7+ Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Chopping (Chopper Review)

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This article is intended for defensive players, and we have selected the five best table tennis rubbers for chopping.

Since the beginning of this beautiful sport, defense in table tennis has been known.

Today, due to new manufacturing technologies, there are various rubbers with which you can bring your opponent into trouble. Before analyzing the different rubbers, look at the table with ratings and prices.

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Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Chopping Selected by The Author





butterfly feint long 3 thumbnail image rubber

Best Overall


tibhar grass dtecs rubber thumbnail image

Best for Distance Choppers


butterfly flextra rubber thumbnail image

Best for Attack Choppers


Best Pips Out Rubber


best table tennis rubbers for chopping tsp super spinpips chop 2 thumbnail image


What are the best rubbers for a chopper?

There are two main types of table tennis rubbers for chopping.

Firstly, inverted rubbers have a smooth surface with a sponge layer underneath, while pips-out rubbers have protruding plastic ‘pips’ on the surface.

Secondly, choppers typically use inverted rubbers to generate maximum spin and speed on their forehand strokes. In contrast, pips-out rubbers are more commonly used on the backhand side to create unpredictable spin.

However, it is ultimately up to the individual player to experiment with different rubber combinations to find what works best for them.

1. Butterfly Feint Long III (Best Backhand Chopping Rubber)

best table tennis rubbers for chopping butterfly feint long 3 black rubber main image


Beautiful ping pong rubber designed for a slightly more aggressive chopper style. It belongs to the type of long pimpled rubber. You can shorten the balls or make long awkward pimp balls with it. One of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping uses a modern defender.

Due to the sponge technology, with one of the five best rubbers for chopping, you can slow down the game’s pace and make your opponent a mistake. As a defensive player, you will slow down the ball on the opponent’s attacks so that he will have to return to pimping in some situations.

In that case, you can attack him later with another rubber on the forehand side. This is best if you have a Feint Long 3 on the backhand side and rubber on the forehand side, which is primarily fast and intended for an attack. Next, you can do pimples as much as you want and later absorb the opponent’s topspin when he starts attacking.

feint long 3 pipsout rubber red color

The rubber behaves in such a way that it can also neutralize rotations. For example, if the opponent serves a cut ball, you, with Feint Long 3, can return the ball with the same movement, and the opponent gets a neutralized empty ball.

Butterfly Feint Long III Features

  • Class: Long Pips-Out
  • Surface: Pips-Out
  • Style: Long Pimpled Rubber
  • Speed: 60
  • Spin: 40
  • Hardness: 25

Firstly, Butterfly Feint Long 3 is not rubber for blocks but mainly for chopping and pimping. This should be kept in mind when choosing to know what type of player you are and what you can expect.

Secondly, it has a softer and more flexible top layer combined with a soft sponge, resulting in a long pips-out ball and thus confuses opponents with uneven ball paths. Also, an ideal rubber with specific training for turning and changing sides at the table.

Thirdly, it is ideal even for players who play the defense system from a distance from the table. So, if you are defending yourself and your goal is to return as many balls cut as possible and pushed, this will suit you perfectly.

Moreover, of the world’s most famous players who use Feint Long 3, we would single out Ruwen Filus, whose matches and moves you can watch in the video below. The rubber is best suited in combination with the following blades: Petr Korbel, Gionis Carbon, Victas Koji Matsushita Special, or Donic Defplay Senso V3.

YouTube video
This is a favorite rubber for all defenders and those sponsored by the Butterfly brand.

2. Tibhar Grass D-Tecs (Best Rubber for Distance Chopper)

tibhar grass dtecs rubber main image dynamic technology


With this beautiful rubber defense, you can confuse your opponent for several reasons. The first reason is that Tibhar has developed a new D-TecS technology that gives an additional effect when cutting the ball.

Secondly, the sponge is softer than the previous models from the five best table tennis rubbers for chopping. Because of that, you also have better ball control at a table nearby. This means that you can get better and pimple the ball while waiting for the opponent to attack with topspins as a defender.

The following reason is that it has a tensor sponge at the bottom and in the upper part, enabling better chopping of the ball at a distance. This is very inconvenient for attackers when you move away from the table and cut the ball like a real chopper. With Tibhar D-Tecs, it is only essential to practice the racket’s opening and closing angle during training. The rest will do the rubber as far as the ball’s trajectory is concerned.

