7 Best Gewo Table Tennis Rubbers (Reviews of 2023)

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This blog post will review seven different types of the best Gewo table tennis rubbers. We will discuss the pros and cons of each kind of rubber and help you decide which one is best for you.

This article is written to enlighten you and give you knowledge about some of the GEWO rubbers available in the market if not all.

GEWO brand is renowned for its exceptional table tennis products. Their products face a lot of competition from other brands, especially the rubbers.

Best Gewo Table Tennis Rubbers Selected by The Author





gewo nexxus el pro rubber thumbnail image table tennis

Best Overall


proton neo 450 rubber table tennis thumbnail image

Best Spin


best gewo rubbers nano flex model ft 40 thumbnail image

Best Control


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Best Hardness


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Best Soft Touch


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Gewo Table Tennis Rubber Comparison Chart

Gewo Table Tennis Rubber Comparison Chart power sponge analyze

Source: ITTF shop Russia

chart by type of player ping pong rubbers

Source: ITTF shop Russia

1. GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48

gewo rubbers nexxus el pro 48 main image table tennis


This offensive rubber is equipped with good spin, control, speed, and grip. The GEWO Nexxus series is part of the modern-day offensive table tennis sponge. It is designed mainly for a high spin in the table tennis game. The Nexxus El Pro 48 is a high-spin rubber with elastic power.

Also, you will have a good feeling on short balls, which many players expect. Consider this Gewo table tennis rubber as an innovative revolution if you play close to the table.

Features of GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 rubbers

  • It is very elastic and offers direct feedback.
  • Nexxus El Pro 48 is fully gripped and spin-oriented
  • It’s the best option for offensive players who want to feel the grip
  • It’s the best option for tennis players who aim to win the game through accurate ball placement and spin variants without focusing on speed.

The flexible sponge is equipped with FLEX-TEC technology that causes it to produce immense speed. The DGC40 (Dynamic Grip Concept) and the top sheet ensure consistent and reliable coupling when the bat hits the ball. This technology forms the speed-elastic middle of the GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 and proves to be strong in variant-rich, spin-attacking situations.

You do not have to find a perfect rubber, but find one that meets all your needs and will satisfy you. Thus, you will be good to go.

Advantages of GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48

Advantages of GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48:

  1. Safe opening
  2. Maximum ball feedback because of the soft touch in attacking and passive play
  3. Many spins and swerves in serve or return because of the spiny top sheet
  • Speed:118
  • Control:96
  • Spin:128

Hardness: Medium-Hard Euro 48, Japan 36.0

YouTube video

Gewo Table Tennis Rubber – Verified Customer Review

“I’m an intermediate player and don’t have extensive expertise with rubbers. Gewo has a pretty accurate description of this rubber. It generates a great spin and has a good catapult. I’m using it on BH on a 5-ply all-wood blade with a limba outer layer.”

“Reminds me of Andro Rasant Turbo, but with a better spin ability. Quite fast, you need time to tame it!!! But despite the speed, it blocks well! Just be careful with your choice of blade.”

In conclusion, the GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 is a high-speed rubber on the market. It does not suit beginners playing style, which is primarily based on quick movement and spin. The ball does not sink into the top sheet, and the dwell time is pretty short.

However, this rubber might be good for people who are used to hitting harder and are good at generating spin.

2. GEWO Proton Neo 450

gewo rubbers neo proton table tennis main image


GEWO Proton Neo 450 is a high-performance offensive rubber. It is efficient in providing spin and speed and is quite elastic, thus, guaranteeing a more extended and higher bounce. These rubber values control all aspects.

Some of this rubber’s capabilities include aggressive attacks, blocking dangerously, counter-attacks, having variable spins, and smashing viciously. It’s a deadly choice of rubber that will leave your opponent astonished and helpless.

It is also versatile, as many tasks can be accomplished using it.

It has a medium-hard sponge making it the high-end variant for powerful attacking.

Features of GEWO Proton rubbers

GEWO Proton Neo 450 is the hardest and fastest rubber in this series.

  • Speed:108
  • Control:96
  • Spin:105

Sponge hardness: Medium+

Proton neo red color with sponge

Gewo Table Tennis Rubber – Verified Customer Review

“Soft and elastic rubber, great control”

“Just tried on a friend’s blade, surprisingly, softish rubber. The ball very quickly interacts with the sponge. Versatile and good control, though.”

3. GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40

best gewo rubbers model nanoflex table tennis main image


It’s an ideal rubber for offensive play. GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 is flexible and soft rubber. It will give you an unexplainable feeling whereby you will be in control throughout the game.

You may probably hear a swish sound while playing with it a topspin stroke. This sound is a clear indication of the power it holds. This Gewo table tennis rubber has a softer sponge and provides a wow effect. This means it’s an innovative revolution for excellent control and incoming spin.

The nanoFlex FT 40 is the best choice for top players seeking a good feel with spin combinations in difficult situations. If your style of play is with many topspins with a high arc, this beautiful gewo table tennis rubber with surely satisfy your needs.

Features of GEWO nanoFLEX rubbers

  • It has a tacky surface with a soft and great dynamic sponge. This sponge produces a powerful spin play for all rubber variations.
  • There is a complete balance between the flexible nanoFLEX surface and the soft sponge, making it an ideal rubber for table tennis players who make high-risk attacking strokes from the middle distance.
  • It has an extensive safety window.

Believe it or not, this is the best weapon with flexible high-tension technology. GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 is a premium rubber with the latest high state-of-the-art technology.

  • Speed:108
  • Control:99
  • Spin:115
  • Sponge hardness: Soft+ 40 degrees

nanoflex ft40 red color with sponge


Verified Customer Review

“A great rubber without the tackiness, so it does not suffer from particles sticking to it and maintains a consistency that gives you the confidence to go for your shots. I use it on a 2.1mm with a Yinhe T11+ carbon bat, which gives me great spin and looping shots that suit my play style.

“Very good rubber! A lot of spin and speed but also fantastic control. I use it on the forehand and backhand sides. I love this rubber!”

The GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 table tennis rubber is excellent for advanced players. It is very linear and not very sensitive to incoming spin, making it a great choice for most players.

The GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 table tennis rubber

It can be very fast and has a good spin, making it a great choice for advanced players. However, it is also very durable and has good value, making it an excellent choice for most players.

Therefore, the GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 table tennis rubber is the best choice for advanced players.

4. GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5

hype el pro 47 rubber table tennis main image


GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 series are available in Red and Black with thicknesses of 1.9 and 2.1. It combines explosive power spin and a drastic increase in speed. It is specifically developed for professional table tennis players who prefer playing with harder sponges.

These GEWO rubbers release high power transmission and also forgive greatly.

Features of GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 rubbers

  • It has a newly developed surface structure designed for the new lower-bounce ABF ball.
  • It consists of DGC40+ (Power Tension Boost) and CPI (Clean Power Inside) that support the individual characteristics of GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5
  • The GEWO Hype has a hard sponge of 47.5 degrees.

GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 is one of the fastest and most dynamic rubbers of the Hype El series.

It has fantastic offensive qualities, for example, high dynamics on impact, and is equipped with a super spin-producing surface. It will give you good value for money.

  • Speed:122
  • Control:92
  • Spin:120
  • Sponge hardness: Hard+ (47.5)

YouTube video

Best Gewo Table Tennis Rubbers – Verified Customer Review

“One of the best rubbers I used. My friend bought the medium to soft version (42.5). I tried it out, and I loved it, so I bought the harder version. This rubber certainly requires a good technique.”

“Would not recommend it for beginners. The angles are a big thing to note when buying this rubber. Your angle has to be precise. It took me two weeks to get used to the angle (more of the closed blade).”

“There is nice forward momentum on the ball when it is struck well, so even if you play a light ball with this rubber, you can almost be guaranteed the ball to still be in play.  It has a nice spin on service, but it requires a more flat contact on fast service. It is a beautiful rubber (I use it on my forehand). Overall it is best suitable for aggressive style players.”

gewo table tennis rubber reviews model Hype EL Pro 47.5 second image

The high-speed rubber for table tennis enthusiasts whose playing style is offensive. These are not classic rubbers. Instead, they provide more spin and medium soft control for mid-level players.

5. GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40

neoflexx hype el pro rubber table tennis main image


GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40 is a high-spin rubber manufactured in red 1.5, red 2.1, black 1.5, and black 1.9 variations.

It guarantees optimum performance during a table tennis game. This rubber will give you the b of versatility and playability and offers total forgiveness.

