more ways to join and more categories of table tennis. Whether you are an individual or come with a family, this club provides you with all the conditions and the opportunity to participate. If you are on vacation in LA and want to go to the sports center for one or two workouts, there is also the option of participating on a daily basis for guests. Membership and Coaching There are monthly and annual memberships at the Los Angeles Table Tennis Center. Also, it is divided into categories, and so, for example, you have different prices for different types of players. It’s $ 40 a month for adults and $ 375 a year. For juniors under 18, it’s $ 35 a month and $ 325 a year. You also have the option of a membership for seniors over 65 and adult couples. When it comes to family memberships, there is a special benefit for two adults plus one child, one adult and one child, or one adult and two children. In this case, children are counted if they are less than 18 years old. For more information on membership and prices, click here. Coaches at one of the best table tennis clubs in the USA are Tawny Banh and Crystal Huang. Tawny Banh has had a lot of career success. The most important are 4 times US Nationals Women’s Singles second place, 4 times US Nationals Women’s Doubles Champion. She has a Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal at the Pan American Games. She has been a coach from 1997 until today. Tawny Banh was a member of the US Olympic Team from 2000 to 2004 and the US National Team from 1994 to 2007. The game with the right hand, shakehand handle type, and the most important style of the game is forehand loop and backhand pimples. An image from one tournament Crystal Huang has the following top successes. In 2007 she was the US National Women’s Champion, and 3 times she was the US Nationals Women’s Doubles Champion. In 2008 at the Olympic Games, she was with the team in 5th place. From 2006 until today, she has been in the US National Team. Her coaching career is from the 2000 year until today. She plays with her left hand in a penhold style. The most important features he uses in the game are forehand pimples and reversed backhand loop. Lessons and contact: If you want to learn table tennis better or improve certain skills you already know, you can schedule lessons. There are group lessons for adults and young people or individual lessons. For group lessons, the price is $ 25 per hour, and you can also book monthly for each weekend. For more information, contact coaches Tawny Banh (626-927-8670) and Crystal Huang (626-927-8570). Their email addresses are tawnybanh@yahoo.com and crystal_huang@yahoo.com, and the club is located in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Keep in mind that the club often organizes tournaments, so you can also participate there. You can enter your email on their newsletter, where they will inform you about monthly and annual tournaments. So, for more information about the club and email notifications, click here.      

Difference between table tennis and ping pong two rackets with ball and background

What is The Difference Between Table Tennis and Ping Pong

Is there a difference between table tennis and ping pong? Of course, there are several reasons. This article will discover all the doubts and differences between these two concepts. In the beginning, let’s discover that earlier, it was just a difference in the name with the same sport. Today, however, there is a huge difference even though many people equate these two terms. The huge difference between table tennis and ping pong The first and most important thing is that it is not the same sport. It is very similar, but today there are several things regarding the rules of the game and equipment. Another thing is the difference in competitions and recognition by the Olympic Committee. Before we describe all the differences in more detail, look at the table below, which briefly indicates the difference between table tennis and ping pong. Before they became two separate sports, there were only two different names for the same sport. Table tennis was invented in 1880, and after that, as it gained increasing popularity, more and more companies produced equipment for this sport. Each brand named its equipment differently, such as table tennis, ping pong, whiff waff, and pim-pam. The Parker brothers registered the trademark in 1900. However, the “Ping Pong Association” and the “Table Tennis Association” later merged at that earlier stage. Read more about the history of table tennis on our page History of table tennis. Secondly, you can find beautiful and interesting articles on Feedspot. We will now discuss the essential differences between table tennis and ping pong. 1. Trademark Name According to the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF, table tennis has existed since 1887. However, when the sport began to reach great popularity, various names were patented and protected. “Ping Pong” belonged to the English sports company John Jaques & Son, which became the market leader in 1920. After that, the players used their trademark names, and after the formation of the table tennis association, the Ping Pong Association was founded very quickly. On the American continent, the company Parker Brothers acquired the rights to the name “Ping Pong” and thus received a trademark. However, they needed an alternative name to organize the tournament, and for the clubs, it was decided to use “Table Tennis.” You can read the true story of the development and popularity of this beautiful sport in the book with over 400 photos and information: Ping Pong Fever (The Madness That Swept 1902 America) by the author Steve Grant. The Ping Pong World Championship was introduced in 2011, and since then, these have been two completely separate sports. CHECK ON AMAZON! 2. Difference Between Table Tennis and Ping Pong in Olympic Games Table Tennis Firstly, table tennis is highly competitive and reaches the level at which the best players in the world play. It became an Olympic sport in 1988 and has been held at every Olympics ever since today. So, many competitions are held, and there are leagues in almost every country in the world. Take a look at the Olympic gold medal winners in table tennis from 1988 to the present day. Men’s singles: 1988 Seoul: Yoo Nam-kyu (South Korea) 1992 Barcelona: Jan-Ove Waldner (Sweden) 1996 Atlanta: Liu Guoliang (China) 2000 Sidney: Kong Linghui (China) 2004 Athens: Ryu Seung-min (South Korea) 2008 Beijing: Ma Lin (China) 2012 London: Zhang Jike (China) 2016 Rio de Janeiro: Ma Long (China) Women’s singles: 1988 Seoul: Chen Jing (China) 1992 Barcelona: Deng Yaping (China) 1996 Atlanta: Deng Yaping (China) 2000 Sidney: Wang Nan (China) 2004 Athens: Zhang Yining (China) 2008 Beijing: Zhang Yining (China) 2012 London: Li Xiaoxia (China) 2016 Rio de Janeiro: Ding Ning (China) If we talk about teams, China is the most successful country in Olympic table tennis, with 53 medals (28 gold, 17 silver, and 8 bronze). The year 2008 peaked when China won medals in the men’s and women’s competitions without precedent and won gold as a team in both competitions. Ping Pong On the other hand, ping pong is not recognized as an Olympic sport. However, there are many national and league competitions for more serious players. The rules in ping pong are less strict, which is why many people equate this term with the hobby of playing. However, that is not true because, since 2011, the World Championship has been held, especially in ping pong. Although it is not an Olympic sport and there are differences in the rules, this tournament has become famous in the world and is held every year. These are the ping pong champions from 2011 until today. 