7 Best Yasaka Table Tennis Rubbers (Mark V-Rakza-Rigan Spin Reviews)

7 Best Yasaka Table Tennis Rubbers (Mark V-Rakza-Rigan Spin Reviews)

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Today, there are so many variations of Yasaka rubbers. Thanks to this article which will highlight some of the superb rubbers that you need to consider.

Yasaka rubbers favor all types of individuals, whether you are an amateur or an experienced player. With that said, let’s dive right into it.

Best Yasaka Table Tennis Rubbers Selected by The Author





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Yasaka A-1 Pips Out (2)


Yasaka A-1 Pips Out (3) (1)


1. Yasaka Mark V HPS

yasaka table tennis rubbers markv hps main image red black


This is a fast table tennis rubber. It is portrayed as a super performance rubber. The HPS stands for Hybrid Power Sponge. It is available in two colors with varied thicknesses; red max, black 2.0, and black max. Mark V HPS is equipped with the right features for offense play.

Yasaka Mark V HPS is of the most recent Japanese technology- the Hybrid Power Sponge. This technology gives the rubber the following advantages:

  • Increased spin
  • Increased speed
  • Improved dynamics in the sponge

Mark V HPS is unique in its way because of such features. Another thing is it has a medium sponge which suits aggressive play limited only to nearer the table.

  • Speed: 100
  • Spin: 100
  • Control: 60


Verified Customer Review

The best rubber ever produced.

Topspin machine. Awesome spin and enormous control. Very lightweight. Excellent in all aspects except durability, which is a little bit less than average.

So easy to use from beginners to advanced users. Highly recommended to any offensive or all-around players.”

“Mark v has good spin, speed, and control.

Good with T-11+ or TB all.

Helps in rallying. The rubber’s topspin can be blocked easily by other rubbers.

Rubber for people who like to keep the ball in play.”

2. Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft

best yasaka table tennis rubbers rakza 7 soft model main image


It is believed that Yasaka Rakza rubbers diversify innovation. It is so because the presence and shape of the pimples provide a strong balance between spin and speed. Rakza rubbers use Hybrid Energy to provide synergy between the top sheet and the sponge providing remarkable elasticity for power and control. Therefore, Yasaka Rakza 7 soft is a high spin rubber.

Yasaka brand manufactures it in black and red colors with 1.8, 2.0, and max thicknesses. It is one of the best rubbers to be used by beginners because it is easier to use. It has the perfect grip and is very good for backhand and forehand if you’re learning topspin.

The Rakza 7 Soft also has a soft sponge which gives the rubber more sound and build-in glue effect. This feature is incomparable to the Rakza 7 rubber, making it exceptional. Its softness enhances control characteristics while playing.

Yasaka uses natural rubber gum for the top sheet that boosts the level of spin and the power of spin. The Top sheet is combined with the new power sponge and, they collaborate well, forming this Hybrid Energy rubber.

If you’re worried about the cost, Yasaka Rakza 7 soft will be worth that cash you’ll spend purchasing it. It is also long-lasting.

  • Speed: 93
  • Spin: 96
  • Control: 68
  • Hardness: 37-42

Verified Customer Review

“I have been playing table tennis for four years. I think Yasaka Rakza 7 soft is a very good rubber for beginners. It is very soft, forgives a lot, has a good grip. This is a typical rubber for all-around games. I have already tried a few rubbers. Very good for learning topspin. Good for both backhand and forehand. So far, I’ve played Rasanter 42 TSP Ventus Spin – and this gum is no worse than them. The throw angle is higher than in harder rubbers – which is logical.

Fast rubbers give a flatter hit. The soft ones are a bit higher. You can play anything with this gum … topspin, backspin, sidespin, short game for block, it’s easy to use. You aim wherever you want, not where another rubber tells you to. I highly recommend it. The price is adequate for the quality of the product. The highest quality product.”

“It is good for blocking, slow loop, flicking underspin, flicking side spin. Not for speed if you play Rpb attack. Quality rubber. I wish I used it in my earlier development being Penholder. I feel this rubber performs like a much, much softer H3 somehow. Good for beginners wanting to get into H3. Light rubber, tacky, soft. Good grip for a spin.”

