6 Best Xiom Table Tennis Blades (Ice Cream, Novus 2023 Reviews)

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This article will enlighten you on some of the best Xiom table tennis blades you probably did not know and need to focus on if you want to elevate your playing characteristics.

We will be able to see some of the notable features that enable them to give an overall high performance.

Best Xiom Table Tennis Blades Selected by The Author





NEW Fastest Xiom Blade


best xiom table tennis blades model ice cream azx pro thumbnail image

Best Spin & Composition


novus aigis 19 ping pong blade thumbnail image

Best Defense & Chopping


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Best Budget


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Best All-Wood


1. Xiom Ice Cream AZXi Blade Review


This hybrid construction blade has a flared hand that is comfortable and wide and a smooth straight handle. It combines two technologies, Zephylium Carbon (ZLC) on one side and Arylate Carbon (ALC) on the other.

It has a Koto outer ply, a Limba inner ply, and a Kiri core. The ZLC outer carbon layer and outer ALC layer are sandwiched between the koto and limba plies on each side.

Ice Cream is new, and one of the best Xiom table tennis blades that has a total of 7 plies, and the blade material structure looks like this:


This blade stands out because of its possibility of giving different playing characteristics on each side of the blade.

The carbon plies are felt almost immediately on the more strokes you make.

Xiom Ice Cream AZX Pro table tennis blade – Features

  • Speed Rating: Hybrid OFF+/OFF
  • Spin: 95
  • Good control: 91
  • Hardness: 75
  • Consistent blade: 90
  • Structure: Plies- 5wood + 1 ZLC+ 1 ALC
  • Blade Thickness: 5.7mm
  • Head Size: 157 x 100mm
  • Grip Size: FL-100 x 25mm; ST-100 x 23mm
  • Weight: 88g
  • Made in Korea

The ALC gives a softer and stiffer feel, whereas the ZLC is much harder and more elastic. The combination of these plies and carbon layers encourages aggressive play.

This blade was made in partnership with a Korean table tennis star who used it too. He goes by the name Jung Youngsik. He is living proof that this blade can do wonders!

Xiom Ice Cream is an averagely fast blade, slightly above the Viscaria blade.

Xiom Ice Cream AZXi Composition

the azx pro model of ping pong blade composition

It produces sharp drives, and there is a slight difference in speed between the ALC and ZLC. It is excellent with massive loops because of the speed.

When looping, the ALC performs much better than the ZLC. It produces higher arcs compared to ZLC. But the ZLC side is usually faster than the ALC side.

The blade is medium stiff. This feature makes it good at blocks. It would be the perfect fit for highly mobile and dynamic players who attack at mid-distance from the table.

xiom ice cream azx pro second image


It will form a powerful combination with Andro Rasanter R47 ultra max on both sides of the blade or Omega VII Pro. These rubbers will bring out the true nature of the blade and make a great table tennis racket.

2. Xiom Novus 19 Axelo Very Fast

Xiom Novus 19 Axelo Very Fast blade for ping pong


Introducing the Xiom Novus Axelo 19 table tennis blade – a true power monster with an incredible Kiso Hinoki feel.

Derived from the word “acceleration,” the name Axelo is synonymous with speed and dynamism. Sharing the same materials as its siblings, Strato and Ignito, the one-blade Axelo stands out as the thickest among them.

Its top layer comprises the prestigious Kiso Hinoki wood, known for its exceptional energy efficiency and very powerful strokes during matches.

To enhance its power capabilities, a newly developed Energy Carbon layer is ingeniously incorporated beneath the thick Kiso Hinoki surface.

High-Speed Xiom Blade Feature Details

  • Style & Speed Rating: Offensive OFF++
  • Racket Ply: 3 Wood + 2 Energy Carbon (Kiso Hinoki outer)
  • Blade Thickness: 7.5mm
  • Head Size: 157mm x 150mm
  • Weight: 87g
  • Made in China

With an overall thickness of approximately 7.5mm, Axelo promises a remarkably forceful performance, making it a preferred choice for players seeking high speed with precision.

3. Xiom Novus 19 Stradivarius

best xiom table tennis blades model Novus 19 Stradivarius


Xiom Novus Stradivarius is described as a ”well-balanced weapon for the modern table tennis player.” It has been the best-selling blade in the Xiom Novus series ever since 2009 when the Novus blade series first boomed on the market. Stradivarius was produced in 2019.

These Xiom blades contain the Aramid carbon technology that combines the vibration absorbing soft aramid and highly elastic carbon, giving it the top-most performance. It is also distinguishable through its red top handle (In most cases, you may find that all wood blades have Brown handles while pure carbon blades have Blue handles).

