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5 Best Pickleball Paddles (2022 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Here we have prepared this top 5 pickleball paddle 2022 review to help you choose the best pickleball paddles for yourself, so you’ll have everything you need to start playing! Because pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States, it can be tempting to purchase a high-end racket to gain a competitive advantage. The Sports and Fitness Industry Association project that there are 4.8 million pickleball players worldwide, a two-fold increase from five years ago. According to the data, pickleball is now recognized as the American sport with the quickest rate of growth. The 5 Best Pickleball Paddles for 2022 1. JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle Features Series: Ben Johns Hyperion Class: Premium Surface: Carbon Friction Core: Reactive Honeycomb Polymer Core Thickness: 16MM Price: $219.95 Average Weight: 8.4oz Paddle Length: 16.5in Paddle Width: 7.5in Grip Length*: 5.5in Grip Circumference*: 4.25in About JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle World #1 Ben Johns’ trademark pickleball paddle is the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16MM. Prepare to encounter a paddle built in collaboration with, and trusted by, Ben Johns in competition and engineered to perform at the top levels in all categories. This Pickleball paddle has unique foam injected into the paddle’s circumference to improve weight and stability, increasing the sweet spot for consistent edge-to-edge play. The paddle’s CFS technology employs a more sophisticated, resilient, and long-lasting Carbon-Flex5 textured surface, harnessing raw power while giving maximum spin. JOOLA, the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16MM is designed for the high-level golfer to maximize bounce consistency and feel for every shot. This pickleball paddle is perfect for two-handed shots. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Carbon-forged grip gives maximum elasticity for added power and comfort. The perforated, anti-slip ridge grip provides optimal grasp performance and better shock absorption.   2. Helium Atmos Pickleball Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Surface: carbon fiber Core: polypropylene honeycomb core Lightweight Size: 16″ x 8″ Grip: 4.875 x 4.5 USAPA Pickleball Approved About Helium Atmos Pickleball Paddle Helium’s ATMOS pickleball set includes four paddles composed of high-quality woven carbon fiber for improved spin and control. Each paddle is engineered to improve your performance and help you dominate the pickleball court. The ATMOS pickleball paddles 4 set improves the game of every player. The lightweight polypropylene honeycomb core allows for a speedier swing. The rough carbon surface holds the ball, allowing you to spin the pickleball faster when returning it. Premium Paddle Construction and Lightweight Materials: The ATMOS pickleball paddles have a stronger carbon fiber surface for enhanced power and control.   3. OLANNY Graphite Pickleball Paddles CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Length: 16.77 inches With: 16.77 inches Height: 10.87 x 5.12 inches Weight: 51.49 oz. Surface: Graphite Core: Honeycomb About OLANNY Graphite Pickleball Paddles The Pickleball kit contains four premium pickleball paddles, six pickleball, four replacement soft grips, and one carrying bag for easy pickleball transport and storage. The portable, lightweight racket enables you to swing easily on the court. Everything you require to get started on the court. Pickleball activities are a terrific way to spend time with friends and family while being healthy. The pickleball paddle kit is easy to use and comfortable to hold. The grip is perforated, moisture absorbent, and cushioned for a better paddle grip and fatigue-free play.   4. Wilson Echo Pickleball Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Weight: 7.7-8.1 oz. Length: 16″ Width: 8″ Head size: 70.5 sq. in. Grip circumference: 4.125″ Price: $120 About Wilson Echo Pickleball Paddle The Wilson Echo Pickleball Paddles take the cake regarding how much technology you get for the right price. The Echo is made of PO3 fiberglass composite material for a lightweight, sturdy feel. It contains a PolyCore-X honeycomb core on the interior to dampen vibrations and strike a controlled shot on every stroke. The paddle is classic in shape, with a surface that helps the player to generate wicked spin to the ball.   5. Diadem Warrior Edge Paddle CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Weight: 8.0 oz. Length: 16.5″ Width: 7.5″ Thickness: 16 mm Facing Material: Raw Carbon Fiber Handle Length: 5″ Handle Circumference: 4.125″ About Diadem Warrior Edge Paddle A raw carbon fiber face material is used in most of the most popular paddles on the market. The material is popular primarily because of its high spin potential. Diadem has clearly noticed and desired to join the party. Their new Warrior Edge paddle has a raw carbon fiber face and a similar high spin rating to all the previous paddles. However, it has some qualities that make it play differently than the other paddles in its class. I discuss them in the Shape & Design section below. The Warrior Edge comes after Diadem’s last performance paddle, the Warrior. What is Pickleball? Pickleball is one of the sports expanding the quickest in the country. The popularity of pickleball has grown over the past few years. Due to the game’s increasing popularity, numerous parks and recreation departments now include pickleball in their sports programming. Pickleball is a racket and paddle sport that is played indoors or outdoors. Two or four players hit a perforated hollow polymer ball using solid-faced paddles over a 36-inch-high net. The two teams alternately hit the ball over the net until one side breaks a rule. Rules of Pickleball are very similar to Ping Pong rules, and because of that, anyone who knows Ping-Pong can learn how to play the game. Pickleball has something for everyone, whether you’re a novice looking to learn a new sport for pleasure or a seasoned player looking for the excitement of more competitive play. Although a pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court (one tennis court may be converted into four pickleball courts), the gameplay allows players to be close enough to one another to hold discussions. So, pickleball keeps it simple while allowing you to fit in a workout on a busy day. Best Pickleball Paddles Buying Guide We’ve created this guide with all sorts of tips from our years as pros so you can make an informed decision without worrying about what brand or model will work best for you. The future of pickleball is bright, with new products coming from big names like Ben Johns. The JOOLA Hyperion CFS 16mm signature paddle was released in April, and it’s already brought attention to this fast-growing sport. What makes the best quality Pickleball Paddles? A pickleball paddle, like a decent tennis racket or badminton racket, should be built of materials that assist absorb the vibration of the ball while still enabling flex to return the ball in a more controlled manner. Carbon fiber and fiberglass composites are two materials that are commonly used in high-quality paddles. That’s because they help players deliver speed and spin on the ball. A decent pickleball paddle should also have no dead patches. When you strike the ball, the entire paddle surface should make consistent contact with the ball. Any flat spots or raised areas on the paddle face will cause the ball to bounce erratically, making it more difficult to control. A honeycomb design is a popular interior makeup style that ensures the racket is evenly balanced. It should not randomly underperform and fall flat. This is why good pickleball paddles are thick. That way, makers may insert technology inside the paddle to minimize dead zones. Finally, a pickleball paddle must be lightweight and straightforward to handle. Consider how wide different varieties of tennis rackets are available to players. Pickleball paddles follow a similar pattern. Some paddles are designed for power, while others are designed for control and balance. There are paddles with varying forms of contact area as well as different surface materials for quickly spinning the ball. The starting point is understanding where to begin with a pickleball paddle. From there, you can tailor the game to your preferences. What are the Parts of Pickleball Paddle? In this section, we’ll look at the different parts of a pickleball paddle and what each one does. So, whether you’re a pickleball newbie or a seasoned pro, keep reading to learn all you need to know regarding pickleball paddles. The explanation for different parts of a pickleball puddle is as follows: Blade: Size, shape, and material are all significant variables when selecting a blade. The paddle’s blade is the part that makes contact with the ball. It’s often constructed of wood, composite, or graphite, and selecting the correct size and form for your playing style is critical. Handle: The Handle is the paddle section you grip while playing. It is typically constructed of wood, composite, or graphite, and selecting a handle, you feel comfortable holding is critical. Some paddle handles are shorter than others, so remember when choosing a paddle. A shorter handle can be easier to manage but also make power generation more difficult. On the other hand, a longer handle might provide more power while also making it more challenging to manage. Pickleball Paddle Core Materials   Grip: The grip is the portion of the paddle that you hold with your hand. It is typically constructed of rubber or synthetic materials, and selecting a grip that is comfortable for you and will not slip out of your hand while playing is critical. Overgrips, replacement grips, and sticky grips are among the several varieties of grips available. Overgrips are thin, comfortable, and well-absorbent, and the replacement grips are thicker and more cushioned. Tacky grips are sticky and improve grip. Edge Guard: The edge guard is a component of the paddle that shields the paddle’s edge from wear and tear. It’s often composed of plastic or rubber, and selecting a long-lasting edge guard that won’t come off is critical. If you’re looking for a pickleball paddle that will last a long time, you should seek one with a more sturdy edge guard. What are the best Pickleball Paddles made of? A pickleball racket is the most critical piece of equipment you’ll need to play the game, so be sure it’s made of high-quality materials. The pickleball paddle is larger than a ping pong paddle but smaller than a tennis racket. Pickleball paddles began as wood paddles, but as technology advanced, paddles have become more powerful and durable. The materials used to construct a pickleball paddle are as follows: Paddle Core Material: Wood: For beginners, wood paddle cores for pickleball paddles are usually the best option. A wood paddle core is the cheapest alternative but is the heaviest and has less playability. Polymer: Polymer pickleball paddle cores are honeycomb cores of a high-tech plastic blend known as polypropylene. Polymer paddle cores are the most popular choice for players because they provide an excellent balance of control and power and are quiet, making them ideal for residential settings. Nomex: A Nomex pickleball paddle core is a heat-resistant resin layer on top of a DuPont Nomex paper-covered honeycomb core. Aside from wood cores, Nomex paddle cores are regarded as one of the original cores. When a ball strikes a Nomex paddle core, it produces a lot of pop yet has a more rigid feel than wood or polymer cores. Aluminum: As expected, the aluminum honeycomb core is used to make an aluminum paddle core. An aluminum core is robust, light, and powerful. The aluminum core is well-known among players for its good touch around the net and traditional pop sound. Paddle Surface Material: Wood: like the wood paddle core, it is an excellent pickleball paddle for beginners. Wooden paddles were the first pickleball paddles made. Wooden paddles are widely available and reasonably priced. Graphite: A paddle surface constructed of graphite is robust, making it easier to smash the ball. Graphite paddles are both light and stiff. Players looking for control and more energy to get the ball across the net prefer graphite pickleball paddles. Polycarbonate: A synthetic resin is used to create a polycarbonate pickleball paddle surface. Many pickleball paddle manufacturers and retailers use polycarbonate paddles. That’s because the wax makes the paddle durable. Polycarbonate, like graphite, is a robust paddle surface material; however, polycarbonate paddles are lighter than graphite paddles. Composite: A pickleball paddle surface can be made of fiberglass and graphite composite materials. Most non-wood paddles, such as graphite and polycarbonate, can be classified as composite paddles. Best Pickleball Paddles – Conclusion If you want to ride this rise of Pickleball resurgence or build a professional pickleball career, you need the proper equipment to practice. The list of the five best pickleball paddles we showed you here are some of the world’s most popular and in-demand paddles. Professionals use them for training to a competitive edge in tournaments. The paddles above have not been listed in any particular order, as the “best paddle” is the one that fits you best and your playing style. JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle Helium Atmos Pickleball Paddle OLANNY Graphite Pickleball Paddles We hope that the pickleball paddles and the specifications we listed here will help you achieve your own pickleball goals.

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Best Table Tennis Store Online (Megaspin, Amazon & more)