3. Yasaka Anti-Power

antipower rubber from brandyasaka main image


Yasaka Anti-power is a spin and a speed rubber. It can stop any kind of speed and spin. It is available in red and black colors with thicknesses of 1.5 and 2.0 for each color.

A sound mechanism accompanies it. You will hear it as you play your offensive position. The top sheet is slightly grippy and, it has an elastic sponge.

Yasaka anti-power 1.5 red is slower and easier to control compared to the others. It is the best option for classical defense since it is light in weight. Yasaka anti-power 2.0 is preferably used closer to the table during offensive play. Also, you can use it to set the tempo in the game before using your attacking side to finish the point.

It is versatile in that you can use it for blocking and attacking simultaneously at the table. Yasaka Anti-Power’s features are combined with the characteristics of Mark V, Rakza, and extend. Making it unique and equipping you with the right qualities to help you become a dangerous offensive player.

When you get an opportunity of attacking your opponent, you should make sure you identify their weakness and use it to your advantage. This rubber could be the ideal one to help you accomplish that.

Generally, Anti-power rubber neutralizes the spin. It is carried out by the lower rubber that reduces the rate of friction and moderation qualities. I would recommend this rubber to offensive combi players because of its attacking mechanism.

It’s usually better to use a spin rubber because they work well together.

  • Speed: 62
  • Spin: 28
  • Control: 73

yasaka anti power rubber red color second image


Verified Customer Review

“The first time I used it, I was shocked at how it could effortlessly return serve. It is the best for that. However, you better keep it low as it doesn’t generate much spin.

Super easy to control and helped my game considerably when I switched from conventional. Still, ultimately I stopped using it because it doesn’t generate enough spin with chops (but can certainly generate some). For me, the trade-off between being insensitive to the opponent’s spin vs. not generating much spin is too extreme, and I prefer short pips as the trade-off is lesser.”

“After transformer, I tried this rubber. This rubber is fast relative to the transformer. The transition from normal to this anti is not that much compared to the transformer. This is faster and easier to handle compared to the transformer. However, the spin reversal is lesser. I can easily spin my second block again. This rubber excels in fast attack and change in tempo. You can do the change in tempo by changing your grip to a lighter hold. Highly recommended.”

4. Yasaka Rigan Spin

rigan spin table tennis rubber main image


Yasaka Rigan spin rubber combines the advantages of classical rubbers and modern technology rubbers. This kind of advancement makes the rubber enter into a whole new level of increased ball control and speed. It also results in a very user-friendly rubber, that is, easy to handle for professional and specialized players.

Yasaka rigan spin contains high spin. This rubber is of excellent quality, therefore durable capable of serving you for the longest time possible.

Unfortunately, I would not recommend this rubber for beginners or first-timers. It could be difficult for them to handle or work with. It’s better to try out other rubbers that favor first-timers than, afterward, having gained some experience, you can now work with Yasaka Rigan spin rubber.

Yasaka Company Limited has manufactures Rigan spin in different colors and thicknesses. They include a red 1.8, red max, black 2.0, and black max. This rubber is bouncy because of its high sponge thickness. As you can tell, its thickness begins from 1.8, unlike other rubbers covered here.


All the above features make it a very fast rubber, with greater spin and control.

  • Speed: 89
  • Spin: 95
  • Control: 91

Verified Customer Review

“Good rubber for the price!!

Suitable for players who know how to control spin, not for beginners or first-timers!

Quite bouncy, using 1.8 sponge thickness (because higher sponge-like 2.3 or max are too fast). Around 40-45 degrees hardness, in my opinion, it is quite sensitive to incoming spin…. so as I said already not for a beginner, can suit well an amateur player that plays for a couple of years even if he never trained with a coach just like me🤩 I am using it on a Yasaka Sweden extra and I love it!!!

Blocks are very good! Spins like nothing I Played with before!! Mostly I was looking for high spin and control, and it has it all!!! I think it’s better you use it on the forehand and the older version Rigan, not Rigan spin on the backhand just because it’s softer and will give you more feeling and control.”

“Mark V with more speed and spin. Very balanced rubber. Good for looping. 10% more spin than Rigan standard but 10% less speed.”