Xiom Novus 19 Stradivarius – Features

  • Speed Rating: OFF+/OFF
  • Spin: 89
  • Control: 87
  • Structure: Plies- 5 Wood + Aramid Carbon
  • Blade Thickness: 5.7 mm
  • Head Size: 157mm x 150mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Made in China

It would be a good choice for professional offensive players as it gives them great control and balance, especially when playing ping pong at distances near the table. You can perform high-speed strokes and deliver high-quality pimples and blocks on the table.

novus stradivarius speed spin control ratings

One of the best Xiom table tennis blades produces minimal vibration, which is reduced by high-technology materials. It is the ideal alternative to Timo Boll Spirit or Timo Boll ALC.

The soft carbon-aramid composite layer gives it a balanced feeling of softness and hardness. Thus, it is a blade of medium hardness. The medium hardness enables it to produce fast speed while offering better control. It works best on looping and hitting.

Novus Stradivarius performs well on topspin attacks that are made close to mid-distances of the table.

best xiom table tennis blades model novus stradivarius handle and package


The best table tennis rubber to combine with this blade is Xiom Tau II which is suitable for the forehand. The combination produces nice loops, counter loops, and smashes.

You can also pair it with new Hyper Elasto table tennis rubbers and the Vega rubber series for much better results.

4. Xiom Blades – Novus 19 Aigis

Xiom Novus 19 Aigis model ping pong blade


Xiom Novus Aigis table tennis blade has only been manufactured in the flared hand option. This blade is an all-wood (has a brown handle). It is one of the best defensive blades that you can ever use. Novus Aigis is suitable for defenders and mid-distance choppers.

It contains an outer veneer limba used for the top layer of the 5-ply construction. The limba is significant in increasing the blade’s speed. Its thickness is the same as traditional all-around blades.

You can push or chop with your backhand and forehand so many times. Keeping the table tennis ball on the table is primary.

The blade’s inner layers are adjusted to give it the right characteristics for a defensive blade. It has resulted in the blade’s ability to defend and maintain a high-speed level for all-around play equally.

Xiom Novus Aigis Blade – Features

  • Speed Rating: DEF/ALL+
  • Spin: 82
  • Speed: 70
  • Control: 90
  • Structure: Ply- 5 wood
  • Blade Thickness: 5.0mm
  • Head Size: 166mm x 157mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Made in China

Nowadays, if you are a defensive player who loves using countertopspins from the forehand, this blade will supply you with enough speed and spin that you might need.

Its speed does not compromise your ability to have and remain in control. It chops very well, whether you are at far distances or nearer to the table. Overall, it will provide you with a good amount of power.

The best table tennis rubbers for this blade are Hyper Elasto rubbers like Xiom Vega Asia on the forehand – if you want to perform better countertopspins from the forehand. And you will have a powerful weapon for all-around play.

xiom novus aigis defensive table tennis blade


For the equipment for the backhand side and chopping style, you can choose one of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping from our article in detail.

5. Xiom Zeta Offensive

best xiom table tennis blades model Zeta Offensive main image


Xiom Zeta Offensive is an all-wood blade available in flared handle option only. It has 7 koto plies whereby hardwood and softwood plies have been combined to offer accurate and complete control and fantastic attacking capabilities.

The table tennis blade is carefully designed using a fast drying process to create a lighter wood weight. These Xiom blades would work for a modern-day offensive player because the 7 plies have 2 outer and 1 central hardwood plies combined with 2 thin softwood veneer wood sheets to enhance ball feel and rebounding.

It is similar to the Primorac carbon blades, which have good speed and high control performance. The Zeta Offensive table tennis racket is a bit faster than our previous model.

Xiom Zeta Offensive Ping Pong Blade – Features & Performance

  • Speed Rating: OFF
  • Structure: Ply- 7 wood
  • Blade Thickness: 6.0 mm
  • Head Size: 158mm x 152 mm
  • Grip Size: FL 100 x 25mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Made in China

The improved drying technology produces a lighter wood weight, which means that the blade is light too. It weighs a 5-ply wood blade.

Its weight, however, does not compromise its offensive capabilities. It is easy to work with because of its lightweight feature.

Xiom Zeta generates good spins and control, especially when blocking or driving. This blade could be the best choice for players who want to progress to a faster blade from a standard 5-ply one. It is more complex compared to Xiom Solo despite having a similar composition.

zeta offensive ping pong blade main second image


A good rubber combination with the blade you need to try out is the Xiom Omega 7 PRO, especially when playing far distances from the table and if you want to maintain control. Other great rubbers include El-S, Mantra, and Gewo FT 48.