There are a few things to remember when choosing the best table tennis store online. First, you’ll want to ensure that the store specializes in table tennis equipment. Second, you’ll want to read customer reviews to understand what others think of the store’s products and services. Third, you should compare prices between several stores to ensure you get the best deal possible. Do you have a favorite table tennis equipment online store? Yes, of course, you do. After all, there are several well-known and trusted TT online stores among table tennis players worldwide. I am a massive fan of Megaspin, Amazon, and more. But then again, there are other excellent table tennis stores that you might need to check out if you are looking for something completely different. So here it’s time to introduce you to some of them. 1. Megaspin VISIT SITE! The right table tennis equipment is crucial to your success as a player. While there are many things to consider when choosing a table tennis racket or table, is the best table tennis store online that will help you find the right product for your needs — whatever they may be. is created by a good team of successful pro table tennis players and coaches. It works as a superstore for all types of table tennis equipment and gears you can think about. They truly offer the best quality product, and their excellent knowledge of the sport helps players make intelligent purchases. This is definitely the place you want to buy your equipment, especially if you are a beginner (which means you need to buy a lot of table tennis rackets, ping pong balls, etc.). Ping Pong Website with great support and free shipping Megaspin is the best place to buy table tennis equipment because its online store offers free shipping worldwide, excellent email communication, and competitive prices. Not to forget – they offer free US shipping for orders over $50. Another of the best features is that Megaspin offers free liftgate service and premium add-on services like table tennis table installation. They also assure the best lowest price guaranteed. That means you can notify them if you find any item with the lowest price online, and they will adjust the cost of your selected item accordingly! Great All-in-One Packages – Table + Robot + Catch Net Last but never least is their exceptional return policy. If you are unsatisfied after purchasing tables and robots, you can return them within 30 days and get your refund. 2. Amazon VISIT AMAZON STORE! When you think about buying table tennis equipment online, I will bet that Amazon should be your second option when you want to start looking. From the best table tennis shoe to rubber sheets, Amazon has almost everything. But it’s understandable why folks may shy away from the online giant: many people associate Amazon with all things shady — shady deals, reviews, and refunds. Even if you don’t like what Amazon has to offer, there’s no denying it has become one of the most dominant forces in e-commerce. With billions of products being sold and shipped daily (with even more being added daily), it’s hard to ignore when you compare its market share with other retailers like Walmart, eBay, or Zappos. But it’s important to note that almost all brand of table tennis equipment, including Butterfly, Stiga, Tibhar, Nittaku, Andro, Victas, and Joola, have their official ship on Amazon. So if you have decided to buy from Amazon, it’s best to order from the brand’s official Amazon store. 3. VISIT POWERPONG OFFICIAL WEBSITE! Where to buy a ping pong robot? We know that a table tennis robot is pretty expensive. After purchasing a Newgy, Butterfly, or Power Pong robot, the last thing you would want is to find missing pieces and poor customer support. So if you are planning to buy a ping pong robot (Omega, Delta, Beta, or Alpha), is the best place. They offer excellent customer service, a great shipping policy, and, not to forget, a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 1- year Power Pong warranty on any product purchased from their online store. Now the critical question is: does Power Pong ship internationally? Yes! They ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and other countries, and it usually takes 3-5 days to receive the order. 4. If you are on the hunt for the best table tennis deals and weekly specials, then should be your go-to place. Tabletennis11 offers fantastic discounts on table tennis equipment- the more you buy, the more you can save, and you can save as much as 30% on the regular price of rackets, rubbers, and clothing items. The headquarter of Tabletennis11 is located in Estonia, Northern Europe. Their online store ( sells over 30 brands of table tennis and ships worldwide; in over 126 countries. They also offer exclusive discounts to those who subscribe to their newsletter. But the best thing is their return policy. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on any table tennis items purchased from their store except the items from the clearance category and specialty items such as assembled blades. 5. Paddle Palace Paddle Palace has been one of the best table tennis stores online since 1973. Its headquarters is in Portland, Oregon, USA, and they are the North American distributor for over 30 brands, including DHS, Newgy, Stiga, Tibhar, Butterfly, and more. Inside the USA, they offer free shipping for orders over $60 and charge $5.95 for S&H for orders under $60. The most important thing is Paddle Palace ships internationally and provides several payment options. It is an American table tennis supplier that offers special offers and a wide selection of blades, rackets, and custom or specialty items from all the leading brands, so you’re sure to find the perfect equipment for your home or club. They also carry a full line of table tennis accessories, including nets, paddles, balls, and storage covers. 6. Ping Pong Depot (PPD) Ping Pong Depot is a Canadian company, and as of this writing, PPD ships to Canada and specific locations within North America. Their online store ( carries table tennis equipment from over 28 brands. They offer weakly specials, gifts, and exclusive promo codes, using which you can get 10% – 20% discounts on several brands of table tennis gear. They also offer a reward program that allows you to gain points. You can then redeem the points for free table tennis equipment and discounts. For example, with 38970 points, you can get a Newgy Robo Pong 2050 from Ping Pong Depot for free! Best of all is their monthly installment plan (buy now and pay later). By choosing the option, you can partially pay for high-end table tennis equipment (items over $500) in 24 – 48 payments. But this option is only available for Visa cardholders and Canada only. Their refer-a-friend program is also a nice gesture. By referring a friend, you can get a $10 discount. Also, if you order over $89.90, they offer free shipping in the continental USA and Canada. 7. If you want to buy Timo Boll ALC, Viscaria blade, Tenergy rubbers, or Amicus Prime robot, Butterfly’s online store ( should be your choice. However, they only carry table tennis equipment from the Butterfly brand. But their online store ships to more than 35 European countries. Their website offers a pleasant browsing experience but isn’t the best option if you are looking for a brand other than Butterfly. 8. (OOAK Table Tennis Shop) OOAK Table Tennis Shop is the best table tennis distributor in Australia. Their online store ( carries brands like Butterfly, DHS, Donic, STIGA, Yasaka, Victas, Nittaku, Joola, and Xiom. But the only drawback is that they ship only to Australia and New Zealand and nowhere else. 9. Walmart If you’re looking for table tennis equipment online, Walmart’s website is one option. Their website is clean and certainly carries a friendly navigational system. While other retailers may have a broader range of table tennis brands, Walmart gives you the advantage of purchasing table tennis equipment in-store or online. This means you can get what you need, and no waiting is involved! However, Walmart isn’t the best place to buy table tennis equipment online. That’s right, I said it. If you want to get your hands on the latest and the best in table tennis gear, you need to head to online stores, particularly for table tennis equipment like Megaspin or Tabletennis11. They have a great selection of brands and can quickly help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Also, Walmart doesn’t ship most of the table tennis products internationally. So if you are ordering table tennis equipment outside the USA, Walmart is a poor choice. Another factor is delayed shipping. Like Amazon, several customers complain about the delayed shipping after ordering from them. And let’s face it: there are only so many places you can go and meet your table tennis needs. When it comes to buying new equipment, Walmart might not be your first choice—but when you’re looking for an affordable place with a wide range of products, Walmart is about as good as it gets. 10. eBay eBay is a good option if you search for places to buy pre-owned table tennis tables and other equipment. eBay makes shopping for used and new ping pong equipment much easy. You have to filter your search accordingly. However, finding your preferred item for sale near your area would be difficult. Whether you’re looking for new ping pong tables for your home or club or need to replace an old one, eBay is the place to shop. You’ll find all the brands you trust, including Stiga, Joola, and Butterfly. And with eBay’s convenient shipping options, you can have your new table at the lowest prices delivered right to your door. 11. Dick’s Sporting Goods A list of the best table tennis stores online is never a list without including Dicks’s Sporting Goods. It is an American sporting goods retail company with over 730 stores across the USA. One of the best features is that they provide in-store discounts, and you will get reward points for every purchase. They also offer ‘Best Price Guaranteed’ but Dick’s Sporting Goods, free curbside or in-store one-hour pickup, and free shipping for selected products and orders over $65. However, Dick’s Sporting Goods only ships to North America, and not all brands of table tennis equipment are available on their online store. 12. Prott.VIP Prott.VIP is an international professional table tennis online store. Their online store features all types of table tennis equipment from most brands, including Stiga, Yasaka, Victas, and others. It has been a reputable online table tennis store since 2012 and is a good option if you shop globally. Every table tennis player should visit this store for accessories, balls, or other discounted items. is an online table tennis store that offers a wide range of ping pong paddles, clothing, and other accessories. The store features a variety of brands, including Stiga, Butterfly, and Donic, and offers competitive prices on all of its products. In addition to offering a wide selection of products, also provides free shipping on all orders over $50. Best Table Tennis Store Online – Conclusion So what’s the final verdict? What’s the best place to shop for table tennis products? But of course, it all depends on your needs, location, and preferences. For example, if you’re interested in big brand names such as Victas, Butterfly, and STIGA, online stores like Megaspin and Tabletennis11 might be your best bet. If you can’t afford the actual competition blades but want durability, some stores (such as Megaspin) offer multiple carbon fiber variations that might fit your needs better. Or, if you want to save money by purchasing a slightly older blade version, stores such as Walmart and Paddle Palace also offer clearance deals. It’s always good to do your research and learn about the different features certain products have before making any decisions. I hope the information in this article will help and provide the necessary knowledge to pick the best table tennis store suitable for your needs. Choosing a proper store could help you save more money and time. I would love to hear your feedback and comments; it will be very valuable for me to research this topic. Good luck with your shopping! Best Table Tennis Store Online – FAQs Why buy table tennis equipment online? Buying table tennis equipment online is a good idea for many reasons. First, there are a lot of excellent and reliable table tennis stores around the world that offer high-quality table tennis products online at reasonable prices. Second, you can save time by searching for the item you are looking for and the most appropriate seller on their website. If you were to buy your equipment at a physical shop, it would take hours because you’d have to go from one location to another. Transferring from one place to another isn’t ideal, especially if you want to save on gas and buy online. Some of the other advantages of buying table tennis equipment online are: You get the best prices online Search for the equipment you need Buy it, instantly It’s fast and easy You don’t have to drive all over town You get service, selection, and advice from experts

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Best Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold (Top 5 Reviews of 2022)

