7 Best Tournament Table Tennis Rackets

Published on December 14, 2021 Last Updated on December 16, 2021 by Sorin Petroj

The 7 best pre-assembled table tennis rackets reviewed here are for tournament play. These are the top-ranked ones and come pre-assembled with racket and rubber combination.

Going for a pre-assembled/ready-made table tennis racket means you don’t have to guess on finding the right balance of rubber and blade combination for your tournament. These are the ideal combination chosen by players like Timo Boll, Jorg Rosskopf, Petr Korbel, Ma Lin, and champs playing for national leagues.

Tournament Table Tennis Rackets Selected By The Author:





tournament table tennis rackets timo boll alc thumbnail image


tournament table tennis racket joola rossi thumbnail image


butterfly timo boll alc with tenergy rubber thumbnail image


yasaka sweden ak carbon with rakza 7 rubbers thumbnail image


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1. Butterfly TB7 ProLine With Rozena

best tournament table tennis rackets butterfly timo boll with rozena main image

Style: All-around / Defense              Blade: Timo Boll 7 Blade              Plies: 7-ply all-wood blade          Blade Size:154 x 148mm            Blade Thickness: 6.3mm            Handle: Flared concave handle Handle Size: 102 x 25mm      Rubber: Rozena rubbers        Rubber surface: High-tension pimples-in                                    Sponge: 2.1 mm


Butterfly TB7 Pro-Line is recommended for advanced players aspiring to play with high-level controlled attacks in a tournament or league match.

Performance ratings:

Speed:9.2. Spin: 9.3. Control: 9.5.

The racket is crafted with the all-wood TB7 blade and Rozena rubbers equipped with spring sponges of 2.1 mm thickness. The blade is best for a shakehand attack, while the rubber helps create a sense of stability to the attack.

The Timo Boll 7 blade was designed to fulfill the needs of players of all skill levels, including beginners and professional players. The wooden blade of this racket helps you gain control of the game, allowing you to put spins on the ball, hit with accuracy, and have the ability to strategize strokes to defeat opponents.

The Rozena is a high-tensive rubber that improves the game. It is recommended for players aiming for the top. While Butterfly Timo Boll AlC with Tenergy is for players who have mastered various strokes and are capable of hitting the ball from precise angle and timing, the TB7 with Rozena compensates for such errors.

butterfly timo boll alc with rozena red rubber assembled

Any tennis player will pray to have the same experience I had after switching to this setup. This means whether you are a beginner or an experienced tournament player, TB7 with Rozena will help you improve your game on all levels.

The flared concave handle is comfortable to hold. The handle is not too short and very comfortable in your hand, enabling you to play your game with full concentration.

Special Features:

The players who have trouble controlling the ball and racket during the game will find this pre-assembled racket most beneficial. If you are not strong enough to play aggressively and would like to be able to hit hard and spin the ball, this racket is ideal for you as it allows you to do both but with little physical effort.

Butterfly TB7 ProLine table tennis racket is priced at $174.96 at Megaspin.


  • International Table Tennis Federation approved
  • The ideal combination of racket and rubber for players aiming for the top
  • The Rozena rubber’s tolerance helps players reduce errors and improve the game.
  • The rubber is replaceable


  • Given all the parameters, you’ll find nothing to complain about.


2. JOOLA Rossi Emotion with Rhyzm-P

best tournament table tennis rackets joola rossi with rhyzm p rubbers main image

Style: All/ Offensive+                        Blade plies: 7-ply (5 wood+ 2 Carbon)                                            Blade composition: Hinoki Nature, Koto, Carbon, Ayous Nature    Handle: Flared handle          Rubber:  JOOLA Rhyzm-P Black and JOOLA Rhyzm-P Red Max            Sponge Thickness: 2 mm            Weight: 87g without rubber



The Rossi Emotion with Rhyzm-P is ideal for players looking to take their game to the next level with powerful and accurate strokes.

Performance ratings:

Speed:9.2. Spin: 9.4. Control: 9.3.

This table tennis racket is a wonderful combination of tournament quality blade and rubber of balanced tensile strength. It is constructed with the German coach, Jorg Rosskopf’s signature classical blade, the JOOLA Rossi Emotion, and equipped with the Rhyzm-P rubber.

The first thing most players notice about the Rossi Emotion blade with Rhyzm-P is that it is extremely lightweight, allowing them to generate more power off every shot. Without sacrificing control and a forgiving feel, this has allowed players more freedom when placing the ball onto the table during rallies.

