5+ FASTEST Table Tennis Blades (OFF+ Offensive for Attackers)

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If you are looking for a suitable and reliable blade to help you win more points and titles, it’s time to look at the seven best and fastest table tennis blades for offensive players.

These blades are designed for attackers and offensive loopers who prefer playing fast and offensive strokes while requiring reasonable control and stability.

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Our Winner & Best Overall (Fastest Table Tennis Blade)

Blade & Features

Image & Price

  • 5 plywood + 2 Super ZL Carbon

  • Incredible Power & Vibration

  • Excellent Touch

butterfly lin jun ju our winner

Here’s the list of the seven new table tennis blades best suitable for attackers, aggressive loopers, and players who prefer the offensive style of play. These new ping pong blades will deliver the most spin and power to help you win the upcoming tournaments.

Top Picks of New Table Tennis Blades for Offensive Players





new table tennis blades for offensive players joola vyzaryz hybrid thumbnail image

Best Direct Touch


Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC ping pong blade thumbnail image

Best Power & Vibration


new table tennis blades for offensive players victas koki niwa thumbnail image

Best Looping


Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC thumbnail image

Best Control


new table tennis blades for offensive players donic original true carbon thumbnail image

Best Budget


1. JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid

best table tennis blades for offensive players model joola vyzaryz hybrid main image


The word “hybrid” is used a lot these days. Hybrid vehicles, hybrid phones, even hybrid fish! But it’s not often that a table tennis blade can be called a hybrid. It turns out that the Joola Vyzaryz Hybrid isn’t just any ordinary blade — it’s made of two very different layers; we’re talking face-melting speed and high ball lift control.

You can bounce any ball off the court from the fast Zowie PBO-C (carbon) layer on one side to the slower but more stable PBO-C layer on the other. With two unique sides, you need to see how this new table tennis blade will blow your mind like no other.

If you wonder what makes the JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid blade stand out from the crowd, here’s everything you need to know about it. Another newly reviewed blade from Joola is Zhou Qihau Hyper priced at $ 220.

Best Table Tennis Blade Specifications

  • Style: All+ and OFF+
  • Plies: 7 (koto outer – Super ZLC/Regular ZLC, Limba, and Kiri core)
  • Blade Thickness: 5.86mm
  • Handle Type: Straight/Flared/Chinese Penhold
  • Weight: 85 grams

JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid Performance Ratings

  • Good Speed: 9.6/10
  • Control: 10/10
  • Hardness: Medium-Hard
  • Stiffness: Stiff

The JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid is a unique table tennis blade with two sides – one for the backhand and one for the forehand. Each side has its unique properties and can be used to complement your forehand or backhand, giving you more options in your game.

The backhand side’s super ZLC or PBO-C (green) layer has a lower throw angle, giving you more spin on your shots. The forehand side’s standard ZLC or PBO-C (purple) layer enables you to hit with a higher arch, giving you more power on your forehand.

The green side of this blade is made of a carbon composite that is perfect for low, fast shots when you need to get the ball over an opponent. The purple side of this blade is made of regular carbon composite and is lightweight and perfect for looping your backhand. This blade offers more choices when it comes time to choose sides during your next match.

joola vyzaryz hybrid blade material koto plus layers

The blade uses Koto as an outer veneer, which means you can expect a direct touch and dynamic play style. It’s an exquisite choice for players who want to improve their game, whether by giving them more control over their shots or helping them find innovative new tactics that fit their play style.

The JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid blade is a dual-threat table tennis blade that can be your go-to weapon if you want to experience the best of both worlds: power shots and spins. So, if you choose a regular rubber, the blade will produce a higher bounce, while the super pimpled rubber creates more spin making it perfect for aggressive players looking to win the point.

JOOLA’s Fastest Table Tennis Blades Pros & Cons


  • It is the best-value table tennis blade for attackers and aggressive loopers.
  • Joola Vyzaryz Hybrid is an excellent option for the two-handed player with trouble distinguishing between forehand and backhand shots.
  • It is built for players looking for different play styles and those who want a blend of spin, accuracy, power, and consistency.


  • The performance of the blade dramatically varies depending on the rubber you choose. So choose accordingly and look for the best ping pong paddles you prefer most.

JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid Reviews By Users

Here are some of the reviews on the Joola Vyzaryz Hybrid table tennis blade:

“It is the ultimate dual-threat table tennis blade. The blade allows you to choose what feels best for your forehand or backhand, depending on the quality of your chop. I used the Rhyzer 45 and Battle 2 rubbers, but I must note that you’ll need to test the blade by switching the rubbers at the beginning. Overall, it is an exceptional attacking blade, and you can’t go wrong with it!” Marcel.