Since you opened this Five Best Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold review, you’re likely an intermediate ping pong player looking for the best paddles to help advance your technique. Finding the ideal table tennis paddle involves a lot of considerations, like the cushioning and the thickness of the blade. Finding the grip style that feels the most comfortable to you is crucial, too. To assist you, we examined and reviewed the top 7 paddles for penhold gripping Ping-Pong, which are easily available on Amazon. Also, they are all authorized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Best 5 Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold Selected by The Author Here, we’ll examine the top 5 Table Tennis Paddles paddle list for the pen holding technique. As we have stated before, for a racket to be considered a penhold style racket, it needs to have a short grip so that a player can easily maneuver it with their thumb. The Table Tennis Paddles we have listed are some of the best-reviewed rackets on the internet. Among them, the best brand for Penhold style play is the Butterfly brand, of which we have listed quite some rackets. So, without further ado, let’s check out the 5 best Penhold Table Tennis Rackets we could find! 1. Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC CS Proline CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The speed and large sweet spot provided by the Super ZL Carbon material enable the Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC to be designed for strong and reliable strikes. For players looking to generate a high-level attack while wooding pressure on the opposition with strong topspin play, Dignics 05 is advised. Since traditional Chinese penhold rackets are made with rubber on only one side of the blade surface, the reverse of the blade is finished with a racket sheet. Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC Features Blade: Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC Handle: Chinese Penhold – a shorter, conical-shaped handle Wood: 5 Wood & Super ZLC Reaction: 120 Vibration: 107 FH Rubber: Dignics 05 2.1mm sponge Speed: 135 Spin: 120 Hardness: 40 Price: $498.97 on Megaspin The Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC is a penhold ping pong racket that is designed for experienced players. The racket is made of durable materials and offers a large sweet spot. The racket is also relatively light, making it easier to generate powerful strokes. The Dignics 05 rubber provides excellent spin and speed, making it ideal for players who want to generate a high level of attack. Overall, the Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC is a great choice for experienced players who are looking for a durable and powerful penhold ping pong paddle. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! If your playing style is for attack or you prefer more forehand play, this is the right and suitable ping pong paddle. It is an expensive ping pong paddle with high-quality materials of table tennis blade. 2. Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket is made using wood and carbon fiber layers. A thin covering of carbon fiber is placed over the outside plies of the hardwood surface. The blade will become lighter, stronger, and more rigid thanks to the carbon fiber addition. Compared to an all-wood blade, this has a bigger sweet spot and will be more reliable. Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Features Brand: Butterfly Grip Size: 3 1/4 inches Sport Type: Table tennis Material: Rubber Skill Level: Advanced Frame Material: Carbon Fiber Shaft Material: Carbon Fiber Blade: penhold grip made of carbon Speed: 0 Spin: 0 Control: 0 The Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket is one of the best ping pong paddles on the market. The wooden surface outer plies are followed by a thin layer of carbon fiber, making the blade lighter, stronger and stiffer. This penhold style paddle also includes 2 40+ ping pong balls, making it ideal for advanced-level players. The Butterfly Nakama P1 is a great choice for competitive ping pong games if you’re looking for a top-quality ping pong paddle. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!  The Butterfly Nakama P1 Japanese Penhold ping pong paddle is a great option for intermediate players. The thinner rubber provides good control, and the balanced weight makes it easy to maneuver. The durable paddle can withstand the wear and tear of intermediate players. Overall, the racket is a great choice for those looking to improve their game. intermediate players will appreciate the thin rubber and balanced weight, while the durable construction will help extend the life of the paddle.   3. Victas Sleek – Japanese Penhold & Ventus Extra Rubber CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Victas Sleek’s Ventus Extra Max Rubber and no rubber color sheet is the ideal combo for someone who wishes to improve their game with a professional racket. This premium Japanese Penhold blade will be made and assembled for professionals to train with by applying a layer of varnish to seal the wood and then placing the pre-packaged rubber on the forehand. Victas Sleek Features Weight: 85g Blade Size: 140mm x 135mm Grip size: 85mm x 20mm Grip: Japanese Penholder Material: 7-ply Wood Shape: semi-round / 1 side Thickness: 0 mm Type: ALL  The Victas Sleek is a top-quality penhold paddle that is perfect for serious ping pong players. The paddle has a power sponge that gives your strokes extra spin and power. The racket is also lightweight and has a high control balance, making it ideal for penhold grip players. With this combo, you will be able to take your Japanese Penhold game to the next level. The Ventus Extra rubber provides excellent spin and power, making it perfect for penhold players who want to dominate their opponents. If you are looking for a quality penhold paddle that will give you an edge over your opponents, the Victas Sleek is the perfect choice for professional players. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Victas Sleek is one of the best penhold ping pong paddles for tournament play and Japanese style. This pen hold paddle, in combination with Ventus ping pong rubber, is a great option for backhand shots and blocks all around the table.   4. DHS Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold 4006 CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is a terrific paddle for those who have advanced beyond the basics of ping pong and need a paddle that can provide greater control, spin, and speed. It has a short handle, so paddles feel as if you’re not used to playing with a penhold. Given that the blade has seven plies, you will note that it is thicker and possibly heavier than standard paddles. Additionally, the black and red rubbers provide excellent traction. Remember to give each side of the DHS Ping Pong Paddle 4006 Table Tennis Racket its due, and choose how you wish to utilize them. The white and black sides are two different sorts of rubber, each suitable for a particular style. DHS Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold 4005 – Features Brand: DHS Sport Type: Table Tennis Material: Rubber Frame Material: Wood Wood: 7-ply pure wood Rubber: One side Pimples In / One side Pimples in Loop with the quick attack: Stronger power expresses speed and spin There are many different types of ping pong paddles to choose from, but if you’re looking for a penhold paddle, the DHS Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold 4006 is one of the best options on the market. Made with 7-ply pure wood, this paddle provides excellent control and power, and the thicker rubber allows for a quick-attack loop with a stronger power to express speed and spin. Compared to the shakehand grip, the penhold grip style is perfect for players who want better control over their shots, and the thicker rubbers provide plenty of cushioning and more spin. This penhold ping pong paddle is specially designed for an aggressive style of play. All you need to do is make sure that the product is in brand new condition and that the rubbers have not been damaged. So if you’re looking for top-quality ping pong paddles with maximum control, the DHS Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold 4006 is a great option. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE!  The complete package of this paddle has a gift box for better storing and carrying the racket. It is a very durable racket, so you don’t have to worry about changing it. Surely, one of the best penhold ping pong paddles from brand DHS.   5. Butterfly Duifu Proline CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Proline Series is recommended for advanced-level players. The Proline Series is ideal for a consistent, steady all-around attack from close to mid-distance. The Butterfly Duifu Proline’s SK7 Classic is a strong yet flexible blade designed for all-around aggressive play. Rozena boasts high speed, spin, and a slightly softer, forgiving sponge. The Spring Sponge Technology provides a great feel. Because traditional Chinese penhold rackets have rubber on only one side of the blade surface, the rear of the blade is finished with a racket sheet. Butterfly Duifu Proline Features Blade: SK7 Classic Handle: Chinese Penhold – a shorter, conical-shaped handle Ply: 7 Wood Reaction: 111 Vibration: 93 FH Rubber: Rozena 2.1mm sponge Speed: 130 Spin: 108 Hardness: 35 The Butterfly Duifu Proline penhold ping pong paddle is recommended for professional ping pong players. The best ping pong paddles are made of very high-quality materials, and this paddle is no exception. The table tennis racket is solid yet flexible for all-round attacking play. Rozena has great speed and spin, and its slightly softer sponge is a bit more forgiving. The Spring Sponge Technology offers a tremendous feel and more spin. The backside of this thick blade is finished with a racket sheet, as traditional Chinese penhold table tennis racket players prefer. These penhold ping pong paddles provide excellent control and power for players seeking to improve their ping pong game. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The whole racket is made with high-quality materials from the brand Butterfly. If you are a serious player who wants a racket for tournament play, then Butterfly Duifu Proline is the best pen hold grip paddle for you. What is the Penhold Technique? The penhold grip, which originated in Asia, is used to hold the racket with the head looking downward and is similar to how one would hold a pen or pencil. Compared to Shakehand blades, Penhold blades have a shorter handle. Penhold players frequently solely utilize the forehand side of the paddle and don’t use a rubber sheet on the backhand side (though with the modern style, many players are now using the back side as well). Since the Penhold technique uses the same bat side for all strokes, there is no crossover point where the player must choose which side to use. The Penhold technique can be utilized in many variations, such as: Curving the index finger while keeping the thumb almost parallel to the blade. In between the thumb and index finger, various spaces are left. Index finger slightly overlapping the thumb. Use one, two, or three remaining fingers to touch the blade. Adjust the placement of the remaining fingers along the back of the blade. You must do this from the base to the middle of the blade. What is a Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold? The round racket for the Chinese Penhold style has a short handle. The thumb should rest along the side of the racket handle roughly parallel to it on the forehand, and the index finger should wrap partially around the handle’s end. The middle, ring, and little fingers are turned outward on the rear. By moving the thumb in either direction, the table tennis racket angle may be adjusted more flexibly, and the wrist’s range of motion is also increased. These are the main elements that give this serving style an advantage. Attacks over the ping pong table are quicker because the player doesn’t have to worry about striking the table with his hand. After all, the racket hangs downward. Most players that employ this approach have incredibly rapid footwork, enabling them to play most balls with their forehand. What’s a good Ping Pong Paddle? A good Ping-Pong should have all the good features that make a Ping-Pong paddle effective. Two essential parts of the ping pong paddle for penhold greatly impact how the bat operates; these parts are the blade and rubbers. Since almost all players choose their own blades and rubbers after they reach an advanced level, you should become familiar with both. The list of features of a good Ping Pong paddle for Penhold will allow our readers to better understand what to look for when buying a Ping-Pong paddle. The features that make a ping pong table effective are as follows: Rubber: Additionally, you should be aware that different rubbers have different levels of tackiness and grip. The capacity to produce spin is known as grip, and tackiness is essentially a subclass of grip. Top sheet: The rubber’s top sheet, frequently red or black, is its outermost layer. Top sheets come in various styles, including inverted, short pimples, long pimples, and anti-spin. However, the majority of rubbers have inverted pimples. Thus we will only discuss these types of rubbers today. Sponge: A sponge layer that sticks to the blade is placed beneath the top sheet. Depending on the rubber, you can choose a custom bat with a thickness ranging from around 1.2mm to 2.5mm. Your paddle will be more explosive the thicker you go. With thinner sponges, this comes at a higher cost in terms of control. Blade: The rigid portion of the bat, known as the blade, is where you attach your rubbers and grip it while playing. They are constructed from thin, glued-together layers of wood. Typically, blades contain five to seven plies, while some cutting-edge blades occasionally have more layers. Most of the sensation you experience from the ball comes from the blades, which is crucial when adding spin to your shots. All-wood construction: The most prevalent composition is all-wood, and you may find it in the beginning to advanced blades. The blade’s name implies that it is entirely made of wood, with no additional layers like carbon. Blades made entirely of wood typically provide the most sensation but are slower. What are the types of Ping Pong Paddle Handle? There are four primary varieties of handles available. Your choice of handle largely depends on your individual preferences and how you grip your bat. Penhold: Only penhold grip players may use this type of handle. Available in both Chinese and Japanese designs, which affect the length and roundness of the handle. The types of Ping Pong Paddle handles are as follows: Flared: Flared is a handle that is most frequently used. It is the widest near the end and is the thinnest in the center. It makes it less likely that your bat will escape your grasp. Anatomic: When held in your palm, the handle has a bulge near the center. It is much easier to control when playing since it fits right into the player’s palm. Straight: The handle is the same width all the way around. Straight handles may be square or rounded. How is The Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold Handle Rated? We evaluate each rubber and blade based on three key factors. They are a quick approach to determining if a piece of equipment would suit you. To determine whether a piece of equipment suits your style, you should look farther than these features. The three features to rate a Ping Pong Paddle are as follows: Speed: How quickly you can make the ball move is its speed. Most players prefer to play quickly and look for quick equipment. Speed can be increased by adding more plies to your blade or using rubber with a thicker sponge. Control: Control is the capacity to maintain consistency and keep the ball on the table. The harder it is to handle the bat, the faster it is. Since speed and control are directly correlated, slower bats typically have more control. Spin: The amount of rotation you can create by touching the ball is called spin. Strong spin is produced by grip-able rubbers, making your opponent’s life difficult. However, it is somewhat of a double-edged sword because spiny rubbers frequently find it difficult to counter-spin.   Best Ping Pong Paddle for Penhold – Conclusion We hope that our Best 5 Table Tennis Penhold Paddle review has given you insight into what to consider while looking for the top ping pong paddles. We’ve tried to concentrate on a handful of the best possibilities because it may be very daunting to look through all the numerous options. To give you the greatest information we could, we personally did manufacturing research, practical testing, and review analysis. And we can only apologize if you believe that none of them fit your level. Please read some of our other reviews; we have plenty.

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Ping Pong Table Dimensions (Official Size)