5 best table tennis rubbers for chopping tibhar grass red rubber pips out

We recommend ALL + table tennis blades perfectly fit the rubber with a specific ping pong blade speed. Also, you have enough speed if the opponent picks up the ball so that you can finish the point. As for the service, you can make a chopped and pushed ball with the same movement. This will confuse your opponent by not seeing the effect of your serve.

Tibhar Grass D-Tecs Features

  • Class: Long Pips
  • Surface: Pips-Out
  • Style: Defense Rubber
  • Speed: 56
  • Spin: 80
  • Hardness: Medium-Hard

Firstly, one of the most popular 5 table tennis rubbers for chopping in the world. Of the Tibhar brand, undoubtedly the most famous. Compared with the first two rubbers on our list, this one has a remarkably stronger spin.

Secondly, defending from a distance from the table has better turn and control. This way, you can return more balls and make the opposite mistake.

YouTube video
Thirdly, we recommend a slightly faster blade to get up to speed when attacking. You can also play aggressively from the table with Tibhar Grass if you return the pimp ball with a flip or a pushed ball through the middle of the table.

Moreover, due to the long pips, you affect the ball’s trajectory by hitting and setting a good angle of the racket. In addition to many attacking rubbers, Tibhar has developed one of the five best table tennis rubbers for chopping.

The D-TecS technology means that it is a dynamics technology with Vladimir Samsonov. Since we all know that Samsonov plays with a lot of control and then strengthens the balls when the opportunity arises, this rubber is intended for a style with a lot more control than usual. The top layer is more elastic, and you have a better catapult effect.

tibhar grass dtecs dynamic technology with Samsonov


We recommend putting it on the backhand side with a table tennis blade OFF – or ALL + speed.







Was $57.99


Was $48.71


Was $59.95


Was $56.95


Was $49.99

3. Butterfly Flextra (One of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping – Pimples-in Inverted)

5 best table tennis rubbers for chopping butterfly flextra main image


Unlike the first three rubbers from our list, Flextra is unique. It is the best rubber in value and price.

Firstly, this is inverted and pimples-in rubber, suitable for defensive players and beginners learning table tennis moves for the first time. It has superior control and is not too fast, allowing beginners to adapt to other skills slowly.

Secondly, it has a soft sponge and a flexible top layer that Butterfly made for ease of use and a good feel in the game. It is also suitable for easy turning and soft topspins with rotations. Thirdly, speed is not the trump card of this rubber, but that’s why the control is increased. Table tennis players who plan to play aggressively should not use Flextra.

However, it is also among the five best table tennis rubbers for chopping. See the page Best Ping Pong Rubbers for attacking and faster rubbers – Top 5.

Moreover, it often comes in combination with ready-made rackets. If you choose it, especially without a blade, then put it on the forehand side and on the backhand to have some pips-out rubber. That would be the perfect combination for a real table tennis chopper.

Butterfly Flextra Features

  • Class: All Round
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Style: Defense Pimples-In
  • Speed: 82.5
  • Spin: 87.5
  • Hardness: Medium-Soft

For example, you are a defensive player who wants to have rubber on one side with which he can occasionally attack. Perfect, because Butterfly Flextra is suitable for that. Contact with the ball is a bit longer, and therefore there is better control.

combination of blade and two rubbers flextra

It is perfect for services, pimps, and cutting balls from a distance from the table. However, it is slower with ball blocks and a speed boost. We recommend sticking it to the racket also with Butterfly’s Free Chack.

As for blades, it works best with Round ping pong blades or, for example, Timo Boll Allround, Stiga Allround Classic, or Gewo Allround Classic. Over time you can change the rubber on the backhand side but the forehand. We recommend you have Flextra.

The thickness of the sponge can be 1.7, 1.9, or 2.1. Therefore, for more experienced players, we recommend a thicker sponge and the thinnest for beginners. Also, thinner rubber is better for choppers that move away from the table.

butterfly flextra red on the racket assembled


Those players who play near the table are better off thicker because of the speed.

4. Xiom Vega Defense

5 best table tennis rubbers for chopping xiom vega defense main image


So, we have the slowest table tennis rubber on our list, but it is pretty good for defense. