9+ Table Tennis Court Accessories of 2023 (ITTF-Approved)

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Table tennis court accessories are the equipment that enhances your training as you play table tennis.

This article will look at some table tennis court accessories, specific ones by brand, table tennis equipment, and frequently asked questions about these elements.

Let’s begin by knowing the essential table tennis equipment needed to play this game. Here are some of the best table tennis court accessories you will find online.

Table Tennis Court Accessories Selected by The Author

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1. Butterfly Duo Scorer-pack of 2

table tennis court accessories butterfly duo scorer pack of two main image


This accessory contains two full-size scoreboards. It is a Butterfly brand accessory. It has a good rigid base that supports the scoreboards. They also occupy the least space possible. Their sizes include 390 x 260 x 260 mm.

This is the perfect accessory for any table tennis enthusiast! This scorer-pack includes two full-size scoreboards. It’s easy to use and makes keeping track of the game fun and straightforward.

Score big at your next game with the Butterfly Duo Scorer! So, you can keep track of the action on both sides of the court. The Butterfly brand name guarantees quality and durability. Get ready to dominate the competition with the Butterfly Duo Scorer!

There’s no need to fumble through a rule book or ask a spectator for help with this scorer. The bright colors and clear design make it easy to see who is winning during the game.

2. JOOLA Pro Barriers-Pack of 5

table tennis court accessories model JOOLA Pro Barriers-Pack of 5 main image


Looking to set up your very own table tennis court?

These barriers are perfect for separating individual courts and creating that authentic professional feel. They’re lightweight and easy to assemble, with a convenient magnetic assembly system. So why not pick up a set today and get your game on?

These barriers separate individual courts. They are light in weight and are purchased in a set of 5. One of its features is a convenient magnetic assembly system.

All barriers are the same size, each measuring 55 x 27.5 inches. These JOOLA pro barriers will enhance your professionalism.

These barriers separate individual courts, so you can focus on your game and not worry about hitting the ball off the table. They’re lightweight and easy to assemble with a convenient magnetic assembly system.

3. Butterfly Accessory Holder

butterfly accessory holder mani image


Butterfly brand has ensured that it provides every table tennis player with an accessory holder for every table model, such as home, personal, playback, outdoor home, and outdoor playback. You can check out this wonderful accessory, and don’t forget to recommend it to any player you know.

Butterfly has done it again with the perfect accessory holder for table tennis players! This product is designed to attach to any table model and securely hold your accessories while you play.

Whether you’re at home, practicing in your backyard, or playing in a tournament, these table tennis court accessories will ensure you have everything you need right at your fingertips. So don’t go another match without one – order your Butterfly Accessory Holder today!

This accessory holder is the perfect addition to your table tennis game! It fits all table models, making it ideal for any player. With this holder, you’ll have easy access to all of your accessories so that you can focus on your game.

4. JOOLA Umpire Set

JOOLA Umpire Set as an accessory main image


JOOLA will equip you with a complete umpire set for your upcoming official tournament. It is a must-have for every referee. This set includes a net gauge, two choice coins (red and green), and three disciplinary cards (yellow, white, and green), all by ITTF rules and regulations.

This Table Tennis Umpire Set is the perfect way to keep your games fair and by the book. With a net gauge, two choice coins, and three disciplinary cards, this set ideally has everything you need to officiate any table tennis game. Keep things consistent and ensure everyone plays by the rules with this handy set.

Looking to step up your table tennis game? This Umpire Set is perfect for you! So whether you’re umpiring a match or just playing for fun, this set has everything you need to ensure the game is fair and square.

5. Butterfly Towel Box

table tennis court accessories towel box black color main image


It is made of heavy gauge corrugated cardboard. This accessory is diverse because you can also use it for multi-ball practice. It has a hexagonal shape with the Butterfly logo on its sides.

This cool, new Table Tennis Butterfly Towel and Box is the perfect way to keep your table tennis gear organized and tidy. It looks great with the iconic Butterfly logo on all six sides, but it’s also made of durable corrugated cardboard for lasting use.

This handy accessory is a must-have for any table tennis player, whether using it to store your towels and balls or as a practice tool for multi-ball drills.

It also has a height of 30 inches. Butterfly Towel and Box- improve your table tennis skills with this versatile accessory! Get one today to take your game to the next level!