What are the ping pong table dimensions? This is a question that a lot of people have, and it can be tough to find the answer. This blog post will discuss the different ping pong table dimensions and what you need to know before buying one. We will also provide tips on finding the right table for your needs. Among the gear, you need to practice ping pong properly are the paddles, the tables, and the ping pong balls. The article you’re about to read here is about the official size of ping pong tables. So, we can surely say that for all aspiring future Olympic gold medalists – this article is a must-read! What are the parts of a standard ping pong table? It is for sure that most of us, if not all of us, have seen a ping pong table at some point in our lives. If you, too, have seen one, you probably noticed that the table isn’t only a plank of wood or the table you eat your lunch on. A ping pong table is divided into many sections and has different parts that make up the entire table. And all aspiring table tennis players must know all the details of the table they will be playing on. This is why we think it is important to tell you about the specific parts of a table tennis table in this article. The different details of a ping pong table are explained below: The Field of Play The playing area must be flat and rectangular, measuring 2.74 m × 1.525 m (9 ft. x 5 ft.), and it must be elevated by 76 cm (2.5 ft.). Throughout the entire playing area, the surface must be continuous. There are two equal-sized courts on either side, with the net as the dividing line. The substance used for the playing surface is not explicitly regulated; however, several types of wood and composites are frequently employed. The most crucial factor is the playing style. A typical ball must bounce to a height of roughly 23 cm to pass the test when it is dropped from 30 cm. throughout the table, which must be uniform. Net Assembly According to the ITTF, a net assembly consists of a net, a suspension system, net posts, clamps, or another fastening to secure the net design and the table. The net’s top must be suspended at 15.25 cm (6 inches) along its length. The bottom of the ping pong table net should be as near as feasible to the playing field. The net’s sides must be securely fastened to the net posts from top to bottom without any gaps. Additionally, each side’s net and posts stick out 6 inches. Ping Pong Table Dimensions – The Legs A table’s legs are essential for portability and storage since they support the table’s weight. They also determine the ping pong table length since the narrow tabletops of low-end tables are not very weighty, and their legs are often lighter. While portability is increased, the table’s solidity and durability are decreased. On the other hand, higher-end tables are renowned for having sturdy legs since they must support a heavy surface. Although hauling these tables up a flight of stairs can be extremely difficult, they will withstand more shocks and bumps outside the perimeter of the playing area. Racks Many tables have built-in equipment holders for rackets and balls for table tennis. Many recreational tables have this cool feature, which is a nice thing to have. Because having these functions can be a valuable method to keep track of your gear and many customers prefer them, some manufacturers even save them on their higher-end versions. Small Wheels Except for permanent designer tables and tiny and lightweight foldable tables, almost all modern tables feature wheels. But, moving a table on wheels is more straightforward. The majority of tables include improved portability and use. Remember that larger wheels perform better on rough or uneven surfaces when picking a table. How much area do I need for a Table Tennis Table? If you’ve ever watched professional players in action, you know that they frequently leave the table. They frequently go backward and to the sides by taking many steps. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) responded by advising a minimal clearance zone all around the table. The playfield size for a global competition or world championship should be 14 m by 7 m, or roughly 46 ft. × 23 ft. A recreational playfield typically needs roughly 8.5m x 4m, or 28ft x 13ft, around the table, whereas national and local events have less strict space restrictions. How big is a ping pong table? Before buying a brand new Ping pong table, you must know what you should be looking for. The standard Ping pong table size varies from competition to competition. Suppose you plan to compete in a local amateur Ping pong tournament, minor leagues, or even the Olympics. In that case, you must buy the proper ping pong table dimension for your special training. The official Ping pong table size determined by the ITTF for different kinds of table tennis competitions are as follows: 2.74 meters x 1.525 meters and 0.76 meters. 9ft x 5ft and 2.5ft. 108 inches x 60 inches and 30 inches. 274cm x 152.5cm x 76cm. It is imperative for all pro table tennis players that it will meet these requirements. You will see this size in most play venues, sports clubs, schools, bars, etc. How Long Is a Ping Pong Table? A standard ping pong table size in terms of height should be 0.76 meters at any stage other than minor leagues. Players of all sizes can enjoy themselves at this level. It also allows disabled players who use wheelchairs to enjoy the game. The size is for people who want to play competitive and professional Ping pong. But, if you only want something to play with and practice at your own pace or for an amateur tournament, then you can purchase the non-regulation-sized ping pong tables. Although these tables provide a unique playing experience, they are undoubtedly useful. These unconventional tables can be ideal for those who don’t have much room at home for a full-size table. Similarly, bars and clubs can desire to increase some entertainment without giving up too much room. Finally, even experienced players may wish to test the waters before making a significant table investment. How Thick Should a Ping pong Table Be? Thickness and the material with which a Ping pong table is made are very important to keep in mind when purchasing a Ping pong table; the thickness of the table can affect the bounce of the ball and how fast it will travel. Although the ball must bounce 23 cm when dropped from a height of 30 cm, there is no official regulation size. This needs to apply to every area in the table. ITTF-approved tables feature a supporting structure underneath to produce a consistent bounce, usually 22mm or 25mm thick. What Do the Markings on Table-Tennis Tables Mean? When you’re playing pinging, the table you’re playing on becomes your very own field of play. And just like any other field of play, some markings on ping pong tables are used to keep the score and the match fair. Along the 2.74m and 1.525m margins, white lines are 2cm broad on every ping pong table. Two courts are created by dividing the surface with a vertically positioned net. A white center line that is 3mm broad divides either side of the table into two equal courts when playing doubles. It follows the sidelines parallel. The Ping pong table markings and their sizes have been listed below: White sideline 2cm wide across the length of the table. White end line 2cm width across the width of the table. A wide white line parallels the sideline 3mm. What Color Should a regulation Ping pong Table Size Be? Surprisingly, there are no stringent color criteria under the table tennis rules. It is acceptable as long as the top is dark and gives the ball complete vision. Additionally, it needs to have a subdued finish that prevents reflections and glare. Consequently, ping pong tables are typically dark green or blue. Green is the Color that older folk are more accustomed to, but blue has become more common, so both hues are now accepted. Tables in purple and black are occasionally seen as well. But, The ITTF has specified acceptable cosmetic requirements in addition to the table’s dimensions. The tables, particularly the playing surface, must have a matte finish and a unified color scheme. The ITTF rules only state that the playing surface must be “dark colored,” even though most tournament tables are a dark blue color. Of course, you can still find tables with light colors. If this is your preferred style, it is a perfectly acceptable choice for most uses. However, because light-colored tables don’t adhere to ITTF rules, they should only be used for personal, professional, and other recreational purposes outside officially sanctioned events. What is The Weight of a Standard Ping pong Table? The weight of the table is a clear sign of its stability. Games don’t need to be stopped because heavy tables are difficult to push even if they are pushed into. Investing in a big table is an intelligent safety step. Therefore, heavier tables are much more typical in formal situations. A full-size, high-quality table typically weighs around 300 lbs. These tables are less movable and frequently highly expensive. Home and recreational tables are much lighter and often weigh between 50 and 150 lbs., making them much simpler to transport around the house. What are the sizes of Smaller Ping Pong Tables? If you’re not an Olympic-level professional or don’t have enough room in your house to keep a standard ping pong table length table, then you should buy the more minor variants of Ping pong tables, such as Mid-sized, ¾-sized tables, or mini Ping pong tables. Here we will briefly go through both these types of Ping pong tables: Mid-Sized Tables: On the other hand, the dimensions of mid-size table tennis tables vary. They will change depending on the brand and the quality of the table you’re buying. A decent estimate is roughly two-thirds the size of full-size tables. The height will remain constant. The mid-sized tables are frequently constructed lighter as well. The table’s thickness and the frame’s relative thinness impact how the ball bounces. But this also means that portability will get better. ¾ Sized Ping pong Tables: Having a ping pong table shouldn’t be restricted because of a small room. Many smaller table tennis table sizes are available for you to choose from. You can purchase 34-size tables, merely scaled-down versions of the standard tables. They are a great middle-ground for newer players and recreational players. Typically, 3/4 size tables are 7 by 4 feet and 2.5 feet tall. Mini Ping pong Tables: Assuming you want to avoid cheap novelty tables, the smallest table choice is a mini ping pong table. They come in a wide range of proportions but usually are 4 feet by 2.5 feet and 2.5 feet tall. Playing on these tiny tables is mainly for amusement, and it’s an effective way to teach young players the game. The drawback is that you get used to the smaller playing space, so switching back to playing on regular-sized tables can be difficult. How Much Do Official Sized Ping pong Tables Cost? Setting a budget is beneficial once you have determined that a Ping pong table is a reasonable purchase. Ping pong tables start at $400 and go up to $4000. A high-end table doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. For less than $700, recreational home players can frequently obtain a sturdy, high-quality table that competes with competitive tables. Here, we have divided the Ping pong tables into four categories based on how much they’re worth and how they are made. The categories of Ping pong tables and their prices are as follows: Ping Pong Tables (Non-Regulation-Size/Small): These tables are the cheapest, ranging in price from $100 to $450. They are perfect for kids or beginning players with a limited budget or who don’t have enough room for a full-size table. Full-size tables are also available in this price range, but they typically have very thin surfaces that result in a weak and irregular bounce and are not likely to last very long. VISIT THE SITE FOR DETAILS! Ping Pong Tables (Low-End): Recreation class tables are an excellent option for beginners and intermediates, costing between $450 and $600. They strike a perfect balance between cost, value, and features. In this price range, there is a wide selection. The alternatives in this price category often have a thinner tabletop and a less consistent bounce than higher-end tables. The table’s frame and legs are also less intense. Midsize Ping Pong Table Dimensions Ping Pong Tables (Mid-Range): Mid-range Ping pong tables, which vary in price from $600 to $1000, are best suited for families, sports teams, school gymnasiums, community recreation facilities, and even for players seeking to train competitively. These tables have premium features such as a thick playing surface, a solid bottom, a durable frame, and a detachable net. Outdoor tables at this price point are frequently found. VISIT THE SITE FOR DETAILS! Ping Pong Tables (Premium/Designer/Competition): the premium Ping pong tables can cost up to 1000 and above. These are a designer or premium outdoor tables that are competition-grade, ITTF-approved, and of the highest quality. The best characteristics of these tables offer a consistent bounce and a better playing experience. High-end sports bars, competition participants, and official competition hosts typically buy indoor tables in this price range. Such tables can be found in regional, national, and international tournaments. What Is the ITTF? All national table tennis associations are governed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The ITTF is responsible for enforcing laws and regulations and pursuing technological advancements in table tennis. The World Table Tennis Championships, held annually since 1926, are just one of the various international competitions organized by the ITTF. The ITTF has prohibited Russian and Belarusian competitors following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Ping Pong Table Dimensions – Conclusion If you’re an aspiring table tennis player reaching for the starts, there’s no substitute for practicing. It would help if you practiced like a professional to be the best at table tennis. But, to practice any sport correctly, you will need the proper equipment. Whether for your gym or home practice, keeping their gear with professional athletes is very important. Regarding table tennis, you don’t need too much equipment. But the equipment you use should be of the official professional quality standards. Different Ping Pong Table Dimensions for All Types of Players If you aspire to play in the table tennis pro leagues one day, we advise you to start practicing like a pro. To start practicing like the pros, you will need the best equipment for practice. When buying ping pong gear, you must consider buying equipment that meets the standards set by the ITTF. We brought this article to you to help you buy the right table tennis table for practice. We advise you that if you have enough room in your home, gym, or club, do not hesitate to buy the official-sized ping pong tables, as it will significantly improve your gameplay. But if you do not have the money or the space to buy and put the official-sized tables, you can get more minority and minor variants to help keep the flow going.

Best Table Tennis Net and Post Set (Top 5 of 2022)

A good table tennis net can drastically improve the overall quality of play. High-performance ping pong nets by Yonex today have unique features that make them stand out in this competitive market. We have come up with a list of some of the best table tennis net sets in 2022 and a list of those features that help them stand out from the pack. If you are looking for a ping pong net for any table, you must read this article from start to finish. At a Glance – Top 5 Best Table Tennis Nets Table tennis is an entertaining sport that can be played by people of all ages and skill levels. Many growth-oriented ping pong players get hooked on the game because it’s easy to learn and requires minimal equipment, making it an excellent family sport. Few modifications have been made to the game over the years; however, the equipment for table tennis is the same as that for a variety of other sports: paddles, balls, and rubbers. You can also adjust the scoring to suit your needs. Because of this, many of the same quality products are available in the market today as they were when table tennis was first introduced in 1873. 1. Stiga Premium Clipper Net and Post Set CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Stiga Premium Post and Clipper Net Set have a clipper style that makes them easier to set up. On the other hand, the Stiga net set can also provide quick matches if you want to use your time carefully, which is why this is one of the best table tennis equipment available today. The netting is made of polymer, which means it is more durable than others as it will not break easily and stay firm even under extreme playing conditions. While these two rackets are made for indoor play, who does not like good performance when playing outdoors? I always recommend Stiga equipment during all seasons because of its durability! The net for this set is crafted from a high-quality combination of various fabrics, including cotton and other synthetic materials. The steel posts, however, are made of robust and high-quality steel. The posts clip on so well that they rarely budge throughout a game. The net is simple to set up and take down because of its clipper style. Clipper can clamp onto the table without compromising the stability of the net, thanks to a spring-activated mechanism. You may measure the height and tension of the net using the gauge instrument that is, of course, included with the complete set. 2. Butterfly National League Net Set CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! One of the most well-known brands in table tennis is Butterfly, and the Butterfly National League Net Set, one of my favorite nets and post sets, demonstrates the brand’s high quality. The National League Set was created to be a top-quality, professional table tennis net set with one of the best post systems on the market. It is a professional-grade set since it is intended to give you the solidity you require during a competitive match. This set has rubber heads that allow it to stay on the table without harming it because you want to ensure the table’s surface is well-protected. It also has a calibration pin that you may use to change the net’s height easily. Additionally, it has a fantastic clamping system that keeps it in place throughout. This bundle might be a little more pricey than others, though, in my opinion. Aside from that, it should be at the top of everyone’s list because it is one of the best nets and post sets available right now. 3. JOOLA Retractable Portable Table Tennis Net CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This is the best retractable ping pong net, in my opinion. If you’re looking for a nifty, portable table tennis net that does its job well, the JOOLA Portable Ping Pong Net has you covered. A large amount of plastic and rubber make this one of the sturdiest options on our list. The clamping system is adjustable, making it easy to attach to anything that can hold a standard foot. The only bad thing about this product is that it is made of plastic and rubber, which means it isn’t as durable as other pinnings besides its price point. 4. PRO SPIN Ping Pong Net and Set CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! You can set up a game of ping pong anywhere with the Pro Spin High-Performance Table Tennis set. Pro Spins portable technology retracts and expands to fit any sized home, backyard, or office table for a quick game wherever and whenever you want. While you are not playing a game, this set also comes with a travel case for simple storage and transportation. You receive 2 bats/paddles, 3 premium balls, 1 net, and a portable storage container from Pro Spin so you can get started immediately after receiving your set. Whether a beginner or expert, you’ll have a high-quality game experience thanks to the pro-grade net and balls. 5. Donic Net and Post Set CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Donic Net and Post Set has a sturdy clip-on mechanism and solid construction, allowing it to stay on the table securely without seeming flimsy or unsteady. For this reason, I adore this setup and have added it to the list. The Donic set emphasizes the necessity for simple installation that virtually anybody can perform, which is one of its most vital points. The net and poles can be rapidly set up and taken down without wasting time. I also like how tight the net’s tension is. Of course, the net itself is one of the best parts of the whole package because it is constructed of premium polyester materials that are strong and long-lasting. You can see online that this entire set was created with quality and durability. In addition, the fact that it is also meant to be incredibly user-friendly. Some Honorable Mentions That Couldn’t Make The List For other ping pong tables, you should consider the quality net posts. They are not for professional competition games. However, you can enjoy playing table tennis without spending a lot of money. These table tennis nets can be for indoor and outdoor use. The HipiWe Retractable Table Tennis Net CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The HipiWe retractable table tennis net is the ultimate portable table tennis system. Removable and foldable, our high-quality, professional-grade table tennis nets will fit any trampoline, basketball court, or volleyball pit. With enough height to accommodate two tables and four players, our nets offer a unique playing experience. It’s permanently close by and easily moved when you need it elsewhere. It is adjustable for any table thickness. It’s not for tournament level, but great for recreational play. The HipiWe ping pong nets are easy to assemble and store anywhere. Killerspin Apex Set CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The Apex Killerspin Net Set is a stylish and affordable beginner’s net set that provides excellent value for anyone looking to practice their table tennis skills. This set has been designed with style, offering you a stylish frame that matches the rest of your Killerspin paddles, balls, and other accessories so you can add some flair to your gameplay. The APEX table tennis net by Killerspin is a top-quality screw-style net. The net assembly is easy and adjustable for any regulation-size tables. The height measuring tool on the post ensures a tight, consistent fit every time. The heavy-duty steel post and cotton netting are durable and stylish, with the Killerspin logo prominently displayed on the net. Rubber padding on the post protects your tabletop and ensures a tight fit. The APEX Net and Post set is a high-quality nylon mesh with a perfect way to add style and function to your game room. JOOLA Spring Professional Table Tennis Net CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! For 72-inch standard-size tables, the JOOLA Spring is a clamp-style net. This ITTF-approved net is practical for a rapid game because it has a spring-activated clamp attachment. Heavy-duty metal supports that are 1.5 inches thick are used in the set. The somewhat higher price is justified when you consider the quality. Given its high quality, we have no reason to question JOOLA’s claim that the net can operate for years. This net is unquestionably among the best clip-on nets available. Compared to the Joola Avanti table tennis net, it is a high-quality net with a precise tension adjustment. If you want to play ping pong in your club or outdoors for fun, the Joola Spring is one of the best ping pong nets. How To Connect A Table Tennis Net To A Post? It’s easy to attach a ping pong net. The names are often self-explanatory, such as screw clamp nets, which utilize a screw clamp to connect to the table, and clip-on nets, which use a clip. A support rod that runs from one end of your net to the other must be used to link the net to the posts. If it has the features, you may modify its height and tension after connecting it to the tables. What Is An Adjustable Ping Pong Net And Post? A portable ping pong net, posts, and a table are the three essential equipment needed for excellent table tennis. The net stabilizes the ball by returning it to its original position. The post holds the net in place and connects with either end of the table, where two halves join. The net helps moderate the speed of play. Without it, hitting the ball hard could endanger other players. Ping Pong Net Height Like every sport, table tennis has guidelines that must be followed, including the requirements for the net and posts. The International Table Tennis Federation determines these specifications (ITTF). Make sure you follow the rules if you’re serious about your game and want to participate in competitions. The other net regulations should also be followed, even if height is the most crucial factor: Height – 6 inches Length – 6ft Post length – 6ft The net’s height and tension must remain constant across the table’s width. Tension adjusters are essential to keep them from sagging in the middle. The ITTF states that the bottom of the net should be as close to the table’s surface as is reasonably possible. Ping pong net for thick tables must have an accurate height. Ping Ping Net Tension It’s not that hard to achieve the proper net tension. The net shall maintain a height of 15.25 cm along its whole length, per the ITTF regulations. Therefore, if there is any sagging in the center, it is excessively loose. The net should not be overtightened as this could make the ball kick off more forcefully than it should. But if you’d like to be more precise, you can use a net gauge. Most players test the net by hand by giving it a small flick to ensure there is no slack. Place it on the net and secure the bottom of the gauge just barely over the table’s surface. If not, tighten the net slightly. Different Types Of Table Tennis Nets Retractable ping pong nets One of the issues with setting up and taking away a ping pong net is that it can occasionally be a hassle to do so. This is because table tennis nets are lengthy and can tangle when stored. Retractable nets can help you out in this situation because of their unique design, reducing the likelihood that the nets would tangle up while being stored. Retractable nets function by retracting into one of the posts to which they are attached. In this case, the net and posts are already joined. All that is required is to take out the ping pong net from one of the posts, like rolling a scroll open. When assembling your ping pong table, the mechanism makes it simple to pull the net. And all you have to do to store the net after you finish playing can quickly retract it into one of the posts. Retractable nets are ideal for recreational players who want to play table tennis for enjoyment. That’s because they’re so simple to set up and maintain. A retractable net is easy to adjust, even on a dining table. Although you can’t merely replace the net of a retractable net because the complete mechanism comes as a set, the issue here is that you likely need to replace the entire unit if the net becomes damaged. If you want to know the best retractable table tennis net in the market, check out the top 5 list that I came up with. Clip on nets Because of their built-in clip mechanism, clip-on nets are very stable in nature. You won’t have to worry about them falling off the table when you play or storing them away after use because of the force that is created by a net over time. You can take a look at the clip on net and decide whether it is compatible with your existing table or not before purchasing it. This is because most clip-on nets are compatible with most table tennis tables, so you won’t have to buy an entirely new set of table tennis nets whenever you want to change your current ping pong nets. Most clip-on nets and posts are USA table tennis (USATT-approved), so you can use them in competitions and major tournaments. Clamp nets Professional clamp nets are the norm for competitive play since the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF mandates that nets used in competitions be as stable as feasible. Only professional clamp nets, in this regard, offer the solidity needed to keep the net from falling off or even shifting during a stressful and furious game of table tennis. Clamp nets are different from other nets in that they take more preparation during setup since you must ensure that you use screws to secure the posts to the table. This tells you that you have plenty of time to install the clamp nets and that you need to know what you’re doing. However, clamp nets are designed to be robust. Also, they eliminate the possibility of the net shifting significantly during a stressful match. In actuality, the likelihood of the net coming off is low. Best Table Tennis Net – Conclusion  So, what is the best table tennis net and post set for 2022? That’s a tough question to answer because it depends on your needs as a player. However, we can recommend some durable nets and posts. These picks have adjustable height and tension and will last you for years. Our top pick is the Stiga Premium Clipper and Butterfly National League table tennis net, with a premium net, posts, and clamp system. If you’re looking for something more affordable, the Joola Premium Avanti table tennis net is also a great option that will give you good performance without breaking the bank. If you have ping pong tables in your backyard and need an outdoor net, try the Joola Libre Outdoor ping pong nets and posts. We hope this article has helped you choose the right ping pong net and post set for your game!