5. Yasaka Mark V M2

best yasaka table tennis rubbers model markv m2 main image


Yasaka Mark V M2 has the highest possible speed with greater thickness. It is available in the market in black and red colors only and, the thickness is really high; at 2.0 and max.

It also has a sharper spin because of the hard outer sheet and sponge. Yasaka Mark V M2 is the most recent addition to the Mark V program. Like all other Mark V rubbers, Mark V M2 has proven to be very fast and of high spin. It was manufactured to create a variety of Mark V rubbers in the market with different features and advantages.

This rubber would work well for an experienced player. They can bear the high speed and sharper spin that it has.

However, you cannot use it for chopping. Chopping is an underspin shot that would cause it to chip fast. Yasaka Mark V M2 rubber is balanced on speed, control, and spin. The thicker variations (max) would work better for the forehand.

It is a very soft rubber thus chips easily. While playing, keep these few things in mind to preserve your rubber by subjecting it to the correct use by always taking precautions. It makes the rubber durable and worth the amount you spent on it.

Ensure you check this rubber online and buy one if it has the desired qualities that you are looking for in a table tennis rubber. Go ahead and recommend this rubber to some of your friends and relatives who play table tennis. They would surely love it!

  • Speed: 92
  • Spin: 91
  • Control: 80

markv m2 rubber table tennis with a blade near


Verified Customer Review

“This rubber is a solid rubber on the forehand if you hit the ball with your forehand harder than your backhand. I would choose a rubber thickness between 1.7 and max for the forehand. Generates a good amount of spin on the ball. Can handle spin pretty well but don’t try to chop.

On serves, you need to try to put a lot of spin on the ball, b/c sometimes, you won’t get the spin you are looking for. It is consistent with hitting the table and very good rubber.”

“A fast rubber, but others say that this rubber depends its speed on its blade. You can smash at a good speed and deliver the ball slow but very spinny. You can feel the ball when spinning. Not good for chopping. Take care of it because it can be chipped off quite easily.”

6. Yasaka A-1 Pips Out

antispin rubber from brandyasaka main image


Yasaka A-1 is a hard bat rubber. Its characteristics are short pips(hence the term pips-out) and no sponge. It has a fiber backing that has a simplified glue application. This beautiful rubber is mostly used by US classic hard bat players and defensive players. It is the best rubber for a hard bat.

Yasaka hard bat rubber works well with defensive blades like Yasaka sweeper and Donic Defplay Senso-3. For effective performance, you have to consider the type of blade used with the rubber. Do not just use any blade because not all blades collaborate well with a specific rubber.

This rubber is versatile. You can use it for chopping and blocking. You can also use it for a drop shot (a shot made very close to the net at the table). It is a durable rubber, giving you good value for money.

  • Speed: 58
  • Spin: 46
  • Control: 92

Verified Customer Review

“I wouldn’t use any other rubber for my hard bat. This is great. It gives me perfect control when I want it (most of the time), neutralizes a fair bit of the spin from my opponents, and still lets me put a little spin on serves when I want to. Great all-around versatile hard bat rubber. BTW, I recommend using glue sheets to install.”

“Very good rubber for hard bat. Seems a bit faster than BTY Orthodox DX. I was able to topspin ferociously with it on a tony hold blade. Really puts the attack, playback into hard bat. Seems to be long-lasting, typical of Yasaka products. Highly recommended.”

7. Yasaka Phantom 0012 Infinity

phantom infinity rubber main image


It is a pocket-friendly rubber considering the number of characteristics it possesses. It is a no-sponge rubber, unlike the Phantom 0011 infinity that has a sponge. Yasaka 0012 infinity is part of the phantom series. This rubber is long and has a soft pimple.

The soft pimple’s function is to help in attacking/offensive play. Its other desirable features include improved spin and speed, increased variation, stable control, stable attack power, and a high knuckleball effect.

Yasaka 0012 infinity is one of the fastest rubbers in the phantom series. Playing with this rubber will make your work easier since it is easy to manipulate effects and gives a good reversal.

It is only available in no sponge black type and color. The lack of a sponge in the rubber also means a lack of an inbuilt effect. It is durable when subjected to proper use.