6. Killerspin UnplugNplay Barriers – Pack of 5

KillerspinUnplugNplay Barriers- Pack of 5 main image


These barriers protect table tennis balls that wander off the table from damage in open area play. These barriers create the perfect perimeter for space.

This Killerspin set will help conserve your energy and movement from chasing balls in the room. They will keep bouncing balls contained and protected from damage so you can concentrate on the game.

It is excellent for homes, offices, bars, outdoors, patios, and other open locations. These table tennis accessories come branded with the Killerspin logo on one side but could be branded with a custom logo on the opposite side for a customized touch.

Barriers are constructed of steel tubes with tailor-made polyester covers. Connecting is effortless; just make the frame stand and install the cover. Partitions can be linked or stand independently.


  • Construction Weight: 1.70 kg/3.75 lbs per barrier
  • Cover Weight: 0.80kg/1.76 lbs per barrier
  • Net Weight Per Unit: 2.5 kg/5.511 lbs per barrier
  • Dimension: 1.4×0.74m/4.59 x 2.43 ft
  • Box Dimesnion: 1.49 x 0.41x 0.12 m /4.888 x 1.345 x 0.393 ft
  • Gross Weight Per Unit: 12.80 kg/28.21 lbs

7. Killerspin Barriers – Pack of 5

table tennis court accessories Killerspin Barriers - Pack of 5 main image


It performs the same function as the KillerspinUnplugNplay barriers. Its barriers are constructed of steel tubes with tailor-made polyester covers.

You can use them at the home, office, bars, outdoors, patio, and other open locations. They are easy to connect with. Like the KillerspinUnplugNplay barriers,  just make the frame stand and install the cover.

They’re perfect for adding a new level of challenge to any match and also great for training. The barriers are made of steel tubes with tailored polyester covers. These barriers are sturdy and easy to set up. So bring on the competition – with these barriers, the tables are constantly turned!

These Table Tennis Killerspin Barriers are the perfect way to keep pesky balls from going where they shouldn’t. Made of sturdy steel tubes and fitted with custom-made polyester covers, these barriers can be used anywhere.

So next time you’re playing table tennis and don’t want to have to chase after errant balls, grab a set of these barriers and enjoy the game worry-free!

8. Ping Pong Organizer

ping pong organizer with racket and balls


A ping pong organizer is a great way to keep your ping pong paddles and balls stored away when you’re not playing.

There are a variety of ping pong organizers on the market, ranging from simple paddle holders to more complex table tennis cases. A good ping pong organizer will help to protect your paddles from damage and keep them organized so you can easily find them when you want to play.

In addition, a table tennis case can also help to keep your ping pong balls clean and dust-free. An organizer is a must-have accessory if you’re serious about ping pong.

The IRON AMERICAN Elite Ping Pong and Table Tennis Storage Rack is a great way to keep your table tennis equipment organized and ready to play.

iron america table tennis racket and ball holder

This table tennis case holds six balls and four paddles, and the front is bent upward at the perfect angle so that it won’t fall off and bounce under your couch.

9. Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Case

table tennis court accessories Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Case


If you’re looking for a Butterfly table tennis case that can hold all of your ping pong accessories, the Butterfly table tennis racket case is a great option. This racket case has a tray divider, a handle notch for two rackets, cut-outs for four balls, and an accessory pouch on the inside panel.

The padded front and back panels provide extra protection for your paddle and balls, while the polyester 320 denier material is durable and will withstand the rigors of play.

The zipper closure and carry strap make it easy to transport, while the 21 x 30 x 4 cm size means it will fit easily in most ping pong bags. So, it is an excellent option if you’re looking for a Butterfly table tennis hard case that can hold all your ping pong accessories.

Table Tennis Racket Hard Case

There are a few options if you are looking for a table tennis racket hard case.

table tennis racket hard case gewo joola xiom

The GEWO Alu-Safe is a sturdy aluminum case that will provide lasting protection for your table tennis racket. It features an eccentric lock and thick foam padding with recesses for one table tennis racket and three balls. The size of the case is 30cm x 22cm x 6cm.

Another option is the Joola table tennis racket hard case, made from durable plastic and designed to protect your table tennis racket during travel or storage. It features Soft-Touch handles for comfortable carrying and a spacious interior with room for up to two table tennis rackets.