6. Xiom Vivid Kiso Hinoki – Red

Vivid Kiso Hinoki - Red best xiom table tennis blades main image


Xiom has made it available in straight handle and flared handle types. It is the newest blade produced by the brand. It combines the feel of Kiso Hinoki with the power of energy carbon, giving it a great speed and feel that ensures you remain in control during the game.

The blade utilizes Xiom’s latest blade manufacturing process, known as the 36.5 cold press. This technology entails the wood and composite layers bonded together without the use of heat (hence the name cold-press).

This technology is the first-ever low-temperature drying technology used. It is effective in allowing the wood to reach its highest potential.

Xiom Vivid Kiso Features

  • Speed Rating: OFF+
  • Structure of the racket: 1 wood ply (Kiso Hinoki) + 2 carbon
  • Blade Thickness: 6.9mm
  • Head Size: 157mm x 150mm
  • Grip Size: FL-100 x 25mm; ST-100 x 23mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Made in Korea

The manufacturers have availed it in various colors besides Red. If you like, Orange, Pink, light Purple, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Brown options are available to suit different customers’ needs.

It has a semi-smooth surface and a Swarovski crystal embedded on the handle, giving it an elegant look.

In terms of speed, it is a very fast blade. When the carbon is combined with the blade’s thickness, it results in an ultra-fast blade.

However, this blade is not recommended for an amateur/beginner because it’s a fast carbon blade. It will not be user-friendly for them to use as they start. It is ranked second after the fastest Xiom blade in the series – Axelo.

Kiso Hinoki is quite a stiff table tennis blade. The blade has some softness on the ball impact because of the hinoki layers. It also does not produce a lot of spins, but you can effectively spin the ball while looping, driving, or smashing. The most preferred distance to play with it is at mid-distances.

Xiom vivid kiso table tennis blade more color options


Because of its speed and power, you can produce nice powerful shots to slow, spinny loops. So if you have all it takes to deal with a fast blade, if you are an intermediate or advanced level player, make sure you own one of these.

The best rubber you can combine with this blade is Vega Switch Rubbers and Stigma 3, 4, and 5.

About Xiom Brand

Xiom (pronounced as “axiom”), which was formerly known as Champion Limited Corporation, is a company famous for manufacturing high-tech table tennis products. It was formed in 1976 when they began making ping-pong tables.

The company gradually expanded to produce other table tennis products like rubbers and blades. They’ve been making fantastic products over the years for the Korean market.

about xiom brand equipment manufacturer

Xiom means new Paradigmas; the company has continued to supply table tennis fans with exceptional products, including blades, at a high trend.

Xiom has the 4th largest market for table tennis products in the world after Japan, China, and Germany. Many ping pong enthusiasts love their products all over the world. They decided to expand their markets worldwide because Korea had a low market share. Their markets have emerged from the USA, Africa, and Asia.

Their efforts have brought fruits in return, and they have set up several factories not only in Korea but also in Japan and China. It competes with famous brands like Nittaku, Gewo, Andro, and Butterfly.

The first successful high-quality blade series by Xiom was Novus, followed by the Feel Xiom blades series in 2017. They kept up with the trend and continued to meet their table tennis players’ expectations of manufacturing blades that addressed their needs.

Xiom’s goal is to become a world leader in the manufacturing of table tennis products. Besides that, their ultimate goal is to create more value for the table tennis world.

Best Xiom Table Tennis Blades – Conclusion

These are but some of the Xiom blades that you should try. They are the best blades that you can experiment with and own. They will give meaning to your playing characteristics and take your skills a notch higher.

You can recommend one to any table tennis lover you know, those who like experimenting with new products so that they figure out their absolute playing style.

Remember to seal your new blade as a way of caring for it to ensure longevity. You can do this by adding a thin layer of lacquer or varnish to the blade’s playing surface.

Varnish prevents the wood from coming into contact with the water. It also prevents wood splinters from coming off the playing surface when removing a used rubber from the racket.

If you want your used blade to be sealed, ensure that you thoroughly clean it first.

Xiom table tennis blades from Amazon

  1. Xiom V1 Quad Blade
  2. Xiom Feel AX Blade
  3. Hayabusa Xiom XZ ST Blade
  4. Xiom Feel ZX 3 Blade
  5. Xiom Feel ZX 2 Blade

You can opt to combine the blades with whichever rubbers you want as long as they work for you. Do not combine heavy blades and rubbers unless you are comfortable with them. Otherwise, you will strain your forearm and develop serious injuries.

Check out these beautiful blades from this website. They will be a perfect gift for your coach, friend, brother, or nephew!






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