9+ Best Joola Table Tennis Rubbers (Dynaryz, Rhyzer – 2023 Reviews)

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This blog post will break down some of the best Joola table tennis rubbers on the market and explain why they may be perfect for your game. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, read on to learn more about some of the best table tennis rubbers available today.

Today, Joola produces over 50 different rubbers. Some of Joola’s table tennis rubbers are Joola Rhyzer Pro 45, Golden Tango PS, Dynaryz ZGR, and more.

We shall discuss some of the outstanding Joola table tennis rubbers you should consider using. With that ironed out, let us proceed. The new rubbers with giga cell sponge technology are the Tronix Series.

Best Joola Rubbers Selected by The Author





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Best Overall


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Best Spin


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Best Speed


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Best Energy


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1. Joola Dynaryz ZGR

best joola table tennis rubbers model dynariz zgr main image


It is another high-spin table tennis rubber. It is available in the market in red and black colors only, and these are red 2.0, red max, black 2.0, and black max. This rubber features a combination of the finest components of table tennis rubbers produced. It successfully merges a tremendously grippy and tacky surface and a powerful spring-loaded sponge.

You know that Joola Dynaryz ZGR is for you because it features a hyper traction surface and hyper bounce sponge. These two are fused to expand the players’ range of gears and enable them to unlock new thresholds of dynamic power.

The hyper traction surface, in particular, is exceptionally grippy. It allows the player to increase ball rotation with utmost precision. It also doubles the energy transfer and has a heavy topspin. The hyper-bounce sponge holds a lot of potential energy released when the ball comes in contact with the sponge to generate explosive power for each stroke.

Joola Dynaryz ZGR has a hyper-bounce sponge with medium to large pores. They allow efficient energy transmission to increase the ball’s spin and speed.

  • Speed: Extreme
  • Spin: Extreme
  • Hardness: Hard

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Joola Rubber Reviews by Verified Customer

“ZGR is hard (57 degrees) with an extreme catapult effect. It has a grippy top sheet with only a slight tackiness like many newer hybrid tensors. It is similar to O7C Guang. Compared with Butterfly Dignics 09c or Tenergy, ZGR is less tacky and has a significantly shorter dwell time due to its catapult effect, so it requires more acceleration to get the same level of spin, but ZGR has more potential.

I felt it was fantastic for serving and short games. It is great for blocking, but it takes effort to slow the ball down. For attacking, I felt it was excellent for looping and counter-looping from mid-table and beyond – I feel there is a great margin for error, and I can get the balls to the baseline with ease. However, I did not find the same level of safety closer to the table.

All in all, it is an excellent rubber that requires advanced techniques and a lot of effort. There are better options for most players, like Rakza Z or Dignics 09C, or options with more tackiness: Xiom Vega China or Tau II.”

2. Joola Golden Tango PS

best joola table tennis rubbers model golden tango ps main image


This is a high-spin table tennis rubber. It is softer than Golden Tango rubber. Intermediate and professional players can use it. Such professional rubbers as Golden Tango PS incorporate innovative and reliable technologies that players need to higher their skill set.

One of the best table tennis rubbers features a middle-pored tensor sponge that records 50 degrees for its hardness. The tensor technology imitates the functioning of a stretched rubber band. This propels the value of its rubber in comparison to Golden Tango and has even more control.

Sticky Rubber Technology (SRT) has also been employed on Golden Tango PS as it was in Golden Tango. The pink sponge gives back excellent feedback that puts the player at an advantage by giving them extra control in complex situations. This makes it a perfect table tennis rubber for high-spin shots.

Cost is nothing to worry about, given the high quality and accommodating technologies that Golden Tango PS features.

  • Speed: 113
  • Spin: 131
  • Hardness: 50

golden tango ps ping pong rubber trajectory explanation

Joola Rubber Reviews by Verified Customer

“I never cared for Chinese rubbers because they were always too slow. Joola came out with this Chinese / European hybrid, and I decided to try it. The top sheet is very tacky, and the throw angle is high. It is slower than I was used to but still much faster than the typical Chinese rubbers I’ve tried.