“The Vyzaryz Hybrid is one of the best blades from the Joola Premium Line. I highly recommend the JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid Blade to anyone looking for a combination of ZJK SZLC and ZLC. It is a one-of-a-kind hybrid table tennis blade that bridges the gap between low-cost composite blades and expensive carbon blades.” Nick.

JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid Price & Where to Buy

A quality table tennis blade like the Joola Vyzaryz Hyrbid is not just a blade but an investment.

It is priced at $249.95 and is available on Megaspin. They have the best service, and you can get your custom Joola Vyzaryz Hybrid blade within two weeks, which is fantastic!

Other great online table tennis stores and shops are reviewed on this page.

JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid: Verdict

This best table tennis blade is an excellent choice for any offensive-minded table tennis player looking for a good quality blade with a reasonable price tag. That said, winning games isn’t easy. Neither is becoming a champion.

You need the equipment that can keep up with you, serve you, and help you win – all of which are offered by the Vyzaryz Hybrid.

YouTube video


Finally, if you want to trade your way to the top by slaying your opponents with a double-edged blade – the JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid is just what you need!

2. Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC (Fastest Table Tennis Blade)

best table tennis blades for offensive players model Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC main image



The Lin Yun-Ju Super ZL Carbon is a unique racket with interwoven carbon and ZL fiber. This is the fastest table tennis blade on the market and has high-speed-ball-hitting properties like high rigidity and viscosity and a wide sweet spot.

This beautiful table tennis blade was named after the Chinese superstar Lin Yun-Ju and this high-performance blade can help you increase your competitiveness.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Specifications

  • Style: Extra Offensive Attack, OFF+
  • Plies: 5 plywood + 2 Super ZL Carbon
  • Head Thickness: 5.6mm
  • Head Size: 157 x 150mm
  • FL Handle Size: 100mm x 25mm x 34mm
  • ST Handle Size: 100mm x 23mm x 28mm
  • AN Handle Size: 100mm x 24mm x 3mm 2mm
  • Weight: 91g

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Performance Ratings

  • Good Speed: 9/10
  • Control: 9.7/10
  • Hardness: Moderate

The racket was named after Lin Yun Ju, who transformed from a singles player to a doubles champion in just one year so that the Super ZLC could improve your table tennis skills.

This blade provides a youthful and competitive feel by showcasing Lin Yun-Ju’s favorite color (black-based grip with pastel blue and orange edgings) on the grip and the wing mark, along with the elegant acronym.

lin yun jun table tennis blade composition materials

The Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade is much lighter than other carbon rackets, and the swing speed is faster. Also, it is made of high-strength carbon fiber, which ensures explosive hitting without affecting the stability of the racket.

The Super ZL Carbon is a versatile blade featuring good bounce, power, and stability. The wide sweet spot and good momentum make the racket suitable for counter-attacking.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Pros & Cons


  • This Butterfly blade comes with a wide sweet spot that gives an excellent touch to the ball.
  • When paired with suitable rubbers, the blade produces powerful shots without fail.


  • It is a high-speed blade and may not be suitable for beginners.
  • It is indeed an expensive blade but worth considering.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Reviews By Users

Here are some of the reviews on the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade:

delighted with my purchase of the Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC racket. The control is amazing, both on serves and during rallies. The speed is the strongest point of sup. That lets me feel that I am close to the ball but still able to respond quickly. The weight is just right for me, not a harsh feeling. The good feeling you get from this racket is something that cannot be matched by other carbon blades, in my opinion.” Ben.


“The Super ZLC blade delivers well-balanced speed and control. The blade is light and makes me play aggressively with a simple saying against top players. I still have good control and precision. Also, I have used different brands’ fast and light blades before, but this one is good for me as a close-to-the-table player. I highly recommend it!!!” Vincent.

best table tennis blades for offensive players lin yun ju handle type

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Price & Where to Buy

The official price of the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade is $399.99. But Megaspin offers a 5% discount on the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC. With the 5% discount, you can get it at $379.99 on Megaspin.net as of this writing.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC: Verdict

The Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC is an exceptionally good power-oriented blade with high-vibration characteristics. And, although expensive, this blade is worth it!







Was $159.99


Was $164.99


Was $51.95


Was $269.99


Was $59.95

3. Victas Koki Niwa

Victas Koki Niwa blade ping pong new for racket main image


The Victas Koki Niwa blade is an excellent choice for a broader range of players and different styles. Named after Japanese player Koki Niwa, this table tennis blade is fast, consistent, and possesses qualities often sought after in advanced play.

Victas Koki Niwa Specifications:

  • Style: OFF+
  • Ply: 5 wood + 2 aramid carbon + 2 fleece carbon
  • Blade Thickness: 5.7 mm
  • Handle Type: Straight handle
  • Weight: 84g

Victas Koki Niwa Performance Ratings

  • Speed: 9.2/10
  • Control: 8.5/10
  • Hardness: Medium-hard

Firstly, the inner carbon fibers built into the blade optimize energy transfer to the ping-pong ball, providing you with an aggressive trajectory and explosive spin in serve-and-return situations. Secondly, it is constructed with an outer layer of elastic Fleece Carbon which improves the spin capabilities, making it the perfect option for rallies from mid-distance.

Moreover, the inner aramid carbon fiber reinforced with the core ply of the blade creates fast mid-distance topspin rallies that are stable even in extreme situations.

The Victas Koki Niwa is a powerful weapon for modern attackers. This blade combines explosive power with creative play close to the table, making it ideal for today’s offensive players.

Victas Koki Niwa Pros & Cons


  • It is a well-balanced blade suitable for attackers who want to play safely.
  • It combines explosive power with touch, enabling players to unleash powerful shots close or mid-distance from the table.


  • The blade comes with a minimal option for handle type and style. It only comes with a straight handle.

Attackers Best Table Tennis Blade – Reviews By Users

Here we are sharing some of the reviews on Victas Koki Niwa table tennis blade:

“You can’t go wrong with this looping machine. I am using DHS Goldfarc8 for FH and Victas for BH rubber with this blade – an amazing combo for this blade. But I must say, it also pairs well with Nittaku Flyatt on BH. The best thing about this blade is that the shots land exactly where you want!” Jim.


“There is no doubt that this blade is a great improvement over the old one I once used. My first impression of this blade was perfect is good. Control is what this blade excels at. It allows me to easily hit the ball from behind the table and place it wherever possible. It has helped me improve my strokes immensely.” Mickelson.

victas koki niwa blade flared handle type ping pong

Victas Koki Niwa Price & Where to Buy:

The retail price of the Victas Koki Niwa blade is $159.99. But Megaspin offers a 19% discount on this Victas blade as of this week, writing so you can purchase Victas Koki Niwa at $129.99 from Megaspin.net.

Victas Koki Niwa: Verdict

This blade can help you play your best squash regardless of your skill level. It’s an excellent blade for modern attackers and suitable for offensive play. It offers adequate control and is fast and stable when hitting away from the table.

YouTube video


Thus, if you need a blade with power, control, stability, and comfort, put the Victas Koki Niwa on your list when looking for your next blade.

4. Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC

Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC ping pong blade new model main image


The Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade is one of the new table tennis blades for offensive players from Butterfly’s Arylate-Carbon series and is also the recent best-seller Butterfly blade since 2020.

This table tennis blade was developed in collaboration with the German superstar Dimitrij Ovtcharov name Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC. It has a larger design than most of the ALC Innerforce blades. It also features a greater thickness.

Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Specifications

  • Style: Extra Offensive Attack, OFF
  • Plies: Innerfiber 5 plywood + 2 Arylate/Carbon
  • Blade Thickness: 6.2mm
  • Head Size: 158 x 152mm
  • Flared Handle Size: (100 x 25 x 34) mm
  • Straight Handle Size: (100 x 23 x 28) mm
  • Anatomic Handle Size: (100 x 25 x 34) mm
  • Weight: 91g

Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Performance Ratings

  • Speed: 9.5/10
  • Control: 9.7/10

After Butterfly’s Innerforce ALC series became a big success, Butterfly decided to develop a blade with greater thickness and a larger design. Finally, Butterfly developed the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade with the help of Dimitrij Ovtcharov, who has achieved astonishing results.

This extra offensive blade is a seven-layered made up of 5 plies of 6.2 mm thick wood and inner fiber (2 Arylate/Carbon) material, allowing it to have high resilience characteristics as well as power and control, bringing out the best of your game. In addition to the inner fiber construction, the blade has the firmness necessary to provide power when hitting the ball, which is helpful for today’s super-powerful offensive players.

The inner fiber construction of this fastest table tennis blade allows it to produce good power and more complex strokes while keeping the ball in play. The blade also synergizes with the grip lock on the forehand and backhand.

The grip locks’ medium-soft sponge and grippy top sheet complement the Innerforce’s speed/stiffness by offering a high level of control.

Butterfly Blade Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Pros & Cons


  • The blade is best suitable for modern attackers and loopers.
  • The blade comes in all styles of handles: flared, straight, and anatomic.
  • The craftsmanship of the blade shows elegance, alluding to endless possibilities and victory.


  • It would require sufficient skill and techniques to get the most out of it.

Butterfly Blade ALC Reviews By Users

Butterfly’s Innerforce ALC blade is the absolute forum for a fast-looping game. I’m not the only one who takes that opinion. From other players’ blogs, who have switched from BLX (Carbo T-500) to Innerforce ALC, idea opinion is almost all the same – although there are slight differences in their personal experiences.

Here we share some of the reviews on Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade:

“I’ve been using the Butterfly Innerforce for a year and am extremely pleased. I am using the blade with  DHS H3 Neo on FH and BH. The blade provides a special feeling when topspinning the ball or looping close to the table.” Kol.

Blade Material Structure

Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade material structure

“The blade gives perfect control over what you want to do with the ball. My forehand is one of my favorite aspects of this blade; I can achieve excellent control on all shots because it balances passive and more powerful strokes.

My backhand receives more power than it should due to the rubber choice, but that’s only because I’m used to playing with faster rubbers on my FH (such as Sriver FX). If there were anything I would change about this blade, it would be switching my rubber choice on my BH (perhaps Dignics 05) because I would be more offensive backhand style.

However, this is only by personal preference because overall, this blade does an exceptional job at what it does and feels great in hand!” Fin M.

Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC Price & Where to Buy

The Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade is priced at $184.99, making it one of the best-value Arylate-Carbon blades. This blade comes with three handle choices: flared, straight, and anatomic and all of these are available on Megaspin.

Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC: Verdict

Butterfly’s Innerforce ALC is an all-around blade and a classic example of a model that offers numerous advantages to its users. It was designed by Butterfly that leveraged the records of German star Dimitrij Ovtcharov for inspiration.

The high resilience characteristics of this Butterfly blade will allow you to produce intricate strokes while keeping the ball in play.

best table tennis blades for offensive players model Butterfly Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC straight handle


Thus, the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade is most suitable for a power play. It is also an excellent blade for advanced beginner players who prefer to hit with spin.

5. Donic Original True Carbon (Donic’s Fastest Table Tennis Blade)

best and fastest table tennis blades for offensive players Donic Original True Carbon main image


If you are looking for table tennis blades for offensive players that can do it all and can fit in different playing styles of attackers and defenders, then you should look closely at the Donic Original True Carbon blade.

This Donic’s best blade, also known as Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon, is a top-end carbon blade from Donic. It is one of the most popular carbon blades in Europe and is used by several top players, such as Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Timo Boll, Jun Mizutani, and others.

Let’s look at the specifications of this blade, performance ratings, and playing characteristics, and then decide if this is the blade for you.

Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Specifications

  • Style: OFF
  • Ply: 7 plies made of Kiri (core ply), Ayous (3+5), Kevlar carbon (2+6), and Koto (1+7, outer ply)
  • Blade Thickness: 5.5mm
  • Handle Type: Flared Handle
  • Weight: 90 grams

Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Performance Ratings

  • Speed: 9.5/10
  • Control: 7/10
  • Hardness: Medium-Hard
  • Elasticity: Nearly stiff

The Donic Original True Carbon combines perfectly engineered structures with many plies. Many agree that the Donic True Carbon blade performs similarly to Butterfly’s Viscaria ALC.

This fastest table tennis blade from the Donic brand combines speed and a playing feel that can’t be beaten. Since the blade is made from high-quality wood, it offers a soft touch and precise ball control.

The balance between control and power allows the carbon blade to excel in attacking strokes. But at the same time, the blade offers reasonable control, making it possible to play safe shots across the table. The blade is suitable for offensive players who prefer loops or fast topspins and defensive players who like to play blocks. Every player can try these skills with the ping-pong robots on our list for beginners.

Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Pros & Cons


  • It is suitable for both defensive and offensive players.
  • The high-quality construction of the flared handle provides a soft touch and reasonable ball control.
  • It is a budget-friendly blade that delivers similar characteristics to high-end carbon blades.