The Rhyzm-P rubber makes it a great combo racket for balance play. Using GeoGrip Power Technology, the Rhyzm-P rubber provides more grip of the ball. Along with the better grip of the ball, the rubber generates high spin due to intense friction of the rubber surface. Hence, this is the rubber that generates not only extreme speed and spin but also improves the control and durability of the game.

Special Features:

This racket will satisfy any power-hungry player. It is a nicely built racket, and due to the unique composition of plies, the blade has a relatively softer feel. It is most suitable for all-around mid-distance players.

joola rhyzm rubbers flight trajectory explanation

The racket allows powerful attacks and effective blocks with control when playing close to the table. Far away from the table, the racket is good for looping. The flared concave handle makes it comfortable in your hand.

The price of JOOLA Rossi Emotion with Rhyzm-P is $139.00 at Megaspin.


  • It comes pre-assembled
  • Good combination of control, speed, and spin
  • Ideal for improving the game and for competition
  • The rubber is replaceable


  • This is an advanced blade and rubber combination racket. If you haven’t mastered the basic motion and shot, you won’t be able to take full advantage of it.

3. Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Proline with Tenergy 05

best tournament table tennis rackets timo boll alc blade main image


Blade: Timo Boll ALC Blade Plies: 7-ply (5 wood+ 2 Arylate Carbon). Handle: You have the option to choose either flared or straight handle. Rubber: Tenergy 05 red rubber and Tenergy 05 black rubber. Sponge Thickness: 2.1 mm

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Proline with Tenergy 05 is the best competition-grade racket for spin, power, and aggression that you can use! If you want to improve your offensive game and start winning more points, Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Proline with Tenergy 05 is the one to take you there. It’s specially designed to enhance your attack potential and boost your spin, power, and aggression.


Performance ratings:

Speed:9.5. Spin: 9.3. Control: 8.9.

This is Timo Boll’s signature racket. Since 2008, Boll has used this blade and rubber combination to win the European champion title five times–in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, and again in 2015. As of 2020, he is still ranked in the top 10.

Both the speed generated by Tenergy 05 and its ability to produce spin are complemented by professionals. The combination of the Tenergy 05 rubber with the Timo Boll ALC blade provides offensive players with a deadly weapon, one that is capable of producing devastating speed and spin.

This combination of one of the most popular rubbers with top-of-the-line wood is bound to give you an edge on the tournament.

The Butterfly Tenergy rubbers are best for an all-around game. The soft sponge allows for good control over the ball, while the rubber top-sheet produces a low arc to ensure your opponent can’t react to any of your hits. The Tenergy 05 rubbers are also great for developing topspin control with the bouncy sponge.

Assembling The Timo Boll ALC Blade With Tenergy & Dignics Rubbers

The price of Butterfly Timo Boll ALC with Tenergy 05 at Megaspin is $344.97 approximately. This may seem pricey, but it is worth it for all the parameters such as the high tension rubber, the high-quality blade, and the overall construction. This is the blade and rubber combination that Timo Boll and many professionals have been using.

If you are convinced to use a table tennis racket that pro uses, you may go with it. The Tenergy 05 is ideal for exerting spin both close to or away from the table.

Although Dignics 09C comes with high spin dynamics, it is a little bit spinner, meaning looping close to the table will require more expertise on arm movements. Also, you can replace the Tenergy 05 rubber with Dignics 09C once you have mastered your arm movements.

Special Features:

If you are looking to take off some spin on your opponent, Butterfly Timo Boll ALC with Tenergy 05 is the ideal blade and rubber combination for a tournament.


  • The racket comes fully assembled.
  • The ideal combination to win professional tournaments
  • International Table Tennis Federation approved
  • Available in both flared and straight handle
  • The rubber is replaceable


  • The player must be experienced with various strokes and timing to enjoy the full benefits of this racket and rubber combination.


4. Yasaka Sweden EK Carbon With Rakza 7

yasaka sweden paddle with rakza 7 rubbers main image

Style: Offensive Blade: Yasaka Sweden EK Blade plies: 7-ply (5 wood+ 2 Yasaka Carbon). Handle: You have the option to choose flared, anatomic, or straight handle Blade. Composition:  Oak wood. Rubber:  Rakza 7 red and black rubber. Rubber surface: Pimple out Sponge. Thickness: 2.00 mm. Weight: 90g without rubber.



Yasaka Sweden EK Carbon with Rakza 7 is the ideal racket set for seasoned competitors with the dream of becoming a world-class table tennis champ and those looking to upgrade their performance. This pre-assembled table tennis racket will suit your needs and will leave you with nothing to complain about.