2011 Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas: Maxim Shmyrev (Russia) 2013 Alexandra Palace, London: Maxim Shmyrev (Russia) 2014 Alexandra Palace, London: Maxim Shmyrev (Russia) 2015 Alexandra Palace, London: Andrew Baggaley (England) 2016 Alexandra Palace, London: Andrew Baggaley (England) 2017 Alexandra Palace, London: Yan Weihao (China) 2018 Alexandra Palace, London: Wang Shibo (China) 2019 Alexandra Palace, London: Andrew Baggaley (England) 2020 Alexandra Palace, London: Andrew Baggaley (England) The latest title was won by Alexander Flemming from Germany, beating Andrew Baggaley 3-0 in the final. See the latest information about this competition at the site Worldpingpongmasters. 3. The Rules difference between table tennis and ping pong Firstly, the fundamental difference is in the service. Namely, in table tennis, you have to throw the ball at least 6 inches up from an open hand with an open fist and without hiding the ball. We talk about hitting the ball with the racket to hide the ball, and you have to remove the other hand. That’s because the opponent is able to see what the service is like. This rule is not strict in ping pong to throw the ball less, and you can hide the service. Secondly, scoring also makes a big difference because, in table tennis, each set counts 11. However, if 10:10 is the result, each player has one serve and needs to win by two points. Thus, the result can reach 20:18, for example, until there is a difference of two points for one of the players. In ping pong, the sets are counted up to 15, and with the result of 14:14, the following point who wins, that player wins the set. Thirdly, each player is entitled to one “double-ball” in each match. They can use it at any time, provided they serve. This means that they can use a double point once, which will bring them many advantages over the opponent, making the game even more enjoyable. This thing in table tennis does not exist where each point counts as one. The final was decided by one point: 3:2 in sets and 15:14 in points. Moreover, similarities still exist in large numbers. For example, when you hit the table’s edge, the same points count in table tennis and ping pong. When the let is happening, the rules are the same, with the size of the tables and the number of sets for winning. You can see the basic rules on our Table Tennis Rules page. 4. The Equipment difference between table tennis and ping pong Just look at the difference between these two rackets. It affects the game and the competition itself very, very much. Ping Pong VS Table Tennis Paddles Table Tennis Players can customize the paddles in an extensive selection. There are a lot of blades and rubbers on the market, and everyone has the right to make their racket according to their own needs. So, for example, attackers will use fast table tennis blades with fast rubbers, while defensive ones can stick rubbers on slower rackets and those with more ball control. There are, of course, rules regarding dimensions. Still, there is also a wide selection of table tennis paddles that can be used and accepted by the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF. Ping Pong All players use the same type of ping pong paddle set, which is 5-ply sandpaper. This is good for the audience in some cases because it slows down the game a lot. That’s why ping pong fans can enjoy following every move because there isn’t that much of an immediate effect in stroking the ball. Otherwise, such rackets do not have rubbers on both sides, which also affects the game. For example, spins cannot have such a rotation as rubbers, and services cannot be as inconvenient as table tennis. Essentially, the ping pong rallies are longer and involve more craft and skill. Regardless of the physical and technical readiness of the players, it is impossible to report shots with so much power due to the nature of the racket. Today, many players are using ping pong robots to improve their skills. 5. Name: Difference or similarity? Firstly, since it used to be two different names for the same sport, we will now discover the differences and doubts about the name. The International Table Tennis Federation ITTF organizes Table Tennis tournaments. Ping Pong tournaments are organized in England at the Alexandra Palace London every year. Secondly, today, many know that these are two different sports but still use the same name. The reason for that is the popularity of the name of this sport in other parts of the world. In Europe, people use the name table tennis mostly, while in America, they use ping pong. World Cup in Table Tennis We have used both names in our articles, and we think that is fine considering the visitors from all over the world. That is why we made an article in which we published all the differences and doubts so that all fans of this sport would be informed about the differences between these two concepts. Besides, it usually sounds fun when someone says “let’s play ping pong” to you. When someone says I’m going to “table tennis” training, it sounds like someone is training seriously. That is the difference at the moment because people conclude by their name how serious something is. I will tell you that both names are serious for sports on this occasion. And it takes a lot of effort and works for everyone to achieve a result. World Championship in Ping Pong It would be best to dedicate much more seriously to table tennis than ping pong to reach a certain level. We hope that the difference we talked about is much clearer now. In Chinese, for example, table tennis is pronounced as “ping pong” or “ping pang Qiu,” which means ping pong ball. It is written in Chinese as “乒乓球.” This sport’s beauty is because it can be played for fun, with friends and family, and played professionally in competitions. Everyone can choose how they want to understand the seriousness of this beautiful sport. Frequently Asked Questions about Table Tennis and Ping Pong 1. What came first? Table tennis is much more popular as a sport and includes all World competitions, while ping pong has only the World Championship competition. But in answer to the question, we will tell you that ping pong was first created years ago. 2. Can table tennis players play ping pong? Of course, they can. There are a lot of players who play in ping pong tournaments and are otherwise professional in table tennis. Here, however, it should be emphasized that due to different rackets, certain players do not want to play ping pong tournaments to avoid spoiling the concept and the movements they have already perfected. This happens because players use different rackets in ping pong than in table tennis, and various movements are performed to switch the ball to what they want. This way, you can later spoil the movement you use when playing table tennis with fast rackets. 3. Is table tennis harder than ping pong? Firstly, table tennis is more complex than ping pong because you have many more variations and possibilities. Secondly, it plays much faster, and you have to practice more on the footwork. Due to the difference in rackets in table tennis, the balls return from the opponent much faster and with more rotation, so you have to practice your reflexes and racket management skills. In conclusion, it is easier for experienced players to win in ping pong, but they also need time to get used to the game’s new rhythm and specific rotations that occur with such rackets.  

