7 Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Spin (Attacking Style of Play 2023)

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Are you playing an attacking-style game with rotations and want to choose one of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin?

Don’t worry, because we have selected the ones that best suit your style. See the table with ratings and prices before a detailed description.

Also, you will have a piece of detailed information about the best rubber for your ping pong paddle.

Our Rubber for Spin – Winner of 2023

Rubber & Features

Image & Price

  • Hyper Bounce Sponge

  • Perfect speed + Looping

  • Dynamic power for attackers

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Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Spin Selected by The Author





butterfly tenergy 05 rubber thumbnail image

Best Overall


dhs gold arc 8 rubber thumbnail image

Best Power


7 best table tennis rubbers for spin nittaku fastarc thumbnail image

Best Japanese


joola dynaryz rubber thumbnail image

Best in Europe


tibhar evolution mxd rubber thumbnail image

Best Catapult Effect


7 best table tennis rubbers for spin donic bluestorm thumbnail image

Best Looping Control


7 best table tennis rubbers for spin yasaka rigan thumbnail image

Best for Beginners


1. Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard

7 best table tennis rubbers for spin butterfly tenergy 05 hard red new rubber


This is an improved version of the already well-known Tenergy rubbers. It is specially designed for topspins for both sides, forehand, and backhand. Because of the hardness that the name itself says, you also have incredible power when playing counter spins from a distance from the table.

On the other hand, they are incredibly gentle and easy to maintain. We recommend you clean it regularly with a sponge and foam to have the full effect every time. For several reasons, our favorite and best of the 7 table tennis rubbers for spin.

Firstly, it is extremely durable and will last long, unlike many ping pong rubbers that change after a few months. This is thanks to the Butterfly production technology, but the price is higher. If you need more affordable rubber, here is the new Butterfly Glayzer released in 2023.

Secondly, the rubber features Spring Sponge technology which allows for extra ball angle at topspins. For a simple example, with ordinary Tenergy rubbers spins that would hook the net, or the ball does not cross very little, you can cross it with 05 Hard.

spring sponge and high tension technology for rubbers

Moreover, you must learn the game technique well to feel the power and difference of this beautiful rubber.

Top players such as Timo Boll, Tiago Apolonia, Marcos Freitas, and many others already use Tenergy 05 Hard. Of course, we recommend it to players who train less, but they should know the basics of rotated topspins.

Attacking Style Rubber – Tenergy 05 Hard features, pros & cons

  • Class: Super Speed
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Speed: 130
  • Spin: 115
  • Density: 43

The most important advantage is a more accessible performance of the counter loop, even on shorter balls. Then, due to the hardness, you can work the blocks of the ball on the opponent’s attack more easily.

Let’s say you like backhand spins. Then you’ll find it easier to perform a rotating entry and even a “banana” flip on a short ball. There is a powerful feeling for a spin on spin shots from a distance of the ping pong table, and the ball gets extra acceleration.

Even with service, the ball’s rotation is increased regardless of whether you serve a cut or a side-rotated serve.

The special technology “Spring Sponge” is a unique combination of material and air inside the sponge. This allows for a fantastic feeling of “catching” the ball and more control and precision on where you place the balls.

7 best table tennis rubbers for spin butterfly tenergy 05 hard suited for topspin block power and smash


If you are not well trained or play table tennis only a few times a month, the disadvantage would be. Then the Tenergy 05 Hard will be too good for you, and you will not feel good about its speed.

However, it is a matter of the individual. You will feel its power and strength if you intensify the training a little. Either way, you must have a fast enough table tennis blade to perfectly fit the combination. I suggest you look at our selected selection of the best ping-pong blades. This way, you can make a complete and new racket.

2. DHS Gold Arc 8 – 47.5 Hardness (Best Chinese Attacking Style Rubber)

dhs gold arc 8 rubber main image


Very elastic table tennis rubber gives strength and high rotation with each ball. It is equally suitable for forehand and backhand, depending on your style of play.

Also, the power and speed are outstanding, and minimal effort with good technique to perform high-quality punches. Gold Arc 8 is the most elastic rubber in this list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for spin. It was developed by DHS and the R&D center with German experts in consultation with Wang Liqin, the world champion.

The highest quality rival of this rubber is the Butterfly Dignics 09c which is also made for high arc and rotations. The most important thing is that it is specially made for topspins and large rotations. The outer part of the sponge is incredibly soft, which allows the ball to have friction during contact.