XIOM also makes a Premium Hardshell Case designed to protect your racket, called the Bellow Hard Racket Case. Both cases should provide the safe, secure storage you need to keep your racket in good condition.

Other Table Tennis Court Accessories

Table tennis court accessories provide the additional gear and tools you need to improve your table tennis game.
Choose from a selection of boosters, glues, paddle cases, rubbers, and gears to help take your table tennis skills to the next level.

  • 1. Need to give your table tennis game an extra edge? Look no further than our selection of boosters, glues, and paddle cases!
  • 2. Keep your rubbers in good condition with our range of rubber cleaners and lubricants – essential for improving your gameplay.
  • 3. Protect your investment with our range of stylish paddle cases – available in various colors and designs.

1. Table Tennis Accessories – Boosters

boosters for improving the quality and speed of table tennis racket


Table tennis boosters are an alternative to table tennis glue. It enables players to increase the strength and the spin of their paddles.

The boost is placed underneath the rubber, which makes up the paddle’s hitting area. The role of the booster is to create a sponge-like effect that makes the paddle rubber more elastic. The ITTF has not legalized the use of boosters. However, you can just use a “pre-tuned” paddle.

2. Table tennis glue

butterfly free chack glue megaspin main image


Table tennis glue enables layers to enhance the paddle’s power and rotation. Its function is the same as the booster.

The glue is spread onto a sponge set underneath the paddle’s rubber. This gives the paddle more spin, strength, and elasticity.

The most common table tennis glue is water-based glue in line with ITTF rules because they don’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOC). Check our best reviews of table tennis glues!

3. Paddle cases

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Paddle cases help protect the paddles so that they can serve you for the longest while. It protects the paddle from environmental conditions such as direct sunlight and cold. These conditions harm the paddle’s rubber.

There are two types of paddle cases: oblong-shaped cases and rectangular-shaped cases.

The inside of the cases is lined with a foam layer that protects the paddle from chipping or the rubber from peeling.

4. Rubber covers

table tennis rubber covers protection butterfly main image


Table tennis rubber covers are small plastic cases that seal and cover the paddle’s rubber but leave the handle exposed.

Their function is the same as paddle cases. The only difference is that they only cover the rubbers. They protect the ping pong rubbers from adverse environmental conditions and prevent them from chipping when in contact with any hard surfaces.

5. Table Tennis Blades

table tennis blades butterfly viscaria main image


There are different types of blades. These blades are categorized according to their speed. They include:

  • Defensive Blades: slow blades with maximum control; best suited for primarily defensive players, e.g., choppers, and beginners
  • Allround Blades: an all-around blade for an all-around player who mixes offense and defense in equal amounts
  • Offensive Blades: the fastest blades available, many trade control for speed; not recommended for beginning players

It is important to note that the rubber and blade determine the speed of a paddle. This gives extra flexibility in selecting equipment because a defensive paddle could have an offensive rubber on one side and a slow but spinny rubber on the other.

Blades are mainly made from wood, according to the rules of ITTF. Carbon, arylate, and other materials can be used as a thin layer in the middle layers of the blade, but none of these should be exposed.

6. Ping Pong Rubbers

table tennis court accessories the rubbers and ball main image


Rubbers are the surfaces on both sides of the paddle used to hit the ball. Different types of rubber provide other characteristics of service and return. Rubbers also have varying thicknesses: “pimples-out” or “pimples-in” in reverse rubbers.

The rubber is glued to the sponge. A much thicker sponge is best for offensive play. The pimples-in rubber allows for a smoother surface and great freedom of stroke. Pimples-out is a textured surface used best when desiring a specific play technique.

ITTF regulations require rubber to be either red or black, and you must place one of each color on a paddle to be legal for use.

Rubber has a rating system that measures the speed and spins independently. Many companies manufacture and distribute rubber rate speed and spin on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the fastest or the most spinny.

The ratings are usually determined by players who evaluate them to analyze the speed and spin. These ratings will most likely be ‘opinions’ from various players. They are not usually tested.

It is important to note that beginners should not select overly spinny rubbers because they will not control the game when the opponent hits back the ball.

7. Water Bottles

table tennis court accessories water bottles main image butterfly new


You may sometimes find table tennis quite intense, thereby going for longer hours.

For this reason, proper hydration is required to uphold a high level of play. You’ll need a water bottle to keep hydrated. Look like a pro by having one today.