Ping pong robots under 500 top 5 models

7+ Best Table Tennis Robots for Beginners (IPONG Trainer Motion, V300)

The 5 Ping pong robots under 500 dollars will provide you with the great sparring partner you’ve always wanted. Do you think it takes a lot of money to practice table tennis? With this choice of robots, you can practice and improve table tennis skills quite nicely. For less than 500 dollars, you can purchase a ping pong robot that will return your ball with unerring accuracy. So, before we look at the best machines on the market, let’s break down what you should be looking for in a robot table tennis partner. Best Budget Table Tennis Robot – Price Comparison Chart 1. Paddle Palace Table Top – Overall Best Budget CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Paddle Palace Table Top Pro ping pong robot is the ultimate training partner. It delivers solid and consistent topspin, underspin, and sidespin shots to improve your game. The robot is simple to use, with convenient controls on the player’s side of the table. This affordable and quality table tennis robot is perfect for taking your game to the next level. The frequency and speed of the shots are controlled by convenient robot controls on the player’s side of the table – so you can always hit that winning shot. Plus, it can be set to hit one spot on the table or use multiple oscillation options for a varied practice routine. It can be set to hit one spot on the table or oscillate across it. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Paddle Palace Table Top Pro robot can help take your game to the next level! Best Budget Ping Pong Robot Features Multiple oscillation options make it great for serves or rallies, and it’s the most accessible robot to set up and use. Plus, it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty on parts and service. Also, the easy-to-use setup makes it a breeze to get started. Moreover, with free shipping to the contiguous USA and 48 free white Nittaku J-Top 40+ Training Balls, there’s never been a better time to buy! This table tennis robot has a ball capacity of 150, with 48 balls included in the package. You can buy additional ping pong balls on Megaspin for low prices. You can set it up for just a few minutes. The Paddle Palace Table Top has oscillation options such as basic strokes, right spin, side spin, underspin, and non-spin. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!   2. Practice Partner 20 Table Tennis Robot CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Firstly, one of the most accessible robots to assemble and set up on any ping pong table. Moreover, the unit for adding balls is made of a special alloy of resistant rubber, and with it, you can precisely adjust the position and direction of the ball. One of the best table tennis robots under $ 500 allows you to adjust the frequency to up to 80 balls per minute and adjust the speed from 1 to 9. The container contains up to 200 balls which are pretty enough for a good workout. Later you can take the recycling net and thus allow the balls to return to the starting point. If you want the right partner for table tennis at home, this is a friendly and affordable choice. For example, what you don’t get in training, you can practice with it. Especially talking about work on the move and, sure, faster balls. It will also be nice for a club for the members to practice things they can’t do with their opponents. When it comes to practicality, we should say that the Practice Partner weighs only 15 kilograms, making it easier for you to transport and place it on any part of the table. However, you can set up the balls to practice one move or multiple places. Practice Partner 20 Table Tennis Robot Features It is quick and easy to assemble and rests directly on the tabletop A simple control box is easy to understand It can produce topspin, backspin, or sidespin balls; serves (2 bounces) or returns (1 bounce) The ball speed settings range from 1-to 9 Frequency settings range from 1-9, producing 25-80 balls per minute You can set oscillation to approximately the following: ¼ table, ½ table, ¾ table, or complete ping pong table The pause button allows you to catch your breath during a given sequence Adjust the trajectory to simulate a low serve or high return The ball capacity holds approximately 200 balls Ping Pong robot weighs just 15 pounds, so it is easy to transport 1-Year Warranty Practice Partner 20 Control Box & Assembly You have several important options. The Control Box is also easy to use. It can produce topspin, backspin, or sidespin. You can also combine services to be clean or with the same previously mentioned rotations. You also have a pause button when you take a break or return the balls to the container. One more thing is essential, and those are high and faster balls. So, you adjust the same with the control box, and you can practice spins or shots from the end of the table and a certain distance. You can also adjust the oscillations so that the ball reaches a quarter of the table, half, or the whole table. The players can also practice returning service by setting it to throw the ball first on its half of the table and then on yours. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!In conclusion, it is the best table tennis robot for beginners. Practice Partner is straightforward to use and easy to handle. Furthermore, the price is quite affordable, and you can do quite solid training and improve a lot of moves in this sport. 3. Newgy Robo-Pong 1055 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The ball bucket can hold about 200 balls, and you have a few minutes of uninterrupted play. In addition, it has 64 pre-programmed exercises and better accuracy of ball speed and frequency. Of course, you can additionally take a recycling net, but in this case, we are talking about the best robots under $ 500 that do not contain it. Most importantly, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty. Certainly, available moves in the game are topspin, backspin, left side, right side, and combination spin. In addition, you manually adjust the angle of the robot head and place it anywhere you want. Also, the digital control box comes in 5 different languages. Here you can adjust whether you want to work on pimpling the ball, serving, moving, and the forehand and backhand topspins. Table Tennis Robot Accessories with Robo-Pong 1055? Ball Thrower (w/Oscillation) Ball Bucket with Extender Cage Rubber Tips Packet Full-Size Digital Control Box Transformer Wired controller & Connector Cable 48 Orange 40+ mm Robo-Balls 1 Pong-Pal Quick Start Guide Tell-A-Friend/Warranty Form Firstly, you can set the Newgy Robo-Pong 1055 to serve you and your practice by returning a service that can be plain, cut, or topspin side. So, you set the robot’s head down on that half of the table and adjust the type of ball rotation. After that, you are getting ready to return the ball, just as the opponent would otherwise serve. Players can practice forehand and backhand return service because Robo-Pong 1055 will serve you all over the table if you want. Secondly, when you adjust the robot’s head to a higher height, you can practice hitting high balls. Robo-Pong 1055 offers many possibilities, although the price is lower than those professional and most expensive ping pong robots. If you want to see the owner’s manual from the manufacturer, you can click here. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Moreover, we recommend it to all table tennis fans who want to improve their game or movement at the table while paying attention to the budget. It fits all standard table tennis tables and folds and sets up pretty quickly. After that, it is up to you to practice the programmed exercises or adjust what you want to improve. With Newgy Robo Pong 1055, you can practice complex drills and adjust multiple settings for your own needs.   4. IPONG Trainer Motion + 80 balls + pickup net CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! From October 2020 onwards, IPONG robots have been further strengthened and have material improvements to the agitator and shooting engine. As a result, overall performance has also been improved, and it comes with balls and a net which was not the case with the previous model. Although it is in the 4th place on our list of ping pong robots under $ 500, this robot offers certain advantages over others. One of them is five different settings: topspin, backspin, no spin, oscillation, and adjustable frequency. You also have a memory to store the exercises you do. So when you come up with an exercise, and you like it, you program it, and you will have it in the robot’s memory every time you want to repeat it. It is quickly assembled and set up for the game, and it only takes a few minutes. You get a telescopic net for collecting balls, making it easier for longer workouts. This will keep your back, or if you are a coach, it will be easier to help your table tennis players continue playing. What do you get with IPONG Trainer Motion? Ipong Trainer Motion Table Tennis Training Robot 80 Ipong ABS ping pong balls Ipong Telescoping Pickup Net The Ipong Tilt Stand Ball capacity: 100 40mm balls and shoots up to 70 balls per minute. Analog controls On-off, start-pause, memory, Frequency +/-, Oscillation +/-, Topspin +/-, Backspin +/- Dimensions: 19 x 11 inches (48 x 28 cm) Product weight: 2.75 lbs Box dimensions: 12.2″ x 12.4″ x 12.2″ Box weight: 5.5 lbs Includes A/C wall adapter, Tilt Stand Compatibility: All standard size table tennis tables (9’x5′) Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Designed in the USA, Made in China You also get 80 40+ plastic balls, and you can top up later if you need to. Its frequency is up to 70 balls per minute, and you can adjust it all with the help of the remote control. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!In conclusion, IPONG Trainer Motion is an advanced and modern robot with many more options. We also recommend it to players who already know specific game skills and improve their moves and movements.   5. IPONG V300 Table Tennis Robot CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Firstly, this is the latest generation of IPONG, the V300. Secondly, it includes new software to improve the accuracy and consistency of the ball path. However, this is all done via an easy-to-use remote control. You have adjustable characteristics such as frequency, side oscillation, topspin speed, and backspin speed. For instance, the container contains over 100 balls, and the frequency of throwing the balls can be up to 70 per minute. Also, it is designed and tested for all types of balls of 40+ dimensions. What do you get with IPONG V300? Ball capacity: 100 40mm balls and shoots up to 70 balls per minute Wired controller: On-off, start-pause, memory, Frequency +/-, Oscillation +/-, Topspin +/-, Backspin +/- Dimensions: 19 x 11 inches (48 x 28 cm) Product weight: 2.75 lbs Shipping weight: 5 lbs Box dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 9 inches Includes A/C wall adapter, Tilt Stand Compatibility: All standard size table tennis tables (9’x5′) Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Designed in the USA, Made in China The oscillation from left to right means that you can set your robot to throw balls all over the table from one edge to the other. Since one of the best ping pong robots under $ 500 contains two motors. So, you can turn one-off, and you will get the desired type of rotation. For example, if you want a topspin shot, you will turn off the lower engine and if you wish to a backspin and pimp balls, turn off the upper engine. What is improved to the IPONG V300? Firstly, improved motor and shooting wheel. This means that it is more efficient in throwing balls. The point is that you can practice your footwork and reflexes faster. Secondly, stronger ball launching and increased spin. When you become a better player, you must answer significant rotations. More substantial spins and better pimping will make you feel like playing with a real professional. Thirdly, improved accuracy and consistency. You don’t care if the ping pong robot throws balls near the line or indefinitely at the table. Therefore, this feature is improved, and you have accuracy with each exercise. IPONG V300 Table Tennis Robot – Bundle Package CHECK THE PRICE FOR THIS BUNDLE! In this bundle, you get a ball catcher net, plastic balls, and Ipong original table tennis robot. Fourthly, increased long-term performance. Long-term durability is essential in table tennis, especially when setting aside a little investment. Therefore, you can be sure that this model will last you long. Moreover, it has a quieter operation, an updated feeder disc to prevent ball jams, and an updated wireless remote control for easier use. It depends on your playing style, but indeed you can produce different spins, left spin, and right sidespin. It is a simple, affordable, and fully compatible ping pong robot for all types of players who want to train independently. For example, there is no recycling net included with other models, but you can find this as an add-on for your robot. So, you can also download the owner’s manual here. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Pros and Cons for all table tennis robots under 500 dollars Here we need to say that the price of each robot determines its advantages and disadvantages. However, there is something in common with all the models on our list. They are made to be placed on the table and thus throw balls that you have to collect later. It’s not a big drawback if you train with a robot occasionally, but that’s already a problem when you plan every day. You should buy accessories such as nets or ball collectors. In any case, in the end, you need to insert the balls into the robot yourself and do the exercise again. If we look at the advantages, they are ease of use, transfer of robots to any place, and, of course, their price, which is affordable compared to many other models. We hope that if you have planned to set aside such an amount, you will find the best model of ping pong robot for you or your table tennis club. If you plan to use it in a club where many beginners and children train, robots like this are more than reasonable. Basic and less advanced things in table tennis are perfect to work with. These ping pong robots will improve your movement, and you will learn the basic moves of forehand and backhand and pimping and returning service. Other Budget Table Tennis Robots (500 – 1000) Dollars There are more advanced, better table tennis robots in every respect than its predecessor 1050 with new electronics and new software produced in the US. If we compare it with Robo-Pong 2055, which is much more expensive, we can say that the only difference is in the recycling net, which does not come with this choice. However, Robo-Pong 1055 is still a great ping pong robot that can do a lot to improve your game and movement in table tennis. 6. Oukei TW-2700-E1A Robot CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The compact design of this beautiful ping pong robot allows you to carry it anywhere with you. It is made like a tabletop robot full of power and functionality. The Oukei E1A has features with three levels of play. Namely, you can set three different modes of service, three points of throwing the ball, and just as many different turns. In addition, it has an automatic protection system that allows it not to be overloaded if the balls are of poorer quality or if they are damaged. Of course, this can happen if you accidentally put the ball in its container, but nothing terrible will occur due to the protection system. As with other robots, the Oukei E1A has a control box in the shape of remote control. With this, you can adjust everything you need regarding the game. On the other hand, the frequency of throwing the ball is slightly lower than in our previous example, namely, up to 70 balls per minute. It can serve a variety of services for you to practice returning. You adjust it all with topspin, backspin, and sidespin. Options that are also important are the free accessories you get with this model. And those are the ball collection net, 48 double fish balls that are standard today, so 40+. Moreover, you can download the complete product manually using the robot and control the remote control here. The Oukei E1A Table Tennis Robot Features Double-Spin Technology ensures different degrees of speed, curve, and spin are served. Three spin modes to choose from Topspin, backspin, and no spin (straight) Serving Frequency: 35-70 balls/minute Serving Speed : 3-30 meters/second Ball capacity: 100 balls Servings modes and ball container Fixed mode: Various kinds of serves land continuously at one point Chosen from 3 possible points as desired by the player Random Mode: All your balls land randomly on three possible points across the court Free Mode: Serves will land freely on any random point on the entire width of the court Another excellent benefit that will mean many users is the warranty. The North American warranty on Oukei models is three years. The customer can send the robot for service in Los Angeles for the first year. However, you can solve many things with the technical support always available to you as long as you own a ping pong robot. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!In conclusion, we can say that it is solid and compatible among ping pong robots under $ 500. We recommend it to all players, from amateurs to professionals, to improve specific techniques at home. For those who want to invest a little money in sparring partners such as ping pong robots under 500 dollars, we recommend Oukei as a strong, reliable, and efficient model. 7. WAYMARK Automatic Table Tennis Robot Machine CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The WAYMARK Automatic Table Tennis Robot Machine is one of the most affordable table tennis robots. It has a maximum ball collection capacity of 300 balls, and you can adjust it to fireballs at different speeds, spin types, and points of fall. The table tennis robot also comes with 100 bonus balls. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to improve their table tennis skills without breaking the bank. The table tennis robot can adjust spin type, ball speed, and ball out frequency, making it ideal for players of all skill levels. It has amazing features, and you can have a realistic training experience. Waymark Table Tennis Robot Features Ball recycling system: up to 300 balls The catch net included Ball’s speed: 4-40 m/s The pick up net included Adjustable angle: Yes Oscillation feature: 35-80 balls/min Bluetooth connection: No CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! 8. GFYWZZ Ping Pong Robot Machine with 36 Different Spin Balls CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This ping pong robot has Double & Single Head Operation versatility, and a training machine is one of its best features. You can turn it into a single ball launcher by adding a fairway cover, allowing you to focus on training with only one head. The ball spin, ball speed, and swing speed of each head can also be adjusted separately by the controller, doing the training more closely aligned to your needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your backhand or perfect your serve, this machine can help you take your game to the next level. With the GFYWZZ Ping Pong ball machine, you get the following table tennis robot accessories. This innovative machine can hold up to 110 table tennis balls and can be set to drop them at any angle, allowing you to practice your skills to perfection. This ping pong robot has a ball speed of 40-70 per minute. Table tennis players who love to practice basic skills will surely be satisfied. It has a multi-spin direction, up and down for services and left-right for footwork. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This robot can’t throw the balls like Power Pong robots, but training is great for a good ping pong. So, if you’re looking for a way to up your ping-pong game, be sure to check out the GFYWZZ Ping Pong Robot Machine. What to expect from ping pong robots under 500 dollars? Firstly, these are robots for a small budget, so they do not have certain accessories that would be included with expensive robots. You can buy additional features, and again overall, you haven’t spent a lot of money on your favorite robot. Secondly, you don’t have that many complicated ball-throwing programs, but the primary thing that matters to every player, the robots on our list, can help. Sometimes too many options can confuse players, especially those at the entry level. That is why these robots are pretty good for beginners and children learning the basics of this sport. Thirdly, you throw the balls into the robot by yourself when the amount from the container is used up. But, that doesn’t have to be a drawback because you will take a break and continue the game. Due to the capacity of the balls, if you do not have an assistant, you will take a short break and put the balls in the container. After that, continue with the game. You can buy ping pong balls from Megaspin for an affordable price. Moreover, beginners and intermediate-level players will be happy with these ping pong robots because robots can provide everything they expect from a partner. Of course, it only matters how you set the options and how persistent you are, but it also applies to regular workouts. Ping Pong Robots Under 500 – FAQs 1. Can robot spins be randomly mixed? The Robo-Pong 1040+ has 32 different spin settings, but they must be made manually. Every time you hit the button, the machine will deliver the ping pong balls with topspin. You can also create combination spins by setting two spin types simultaneously. The Newgy Robo Pong 2040 is similar, but it has 64 different spin settings and a larger ball capacity. 2. What robot accessories should I consider? Once you’ve decided on the type of robot, the next thing to consider is what features you want. Common features include a ball recycling system, wireless remote control, and adjustable settings. Each of these features has pros and cons, so you’ll need to decide which ones are most important. Finally, you’ll need to decide on a budget. Table tennis robots can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. So, you’ll need to figure out how much you’re willing to spend on your new ping pong robot. What to consider when purchasing a table tennis robot? There is no doubt that practicing with a table tennis robot can be highly beneficial to any player, especially footwork. The ability to program the machine to shoot balls at specific locations means that you can focus on your footwork and fine-tune your movements. Additionally, the ambition to reach all balls that the machine fires at you will help to improve your reflexes and speed around the court. The best ping pong robots can also be beneficial if you need to change your strokes in terms of technique. Because the machine can be programmed to provide different kinds of shots, you can practice your new strokes repeatedly until they become second nature. Wired remote and Battery One of the most important considerations is how the robot will be powered. There are two main options: plug-in models and battery-powered models. Plug-in models usually have longer cords, which can be helpful if you need to keep the robot a certain distance away from the wall. However, they can be less portable than battery-powered models. Battery-powered models come in two types: those that use disposable batteries and those that have rechargeable batteries. Disposable batteries can be more convenient, but they can also be more expensive in the long run. Rechargeable batteries may require a more initial investment, but they can save you money over time. Another consideration is the size of the table you’ll be using. Some robots are designed for regulation-size tables, while others are meant for smaller tables. Make sure to choose a compatible robot with the ping pong table you’ll be using. Dimensions and Storage One of the most important things to look at is the portability of the robot. Even if there are robots that do not weigh a lot and are suitable for transport, you will want to make sure that you keep them in a safe place when not in use. Another essential feature to consider is the ability to adjust the speed and spin of the ball. This will allow you to customize your practice sessions to make the most of your time. Finally, you will also want to make sure that the robot comes with a warranty if anything should happen to it. Ping Pong Robots Under 500 – Conclusion In any case, users must be satisfied, so we have focused this article on the best possible ping pong robots under $ 500 that can be found. No perfect machine will replace the human factor when playing table tennis, but one can still contribute to human progress. That’s how you should look at this investment. Something that will help people who use it get the maximum possible effect. There is no way to compare these robots to those that cost over $ 2,000, but we are sure these are the best from this selection. Another thing is that each of these models can program exercises. This is no small thing because when you can, then you have more options to improve your game. You may also like these budget ping pong robots Some have more programs, some less, but it certainly means a lot. Our best model, the Newgy Robo-Pong 1055, is the best-selected model with 64 pre-programmed exercises and the only one with a recycling net that collects the balls. If you want better characteristics of the ball’s frequency, oscillation, and speed, you should opt for IPONG Trainer Motion. You also get a collector with it, so you can give a task to someone in the club to help you collect the balls. This way, you won’t have a deadlock between exercises. And one more thing, you need to take a break between activities, regardless of who you play table tennis with. If you are a beginner and want to learn the basic strokes, then one of these machines will be great. We have reviewed the best ping pong robot for budgets under 500 dollars so that you can make an informed decision. However, you should read our reviews of expensive robots if you are an advanced player. Whichever of the best ping pong robots under 500 you choose, we hope you have a lot of fun playing table tennis!