I played with it on my BH, and my loops were loaded with Topspin! After playing with it for a while, I decided to boost it to speed it up, so I used the boost sold by Zeropong and put two layers of boost on it. The first layer I let dry for about 14 hours. After that, I put another layer on and let it dry for another 12-14 hours. The rubber curled up a little, but I had no problem putting it back on the blade.

The boost gave it the extra speed I wanted, and I continued playing with it for several months. This rubber is very good, especially for the BH. Your serves, loops, and pushes will be loaded!”

“Good for backhand. It is not a fast rubber, but you can control the game. Good for blocking and easy to spin the ball because it is tacky. It feels softer than 50 degrees.”

3. Joola Rhyzer Pro 45 Table Tennis Rubber

rhyzer pro 45 rubber main image ping pong


This offensive rubber has unique dynamics. Its origin is traced back to Germany. Currently, the manufacturers have stocked the market with red max, black 2.0, and black max. Joola Rhyzer Pro 45 is the ideal table tennis rubber for high spin and speed and boasts a pleasant feel to the touch.

Its sponge structure has been engineered to have wider pimples crammed closer together. This powers up the dynamic medium-pored sponge.

As if that is not enough, the genius brains behind this product incorporated three rubber technologies. These technologies include; the Advanced Rubber Construction concept (ARC), geo grip power, and tensor, which boosts spin and speed performance.

The advanced traction surface of this table tennis rubber performs better in propelling the ball as a player delivers a stroke because it increases the spin and maximizes control.

Joola Rhyzer Pro 45 is undoubtedly one of the best Joola table tennis rubbers. It could be a good investment because it is of exceptional quality and meets the needs of its users if it falls into the right hands.

  • Speed: 126
  • Spin: 126
  • Hardness: 45-degree pink sponge

rhyzer and standard rubber sponge

Verified Customer Review

“Feels harder than the other 45-degree rubbers I tried. Well fits with outer Carbon blades. This is not an easy-to-use rubber. Faster, heavier, and spinnier than Donic Acuda Blue P2. So I do not recommend this for beginners.

May be a good choice for intermediates, especially on the forehand side. Very durable. This is my backhand rubber, and I prefer this overall energy rubber I tried.”

4. Joola Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber

dynaryz agr model rubber ping pong main image


Joola Dynaryz AGR is an offensive Joola table tennis rubber designed and made in Germany. It embodies outstanding quality and comes in red, black, and purple colors of 2.0 mm thicknesses. Professional table tennis players with high skill sets generally use this rubber.

The signature purple hyper-bounce sponge is the star of the flawless dynamics of this product. The sponge has massive energy potential that the purple color represents. It is created specifically to minimize any kinetic energy loss and optimize the speed glue effect when playing.

This particular sponge also maximizes ball feedback, enabling the player to develop a precise feel for the ball and facilitating successful passive shots. The result of combining all these vital properties is a dynamic sponge that packs powerful strokes from far distances from the table.

The Dynaryz AGR Review From Joola Team

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This rubber also features the enhanced traction surface technology that serves several purposes, such as:

  • Preventing sliding of the ball by increasing friction between the ball and the rubber surface. This enables the player to use a lower trajectory when delivering counterspy shots
  • Improving players’ control of spins and hits
  • Creating a higher ball trajectory by enhancing ball contact. It allows the player to deliver and control spin shots quickly.

With the consequent increase in control and precision, manipulating the angle of your shot will be a piece of cake, and you will be able to execute your shot in favor of your strategy.

The sponge of this Joola table tennis rubber has a dynamic pimple geometry. It uses small pimples and thick sponges to develop a significant ball rebound effect. The hyper-bounce sponge holds potential energy released explosively when the ball comes into contact with it.