Fascinating Statistics About Para Table Tennis

Disabled athletes can play competitive table tennis too, thanks to para table tennis. A parasport following rules set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF,) para table tennis follows many of the same rules – ITTF rules – such as those involving match process, points scoring and equipment–as their able-bodied counterparts. Para table tennis has several classifications allowing for disabled people with all different levels of ability to participate. It’s now practiced in over 100 countries and has become the third largest Paralympic sport by way of numbers of players. Like any other sport or parasport, it also has its major tournaments, teams, players and fascinating statistics. Qualifying Impairments To be eligible for para table tennis, you must have one of the following impairment types: Ataxia Athetosis Hypertonia Impaired muscle power Impaired passive range of movement Intellectual impairment Leg length difference Limb deficiency Short stature Types of Para Table Tennis There are 11 classes of para table tennis: TT1-TT5 for players in wheelchairs; TT6-TT10 for players with disabilities that permit them to stand and play; TT11 for players with intellectual impairments. Where players in wheelchairs and players with disabilities fall within the possible range of classes depends on their ability to balance while playing and, in the case of wheelchair classes, hand function. The lower a player’s class number within his or her class type, the greater the impairment impacts his or her ability to play. Here are the distinctions between the para table tennis classes in finer detail. Sitting Classes Class 1 – No balance sitting, and function is severely reduced in the playing arm Class 2 – No balance sitting, and function is reduced in the playing arm Class 3 – No balance sitting, though there may be activity in the upper portion of the trunk, though the non-playing arm can stabilize it, and arms function normally with some slight possible motor loss in the playing hand that doesn’t significantly affect play Class 4 – Balance sitting, though less than ideal due to a lack of pelvic stabilization or anchorage Class 5 – Trunk muscles function normally Standing Classes Class 6 – Arms and legs severely impaired Class 7 – Legs impaired very severely or playing arm moderately-to-severely impaired or legs and playing arm both impaired but less severe than Class 6 Class 8 – Legs or playing arm moderately impaired or moderate hemiplegia, cerebral palsy or diplegia with playing arm Class 9 – Legs or playing arm mildly impaired or non-playing arm severely impaired or mild cerebral palsy with monoplegia or hemiparesis Class 10 – Legs or playing arm very mildly impaired or non-playing arm severely to moderately impaired or trunk moderately impaired Para Table Tennis Equipment Stats The ITTF sets certain parameters governing fair play of the sport. Tables are 9′ long (2.74m), 5′ wide (1.52m) and 2.5′ high (76cm.) The net is 6″ high (15.25cm.) The table construction should contain no obstacle that could keep a player in a wheelchair from being able to fully access the table’s playing surface or avoid threat of injury. The ball used in the game is 40mm in diameter and weighs 2.7g. Players use a laminated wooden paddle or “racket” with ITTF-approved rubber covering each side. Para Table Tennis Tournaments Across the World There are five sanctioned international para table tennis tournaments. Every year, one of the first four tournaments takes place with the cycle repeating in the same order every four years, as follows: Summer Paralympics Games – Sanctioned by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Regional Championships (Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania) – Sanctioned by the ITTF Para Table Tennis Division and various continental associations World Para Table Tennis Championships – ITTF-sanctioned Regional Championships International Tournament (held annually in a different host city each time) Para Table Tennis Major Winners After his YouTube video went viral, Ibrahim Hamadtou of Egypt became one of the most widely known para table tennis players. A Class 6 champion who holds the racket in his mouth, he won silver medals in the 2011 and 2013 African Para Table Tennis Championships. Natalia Partyka is a four-time Olympian in Class 10 representing Poland. Lacking a right hand and forearm, she competes in events for both able-bodied and disabled athletes. She reached the top 32 in the women’s table tennis event at the 2012 London Olympics. The top ranked para table tennis athletes as of July 2022 are: Men’s wheelchair senior singles – Feng Panfeng (Class 3) of China Women’s wheelchair senior singles – Bian Zhang(Class 5) of China Men’s standing senior singles – Patryk Chojnowski (Class 10) of Poland Women’s standing senior singles – Natalia Partyka (Class 10) of Poland Men’s wheelchair senior doubles – Mitar PaliKuca (Class 5) of Serbia Women’s wheelchair senior doubles – Bian Zhang(Class 5) of China Men’s standing senior doubles – Mateo Boheas (Class 10) of France Women’s standing senior doubles – Natalia Partyka (Class 10) of Poland Men’s wheelchair senior mixed doubles – Abdullah Ozturk (Class 4) of Turkey Women’s wheelchair senior mixed doubles – Yoon Jiyu (Class 3) of Korea Men’s standing senior mixed doubles – Dian David Mickael Jacobs (Class 10) of Indonesia Women’s standing senior mixed doubles – Tian Shiau Wen (Class 10) of Taipei Table Tennis in Film Table tennis in general and para table tennis in particular have made their way onto the big screen. While the few films devoted to para table tennis–”Para PingPong × Art Project” (Japan); “The Most Challenging Pingpong Table” (Japan); “Get Inspired” (UK); “Dimas Game” (Canada)– are not yet available for streaming on any of the top streaming services, there are many films about or depicting table tennis: “Forrest Gump” (1994) – fuboTV, Netflix, Paramount Plus, Vudu “Balls of Fury” (2007) – DIRECTV STREAM, Starz on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV “Ping Pong Playa” (2007) – Tubi TV, Plex, Freeview Amazon Channel “As One” (2012) – KoreaOnDemand “Ping Pong” (2012) – The Roku Channel, Tubi TV, Kanopy, Fandor, Pluto TV “Top Spin” (2014) – DIRECTV STREAM, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus, Epix on Amazon Prime Video, Kanopy Fun Facts About Para Table Tennis The first Paralympic Games to include table tennis was in 1960 in Rome, Italy–28 years prior to para table tennis being included in the Olympic Games. This was for players in wheelchairs only until the Toronto Paralympics in 1976 when the first competitions for standing players were launched. The first Para Table Tennis World Championships took place in 1990 in Assen, Netherlands. Summary Since 1960, athletes with disabilities have been able to compete professionally representing their country in internationally sanctioned para table tennis competitions. Like many sports, in addition to its variety of players, teams and tournaments, para table tennis also boasts many devoted fans around the world.