7 best table tennis rubbers for spin dhs gold arc sponge and surface rubber red

On the other hand, the inner part of the sponge is harder, and thus you get the strength and power of the ball. Due to this feature, Gold Arc 8 is suitable for both table tennis ball blocks and short games. The price is quite affordable, but there is no need to doubt the DHS company’s production quality.

World players are increasingly using DHS equipment. According to our analyses, it is immediately in second place according to the rotation strength and the arc you achieve.

DHS Gold Arc 8 features, pros & cons

  • Class: Super Speed
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Hardness: 47.5 degrees
  • Speed: 93
  • Spin: 94
  • Control: 69

Firstly, the essential advantages of DHS Gold Arc 8 are the grip surface and the speed of the sponge. Each ball, allows you to achieve a good bow and topspin height. Getting flips on short balls or tops when you go on the attack will be much easier.

Secondly, the hardness of 50 degrees is just enough to control the ball on the blocks or pimples. However, we should not forget the power of these beautiful ping-pong rubber shots. If you want full strength, choose the one with 50 degrees of hardness. On the other hand, if you play slower and your maximum priority is on rotations, then we recommend one of 47.5 degrees. If you play against the best table tennis robots, you will see the advantage of this rubber.

dhs gold arc 8 features of the speed rotate power control accuracy rubber

In any case, the elasticity comes from the robust pimple geometry. And from a medium and long distance from the table, you get enough speed and strength to return the ball.

As a disadvantage, we can say that it needs to be changed more often than Butterfly table tennis rubbers. The effect will be the same, but it will be spent sooner if you train a lot. Suppose we look at the price-quality ratio. Then you are not at a loss anyway.

Another thing is that it has a little less control than the Tenergy 05 Hard. However, these are small nuances. With intensified training, you can balance ball control and gain security.

dhs gold arc 8 degrees 50 hardness


If you are switching to DHS for the first time, we recommend that you start with a hardness of 47.5, and when you adjust the rubber, the next one should be with a 50-degree hardness.

3. Nittaku Fastarc G-1 (Best Japanese Attacking Style Rubber)

7 best table tennis rubbers for spin nittaku fastarc g1 black and red rubber


This is the best-selling and best of their spin rubber of all the Japanese table tennis rubbers. It is very fast and has a strong bow, so it achieves top rotation.

We should primarily emphasize the hardness of the sponge of 47.5, which gives excellent power when hitting the ball. If you are looking for the best Japanese rubber, this is the right choice from our list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin.

It contains a built-in tension power sponge that gives the ball extra speed. Nittaku put his focus on speed along with a combination of rotation. The speed alone cannot surprise the opponent as much as the rotation. But together, you have extra power as an attacking player.

We highly recommend it to intermediate and advanced players. A special reason is that it takes enough training to feel the real power and speed of the racket containing Nittaku Fastarc. Otherwise, the rubber is very soft to the touch and helps when turning with the backhand on the forehand side and vice versa.

7 best table tennis rubbers for spin nittaku fastarc g1 red black made in germany rubber

This is a suitable rubber if you are a competitive player and want to get the most out of tournaments. It would not be ideal for a beginner to put on Nittaku Fastarc right away. So, with a certain level of knowledge and style of play with rotations on both sides, they will surely match your racket.

We recommend an offensive table tennis blade with it. On our next page, you can look at even cheaper but offensive table tennis blades on blades under $ 100.

Nittaku Fastarc G-1 features, pros & cons

  • Class: Medium-Speed
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Speed: 95
  • Spin: 96
  • Control: 68
  • Hardness: Medium – Hard

This beautiful rubber’s three most important characteristics are speed, spin, and a reasonable price. They are durable, so you don’t have to worry about changes and spend them often. The catapult effect is smaller, which is good when playing near a ping-pong table.

Firstly, speed comes to the fore when you get a little away from the table and when you need to punch an opponent with strong balls.

Secondly, the high trajectory of the ball allows for highly spinny attacking strokes and the precision of their trajectory. Due to the high bow, you can also do nice flips on short balls.

nittaku fastarc g1 ball trajectory explanation

Moreover, the price is quite affordable for such quality rubber. Perhaps the best price-quality ratio of all 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin from our list.

The disadvantage would be a very fast rubber for beginners. We would not recommend Nittaku Fastarc to those who play passively and wait for the opponent’s mistake.

YouTube video
Another thing that can be annoying is when playing spin on a spin. There can be fewer controlled strokes, but you can also improve that with intensified training.