Thanks to the medium-large pimples on the hyper-bounce sponge, energy can be effectively transferred to generate and increase spin and speed. With all this said, it would be a complete letdown to fail to give Joola Dynaryz AGR a try.

  • Speed: 130
  • Spin: 120
  • Hardness: 52.5 degrees

Joola Rubber Reviews by Verified Customer

“After a few hours, I tried Joola Dynaryz AGR on my DHS Hurricane Long 5 off+ blade. It feels bad if I don’t give a review because this rubber is indeed extraordinary. I have never hit a smash and topspin as powerful as this before. Lifting backspin is almost effortless, and the results are staggering to opponents. As Tom Lodziak said:” My topspin shots had more spin and more speed than usual. It just feels so effortless but with great spin output.

The push is very good, able to generate a lot of backspin with low and sharp trajectories. Huge amount of backspin service. The Block of the incoming topspin was easy and very fast with a low trajectory. The advantages of this rubber are not worth the price. Thank you, Joola. I bought the black one with an uncut weight of 70.6 grams. I stuck it on the forehand side with a thin layer of WBG.

Joola Dynaryz AGR Rubber Sponge

joola dynaryz agr model rubber black and red


Just a little bit of notice, the greatness of the hyper bounce of this purple sponge turns out to have weaknesses. It is very fragile. If you are not careful when pilling out of used glue, it can make the sponge pockmarked. Overall this rubber is an amazing cause of Hyper Bounce Sponge and Advance Traction Technology performances.”

“This table tennis rubber is my new arsenal for forehand. Looping (deadly spins), flat hitting, lifting underspins, blocking, and counter-attacking are easily achieved on this beast. Faster than T05. But if your rating is only 1600 and below, it might be difficult for you to tame this beast, but if you can control it, you will love this rubber for a long time. My current combo is Joola Dynaryz AGR for FH and Joola Dynaryz ACC for BH. Deadly combo. Try it, guys.”

5. Joola Rhyzm 425 Table Tennis Rubber

best joola table tennis rubbers model rhyzm 425 main image


It is one of the high-speed products of Joola table tennis rubbers. It is readily available in red with a thickness of 2.0. The Rhyzm model 425 table tennis rubber creates a middle ground for players who cannot do without the competency of an exceedingly hard sponge but still want the best ball response.

The advanced Rhyzm surface assures extreme spin, dynamics, and fun when executing different spins. It unveils its true potential, especially in topspin rallies. The medium-density momentum that the rubber features ensures extra control.

  • Speed: 104
  • Spin: 105
  • Hardness: 42.5 degrees

Verified Customer Reviews

“This is a great rubber for a spin attack. It is very spinny, with excellent control when blocking, pushing, and driving. When engaging the sponge during a hard loop, it does accelerate the ball very aggressively and so loses a control point there. But its response is very consistent overall. I am using it in Max on my forehand and will probably drop back to 2.0mm next time to add more control to loops.”

“Lots of speed and spins. I love this rubber when played with the JOOLA Viva.”

6. Joola Rhyzm Tech

joola rhyzm tech ping pong rubber main image


Did you know that Joola Rhyzm Tech is the fastest of all the Rhyzm rubbers? Jorg Rossokopf, a world champion, and Germany’s national table tennis coach, greatly influenced the birth of this high-speed Joola table tennis rubber, which turned out to be a massive success.

It was made to meet the needs of the aggressive competitor. It is made to have an elastic and grippy top sheet and a layer of firm sponge. This enables it to have tremendous force and spin.

Joola Rhyzm also features technology that allows players to remain in steady control even in challenging positions that call for the finest skill and touch. Its powerful momentum sponge amplifies its spin, force, and dynamics. This rubber is available at affordable prices. Therefore, you should buy one and see how well it works for you!

  • Speed: 119
  • Spin: 120
  • Control: High
  • Hardness: 42.5 degrees

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Verified Customer Reviews

“This was a part of my first pair of custom-made combos. I used this on my BH side and donic sonex JP Gold on my FH side on joola rosskopf emotion. The rubber is very consistent with pushes and backhand topspin. It is capable of generating a nice backspin on backhand pushes and a nice topspin on the backhand.