Best table tennis glue top 5 butterfly donic andro joola revolution

Best Table Tennis Glues (2022 Updated) – Top 5

Today’s best table tennis glues are inorganic, which the ITTF declared to be the only valid and recognized glue from the Olympic Games in 2008 until today. The use is different than with previous quick glues but quite simple. Before you look at more detailed analyses and ways regarding gluing a table tennis racket, please take a look at our table of shortlisting racket glues. The most important thing before the analysis of table tennis glue Firstly, apply a thin layer of glue with a sponge that you get with any glue of your choice. The time required to dry is 25-30 minutes. After that, rubbers will have a full effect depending on how often you practice. With training 3-4 times a week, you are free for 4-6 months once you stick. As a player with 25 years of experience in table tennis, watch the video where I glue a friend’s table tennis racket. You can also see the way of gluing on this site on the page How to assemble a table tennis racket. Now it’s time for the glues from our shortlist, most of them are similar in terms of characteristics, but we also have special ones that are the best-selling in the world of today’s table tennis. 1. Butterfly Free Chack PRO Table Tennis Glue CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Butterfly Free Chack PRO Table Tennis Glue gives you the power to create a racket that’s perfect for your playing style. This adhesive allows you to customize your paddle’s grip, thickness, and overall feel. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this glue will help you win! It is not because it is in the first place on our list, but because it is the best table tennis glue in the world. It is made of 100% liquidized natural caoutchouc and does not contain organic solvents. This is a more advanced version than Free Chack I and also has stronger sticky properties. So, this means that it holds the rubber harder and better on the racket when you glue it. The glue takes a longer time to dry, about 20 to 30 minutes, but evaluate it yourself when you see that the white color is slowly disappearing. The glue is such that it can be easily removed from the blade or rubber later during the next gluing. The package of Free Chack glues There are several different packages of glue, but we have presented the most requested by the players, 90 ml. So, with this amount, you can glue your favorite table tennis racket approximately 10 times. Another important thing is that you will do it very easily when removing the rubbers for the next gluing, and you will not damage the racket. In this way, you can glue one rubber several times while maintaining the same quality. Above all, it is used by top table tennis players worldwide, and perhaps the best example is Timo Boll. In addition to the glue, you also get lubricating sponges and instructions to get the maximum effect. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! What we like is that even if you make a mistake, there will be no damage. On the contrary, you will take it, and you will correctly repeat the procedure without any bad consequences for your racket. That’s why so many professional and amateur players choose Butterfly Free Chack PRO Table Tennis Glue. This glue allows you to prepare your racket for the optimal playing experience by giving you greater control over your shots. 2. Andro Turbo Fix Table Tennis Glue CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Firstly, this is a glue that is produced in Germany according to the best standards of the Andro brand. Secondly, it is water-based and does not contain VOCs “Volatile Organic Compounds.” Moreover, VOC  is a volatile organic compound used to make glues, making them more liquid to use. As a result, its evaporation releases substances into the air, which causes an odor until it dries. In addition, with this choice, you get 15 sponges and tools for buttoning and applying glue to the rubber and blade. Firstly, a bottle of glue is enough for 8 to 10 rackets if used correctly and applied to rubbers. However, Andro Turbo Fix Glue is totally FREE of volatile organic compounds, and it is made from 100% liquidized natural caoutchouc. When it comes to drying, we can say that it dries faster than our previous model. In this case, 15 minutes is enough to wait. For best results, pay attention to the size of the sponge pores in your rubbers. For example, if the pores are large, you need thicker glue and vice versa. However, Turbo Fix is ​​an adhesive recommended for rubbers with larger pores and thicker table tennis rubbers. In conclusion, this is a much more cost-effective glue when it comes to price. To sum up, if you don’t plan to glue the racket often, we recommend Andro Turbo Fix as one of the best for the budget. 3. Donic Vario Clean Table Tennis Glue 37ml CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Another of the best table tennis glue equipment is produced in Germany. It is made according to all water-based standards and without the previously mentioned VOC. Donic Vario also has good characteristics and high drying speed. There is no health risk, and the smell is the same as with any other, but minimal. Sponges are included in the packages, and the drying speed is about 5 to 10 minutes, which is very fast compared to other glues. Easy to handle, and the price is very affordable. The only important thing is to pay attention to the moment when the rubbers are glued because they must not dry out too much. For example, due to its speed, be on standby and after a maximum of 10 minutes, start putting rubber on the blade. This way, you will achieve the best characteristics and have a long effect on the game. Moreover, it is made in accordance with the valid ITTF regulations, and in this 37 ml bottle, you also get 6 sponges with one button for easier handling. All in all, it is recommended to store the glue in a dry and relatively cool place after use. 4. Joola Lex Table Tennis Glue 1000ml CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is the largest package we have presented because we think there are certain needs for table tennis clubs with more players. That’s why the price is higher because you have a quantity for a lot of gluing. We recommend it to either coaches or multi-player communities because it is really cost-effective and good for gluing often. Individuals should not take such a large package since they will glue the racket only 2-3 times a year. The glue is based on latex and does not contain solvents. It preserves rubber very well and dries quickly. In this package, you also get 50 sponges you will need one for each gluing. Most importantly, it’s about Joola Lex glue in that it is easy to peel off the rubber and blade when you want to re-glue the same racket. For example, you can remove everything in ten minutes by simply rubbing with your fingers or soft spongs. Since the price is stated for 1000ml, if we compare it with other glues, it will be $ 5 per 100ml, which is quite affordable. 