About us

Welcome to Table Tennis Top. My name is Petroj Sorin, a player of the first league of Serbia. Participant of TOP 12  and TOP 24 best table tennis players in Serbia.

My successes:

  • Third in doubles at Serbian championship.
  • Champion in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles at the Vojvodina championship.
  • Third in Hungary at an international tournament.
  • Participant in the US Open in 2001 and 2002.
  • As a coach, state champion for junior cadets and third for cadets.

Petroj Sorin before training near table tennis table

Petroj Sorin medals and trophies in apartment

I have had a lot of success both as a player and a coach. All my life, I have been following table tennis through my obligations.

Firstly, I felt good about my health, and secondly because it taught me to fight in terms of everything. I always kept going and gave my maximum. You can see more details about it on the website.

The reason for launching Tabletennistop.com

It is to help people who love this sport learn something new and master the basic moves and ways to progress. Since I practice with people of different ages and watch them progress, I realized that it is not the age that matters but desire and effort.

Everyone can improve themselves if they follow essential steps and always learn because life is learning and struggle. I am still actively playing and training children, and current trends and news will update my site, so I wish you a pleasant feeling and enjoyment while surfing and, of course, as much training and success.

The website’s goal

It provides you with knowledge and experience that allow you to progress in table tennis skills and decide what the best equipment is for you through reports, comparisons, past experiences, and modern trends.

By reading the reviews and experiences gained over the years, you can save quality training and progress faster in table tennis. It will also save you time and money choosing the right purchase of rackets and other equipment.

I am currently an active player in the first league of Serbia, and my matches and training are available here.