It comes with a newly developed sponge with a grippy surface and a new pips arrangement. It has an Eco-boost (Etec) that ensures accurate placement, fun, and control in all situations.

Other variations of the GEWO Neoflexx eFT series include; eFT 48 and eFT 45.

Features of GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40 rubbers

  • It has a very grippy and transparent DGC40+ surface of medium hardness.
  • The top sheet is also grippy and has superb dynamics such as high trajectory, great ball rotation, and a wide range of spin and stroke variations. Yes! It’s a versatile and flexible type of rubber.
  • The Eco (nomic) boost has high spin ratings and absorbs arriving spin. This feature enables it to offer high reliability and control, which is the main aim of manufacturing this rubber.
  • It has a soft sponge of 40 degrees hardness to maximize the touch play and spin without losing any power.
  • It would be the perfect option for all levels of players relying on an offensive, all-around play. If you are a beginner and want to take your skills and techniques to another level, you must consider using this rubber.
  • The NEAS spin absorbing feature is integrated into the sponge to increase speed during offensive play.

The Eco-boost package offers an excellent spin or speed ratio, high versatility, reliability, and consistent playing characteristics. The DGC40+ and the top rubber sheet have made all these possible. DGC40+ also facilitates a reliable ball coupling when it hits the bat.

Comparing the Neoflexx FT40 with other GEWO rubbers

GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40 is a softer rubber than others in the GEWO Neoflexx eFT series. It, therefore, means that it generally focuses on spin while the others focus on speed.

The NEAS (New Efficiency Active System) spin-absorbing feature in the sponge provides sufficient speed in all offensive strokes. GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40 surface texture prevents the (poly) ball from slipping and energy loss when the ball leaves the rubber.

Get yourself a GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40- an Eco (nomic) boost for your match to take your skills and performance to another level.

  • Speed:93
  • Control:100
  • Spin:110

Hardness: Soft 40 Degrees

YouTube video

Verified Customer Review

“I love it so much, GEWO, but 9.9 in control and 9.9 in spin, it’s crazy! And on the other side, 6.4 in speed and the very low gears are too low. These numbers are far from the comparative characteristics numbers of the other backsides released by this same manufacturer! So I voluntarily changed these numbers (exaggerating with a very high speed and very gears, lower control, and even lower spin) to restore ‘ if possible’ a realistic average and more objectivity for the compulsive testers of new backsides…”

“Good all-round or defensive rubber, high control in every situation, but it’s quite slow.”

6. GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0

gewo hype xt pro 50 table tennis rubbers main image


GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0 is a contemporary high spin and speed offensive table tennis rubber suitable for attacking. It will enable you to perform several attacking techniques due to its high tension and grip.

These GEWO rubbers are designed to play against the new ABS 40+ Ball. It is a new rubber with so much speed that it takes the ball into new dimensions.

Features of GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0 rubbers

  • It has a new “Flex-Tech” technology that provides maximum precision in any attacking situation. This rubber will give you unbelievable control for passive ball blocking and opening flips.
  • The DGC40+ top sheet guarantees constant and reliable coupling when the bat hits the ball.
  • They are an ideal option for professionals/ higher-level table tennis players.
  • It has a high catapult effect and high trajectory because of the maximum surface tackiness and great power with optimum energy transfer for point-winning topspin rallies.
  • It has a hard sponge.

This rubber is very user-friendly and fun to play with. Its main agenda is to focus on forgiveness without compromise regarding speed, control, and spin. As a result of its hard sponge and tacky surface, it provides the best control for modern spiny serve or return play.

This rubber is a new standard in the modern table tennis game and will give you great value for your money!

  • Speed:125
  • Control:93
  • Spin:122

Sponge hardness: Hard+

YouTube video

Gewo Hype XT Pro – Verified Customer Review

“I have used this rubber for a month now, and I can provide an update. This Gewo is a very good quality rubber, and it plays more like a Tihbar ELP, but the wt. is lighter and cheaper. I use it on a Bty Taksim, and it works well on the ALC blade. If you can buy it on sale, try it!”

“My paddle is Game Sports Pro 5 layer all wooden paddle. My rubbers are Yasaka anti-spin 1.5 black and GEWO Hype XT 50.0 Pro red. Ok, I’ve been using this rubber for almost a month and have had great success with it. The speed of this rubber is so fast. I’ve never had a rubber where I serve, and my opponent looks amazingly impressed and helpless.

The spin on this rubber because of its hardness is also like wow. The Ark and the hard English you can get with this rubber will have you trying many different types of serves. Now what I like second to now is the control of this rubber. If someone smashes or hits a tricky spin, you can bring it back with the right angle.

The rubber has that forgiving feel to help you bring back those crazy smashes or tricky spins. This rubber should try this if you like medium-hard or a little heavy rubber. It is worth your money.”

7. GEWO Table Tennis Rubber – Mega Flex Control

mega flex control rubber main image from megaspin


GEWO Mega Flex Control is an all-around rubber that allows long ball contact giving a player an excellent ball feeling. This rubber absorbs any opposing spin and develops its spin with controlled power. It majorly focuses on control. It is specially designed for a controlled, modern, all-around table tennis player.

GEWO manufactures it in Red 2.0 and Black 2.0 variations.

Features of GEWO Mega Flex rubbers

  • It has a thicker sponge of 1.5-1.8 mm, suitable for a controlled offensive strategy. These strategies are blocking, counter-attacking, and final shots. However, final shots are made using a thinner sponge of 1.3 mm thickness for controlled play strategies such as driving and disordering.
  • It has a soft sponge.

This rubber will give you the security you need while playing the game. It is an excellent choice for beginners and very affordable.

  • Speed:88
  • Control:99
  • Spin:97

Sponge hardness: Soft

Gewo Table Tennis Rubber Mega Flex – Verified Customer Review

“Paired Gewo Mega Flex Control on my Stiga Infinity VPS cPen.

Gewo Mega Flex Control gives you a super ball feeling due to extended ball contact. It absorbs the opposing spin and develops its spin with controlled power. Gewo Mega Flex Control is very similar to “the old” sriver EL, very controllable, and an excellent rubber for a controlled looping game. Besides, suits for most European or Japanese players; style, as it is not tall and very good value for money!”

“It’s good for a beginner, on. You should buy something faster or more  when you move on a spin.”

About GEWO Brand

GEWO brand came into existence in 1898. This company’s location is in Germany in a city called Gelnhausen. The founder of the GEWO brand was called Peter Wolf, and he was a saddler.

In 1956, GEWO started producing table tennis tables. This business thrived so well. They had become the leading table tennis table producer in Europe in approximately ten years.

about gewo as a brand factory picture production table tennis

Their table tennis tables business then started slowing down in the coming years until Frank Koschnick and Wolfgang Sohns took over leadership positions in the brand in 1991. They worked tirelessly to ensure GEWO is one of Germany’s biggest table tennis brands. The Gewo Brand also made this progress within ten years.

This company decided to produce a wide range of table tennis products, from rubbers to blades, balls, bats, and even a clothing line. Rest assured that you will only purchase products from GEWO of the highest possible quality.

This brand has never been held back since its outburst in 1991. So many top-notch table tennis players opt to buy GEWO products.

Best Gewo Table Tennis Rubbers – FAQs

  • What is the difference between Stickiness, Tackiness, and Grip in playing table tennis? It’s a little confusing since sometimes these terminologies mean the same thing.

Answer: Stickiness and tackiness are used interchangeably to mean the same thing. It is the feel of the rubber. The grip can be slightly different as the surface grip is not necessarily the only key but the amount the ball will grip onto the rubber when you play a stroke.

  • What are the positives/negatives of a hard sponge compared to a soft sponge when playing table tennis?

Answer: The hard versus soft sponge is a bit of a preference for you. The harder sponge means you can have a more horizontal stroke and brush the ball more, whereas the more delicate sponge requires more of a vertical bat angle to grip the ball with the sponge rather than just the top sheet.

Gewo Table Tennis Rubber Reviews – Final Thoughts

We can see some of the GEWO rubber types and their unique features from the information above. Remember that you do not have to go for the best rubber. Just identify that which completes you.

A rubber that completes you helps you go the extra mile and stand out. It should also cause you no strain and give you the focus you need.

GEWO table tennis rubbers are an excellent option for players of any skill level. They offer unmatched quality and performance at affordable prices.

megaspin sale equipment

If you’re looking to pick up some new equipment, we highly recommend considering the GEWO line of products! GEWO table tennis rubbers come in various styles and are made with the best quality materials. These top-quality products can help you win your match no matter what style or skill level.






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