5. Revolution 3 Odorless Table Tennis Glue 100ml CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Revolution 3 table tennis glue is an innovation in the market. It has better results than the previous ones and what makes it special is that after removing the rubber, it stays smooth and clean, and the glue is only on the blade. For example, you can easily remove just a layer of glue from the wood and re-glue the racket. With this package, you can glue the table tennis racket 10 times. We say this by counting both rubbers on one blade and so on 10 times. Another important thing and the question of why take Revolution glue? This is because its characteristics are such that it allows a better time to keep the ball on the racket when hitting. It has such a composition, and rubber absorbs the ball better, so to speak. That way, you get more control and security in the game. This glue has 3 types of viscosity. So, that means the ability of liquids to resist flow. When you glue the racket, you can affect the viscosity level by waiting longer for the glue to dry before placing the rubbers on the blade. Drying time is from 10 to 20 minutes, so you will decide by looking at the color of the glue on the rubber. Moreover, my recommendation is definitely “golden middle” to wait 15 minutes. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Best Table Tennis Glues – FAQs 1. How should I remove rubbers from the blade? The best way is to start at the bottom of the racket. Firstly, slowly and gently remove the rubber from the bottom corner diagonally upwards. It takes a little patience, but if you do it correctly and slowly, you will see that the glue will remain only on the blade, and the rubber will be as clean as new. When you do that, the glue from the blade is easily removed with your fingers or a piece of felt. Keep in mind that you always slowly and gradually remove the rubber so that it does not crack. 2. Since I chose the best table tennis glue, when do I need to re-glue the rubber? Our recommendation is not to re-glue the racket after the first gluing for the next 6 months. If you are a professional and train every day, then it would be okay to stick again in 3 months. Every player can feel it during the game because they will not have such good contact with the ball. Then it’s time to re-glue. The table tennis glues we have presented should have the effect of full contact of the ball for at least 3 months. As we said before, the players glued the rubbers before each training session due to the effect of a faster game. However, today there are such glues on the market that no one glues so often anymore, and it is recommended to glue them occasionally when you feel that the racket has lost its initial effect. 3. How are the table tennis glues applied, and how long does it take to dry? Whichever you choose from our selection of the best table tennis glue, keep in mind that they need a certain drying time. If you stick the rubber too early, it will not grip the blade well. Therefore, as we have already said, follow the color of the glue, and when it loses that white shine, you can start putting rubber on the blade. The way you put it is shown in the video at the top of the page and on our website on the page How to assemble a table tennis racket. Of course, it can be simply described in words. It would help if you start from the lower part of the racket and slowly apply rubber towards the upper part, for example, at the top of the racket. You can use a roller to straighten the surface or simply squeeze it up with your hand. After that, it takes 24 hours for the table tennis racket to affect pieces of training and matches fully. 4. How many layers of table tennis glue to put on the rubber and blade? Firstly, it is best to apply one layer of glue but to apply a sufficient amount. After that, you will do this by first pouring a certain amount on the rubber and then smearing it with a sponge all over the surface. On the other hand, you will know that it is enough so that the surface will be smooth and white. Do the same on the blade. A little more glue is needed for the blade because it absorbs faster. I do not recommend putting more layers, but if you really want, then you can make a maximum of 2. 5. What else should I pay attention to when using table tennis glues? Always store the bottle of glue at room temperature and always close it. That way, you’ll be able to use it for months. See the instructions for each table tennis glues at most due to the drying time. In this article, we have explained every glue approximately how much is needed, but it is worth looking at the instructions for a more precise time. Keep in mind that you cannot damage your racket in any way when gluing. This is only possible when removing the rubber for re-gluing if you are in a hurry. So, it would be best if you did it slowly, and you will have a long period of nice table tennis playing with your favorite racket. Table Tennis Glue – Conclusion All in all, table tennis glues can definitely improve your game. They provide a strong grip to the paddle and ball, which helps you keep control over both. Make sure to test out different brands and find the one that works best for you. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to use table tennis glue to up your game and beat your opponents! In the end, table tennis glue is an essential part of the sport. Without it, equipment would not be as durable, and players would not be able to generate as much spin. While some dangers are associated with its use, they can largely be avoided by taking a few precautions. Glue is a necessary evil in the world of table tennis, and we should all learn to live with it! Have you had any bad experiences with table tennis glue? Let us know in the comments below.