  • Speed: 40
  • Spin: 43
  • Control: 51

yasaka table tennis rubbers phantom pips out rubber black image


Verified Customer Reviews

“Took me only 1 session to trust 0012 completely. Very good control for an LP. Compares well with Galaxy Neptune. I use both of them in competitions. Glued on Stiga Hybrid NCT 729 Aurora+Phantom 0012 OX.”

“I like this rubber very much. I think it is easy to manipulate effects, has very good reversal, is easy to play with. Also, I have it in red.”

Achievements of Yasaka

Here are some of the achievements that this brand can proudly list since its existence till today:

2021- Mattias Falck and Christian Karlsson became the first Swedish payers to win Houston’s world championships since 1991. This was the latest world champion title with Yasaka.

2020- Yasaka produced world blades to the world: Falck Carbon and Falck W7. This company added Rakza 7 and Rakza z Xtra to the successful Rakza family.

2019- Mattias Falck became the silver medalist in men’s singles at the world championships in Budapest. He achieved this with Falck carbon blade and Rakza PO on the forehand, Rakza X on the backhand side.

2014- High-quality Rakza X was introduced with the power sponge and a top sheet with excellent grip.

2012- Yasaka introduced the third version of Hybrid Energy Rubbers, the Rakza 9.

2010- Yasaka Rakza 7 was introduced and generated a lot of sales for the company. An increasing number of players are still opting for the Rakza 7 and Rakza 7 soft rubbers.

2008- Ma Lin, a Yasaka player, managed to win a gold medal in the Olympic games held in Beijing.

1992- Yasaka began the blade production in Trantas, Sweden

1993- The first successful blade, Yasaka Extra, was introduced to the world.

1969- Yasaka revolutionized the table tennis rubber technology and introduced the Mark V, a popular table tennis product in the market. Mark V later won the European championship in 1970 and the world championship in 1971.

1950- Yasaka developed fast with a close connection with Japanese players who took over the leading positions in the championships.

1947- Mr. Hirosi Yaoita birthed the Yasaka brand.

Mr. Sakamoto.

What You Don’t Know About the Name Yasaka

Did you know that the name Yasaka emerged from part of the founders’ names? (YAoita + SAKAmoto= YASAKA)

Well, if you didn’t know, now you know!

Why Choose Yasaka rubbers?

Yasaka rubbers could be your luck at becoming the best version of a table tennis player that you have always dreamt of becoming. They have many distinct features that you would like in a table tennis rubber. These features are listed below:

  1. They are of great quality, hence durable
  2. Has a top layer that offers high accuracy
  3. The underlying sponge layer boosts acceleration
  4. They give you great value for money
  5. They are manufactured in a wide range of thicknesses (from 1 cm) and color preferences.

About Yasaka Brand

Yasaka brand is one of the world’s best manufacturers of table tennis rubbers and blades. It was formed in 1947 by a table tennis player and his colleague. They aimed at providing tennis players with equipment of high technical competence and superior performance.

The location of Yasaka is in Tokyo, Japan. Their blades manufacturing plant is found in Tranas, Sweden.

yasaka brand table tennis logo image

The brand has immense experience and skill set in manufacturing table tennis rubbers since it has been doing it for the longest time now. Through its accurate processing, it ensures that it continually generates high-quality products. Their employees are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and techniques to produce top-notch products.

Yasaka has a close relationship with renowned table tennis players and coaches such as Olympic champion – Ma Lin. Such interactions give them a basis to state ways that the company will ensure that better products are in the market. It gives them a better angle as consumers to state their needs to achieve their expectations.

Yasaka Table Tennis Rubbers – Conclusion

Yasaka is famous for its Mark V rubber. It is the first-ever Yasaka rubber used. It was used in the 1970 and 1971 table tennis World Championships where it emerged as the winner in both years.

With the information provided above, it is easier for you to distinguish the capabilities of the different Yasaka table tennis rubbers and identify the one that suits you.

Yasaka table tennis rubbers are designed to provide your game’s speed and spin. They make the perfect addition to any player’s equipment bag, whether you play recreationally or competitively.

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We recommend that players experiment with different types of rubber in order to find their optimal balance between speed and spin – an essential component of every game!

Have you tried using a new type of rubber lately? What was it like? Let us know in the comments below!


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