  • The wood is stiffer and denser comparatively.
  • It’s essential to master good topspin techniques to get the most out of this blade.

Table Tennis Blades for Offensive Players – Reviews by Users

Here are some of the reviews on the Donic Original True Carbon blade:

“This blade makes me play like never before. With a stiffer touch, I get better consistency in my game and less effort because now I can count on a feel comparable to that of normal wood!” TB.

YouTube video

“I’ve tested several carbon blades, and I’ve recently started playing with Donic Original True Carbon blade paired with Hurrican 3 on FH and Dawei C1 on BH. The feel is better than Timo Boll ALC and Viscaria; it’s harder and faster. I started to feel confident with this blade after just one training session.” Klaus.

Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Price & Where to Buy

You can purchase the Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon blade at $106.95. As it is a very popular blade, it may not be available on Amazon. But the good news is that this blade is readily available on Megaspin.net.

Donic Best Blade True Carbon: Verdict

This blade allows you to play a controlled topspin but also has enough control without sacrificing your offensive game.

Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon table tennis blade second image


If you’re looking to attack opponents aggressively and hit winners with many spins, then the Donic Original True Carbon blade is what you are looking for.

6. Victas Birmingham 77 – Japanese Penhold

Victas Birmingham 77 - Japanese Penhold ping pong blade new model main image


The Victas Birmigmham 77 is a classic example of a quality Japanese Penhold blade and is very much appreciated by both the offensive and defensive-minded players.

This fastest table tennis blade for penhold is named after the 1997 ITTF World Championship in Birmingham, England. These popular blades have been around for many years yet have stood the test of time because of their good performance.

Penhold Fastest Table Tennis Blades Specifications:

  • Style: (Offensive and defensive level)
  • Ply: 5-ply wood
  • Blade thickness: 6.5mm
  • Blade size: 148 mm x 141 mm
  • Grip type: Japanese style
  • Grip size: 90mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 85g

Victas Birmingham 77 Performance Ratings:

  • Speed: 7.5/10
  • Spin: 7.5/10
  • Control: 8.5/10
  • Hardness: Medium Hardness

The Victas Birmigmham 77 blade is built well with a solid feel on impact and has great attack and spin potential. It is made of cypress wood and is lightweight and thin. The handle is of medium hardness, and the penholder fits any player. This blade will last many years and perform great use to improve your game.

The Victas Birmigmham blade is a good table tennis blade for people who prefer to play defense and counter-attack. It is also an excellent blade for aggressive, quick-attack players who like to loop.

The Birmingham popular blades are slower than the ALC handle but offer more control. This is excellent for intermediate players with a penhold grip who may be stepping up from using this style of paddle.

Victas Birmingham 77 Pros & Cons


  • The blade is very reasonably priced.
  • Being a Penhold-style blade, it offers better wrist flexibility,
  • It is suitable both for offensive and defensive-minded players.
  • Penhold grip blade pairs well with almost all types of rubber, so you can choose one that suits your requirements and improve your style of play.


  • It may not be suitable for players who prefer the Shakehand grip.

Victas Birmingham 77 Japanese Penhold Reviews By Users:

Here are some of the reviews on Victas Birmingham 77 Japanese Penholder table tennis blade from users:

“It’s a good blade for penhold players. It is slightly overweight, so I suggest this blade to a mid-advanced player looking for an control-blade with looping capabilities. Plus, it’s a great choice for those who don’t want to shell out lots of cash but still want a quality blade.” Jeremy.

victas birmingham 77 blade handle type

“I have been using the Victas Birmigmham 77 for over a year. It is an excellent blade, comparable to Tibhar Precision M, Stiga Offensive Classic, and Donic Appelgren Allplay. Also, if you are looking for a penhold without spending too much money, the Victas Birmigmham 77 is one of the best penhold blades on the market.” Karen. Lee.

Victas Birmingham 77 Price & Where to Buy

The Victas Birmingham 77 Japanese Penhold is priced at $54.95 at Megaspin. It is readily available at Megaspin. Best of all, you will get 25% off any Victas rubber when ordering Victas Birmingham 77 from Megaspin.

Victas Birmingham 77 Japanese Penhold: Verdict

For an affordable table tennis blade that is good for practicing and playing match-ups, you’ll want to put the Victas Birmingham 77 on your list delivers reasonable control when used with a soling rubber such as Tenergy 05 or soft Sriver FX. Thus, the quality of the rubber you put on it will affect the overall feel and control.