Was $57.99


Was $48.71


Was $59.95


Was $56.95


Was $49.99

4. Joola Dynaryz ZGR (Best Table Tennis Rubber for Spin in Europe)

7 best table tennis rubbers for spin joola dynaryz package rubber


Extremely powerful table tennis rubber with the most modern technology and a strong catapult effect.

Especially since switching from celluloid to plastic balls, players needed the extra speed that rubber could provide. Thus, Joola, a world-famous brand, produced Dynaryz ZGR, representing an evolution for attacking-style players. Hyper Traction Surface and Hyper Bounce Sponge give players a unique possibility of dynamics and spin.

Dynaryz ZGR is a very hard rubber with as much as 57 degrees and a shorter retention time. Therefore, more significant acceleration is required to obtain rotation. But on the other hand, when you do that, you get a much bigger bow and rotation than with other rubbers.

It is ideal for loops and also controls short balls and blocks well. The innovation that exists with this ping pong rubber is Pips Geometry. This means that pips’ size, width, and range are carefully and precisely determined. In this case, it is:

  • Height: 0.8 mm
  • Width: 1.5 mm
  • Spacing: 0.9 mm

We highly recommend this beautiful table tennis rubber to more advanced players and those who play an attacking style. That means aggressive and fast entry to the ball with topspins and even often with flips on short balls.

joola dynaryz zgr specification of dimensions of the sponge rubber

The service is also powerful because you achieve fast and strong rotation with cut balls and those that turn from the side.

Joola Dynaryz ZGR features, pros & cons

  • Class: High-Speed
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Speed: 100
  • Spin: 105
  • Trajectory: 75
  • Hardness: Hard

Firstly, Joola Dynaryz features the Hyper Traction Surface, which has optimal energy transfer. As a result, energy is not lost or absorbed but is directly transferred to the ball, increasing acceleration.

Secondly, the sponge is designed to transmit potential energy, called the Hyper Bounce Sponge. It is a unique technology that gives the sponge more elasticity and a higher ball bounce. This gives you more impact power.

Thirdly, it contains medium-sized pores, which give the complete rubber a better centrifuge and more significant ball acceleration.

Moreover, fantastic and the most advanced technology of all 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin from our list. It is essential to say that training is needed to get used to this beautiful rubber. However, this will not be a problem for players who already want to speed up and improve their game.

YouTube video
joola dynaryz zgr hyper bounce sponge and hyper traction rubber characteristic


The price is also very affordable, considering what you get from Joola. The only drawback is that it takes a long time to feel the effect of spin and speed. The control at the beginning will differ from any other rubber you have played.

However, once you get used to it, you will always want to have Dynaryz ZGR on both sides of your racket.

5. Tibhar Evolution MX-D

7 best table tennis rubbers for spin tibhar evolution mxd main image rubber


Very fast and modern table tennis rubber from Tibhar’s offer. It is intended for attacking games with topspins on both sides of the racket.

It is specially designed to support suitable centrifuge, speed, and performance. Due to its powerful contact when performing, looping is on our list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin. By the way, the Evolution series has been made for several years, but the MX-D is an upgraded version.

On the other hand, it should be emphasized that the ball has an extended retention time. This is thanks to the new “Red Energy Sponge” technology. This makes the top layer softer and more compatible with contact balls. Although on the other hand, rubber is very hard in general.

tibhar evolution mxd catapult orientation and sponge characteristic of the rubber

For example, the catapult effect is perfect, and the softness of short balls comes to the fore. You feel good to control when you block and keep the ball on the table. If you move away from the ping pong table and play faster balls, the MX-D will give you the strength to overpower your opponent.

Tibhar MX-D features, pros & cons.

  • Class: Offensive
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Speed: 95
  • Spin: 96
  • Control: 87
  • Sponge Hardness: 50 – 53

Firstly, the advantage is the dynamics in the game which means you will always have good contact and faster balls when making shots. Thanks to the sponge technology we have already mentioned, the MX-D creates a feeling of good contact and a more precise ball placement all over the table.

Secondly, perfect grip and high rotations on topspins. If you are a player who does not amplify the game but works more on the looping technique, this is the right choice.

Thirdly, it is similar to the Tibhar MX-P we described on our page about the best table tennis rubbers in 2021. Therefore, we can compare it to the Butterfly Tenergy 05 class of rubbers.