I felt it was really easy to lift backspins with this on the backhand side. I suggest this for amateurs to intermediate players who like to refine their BH style. It does anything you throw at it while playing close to the table.”

“I agree that this rubber can offer control in passive play, whether in a short touch game over the table, chopping, opening loops, or offensive topspin game, but this rubber’s most important potential is to “attack and counter.”The weight is okay, not so heavy, and the durability is good. This is a truly great rubber from Joola.”

7. Joola CWX Ping Pong Rubbers

best joola table tennis rubbers long pips out model cwx main image


This rubber is a compilation of refined playing components brought together to make it a successful defender. The manufacturers of Joola CWX worked with the defending champion Chen Weixing to create a long pimple rubber that ticks all the boxes for modern defensive table tennis.

Joola table tennis rubbers with pimples give room for characteristics such as flexibility and defense from half the distance. This special rubber is available in Red OX, Red 0.9, Black OX, and Black 0.5.

The pink sponge features tensor technology. This allows the player to make undercut strokes while at a distance from the table and maintain control of shots close to the table at the same time because of the flat trajectory and sponge hardness.

The pimple heads of this rubber have been engineered to have a grippy structure, while the narrow pimples are said to be flexible. These aspects allow extreme defense for players while guaranteeing maximum control. This table tennis rubber is highly recommended for defensive players.

  • Speed: 64
  • Spin: 58
  • Hardness: 50 degrees

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Verified Customer Reviews

“This pip has a nice pink color sponge. Consistent return for mid and close-table play. It has similar characteristics to Spinlord Dornenglanz (1st month) and Saviga Monster 77 but with better control and durability.”

8. Joola X-Plode Rubber

Joola X-Plode Rubber main image


The Joola X-Plode table tennis rubber is a high-speed rubber that is perfect for aggressive mid-distance play. It features a medium-high throw angle and good control, making it ideal for advanced players.

The dense sponge provides plenty of speed and spin, while the porous surface helps to increase grip and control. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to speed glue or want a high-performance rubber, the Joola X-Plode will exceed your expectations.

The Joola X-Plode Rubber is an ideal choice for backhand play. It provides spin and speed for table tennis. The forehand’s bounce is hard to control, making it difficult to push short balls.

The Joola X-Plode Rubber is a great rubber for backhand and close table attacks. It performed better than Butterfly Tenergy 64 on the backhand side. It is hard to control the forehand because it is too bouncy and hard to push short balls without making mistakes getting the ball deep out.

Joola X-Plode Table Tennis Rubber Features

  • Good control: 85+
  • Speed and Spin: 97/95
  • Hardness: 47.5
  • Playing style: Allround & Offensive
  • Great for blocks and service return

9. Joola Samba Plus

best joola ping pong rubbers model samba plus main image


Joola Samba Plus table tennis rubber results from development and testing by a team of rubber developers led by table tennis legend Jörg Rosskopf.

The new rubber provides the optimum feeling, speed, and rotation composition with phenomenal sound and effect. The Joola Samba Plus sets new standards in developing soft rubbers with incredibly fast loops, making it the best choice for many players.

The Joola Samba Plus table tennis rubber is one of the most popular rubbers. It’s known for its soft sponge, which provides a great deal of control and spins the ball well.

The Samba Plus is also a trendy rubber for players who like to play with a lot of speed and power. It’s available in two different hardness levels: hard and soft.

The hard version is excellent for players who want more speed and power, while the soft version is better for players who want more control. Either way, the Samba Plus is an excellent choice for any player who wants a top-quality table tennis rubber.

Joola Samba Plus Table Tennis Rubber Features

  • Speed and Spin: 78/100
  • It has more control: 80
  • Rubber hardness: 35
  • Softer sponge: Highly elastic
  • Playing style: Defensive (medium soft)

About Joola Brand

Joola was founded in 1952 by Karl Fred. Joola Company initially manufactured ping pong tables only and extended its scope of products in 1973. They began to manufacture rubbers, balls, blades, and other table tennis accessories.

Joola has factories in both Germany and Hungary. The factory in Germany, Godramstein, was built in 1973. However, they still have production ongoing in China, Japan, and Sweden.

Did you know that the name Joola comes from the first letters of the department name (Jooss) and the location name (Landau) = Joola?

This company has an established reputation as a world-class brand. True to this, the company had the honor of issuing the official ping pong table for the Summer Olympics three times in a row, 1996, 2000, and 2004. This kind of recognition is enough proof of the company’s good work.

Every year Joola produces 25 new table tennis products. They use a colored scale to rate spin, speed, and control and say that rubbers rate higher than the previous year.

Joola Table Tennis Rubbers – FAQs

1. How does the sponge thickness affect performance?

Answer: Generally, if the thicker sponge is (more than 2.0 mm), the more it lies on the offensive side. 1.5mm to 1.9mm is used mainly by all-around players or who have precise control. Lower numbers are common for rubbers with long and short pimples.

2. If sponge thickness affects speed, why do rubber sheets still have speed ratings regardless of the chosen thickness?

Answer: The sponge allows the rubber sheet to impart friction onto the ball, maximizing the spin. This would not be possible without the sponge. When classifying Joola table tennis rubbers according to spin and speed, they are not rated concerning their sponge thicknesses. This is simply because the effect of the sponge is relative to the player’s technique.

Some playing styles have the sponge absorbing the impact and slowing down the ball, for example, a soft swing. Other techniques, such as a complex loop, may speed up the shot.

rubber sheet and sponge table tennis

3. Why is the hardness of a table tennis rubber sheet crucial?

Answer: Usually, hardness ranges from 30 to 45. A lower number for hardness represents a soft sponge, while a higher number represents a more rigid sponge. Softer sponges give higher spins at lower speeds, whereas firmer sponges give higher spins at higher speeds.

Many professional players tend to prefer firmer sponges as compared to beginners.

4. What is a tensor/ pre-tensed/ high-tension rubber sheet?

Answer: These are rubbers whose top sheets are stretched before attaching them to the sponge during manufacturing. Initially, VOC-based glues were used, but they were later banned.

They had the effect of stretching the top sheet beyond what was possible during the manufacturing process. Different brands had to innovate ways to bridge the gap.

5. What is anti-spin table tennis rubber?

Answer: This is a specialty rubber that does not generate any spin. It is engineered to reverse the spin shot towards you.

The top sheets of such rubbers are generally hard, while their sponges are medium to extremely soft. This is what causes the ball to slow down. This effect is so amplified for some anti-spin rubbers that a ball barely bounces when dropped on the rubber. There is a difference between anti-spin and pips-out rubbers.

The two main players who use anti-spin rubbers are the modern defender and combination bat players. When playing, the speed changes can take a toll on opponents.

Joola Table Tennis Rubbers – Conclusion

Joola table tennis rubbers are most definitely worth trying because they are high-quality products that feature a fusion of the latest technologies in table tennis. Selecting the best table tennis rubbers that work for you should no longer be troublesome with the guidelines.

Each of these ping pong rubbers has its strengths and weaknesses, so it is essential to find the one that will fit your playing style. Keep in mind that these rubbers require a certain amount of practice and skill to use effectively.

With a little hard work and determination, we are sure you can find the perfect rubber for your game and start winning matches. Joola offers a variety of rubbers to fit the needs of any player. Whether you’re looking for more speed, spin, or control, Joola has a rubber that will help take your game to the next level.

stiga premium compact ping pong table on megaspin store

We hope this article helped provide some insight into the different types of rubbers available from Joola and gave you the information you need to make an informed purchase. Thanks for reading!






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