5 Best Xiom Table Tennis Blades (Ice Cream, Novus 2022 Reviews)

This article will enlighten you on some of the best Xiom table tennis blades you probably did not know and need to focus on if you want to elevate your playing characteristics. We will be able to see some of the notable features that enable them to give an overall high performance. Best Xiom Table Tennis Blades Selected by The Author 1. Xiom Vivid Kiso Hinoki – Red CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Xiom has made it available in straight handle and flared handle types. It is the newest blade produced by the brand. It combines the feel of Kiso Hinoki with the power of energy carbon, giving it a great speed and feel that ensures you remain in control during the game. The blade utilizes Xiom’s latest blade manufacturing process, known as the 36.5 cold press. This technology entails the wood and composite layers bonded together without the use of heat (hence the name cold-press). This technology is the first-ever low-temperature drying technology used. It is effective in allowing the wood to reach its highest potential. Xiom Vivid Kiso Features Speed Rating: OFF+ Structure of the racket: 1 wood ply (Kiso Hinoki) + 2 carbon Blade Thickness: 6.9mm Head Size: 157mm x 150mm Grip Size: FL-100 x 25mm; ST-100 x 23mm Weight: 85g Made in Korea The manufacturers have availed it in various colors besides Red. If you like, Orange, Pink, light Purple, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Brown options are available to suit different customers’ needs. It has a semi-smooth surface and a Swarovski crystal embedded on the handle, giving it an elegant look. In terms of speed, it is a very fast blade. When the carbon is combined with the blade’s thickness, it results in an ultra-fast blade. However, this blade is not recommended for an amateur/beginner because it’s a fast carbon blade. It will not be user-friendly for them to use as they start. It is ranked second after the fastest Xiom blade in the series – Axelo. Kiso Hinoki is quite a stiff table tennis blade. The blade has some softness on ball impact because of the hinoki layers. It also does not produce a lot of spins, but you can effectively spin the ball while looping, driving, or smashing. The most preferred distance to play with it is at mid-distances. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Because of its speed and power, you can produce nice powerful shots to slow spinny loops. So if you have all it takes to deal with a fast blade, if you are an intermediate or advanced level player, make sure you own one of these. The best rubber you can combine with this blade is Vega Switch rubbers and Stigma 3, 4, and 5. 2. Xiom Ice Cream AZX PRO CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! This hybrid construction blade has a flared hand that is comfortable and wide and a smooth straight handle. It combines two technologies, the Zephylium Carbon (ZLC) on one side and the Arylate Carbon (ALC) on the other. It has a Koto outer ply, a Limba inner ply, and a Kiri core. The ZLC outer carbon layer and outer ALC layer are sandwiched between the koto and limba plies on each side. Ice Cream is new and one of the best Xiom table tennis blades that has a total of 7 plies, and the blade material structure looks like this: Koto-ZLC-Limba-Kiri-Limba-ALC-Koto This blade stands out because of its possibility of giving different playing characteristics on each side of the blade. The carbon plies are felt almost immediately on the more strokes you make. Xiom Ice Cream AZX Pro table tennis blade – Features Speed Rating: Hybrid OFF+/OFF Spin: 95 Good control: 91 Hardness: 75 Consistent blade: 90 Structure: Plies- 5wood + 1 ZLC+ 1 ALC Blade Thickness: 5.7mm Head Size: 157 x 100mm Grip Size: FL-100 x 25mm; ST-100 x 23mm Weight: 88g Made in Korea The ALC gives a softer and stiffer feel, whereas the ZLC is much harder and more elastic. The combination of these plies and carbon layers encourages aggressive play. This blade was made in partnership with a Korean table tennis star who used it too. He goes by the name Jung Youngsik. He is living proof that this blade can do wonders! Xiom Ice Cream is an averagely fast blade, slightly above the Viscaria blade. Xiom Ice Cream AZX Pro Composition It produces sharp drives, and there is a slight difference in speed between the ALC and ZLC. It is excellent with massive loops because of the speed. When looping, the ALC performs much better than ZLC. It produces higher arcs compared to ZLC. But the ZLC side is usually faster than the ALC side. The blade is medium stiff. This feature makes it good at blocks. It would be the perfect fit for highly mobile and dynamic players who attack at mid distances from the table. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! It will form a powerful combination with Andro Rasanter R47 ultra max on both sides of the blade or Omega VII Pro. These rubbers will bring out the true nature of the blade and make a great table tennis racket. 3. Xiom Novus 19 Stradivarius CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Xiom Novus Stradivarius is described as a ”well-balanced weapon for the modern table tennis player.” It has been the best-selling blade in the Xiom Novus series ever since 2009 when the Novus blade series first boomed on the market. Stradivarius was produced in 2019. These Xiom blades contain the Aramid carbon technology that combines the vibration absorbing soft aramid and highly elastic carbon, giving it top-most performance. It is also distinguishable through its red top handle (In most cases, you may find that all wood blades have Brown handles while pure carbon blades have Blue handles). Xiom Novus 19 Stradivarius – Features Speed Rating: OFF+/OFF Spin: 89 Control: 87 Structure: Plies- 5 Wood + Aramid Carbon Blade Thickness: 5.7 mm Head Size: 157mm x 150mm Weight: 85g Made in China It would be a good choice for professional offensive players as it gives them great control and balance, especially when playing ping pong at distances near the table. You can perform high-speed strokes and deliver high-quality pimples and block on the table. One of the best Xiom table tennis blades produces minimal vibration, which is reduced by high-technology materials. It is the ideal alternative to Timo Boll Spirit or Timo Boll ALC. The soft carbon-aramid composite layer gives it a balanced feeling of softness and hardness. Thus, it is a blade of medium hardness. The medium hardness enables it to produce fast speed while offering better control. It works best on looping and hitting. Novus Stradivarius performs well on topspin attacks that are made close to mid-distances of the table. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! The best table tennis rubber to combine with this blade is Xiom Tau II which is suitable for the forehand. The combination produces nice loops, counter loops, and smashes. You can also pair it with new Hyper Elasto table tennis rubbers and the Vega rubber series for much better results. 4. Xiom Blades – Novus 19 Aigis CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Xiom Novus Aigis table tennis blade has only been manufactured in the flared hand option. This blade is an all-wood (has a brown handle). It is one of the best defensive blades that you can ever use. Novus Aigis is suitable for defenders and mid-distance choppers. It contains an outer veneer limba used for the top layer of the 5-ply construction. The limba is significant in increasing the blade’s speed. Its thickness is the same as traditional all-around blades. You can push or chop with your backhand and forehand so many times. Keeping the table tennis ball on the table is primarily. The blade’s inner layers are adjusted to give it the right characteristics for a defensive blade. It has resulted in the blade’s ability to defend and maintain a high-speed level for an all-around play equally. Xiom Novus Aigis Blade – Features Speed Rating: DEF/ALL+ Spin: 82 Speed: 70 Control: 90 Structure: Ply- 5 wood Blade Thickness: 5.0mm Head Size: 166mm x 157mm Weight: 85g Made in China Nowadays, if you are a defensive player who loves using counter topspins from the forehand, this blade will supply you with enough speed and spin that you might need. Its speed does not compromise your ability to have and remain in control. It chops very well, whether you are at far distances or nearer at the table. Overall, it will provide you with a good amount of power. The best table tennis rubbers for this blade are Hyper Elasto rubbers like Xiom Vega Asia on the forehand – if you want to perform better counter topspins from the forehand. And you will have a powerful weapon for all-around play. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! For the equipment for the backhand side and chopping style, you can choose one of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping from our article in detail. 5. Xiom Zeta Offensive CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Xiom Zeta Offensive is an all-wood blade available in flared handle option only. It has 7 koto plies whereby hardwood and softwood plies have been combined to offer accurate and complete control and fantastic attacking capabilities. The table tennis blade is carefully designed using a fast drying process to create a lighter wood weight. These Xiom blades would work for a modern-day offensive player because the 7 plies have 2 outer and 1 central hardwood plies combined with 2 thin softwood veneer wood sheets to enhance ball feel and rebounding. It is similar to the Primorac carbon blades, which have a good speed and high control performance. The Zeta Offensive table tennis racket is a bit faster than our previous model. Xiom Zeta Offensive ping pong blade – Features & Performance Speed Rating: OFF Structure: Ply- 7 wood Blade Thickness: 6.0 mm Head Size: 158mm x 152 mm Grip Size: FL 100 x 25mm Weight: 90g Made in China The improved drying technology produces a lighter wood weight, which means that the blade is light too. It weights a 5-ply wood blade. Its weight, however, does not compromise its offensive capabilities. It is easy to work with because of its lightweight feature. Xiom Zeta generates good spins and control, especially when blocking or driving. This blade could be the best choice for players who want to progress to a faster blade from a standard 5-ply one. It is more complex compared to Xiom Solo despite having a similar composition. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Good rubber combinations with the blade you need to try out is Xiom Omega 7 PRO, especially when playing far distances from the table and if you want to maintain control. Other great rubbers include El-S, Mantra, and Gewo FT 48. About Xiom Brand Xiom (pronounced as “axiom”), which was formerly known as Champion Limited Corporation, is a company famous for manufacturing high-tech table tennis products. It was formed in 1976 when they began making ping pong tables. The company gradually expanded to producing other table tennis products like rubbers and blades. They’ve been making fantastic products over the years for the Korean market. Xiom means new Paradigmas; the company has continued to supply table tennis fans with exceptional products, including blades at a high trend. Xiom has the 4th largest market for table tennis products in the world after Japan, China, and Germany. Many ping pong enthusiasts love their products all over the world. They decided to expand their markets worldwide because Korea had a low market share. Their markets have emerged from the USA, Africa, and Asia. Their efforts have born fruits in return, and they have set up several factories not only in Korea but also in Japan and China. It competes with famous brands like Nittaku, Gewo, Andro, and Butterfly. The first successful high-quality blade series by Xiom was Novus, followed by the Feel Xiom blades series in 2017. They kept up with the trend and continued to meet their table tennis players’ expectations of manufacturing blades that addressed their needs. Xiom’s goal is to become a world leader in the manufacturing of table tennis products. Besides that, their ultimate goal is to create more value for the table tennis world. Best Xiom Table Tennis Blades – Conclusion These are but some of the Xiom blades that you should try. They are the best blades that you can experiment with and own. They will give meaning to your playing characteristics and take your skills a notch higher. You can recommend one to any table tennis lover you know, those who like experimenting with new products so that they figure out their absolute playing style. Remember to seal your new blade as a way of caring for it to ensure longevity. You can do this by adding a thin layer of lacquer or varnish to the blade’s playing surface. Varnish prevents the wood from coming into contact with the water. It also prevents wood splinters from coming off the playing surface when removing a used rubber from the racket. If you want your used blade to be sealed, ensure that you thoroughly clean it first. Xiom table tennis blades from Amazon You can opt to combine the blades with whichever rubbers you want, as long as they work for you. Do not combine heavy blades and rubbers unless you are comfortable with that. Otherwise, you will strain your forearm and develop serious injuries. Check out these beautiful blades from this website. They will be a perfect gift for your coach, friend, brother, or nephew!

RS barcelona ping pong table featured image best luxury

RS Barcelona Ping Pong Table Review (Luxury You and Me Tables)

RS Barcelona Ping Pong Table is one of the leading manufacturers in Spain. Many people love them because they are ultra-durable and stylish. You will be delighted to own one if you make that purchase today. If you are looking for impeccable ping pong tables to install in your home collection or office setting, then look no more. RS Barcelona will provide you with the exact table you need. RS Barcelona Ping Pong Table – At a Glance All the processing and manufacturing procedures are completed in their factories in Spain. Popular outdoor ping pong tables include RS Barcelona RS Ping Pong Stationary – White and Black and RS Barcelona You and Me – White and Black. This article will give you a complete review of the above tables and a short guide for selecting the right table that will suit you. Let us begin by looking at the tables’ properties and their features. RS Barcelona Ping Pong Stationary Table – White and Black CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE: WHITE MODEL – BLACK MODEL Did you know that RS Barcelona ping pong stationary tables are not only used in table tennis games but also the office environments? They have gained so much popularity because of their overall functionality. The table comes in either a Black or White color. You will also get a net, a set of 6 balls, and a set of 2 paddles in the packaging. You can use the RS stationary ping pong table for indoor and outdoor table tennis games. It will save you the money you would have used instead to purchase another table for indoor/outdoor use. RS Barcelona Stationary Table – Specifications Table structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and polyester paint. Top surface: High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Legs: Made of Iroko wood The net has a coated polyester fabric Dimensions: (LxWxH) 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm / 108 x 60 x 30 inches Weight: 110 kg / 242.5 lbs Assembly time: less than 1 hr It has a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects They can be swiftly converted into recreational tables at the workplace to break the work environment tension and enable workers to have some fun at their workstations. The RS Barcelona Stationary Ping Pong Table is a stylish and unique take on the traditional game table. The table features dining or works table-style Iroko wood legs with a sleek, white top. While the table cannot be folded up for easy storage, it’s still easy to move around, thanks to its built-in wheels. The table also features a net system that can easily assemble and remove for quick set-up and tear-down. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to entertain guests or a way to add some friendly competition to your next office party, the RS Barcelona Stationary Ping Pong Table is a great option. It can also serve as a dining table when bought for home use. You can use the outdoor ping pong stationary table at home for indoor fun and interactive ping pong games, and later on, family members can gather and sit down to eat their meals. RS Barcelona Stationary Table – Features It is manufactured in either Black or White color. This luxury ping pong table is high-quality equipment. It is made of durable materials (HPL, iroko wood, and steel). This table can serve you for the longest while possible. The HPL surface is thick and offers a lovely playing surface for ping pong. RS Barcelona table is suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities. The legs have levelers that can be adjusted for a much even surface. They are made of Iroko wood, giving them strength, toughness, and resilience. The table has measurements of a standard ping pong table. Its playing surface, structure, and design offer the users divine stability and playability, ensuring they remain in control and produce the greatest performance ever. The hard-wearing materials enable the table to withstand harsh climatic conditions such as strong winds and heavy rains during winter. It is an all-terrain ping pong table designed to last for as many matches as you can attempt. The materials generally allow indoor and outdoor use. You can enjoy the table inside your home, in the office, on your balcony for cocktails, or your patio. One advantage of this table is that it requires little effort for its assembly. You have to attach the legs to the top surface. It is one of the most accessible ping pong tables to assemble. RS Barcelona Stationary Ping Pong Table – Playability & Safety Regarding playability, bounce is better than most outdoor ping pong tables made of aluminum tops. Its top surface is smooth enough to allow for different uses besides playing ping pong. It has overall playability of 4/5. The table lacks a safety feature because it doesn’t have a folding mechanism. However, this doesn’t mean it is not secure and easy to use. The only disadvantage that this table has is that it is immobile. It is also not foldable; hence is difficult to store. It will require hands-on by 2-4 individuals to move it from one place to another, which can be cumbersome for some people. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE: WHITE MODEL – BLACK MODEL The table will also require a lot of storage space; therefore, consider that before buying one. However, for the black table, the HPL top should be protected when not in use to avoid its discoloration by the sun, primarily when used outdoors. You can cover it using a quality table cover, such as the You and Me table cover. RS Barcelona You and Me Ping Pong Table – White and Black CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE: WHITE MODEL – BLACK MODEL The RS Barcelona You and Me Ping Pong table is a standard-sized modern table with a sleek design that promotes playability. These three accessories come with it at the time of purchase: a net, a set of 6 balls included, and a set of two paddles. It has an all-around functionality and can be used as a dining table, conference table, or ping pong table. It is very fit for indoor and outdoor use too. You and Me standard convertible table offers innovative solutions as it combines high-value craftsmanship and the precision of industrial manufacturing. RS Barcelona Ping Pong Table You and Me – Specifications Table structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and polyester paint. Top surface: HPL Legs: made of Iroko wood The net has a coated polyester fabric Dimensions: (LxWxH) 274 x 152.5 x 76cm / 108 x 60 x 30 inches Weight: 105 kg/231.5 lb Assembly time: less than 1 hr It has a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects It has won several awards since its manufacture. In 2018, it won 2nd place and was certified by Eurocres Active office. On the other hand, in 2014, it won the best of interior design. Many of this table’s features are similar to the outdoor stationary ping pong table. RS Barcelona’s You and Me ping pong table is the perfect addition to any home. The versatile design allows it to be easily converted from a ping pong table to a work surface, and the steel structure ensures long-term durability. The colorful powder-coated finish is sure to add a touch of fun to any room, and the table comes with all the necessary accessories for hours of enjoyable play. Whether you’re looking for a way to improve your home office or simply want to add a bit of fun to your living room, the RS Barcelona You and Me ping pong table is the perfect solution. RS Barcelona You and Me Ping Pong Table Features It is manufactured in White and Black colors. This luxury ping pong table is made from high-quality materials such as iroko wood, HPL, and steel. These are the main constituents of the table’s design. It has a side drawer that stores nets, balls, and bats when the table is not used for recreation. This characteristic sets it apart. Many ping pong tables lack this. It also comes in a wide range of sizes: small (71 x 52), medium (89 x 60), and standard (108 x 72). The steel frame coated with cataphoresis and polyester paint is meant to ensure durability, while the iroko wooden legs are strong and resistant to rot and insects. They provide high stability levels for the table. Its assemblage is fast, with no struggle at all. You are required to join the legs to the surface and the net on top of it, and you are ready to use it for ping pong. The materials used on the surface are resistant to stains, such as spilled drinks. RS Barcelona You and Me are not foldable. This means that it will be a little challenging to store it. However, you can convert it into various uses, so you won’t have to keep moving it. Pros & Cons For performance, this table will give you the best result you didn’t even expect. It will serve your ping pong needs very well and meet your dining or conferencing expectations. Its surface produces good spin but not as good as spin from other types of indoor tables. The ball bounce is above average. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE: WHITE MODEL – BLACK MODEL Overall, it is a good quality table for ping pong and office use. It is a 4/5. The pros and cons are also similar to the ping pong stationary table. If you purchase the black-colored table for outdoor use, also remember to buy a table cover to prevent it from discoloring by the sun. Or rather, you can position the table outdoor where direct sunlight doesn’t reach it if you want it to serve you for a long time. RS Barcelona Folding Outdoor / Indoor Ping Pong Table – White and Black If you compare RS Barcelona folding table to the average stationary table, it has unique features and is more stylish. It, therefore, stands out among other ping pong tables. It is made from high-value and classic materials that will last for years. In the design, the frame is made with steel and iroko wood. Iroko wood is a quality wood that can survive any weather conditions. The frame easily folds up or down, and you can even put it into playback mode and play on your own without an opponent. The HPL surface provides a smooth top for playing ping pong and carrying out other essential functions.  The legs have adjustable levelers that allow for adjustment of the table to the desired level playing surface. This ping pong folding table is significant because it does not require assembling, unlike other RS Barcelona tables. The table is unboxed and unfolded, starting with the legs. You can then attach the net and begin your play. This saves the time you would have used to assemble it and money that you would have otherwise hired someone to assemble the table for you. Transport & Safety The presence of wheels makes its transportation easier. This table is very convenient as it can be transported whenever and wherever. When storing it, fold it and cover it with a table cover. You can store the table indoors to ensure longevity/ durability, particularly during harsh climatic conditions like winter. It has overall playability of 4/5. It offers a much better bounce than most outdoor ping pong tables made with aluminum surfaces. However, the black table surface can be quite challenging to maintain in terms of cleaning it. To improve that, ensure that it remains covered when not in use. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. This table has a safety feature because of its ability to fold. Here is how to unfold it: Open the safe folding feature on both sides of the table. A central release handle under each end of the table lets you open or close it. See, easy peasy! Things to Have in Mind Before Purchasing a Ping Pong Table Initial Budget It is the money that you have budgeted for the table. Be keen to stick to your budget by purchasing a table within your estimated price range. Table Features Check if the table addresses all your desired features and even more. Do not buy a table that does not meet all your requirements. Get that which you are satisfied with. All the Barcelona tables are made with high-density HPL and the best furniture composition. Table Size RS Barcelona manufactures tables in different sizes. There are standard-sized tables and non-standardized tables. Some people refer to them as regulation and non-regulation tables. Regulation /standard tables are sized according to ITTF regulations and are always the ideal choice. Amount of Space Available The room size available or balcony space will also determine the size of the table you purchase. Always keep that in mind during the purchasing process. You can also consider the storage space available if it will require a lot of space (for stationary tables). Playing Area Ensure that you have maximum space for playing comfortably, whether indoors or outdoors. If you use the table outdoors, then try to cover it to prevent discoloration from the sun. The Flexibility The best type of table is that which can serve other purposes other than just playing ping pong. Get a table you can display in your office, hotel lobby, garden, dining hall, or home garden. Manufacturer Choice Buy a table from popular manufacturers such as RS Barcelona. Also, consider a manufacturer who gives a warranty. You and Me ping pong table should be purchased from an authorized dealer with free shipping and full customer contact. RS Barcelona Ping Pong Table – Conclusion The article has highlighted some of the best RS Barcelona ping pong tables you can own. All these tables are costly because of the quality materials used and the status of the brand manufacturing them. You can customize your table to address your needs, however complex they are. Let your demands be known to your manufacturer at the time of purchase. RS Barcelona You and Me ping pong table is one of the best options as a dining or conference table for business. These tables are easy to clean, have a very modern look, and can be used indoor or outdoor. The playing surface is also weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about warping in the sun or rain. Another great feature of this table is that it separates into two halves, so you can easily move it around or store it away when you’re not using it. When you’re ready to buy, make sure you purchase from an authorized dealer to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product. The guidelines will help you select the right table for your intended use. Hope you will enjoy all the moments with your friends and family.