Professional table tennis players always carry water bottles whenever they go to tournaments. Many table tennis brands produce water bottles that are lightweight, affordable, and unbreakable.

8. Sporting Gear

sporting gear socks shirts main image


Sporting gear is the clothing that a player wears while playing a game. Table tennis, just like any other game, has an outfit that should be worn while playing the game. Suitable clothing helps improve your performance during the game.

Sporting gear includes T-shirts, shorts, towels, and shoes

The T-shirts and shorts should be loose-fitting and lightweight, but not too loose in that they appear baggy. Neatness is also crucial. Loose-fitting clothes allow you to be flexible and move around quickly.

Table tennis shirts are designed with moisture-wicking material to absorb sweat and prevent the clothing from getting wet and heavy.

Most gears have logos of the brands that manufacture them, especially on the front. Table tennis shirts are mostly collared. They have to be comfortable for the shoes, because how will you move around swiftly in uncomfortable shoes?

Table tennis Accessories – Clothing

table tennis clothing shirts and shorts men and women

Many athletic apparel companies produce different types and footwear designed for table tennis. Table tennis footwear is lightweight for quick movements and sturdy enough to prevent ankle injury. They are also made of breathable material that ensures the player is comfortable for the whole game duration. The flexible and grippy soles allow the player to move quickly without losing traction.

Sweating is a must in every game. You might even sweat a little more if the intense tournament, maybe at a professional level. For this reason, you will need to own at least one towel. A towel wipes sweat away and keeps it off the eyes and face.

Various brands have manufactured their towels which are small in size and light in weight, thus easy to carry around. Some players would prefer a small piece of fabric tied on their wrists like a wristband to facilitate this, but a towel would work better.

The Basic Equipment & Court Table Tennis Accessories

The primary court table tennis accessories can be pretty expensive. Suitable quality accessories are durable when given the proper treatment. To ensure that you get the most out of each one, keep it out of direct sunlight, excess heat, and excess moisture. Consider also picking up the accessories when they fall to the floor so as not to get stepped on.

1. Table Tennis Ball

basic equipment table tennis balls killerspin model main image


This is one of the main components of table tennis. In most cases, a table tennis ball has a diameter of 40 millimeters and a weight of 2.7 g. They are made using a particular material called celluloid. The ball has a spherical shape. Air is trapped inside, allowing it to bounce back once hit by a paddle or on the table.

To generate different spin rates, you can hit the ball with different rubber and wrist action types.

The faster the spin rate, the more curve you will see from the ball when you strike the opponent’s half of the table. You can buy these balls in groups rather than purchasing only one (it is cheaper).

Table tennis Ball has a rating system that uses stars. The best balls are rated at three stars, ranging from one to three. You need to consider this factor while purchasing table tennis balls since some balls break easily and have questionable playing characteristics.

The color of the table tennis ball doesn’t matter much for games and practice. Just be sure to use the most visible color given the conditions. ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) states that the legal colors are orange and white. World Best Ranked players use these ping-pong balls.

2. Ping Pong Paddles

basic equipment ping pong paddles red and black rubbers and two balls


Paddles in Table tennis are used to strike the ball onto your opponent’s half of the table. Paddles vary to accommodate every player’s specific skills and technique needs.

They must at least be made of 85% wood. You can alternatively use carbon fiber. A rubber surface on both sides of the paddle usually contacts the ball. These are the famous “rubbers,” They have been incorporated with different patterns that affect the amount of friction applied to the ball.

In some paddles, the rubber surface contains raised pieces called “pips,” which give more spins on the ball if they are long; shorter pips increase the ball’s speed.

kanak jha equipment ping pong blade and rubbers


Depending on the rubber used and the quality, paddles also vary in price. There are different types of paddles, such as penhold and shakehand paddles.

Penhold paddles

Penhold is a technique for grip in table tennis. This grip style is practical because a player is holding a paddle as if holding a pen. This means that the thumb and index finger wrap around the handle on one side, and the other fingers rest on the opposite side comfortably.

There are three types of penhold grips: Chinese, Japanese/Korean, and reverse backhand. Penhold paddles have a shorter handle than other table tennis paddles. This is the reason why it fits nicely in between the fingers.

Shakehand Paddles

In the table tennis game, there are many different styles of playing. Some players may play as offensive players, while others go for a defensive mindset. Some players prefer speed when striking the ball, while others use looping strikes with many spins.