This is especially true if you are using a speedy or spinny rubber. If you are looking for maneuverability, you may want to look elsewhere. This is one of the best penhold table tennis blades for offensive players.

7. Yasaka Falck Carbon

best and fastest table tennis blades for offensive players model Yasaka Falck Carbon main image



If you are a serious player, you should already have heard about the Yasaka Falck Carbon blade. It is one of the best blades for all-around professional play and practice. The Yaska Falck Carbon blade was developed by and for Mattias Falck, the Swedish table tennis player and World No. 17.

This blade has a very high speed and was seen to be played by Mattias months before the WTTC 2019. One of the most popular blades from Yasaka’s results was apparent when he won the silver medal in the World Championships. These days, it’s his blade of choice for practice and is popular among professional players yearning for a super balance between the speed and the feel.

Yasaka Fastest Table Tennis Blades Specifications

  • Style: OFF+
  • Blade Thickness: 5.9mm
  • Plies: 7  (5 wooden veneers and two layers of Japanese Premium Carbon/JPC)
  • Handles: Straight and Flared Handles
  • Weight: 90g

Yasaka Falck Carbon Performance Ratings:

  • Good Speed: 9.6/10
  • Control: 9/10
  • Hardness: Medium Hard

The Yasaka Falck Carbon blade is slightly faster than the Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon blade. However, the inner carbon construction and more excellent sweet spot of the Yasaka Falck make it perform differently.

Secondly, it was created for close-to-table offensive players with quick reaction times and strong agility who use bigger strokes with plenty of topspin on their forehand because that’s where this blade feels best.

With a 5.9mm thickness, the blade provides enough control and performs well close to the table. The carbon construction of the blade and excellent balance between speed and feel make this carbon blade a good choice for an all-around attacking player who likes to loop aggressively.

Altogether, it is a fast yet very controllable blade that Yasaka designed for modern off-the-table play.

Yasaka Falck Carbon Pros & Cons


  • It is an excellent option for all-around attacking players who want better control and stability.
  • The greater sweet spot of the blade provides plenty of topspin.


  • It may not be ideal for the fastest players.
  • The blade is not easily available.

Table Tennis Blades for Offensive Players – Reviews By Users

Here are some of the reviews on the Yasaka Falck Carbon blade:

“I have been using the blade with Rakza 7 and Rakza X. The speed of the Yasaka Flack Carbon blade is almost the same as the inner force ALC but comes with better control. One of the best aspects I liked is that the blade feels stable when blocking or looping.” Ferlin.


“In my opinion, the Falck is much faster but more rigid (less flexible) compared to carbon blades. It also has a unique feeling in contact with the ball compared to most other wood blades. Finally, I suggest using short pimpled rubbers with this blade, and you can’t go wrong with it!” Eli. JH.

Yasaka Falck Carbon Price & Where to Buy

The retail price of the Yasaka Flack Carbon blade is $149.73. But Megaspin.net is offering an 18% discount on it. With the 18% discount, you can get the blade at $122.95 from Megaspin.net.

Yasaka Falck Carbon: Verdict

The Yasaka Falck Carbon is an all-style attacking blade and is a perfect choice if you want to enhance your skills. The blade is also forgiving enough for intermediate players.

best and fastest table tennis blades for offensive players model yasaka falck carbon explanation of blade composition


The  Yasaka Falck Carbon blade is very special in many ways. For instance, if you’ve never played with a carbon blade of this kind before, you might be surprised by how close to the table you can play and still have excellent control over your shots.

The 5+ Fastest Table Tennis Blades for Offensive Players: Summing Up

JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid tops our list as the best-value table tennis blades for offensive players. It is one of the new table tennis blades from the Joola Premium Line.

The Vyzaryz Hybrid blade offers similar characteristics to some of the most well-known and high-end ZLC and ALC blades, like the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC and the Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC.

The Victas Koki Niwa seconds our list as the ultimate well-balanced blade for offensive players who want to attack with aggression yet play safely. Also, with the Victas Koki Niwa, you can easily control strokes, flicks, and drive shots perfectly. It is also priced very reasonably.

megaspin store banner

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, the best choice is the Victas Birmingham or the new table tennis blades for offensive players from Donic: The Original True Carbon, formerly known as the Ovtcharov True Carbon Donic.

Other blades for offensive and attacking styles of play worth mentioning are the best DHS ping-pong blades reviewed here.

If you are an offensive player, try these super fast ping pong blades, and you will surely be satisfied. However, for defensive players, we prepared detailed reviews of different types of modern defensive blades.






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