Moreover, the disadvantage may be that it is not really for beginners. Especially not for children learning table tennis. It will be a little weighty for their hand, but already when they come to the junior rank, we warmly recommend it.

tibhar evolution mxd red rubber zoom


Another disadvantage is that the rubber is very hard, so players who are used to soft ones will need longer to adjust. In any case, the price justifies the funds, and we think it is entirely correct.

6. Donic Bluestorm Z3 Table Tennis Rubber

7 best table tennis rubbers for spin donic bluestorm z3 main image amazon


A unique series of Donic rubbers that have higher ball acceleration. At the same time, they retain the characteristics of a centrifuge and good rotation. The speed is highly improved, so you get extra on an aggressive game with topspins with this choice.

The rubber has high tension and a thicker sponge, and the top layer is thinner. As a result, Bluestorm gained strength and vigor. Unlike the others from our list of the top 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin, Bluestorm has a lower hardness, only 42.5 degrees.

Therefore, it is very soft and allows an extensive and penetrating rotation. Even by the sound, you can conclude that these are strong rotations. The attack is characterized as a thunderbolt, after which this beautiful rubber got its name.

donic bluestorm control spin speed analyze features

I would highly recommend it to players who like constant play with rotations. That means not for those who want to finish the point after the first entry with a topspin. The thickness of the sponge that other rubbers have as “max” marked with this rubber is a bit thinner.

It is also suitable for somewhat more passive players who pimple more and surprise their opponents with heavily cut balls.

Donic Bluestorm Z3 features, pros & cons

  • Class: Offensive
  • Surface: Pimple-in
  • Hardness: Soft+
  • Speed: 91
  • Spin: 97
  • Control: 73

Firstly, since the rubber is much softer than the others, it gives you extra ball control. Fans of playing table tennis in the style of saving points and patiently waiting for the opponent’s mistake will be delighted.

Secondly, this beautiful rubber’s rotation is really strong in quality and sound. This can lead opponents to confusion and confusion at your first entrance.

Thirdly, it relies mainly on the racket’s centrifugal effect and the retention time precisely because of the thinness of the top layer. That’s why you need a ping-pong blade that has good control.

Moreover, it is produced in Germany in the city of Volklingen. Donic has an excellent reputation and has made top-quality table tennis equipment for over 25 years.

They are led by the world-famous table tennis player Jan Ove Waldner in research and development. They are currently sponsoring the winner of the silver medal as a team and the bronze medal individually at the Olympics in Tokyo, Dimitrij Ovtcharov.

7. Yasaka Rigan Spin Rubber

7 best table tennis rubbers for spin yasaka rigan spin main image red and black new rubber


A unique combination by Yasaka to gain control and speed of the ball. Modern technology has been applied while retaining classic rubber. From our list of the 7 best table tennis rubbers for a spin, this is the best in terms of value for money.

It has very high durability, so you will not change it often. At the same time, the characteristics of the centrifuge and spin, as the name suggests, are excellent. It is not recommended for beginners but is executable for users who often change the forehand and backhand sides.

The hardness is 45, which gives the ability to play it safely. Not too hard rubber but enough to attack and start playing with topspins.

yasaka rigan spin more control more power characteristic of the rubber

In addition to other Yasaka table tennis rubbers such as Mark V and Rakza, Rigan Spin has been upgraded and uses “Hybrid Energy” technology. That’s why it has the highest speed and is a superpower in punches.

Yasaka Rigan Spin features, pros & cons

  • Class: Allround-Offensive
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Speed: 89
  • Spin: 95
  • Control: 91

Firstly, you have exceptional convenience with cut balls and serves due to their medium thickness. Rotation with not too much force is the main advantage of this beautiful rubber.

Secondly, unlike others, we recommend it to beginners and children who learn spins from scratch. Since the rubbers are not too fast, they will learn the movements and the game of rotations nicely.

In addition, game control is the third and most important advantage of this rubber so that recreational players can adapt nicely.

As a disadvantage, they would cite the lower penetrating power. If you want to score and finish a point from one or two balls, you will need a lot of strength and good technique.

7 best table tennis rubbers for spin yasaka rigan spin second image in package rubber


We hope you have found all the necessary information in this article and the right choice from the best rubbers for a spin list. Any option will improve your topspins.







Was $57.99


Was $48.71


Was $59.95


Was $56.95


Was $49.99

It’s about how offensively you play and what kind of ping-pong blade you have. The goal was to guide you to find the right choice as best you could.






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