A significant factor in a player’s approach depends on the grip style. The shakehand grip is a grip whereby you hold the blade as if you are shaking hands. The fingers wrap around the handle, and the thumb rests at the base of the rubber.

Shakehand paddles have longer handles, allowing players to rest their whole hand around the handle.

3. Ping Pong Tables

two ping pong tables in the sports hall blue color main image


The significance of a table tennis table is to represent a small version of a tennis court. The tables have lines marking the play area and a net dividing the two courts.

There are two types of tables: indoor and outdoor tables.

Indoor ping pong tables measure 2.5 feet above the ground, 9 feet long, and 5 feet wide. Outdoor tables also measure the same but are designed differently to withstand different environmental conditions.

They are both made with various materials, but indoor tables tend to have better materials than outdoor ping-pong tables. However, the materials used in making outdoor tables must last under harsh environmental conditions. Outdoor tables tend to be more expensive than indoor table tennis tables.

4. Nets and Posts

table tennis court accessories nets and posts donic green net


The net in table tennis is made up of a stretchy nylon material. It has a height of 6 inches. The net is meant to stretch across the table’s width and have the posts on either side.

Table tennis posts are usually attached to the table by an extensive clip/washer and bolt that you can adjust.

Table Tennis Court Accessories – FAQs

1. What are the most popular brands for table tennis court accessories?

Many brands have emerged over the years which produce valuable table tennis equipment. Well, all brands have different specialties in manufacturing and production. That’s why each is unique.

Popular brands include Yasaka, JOOLA, Stiga, Andro, GEWO, Butterfly, XIOM, Power Pong, etc. The list is endless because there are many brands.

2. What are the most expensive table tennis court accessories?

Table tennis tables are the most expensive table tennis accessories. This is because of their large size and variability (if it is for outdoor or indoor use). They are also manufactured with expensive materials.

Price variations will depend on the type of brand, materials used, size, and additional features such as portability.

3. What is the difference between table tennis equipment and court accessories?

Table tennis equipment is the primary thing you need to play a table tennis game. These include a paddle, a ball, a net, a post, and a table. On the other hand, table tennis accessories complement the game.

They are not a must-have, but if you have them, you will be better positioned to excel or perform better. Examples include the ones that have been mentioned above.

4. How often should I change my rubber?

Inverted rubber lasts 60 hours for the average club player. If the player uses it every day for two hours, it should be changed monthly. If he uses it twice weekly for two hours, it should be changed every four months. Cleaning the rubber after every practice session and sealing it with adhesive rubber protection sheets is the best way to ensure 60 hours of use.

Anti-spin rubber usually lasts 2-5 years when you regularly play table tennis. With no friction, the rubber becomes better with age. The only way for the anti-rubber to wear out is for the sponge to degrade. Check to ensure that the rubber bounces equally on all blade parts.

Pips rubber usually lasts about 100-150 hours. The rubber is worn out when the pips break or the sponge degrades, giving it an inconsistent bounce.

5. What is the difference between a light and a heavy blade?

If the blade has a hollow handle, it will be more top-heavy. If the blade has a solid handle, it will be more equally balanced from top to bottom.

The weight difference is caused by the materials, head size, number of plies, and handle type.

Generally, close-to-the-table players use light blades, which are 70-90 grams. A light blade provides more racket speed and quickness on an excellent backhand/forehand transition. Choppers and lobbers use heavy blades, 90-100 grams. Because the distance player has more time to react to the ball, a heavy blade will provide more stability and consistency away from the table.

Children under thirteen years old, beginners, and anyone with limited strength should use a paddle of 70-80 grams. This will enable them to have good speed and develop proper strokes without getting tired.

Table Tennis Court Accessories – Final Thoughts

This article has brought forth much insight into table tennis accessories and equipment. Up to you now to figure out the type of accessories you require to become the top-notch player you’ve always desired to be!

In most instances, many think you only require a paddle, a ball, and a table to play on.

They also make you look like a pro with increased confidence. People will see that you are destined to win during the competition because of the kind of accessories you are using.

Well, these are the essential equipment for table tennis. But you will not harness high performance with these only. You’ll need the table tennis accessories which will improve your performance.

There are so many accessories in the market today. Different table tennis accessories help enhance various aspects of the sport.

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