Performance ratings:

Speed:9.3. Spin: 9.4. Control:8.4

This is one of the best tournament table tennis rackets and an outstanding combination of the 7-ply oak-based fast blade and a high arc rubber for mastering flicks. Incorporating the Yasaka carbon fiber in the 5-ply wood oak construction makes it a faster yet lightweight racket. The oak construction and the lacquered varnish of the wood deliver a nice sensation to touch. The carbon blade accelerates the spin of the rubber to a great extent.

The Rakza 7 rubber has served as a great pairing for many skilled players seeking a good combination for blocking and smashing. Advanced level players often equip the backhand or the front hand of their blade with the Rakza 7.

Some table tennis players say the rubber is the king of spin. It has great shock absorption to neutralize incoming spins from opponents. Yasaka’s Rakza rubber is almost similar to Butterfly’s Sriver and is an improved version of the Mark V in terms of bounce and speed.

Special Features:

Yasaka Sweden Ek Carbon with Rakza 7 is the most economical choice in our list of top seven table tennis rackets for the tournament. Overall, this blade and rubber combination will surely amaze you, and having this racket in your arsenal can only help you on your way to the tournament. Yasaka Sweden EK Carbon With Rakza 7 is priced at $123.84 at Megaspin with free shipping.


  • It comes pre-assembled
  • International Table Tennis Federation approved
  • The outer veneer is made of oak, which is very durable
  • The lacquered finish of the wood gives an elegant look
  • It is available in both flared and straight handle
  • The Rakza 7 rubber is highly regarded for its grip, control, and speed.
  • Best budget-pick table tennis racket for tournament
  • The rubber is replaceable


  • Not ideal for beginners as the rubber is very spinny, and you’ll need to master dwell time. You should go for an all-around rubber-like Mark V from the Yasaka series if you are a beginner.

5. Butterfly Petr Korbel Proline with Sriver

best tournament table tennis rackets butterfly petr korbel with sriver rubbers main image

Style: Attack and offensive. Blade: Petr Korbel Blade. Plies: 5 Ply.

Blade composition: All-wood composite with 4 plies of Limba outer layer and 1 Ayous inner ply. Blade thickness: 5.9 mm.

Handle: You have the option to choose both flared or straight handles. Blade head size: 158 x 152 mm. Handle size: 100 x 24 mm for flared handle and 100 x 23 mm for a straight handle.

Rubber: Sriver FH and BH rubber. Rubber surface: Pimples-in and inverted. Sponge Thickness: 2.1 mm


When you are fighting for the championship, every single little detail counts. One of these details is your racket. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to racket choice, but the Butterfly Petr Korbel Proline may be one of the best tournament table tennis rackets out there today.

Performance ratings:

Speed:9.0. Spin: 9.1. Control: 8.9.

Named after the Czech superstar Petr Korbel, this blade has helped him win over 20 titles, including the Olympics. The Petr Korbel blade is an all-wood 5-ply paddle designed for the player seeking a well-rounded offensive game. It has an average weight of 91 grams and a blade size of 158×152 mm – the ideal weight and size for a tournament.

The popularity of Petr Korbel’s blade is attributable not only to the blade but also to the high speed and spin capabilities of the equipped Sriver rubber. After all, Sriver has been a top offensive rubber since its introduction.

Sriver’s speed and spin capabilities continue to make it an excellent choice today. The hard rubber and soft sponge combination give the Sriver rubber excellent speed, spin, and control. Its consistent quality makes it a perennial favorite to top players.

Special Features:

Butterfly Petr Korbel Proline is also a great choice for any recreational player looking to improve their skills. You could actually find yourself improving your game and effectively stopping your opponent from dominating you once and for all — by learning to play with the Butterfly Petr Korbel and the fast rubber, Sriver.

With a nice balance of speed and spin, this racket will provide you with a good edge over your competition.

Butterfly Petr Korbel Proline with Sriver is priced at $135.97 at Megaspin with free shipping.


  • It comes pre-assembled
  • International Table Tennis Federation approved
  • Equipped with one of the fastest rubbers
  • The ideal blade and rubber combination for players looking for all-around performance
  • The rubber is replaceable.


  • It is not great for beginners. Beginners will find it difficult to control the fast rubber; however, it’ll give you an attacking edge in the tournament.

6. Killerspin Kido 7P Premium

killerspin kido 7 p with red rubber paddle main image

Blade: Kido 7P blade. Plies: 7 all-wood plies. Blade Size:152.4 x 158.75 mm. Blade Thickness: 6.3mm.

Handle: You have the option to choose both flared or straight handles. Handle Thickness: 3 7/8 inches. Rubber: Fortissimo rubbers. Sponge Thickness: 2.07


The Killerspin Kido 7P Premium is a precision-engineered racquet that provides powerful control and spins for a variety of play styles, but most importantly, for topspin and aggression. The racket provides the perfect blend of power and touch for advanced players who enjoy the dynamic all-around game.