ovtcharov innerforce alc table tennis blade featured image

Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Blade Review

The Ovtcharov ALC Innerforce Blade is among the recent trends by Butterfly. It was developed in honor and collaboration with Dimitrij Ovtcharov – a famous athlete and professional table tennis player. Dimitrij plays for the German table tennis team. The german star Dimitrij Ovtcharov is one of the table tennis players who won an Olympic medal in men’s singles (He emerged in the third position in the London Olympic games in 1996, taking home a bronze medal). Butterfly manufactured a typical blade used by the pros to help you become a pro. Let us begin by looking at the features of the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Features of Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Blade This Butterfly blade has many features that make it perform wonderfully. They include: Type of play: Offensive shakehand Blade weight: 91g Blade structure: 5 inner fiber plywood +2 arylate carbon Reaction property: 11.7 Vibration property: 10.5 Blade size: 158 x 152 mm Blade thickness: 6.2 mm Handle sizes: FL handle size: 100 x 35 x 34 mm ST handle size: 100 x 23 x 28 mm AN handle size: 100 x 25 x 34 mm Hardness: 6.0 Consistency: 7.5 Speed: 8.5 More Control: 9.0 Spin: 7.5 Stiffness: 8.5 Made in Japan Composition of the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade Butterfly has made it available in anatomic (AN), flared (FL), and straight (ST) shakehand types. It has a slightly thicker and larger blade compared to the original Innerforce ALC. It has a high reaction property which supports powerful shots. Reaction emerges from the inner fibers that are resilient to hold on to such pressure. Regardless of the pressure, you will still feel like you’re ‘holding the ball.’ The presence of the inner fiber causes it to be highly resistant and very powerful. Dimitrij Ovtcharov’s initials (D and O) are on the blade. Thus, you will be able to know that it is an original piece. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC has the best dwell time when making slower strokes because of its flexibility on the outer layers. Dwell time is the length of time that the ball stays on the paddle. Since the dwell time is longer, the blade can produce a good amount of spin. The dwell time will enable you to attack your opponents in the best way possible and remain with a balance of control and power. Butterfly designed this blade with a more wooden component than other arylate blades. The wooden texture will give the blade better control while maintaining its high-speed carbon properties. The arylate carbon layer is located close to the inner core offering the rubber better control. It consists of 7 plies of wood and two layers made out of limbs. The wooden outer layer is made from limba wood. These limbs make the blade tender by suppressing the carbon hardness. It is not only the dwell time but also the structure of this blade that enables it to give a higher spin. It has a thinner handle, unlike other blades, for example, the Timo Boll series ping pong blade. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Layers The two soft limba layers contribute to its softness. If you like blades with moderate or low hardness, this one is for you. The feedback you get on the hand will be tiny because of the less vibration property. This blade also feels a little bouncy when you are playing with it. Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC doesn’t have any variation. The carbon dampens the vibrations producing an effect of balance delivery. It is not as fast as other blades but has a better attack reaction. The reduction of speed has availed more space for control. The inner carbon layers reduce the speed to provide you with more accuracy. With this blade, you can make accurate topspins, drives, loops, and pushes. If you feel like the table tennis blade is too slow, you can increase speed by exerting more power on your arm (hitting the ball much harder). The structure of the Innerforce layer ALC makes it better for defending than attacking. Its properties like softness and flexibility make it quite hard to use as an attacking blade. Rubber Recommendations for This Blade One of the positive things about this Butterfly blade is that it gives a balanced delivery. It doesn’t matter which rubber you use with the Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce alc. As long as you can work well with the combination, that matters. But some professionals have aired out ping pong rubber suggestions that they think can work well with Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC. Some believe this blade makes a good combination with super spin rubbers like the Dignics 05 or Tenergy 05. There is no need to doubt their views because they have tested these rubbers with the blade and have ended up performing well together. The Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce alc table tennis blade is a gorgeous blade with black based grip. It has endless possibilities and top-end speed. The black-based grip gives the player more control over the ball, while the gorgeous blade provides speed and power. The endless possibilities of this blade allow the player to create their style of play. With the top-end speed, the player can hit the ball with extreme power. This blade is perfect for those who want to take their game to the next level. You can use any other rubber, as long as you are comfortable with how well they work together. Pair it with high super spin rubbers if you enjoy playing loops. Style of Play with the Blade This blade puts you in total control during your playtime. You can easily control it for a passive or even aggressive playing style. It is the best choice of a blade if you are transitioning from a fast wooden blade to a carbon blade. It is so user-friendly, and you can adapt to it very fast. This blade is for every all-around player, from amateurs to experienced and advanced players. The Ovtcharov ALC pays attention to details. It mainly focuses on accuracy, balance, and control. When a blade can uphold these three attributes, it is seen as a trustworthy blade, ready to take your game a level higher. This is the type of blade that simplifies your shot and is consistent enough ensuring good performance. It is made so you won’t feel buoyancy effects, primarily when serving during a game. It will enable you to serve accurately with no struggle. With its little speed, it is excellent at driving. You can perform well with this blade when it comes to drives. Its performance defeats some faster blades like Timo Boll ALC or the Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC when it comes to drives. Its wooden layer facilitates its good performance for drives. So feel free to play with this blade however you like, but remember to use it for loops and drives for much better results. German star Dimitrij Ovtcharov’s initial D and O The Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade is a high-quality piece of equipment that combines the best of both: it brings power and embodies elegance. The initial D and O marks on the blade show endless possibilities, and the black-based grip combines blue for ALC and gold for victory. The blade itself is slightly larger than other models on the market, making it ideal for those who need a little extra power behind their shots. However, the increased size does not sacrifice any of the speed or control that Butterfly is known for. This makes the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade the perfect choice for an attack reaction and good skills for management. Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC vs. Harimoto ALC The new Harimoto Tomokazu ALC was developed in close cooperation with a well-known Japanese table tennis player – Tomokazu Harimoto. It features five plies of natural wood and 2 ALC fibers directly above the core veneer (Inner Technology). OVTCHAROV ALC PRICE – HARIMOTO ALC PRICE There is not much difference between Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC and Harimoto ALC blades. Both have two layers of arylate carbon, and they also have the same blade size. The handle sizes are almost identical, with slight variation in size (Harimoto is sometimes more significant). Harimoto ALC specializes in attacking, which is different from Ovtcharov ALC. It best suits playing close to the table. They are, however, similar in that they have low to moderate speed and a good sense of dwell time. You can feel as if you are touching the ball as you play. Harimoto ALC’s slightly larger blade head allows for a softer touch and increases ball dwell time during topspin play. These are the main distinguishing features between these two superior blades. Pros and Cons of Ovtcharov ALC Below is a table that highlights the advantages and disadvantages of the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade: Advantages Disadvantages Very easy to control An expensive blade Works well with blocking It is a slow blade Makes good return shots because of its consistency and balance It dissolves the ball for a long while because of the dwell time and does not give the desired result Well structured, thus able to perform all its functions harmoniously Slightly larger blade compared to Timo Boll ALC Other advantages of Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC are: Alc’s blue color means for handle type. Gold color means victory’s gold signifies elegance. This blade supports powerful shots due to its high reaction property among the Innerfiber blades while still providing the feeling of “holding the ball”. Thanks to these features, Alc has become one of the most popular choices among top players. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC is an excellent choice for players looking for a balance of power and control. Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Blade Price You can get this equipment for as little as $ 184.99 from Megaspin. This price is quite pocket friendly considering the advantages that the blade comes with. This blade will be worth any little cent you put in for its purchase because it will surely put you at a competitive edge against your opponents. You can trounce them by using excellent quality and high-value blades. Ovtcharov Innerfotce ALC – Verified Customer Review Here are some reviews from customers who bought Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blades. From them, you’ll be able to see their experiences with the blade, rubber, and play style recommendations. “Currently running it with DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial (39 deg Blue Sponge – Unboosted) and DHS Hurricane 3 NEO (37 deg Orange Sponge – Unboosted). Has exceptional feeling when looping / top-spinning the ball. Good at looping close to mid-table distance. Backhand requires more power, which could be because of the rubber choice; however, it is good when you’re actively defending. I am considering switching to Dignics 05 for a more offensive backhand.” “I played with this blade with 09c FH and 05 BH very reliable, and my strokes improved in the game. One thing is that the blade developed a curved shape. I’m not sure if they tested that or not, and it cracks from the side.” “I have owned so many blades previously, and this blade is the ultimate best for the current ball and current game blocking control. Looping it is simply flawless.” Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC – FAQs How Do I Prevent My Blade From Wearing Out Due to Friction and Constant Use? Put table tennis accessories as side tapes on your racket that will protect the blade from hitting the table when playing. You can also add a soft grip tape that will protect the blade and enhances comfortability. You can also use plastic wraps (thin plastic protectors) which protect the rubber and blade and prolongs their lifespan. How Can I Care For My Blade? Ensure that the blade does not come into contact with moisture. The blade is made of wood, and water reduces the effectiveness of the blade. It would be best to look into how you store your Ovtcharov Innerforce alc blade. Ensure that you keep it in a cool and dry area. You can use silica gel which will absorb any moisture on the racket preventing it from being damaged. It is also essential to avoid temperature extremes in this gorgeous blade. Do not expose it to too hot temperatures like outside in the sun or cold temperatures like out at night. It is also essential to avoid temperature extremes in this gorgeous blade. Do not expose it to too hot temperatures like outside in the sun or cold temperatures like out at night. Carbon blades have endless possibilities, so you need to be careful when storing them. However, you can achieve good skills and fast shots with this Innerforce alc blade. Why choose the Ovtcharov Innerforce Butterfly blade? Butterfly produces some of the highest quality table tennis blades on the market. The Butterfly Innerforce ALC blade is a thicker blade that supports powerful shots while maintaining excellent control. Compared to other wooden blades, it has a high reaction property and infinite possibilities, allowing for quick changes in direction. This makes it an ideal choice for competitive players looking for a modern game of ping pong. Additionally, these Innerfiber Blades have high resilience characteristics, allowing for quick changes in direction during a rally. For these reasons, the Butterfly is one of the most popular blades among professional players. However, its quality comes at a price, and many amateur players may find it out of their budget. Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Blade – Review by Dimitrij The Butterfly brand has continued to develop fantastic table tennis products. If you have tried their rubbers, you will most likely love their blades too! His gaming style has inspired many people to step up in their play and use high-quality blades like the Innerforce ALC. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! With this blade, Dimitrij Ovtcharov could address all his gaming needs to Butterfly, who in turn came up with the perfect blade to help him perform better. Dimitrij recently commented on how to use the blade for much better results. This is what he had to say: “I use the blade on my forehand side with the Dignics 09C and on my backhand side with the Dignics 05. Anyhow, I believe the Tenergy series will also match the blade.” Due to the Innerfiber technology, I believe for players who set the game on the control, and the blade will fit well, but also for power players, maybe as I am, I would like to stroke hard, the thicker core layer will help a lot.” Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Blade – Conclusion This article has given you enough reasons to use this Butterfly blade in your table tennis games if you are still in doubt. As we have seen earlier, many players sampled various types of blades first before settling with Ovtcharov Innerforce. It calls for a careful selection of blades during the buying process before finalizing your decision. Many have used this blade and have testified that it has made them perform better than they have ever done before. So far, Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC is one of the best blades one can ever use and will guarantee you the victory you’re looking for. We have also seen some of the rubber pairing suggestions for this blade which should be a must-try for any serious athlete. Visit the Megaspin site today to buy yourself or gift your loved one this super blade for the top results.

nittaku acoustic carbon table tennis blade featured image

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade Review (Inner & Outer Comparison)

This article brings you a complete review of the powerful Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade. Nittaku has constantly competed with the Butterfly brand. They have produced high-quality equipment like rubbers, balls, accessories, and table tennis blades. Ma Long, a professional Chinese table tennis player, regarded as the greatest table tennis player of all time, used this blade. Ma Long has won several world table tennis competitions using this table tennis blade. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! Are you looking for the perfect blade for your offensive play? You will see the main parts of the blade (inner vs. outer), its features, similarities, differences, pros, and cons. At the end of this review, we will enlighten you on why you need to have such a blade for your gaming needs. Here are the features of the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade: Nitttaku Acoustic Carbon Features The standout features of this blade are: Style of play: Attack (defensive) Weight: 85 g Thickness: 5.5 mm Hardness: 6.4 Consistency: 8.0 Reaction: 10.8 Vibration: 10 Speed: 9.5 Control: 8.5 Spin: 7.5 Stiffness: 6.0 Nittaku Acoustic Carbon has 5-ply wood and 2 FE carbon. Head dimension: 157 x 150 FL handle dimension: 157 x 150 Feel: hard Made in Japan Nittaku Acoustic Blade Composition The Carbon blade is an improved version of the Nittaku Original Acoustic blade. There was a need for improvement because the acoustic blade did not fulfill many customers’ needs on some features like speed. You will experience an increased speed and power with the new carbon acoustic blade. This blade is made from premium wood. It uses the Japanese FE carbon material technology that raises its performance (details of the technology will be discussed below). Although Nittaku acoustic carbon blade is an improvement of an acoustic blade, their structures are slightly different. The carbon blade has an additional carbon layer which makes it distinct. It has a different handle design, a light yellow shade, and a larger grip. The blade has excellent defensive stability when it comes to blocking or attacking. It also carries the characteristics of a traditional carbon blade. This special wood lamination technology makes a solid feeling during playing attacks. Details of the Technology Used The blade is built with string instrument manufacturing technology known as the Feel carbon (The new FE carbon material). This technology gives the blade a perfect soft touch, just like the ALC carbon blade. FE carbon improves the overall rigidity and supporting force of the blade. Believe it or not, It is the first-ever Nittaku blade to be incorporated with such technology. Nittaku was careful enough to ensure the production of a high-standard blade, thus addressing the needs of various players. The blade has features of the traditional carbon blades that give it a good sense of stability when defending and tackling. The technology provides every player with balanced delivery enhancing their ping pong skills and passion for the game. It is one of the recent trends in the Nittaku series and contains carbon features. It emerges as one of the powerful carbon blades in the Nittaku series. The Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade is an improvement of the Nittaku Acoustic blade. Their structure and materials are somewhat similar; the significant difference is the new FE carbon material in the Acoustic carbon blade. Rubber Recommendations for This Blade There is not much information on rubber pairings with this blade. Some users believe this blade works best with Nittaku Fastarc G1 and Fastarc C1 (generally, the Fastarc series). Fastarc G-1 priced $ 48 + Fastarc C-1 priced $ 48 + Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade priced $ 180 = $ 276 AMAZING TABLE TENNIS RACKET! The truth is, it is alright to pair the blade with any rubber you have, as long as you master the skill of using it. It is compatible with most rubbers. You can use the hybrid tacky rubber for a good spin and control the ping pong balls on the table. With the Butterfly series of rubbers, you will have excellent control and high speed on attacks. To play better loops, pair this blade with Ternergy 05 or Ternergy 64 rubbers for exceptional results. You can also use a medium to hard rubber such as Andro Hexer Power Grip and Donic Blue Fire M1 table tennis rubbers. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner vs. Outer Nittaku Acoustic Carbon mainly distinguishes itself from other Nittaku blades in that it has a thicker layer. Inside this thicker layer is a carbon outer layer, a slimmer inner layer, and a third layer. The function of the inner layer is to hold the FE Carbon, while the outer layer serves as a thicker layer that causes a buffer every time the ball comes in contact with the blade. This ensures enough control and prevents the ball from bouncing forcefully. The Nittaku Blade’s inner layer is slimmer to compensate for the rigid carbon layer. The buffering in the outer layer is essential because it increases the ball control ability and prevents fast and forceful bouncing of the ball caused by the carbon layer’s rigidity. This way, you will have a good feeling and a low throw angle during the topspins. With an original acoustic blade, you didn’t have such a performance. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon vs. Viscaria Super ALC Acoustic Price: $ 180 – Viscaria Price: $ 270 The Butterfly Viscaria blade has several similar characteristics to the Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade. They are both made with wood material. Both have various handle options to suit the various needs of the users. Butterfly and Nittaku blades both have a good amount of control and moderate speed, making them the best table tennis blades for beginners. Both the table tennis blades are also used to playing offensively and work well with Tenergy rubbers, especially when looping. They also differ in some factors; the Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade contains two Feel Carbon layers while Viscaria has two Arylate Carbon layers. The acoustic carbon blade is also less tender than Viscaria ALC. Viscaria blades are more flexible and have a super elastic feel, unlike Nittaku acoustic carbon blade, which is less flexible and stiff. Nittaku blade has wood lamination technology originally used in stringed instrument production incorporated. This construction creates a solid feeling and excellent control over the ball. Compared to Viscaria or Jun Mizutani ZLC, the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon has a medium bounce and power. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Pros and Cons This table shows a list of the pros and cons of the Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade: Pros Cons It has good control elements It is heavyweight It is not a fast blade but has two layers of carbon It is expensive You can use it together with many rubbers Has a crisp sound when hitting the ball It is a consistent blade that offers excellent performance. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Blade Price It is sold at a pocket-friendly price considering all its features. The blade goes for $ 179.95, from which a 5% discount is included. It is also a long-lasting piece of equipment because it is made of high-quality material. Therefore, the blade will give you good value for your money. This amazing blade is worth buying with this nice combination of wood and carbon, especially compared to other expensive Butterfly ZLC blades. Rush to the Megaspin website and grab a racket with this blade before the discount deal is over! Customer Reviews Here is a highlight of some verified customer reviews from Megaspin. “I have used Gergely Classic black tag, Amultart, Innerforce ZLC, Photino, Jun Mizutani ZLC (OLD), Jun Mizutani ZLC (NEW) and Timo Boll ZLC. I Thought Butterfly blades were the best, but I was wrong when I used Nittaku Acoustic Carbon (NAC) blade. “Used by the sponsored Nittaku players, this is among the best. Fast as hell, the carbon lies close to the outer ply. This doesn’t bother me, but maybe more people would have bought it if the carbon had laid further down the blade. But a world-class blade it is!” I have finally found the feel, control, and speed I have been looking for in NAC for a very long time. The only thing I don’t like is the WEIGHT of this blade, but you can put lightweight rubbers to compensate for it. I loved this blade the 1st time I used it, and I immediately sold my Timo Boll ZLC because I finally found the blade I was looking for. I used Tibhar MXS FH and MXP BH. Must try blade for keeps. And it’s way cheaper than any Butterfly ZLC blades.” Product Features Breakdown Nittaku brand has made the blade available in Flared handles, straight handle, and large-sized flared handle that is a little bit thicker and wider than the regular flared handle. The blade has a comfortable grip. You will play accurate topspins with your backhand and forehand and suffer no injuries while playing. It is very smooth, making it easy to handle. It has some aspect of stiffness that simplifies driving and making smashes. This beautiful ping pong blade offers good ball retention, whereby you can feel the ball’s impact when it hits the racket. Nittaku Acoustic carbon blade is very fast, but not as quickly as other blades like the Hinoki series. Nonetheless, we can say that overall, its speed is better than some carbon blades. Since it is a moderate-speed blade, it is excellent at the control and offers smooth play. Faster blades usually have a problem with control. They have a high vibration level and thus cannot focus on control. The acoustic carbon blade experiences little to no vibration upon hitting a ball. This blade doesn’t offer much flexibility but is slightly more flexible than the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC blade. It is one of the stiffest blades in the Nittaku series. Thanks to the wooden layer, the blade produces a high amount of spin. You will need to strike the ball with low to medium power to get a good and consistent amount of spin. Style of Play with the Blade The best playing style for this blade is spin shots. You will feel more incredible feedback on the hand when the racket receives a hard shot. The acoustic carbon blade spins well like the original Nittaku Acoustic blade. It is the ideal option when you want to do return backspin serves. The blade will help you gain control, achieve equality and attack tactfully. It also performs powerfully when blocking shots when playing with both backhand and forehand. Preferable position to play with this blade is close to the table with topspins. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon – Frequently Asked Questions Which Blades Give Much Better Results, Heavy or Lightweight? They all give great results. It usually narrows down to the player’s skill and how they combine the blade with a rubber. Heavyweight blades give more power to the ball, while lightweight blades enable easy switching from forehand to backhand. Which is the Best Racket Handle Size for a Beginner? It always depends on the player. When buying, you should feel the handle size that is comfortable on your hand. But many professionals would recommend flared handles for beginners. Your choice may change with time as you gain more skills and experience. The straight handle is used mainly by players who occasionally change their grip while playing. What Table Tennis Blades do Professionals use? Many professional table tennis players these days use carbon blades. Carbon blades have the right balance of speed, stability, precision, and flexibility. They are also faster than wooden blades. Other athletes, especially those who have been playing this game for a long time, prefer wooden blades that give better spin and control. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon – Conclusion From the information above, you can understand that Nittaku acoustic carbon blade is an improved version of the Nittaku acoustic blade. It has proven to be better because it has a better texture and control. With it, you will have a better balance and produce more powerful shots. It is the best blade that any all-around player can have. Nittaku Acoustic carbon table tennis blade is also the perfect choice for any beginner because it is not so fast and produces just the right amount of spin. It is important to note that a blade predicts the trajectory of the table tennis ball. CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE! However, it also has its downsides. It is a heavy blade. It may be hard for a beginner to use. You can use other lighter rubbers with the blade for it to provide you with enough comfort and control. But if you can perform well even with this blade and a heavier rubber, you are at an advantage. Remember to care for your blade by storing it correctly and subjecting it to proper use. You can add a soft grip tape to enhance comfortability and side tapes to protect the blade from damage. Ensure you research thoroughly on the right blade that would otherwise work for you. Do not rush into selecting blades because while some would work for you, others will not. If you feel this is the perfect blade, visit this online store to buy one. You can become a top-notch and professional table tennis player by using the Nittaku acoustic carbon blade.