Performance ratings:

Speed:8.0. Spin: 8.0. Control: 8.0

The Killerspin Kido 7P, one of the best tournament table tennis rackets, is crafted with all-wood 7 plies aimed for aggressive play with a major emphasis on power. ITTF approved Fortissimo rubber gives an edge for performance.

The 7P in the Kido wood-bladed table tennis paddle line is a favorite of aggressive, all-around players who want to take their games to the next level.

The unit’s design gives it a characteristically stiff feel. However, the racket is lighter than most models from the previous generation of Killerspin rackets. The top sheet of the Fortissimo rubber consists of a blend of elastic and soft compounds, which increases the effects of generating amazing rebounds and grabbing the ball.

Special Features:

If you are an aggressive player who loves topspin, as in,  propelling the ball to the farthest corner, the Killerspin Kido 7P Premium is the right choice. Killerspin Kido 7P Premium is priced at $169.99 at Megaspin.

killerspin racket with fortissimo rubbers black side ittf approved


  • The racket comes pre-assembled
  • ITTF approved competition-grade racket
  • Best suited for advanced players seeking topspin and aggression
  • The rubber is replaceable
  • It comes with the Killerspin Barracuda racket case.


  • Not the best option for defensive players.

7. Joola SpinForce 900

best tournament table tennis rackets joola spin force 900 with red rubber main image

Key Specifications

Style: All-round

Blade: SpinForce

Blade plies: 7-ply (5 wood+ 2 Carbon)

Handle: Flared

Blade composition: 5 wood

Rubber: Infinity

Rubber surface: Pips-in (inverted)

Sponge Thickness: 2.2 mm

Racket Width: 10 inches

Total Weight: 0.35 lbs.



JOOLA SpinForce 900 is an advanced table tennis racket for direct/aggressive offensive players.

It is a racket that can help up your game and will appeal to any player interested in enhancing their overall speed and spin during a match. This innovative model meets the standards of competition and recreational players alike.

Performance ratings:

Speed:8.0. Spin: 8.2. Control: 8.5.

The SpinForce 900 blade is crafted from a 7-layered carbon plywood competition-grade blade and Infinity rubber. It offers advanced players the stability, speed, and strength needed to play aggressively.

To complement its aggressive nature, this blade features JOOLA’s Infinity Rubber with the maximum thickness as approved by the ITTF. This type of rubber provides better shock absorption and creates a heavy shot that’s difficult to handle by the opponent.

Let’s be more specific: why go for JOOLA SpinForce 900?

Joola SpinForce 900 Racket has been approved for international competition by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), which is why it is the most popular racket in professional tournaments around the world. The rubber-sponge construction of the racket creates a durable, superb effect associated with increased spin power.

The rubber is oriented for an offensive game, but the player can also show good defensive skills with this blade. The rubber offers great durability, keeping up with the pace of the game. In summary, this table tennis racket is the best combination of blade and rubber that maximizes offensive power for a more aggressive play.

Special Features:

Joola SpinForce 900 can be a bit challenging for new players, but it’s a fact that professional racket helps greatly in developing serious skills for the tournament. Plus, this is the most budget-friendly pre-assembled table tennis racket among the top 7 for advanced players who want tup upgrade their skills. JOOLA SpinForce 900 is priced at $119 at Megaspin.


  • It is a fully assembled professional racket
  • ITTF approved rubber thickness
  • Good for advancing player’s speed and spin


  • The rubber of the JOOLA SpinForce 900 may deteriorate on the edges, which mainly happens when players hit the racket on the table a lot.
  • The rubber is non-replaceable


At times, you’ll need an edge when playing table tennis. Other times, your opponent has the upper hand, and you need to level things out a bit. In both of these instances, the above are the tournament-quality table tennis rackets that can help you get one step ahead of the competition.

Essentially, the above 7 tournament table tennis rackets are optimal for advanced players looking to compete and intermediate players looking to hone their skills.

The Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Proline with Tenergy 5 is best for all-out offensive players who want to play without compromise. On the other hand, The TB7 ProLine with Rozena is the best-balanced racket combination for playing defensive.

At the same time, the Joola Rossi Emotion with Rhyzm P is the best performance racket for powerful, accurate strokes.  Petr Korbel Pro Line with Sriver is an ideal blade and rubber combination for players who like dynamic all-around gameplay.

Last but not least, the Yasaka Sweden Ek Carbon with Rakza 7 is the most budget-friendly option ideal for players aiming to compete at the national level.


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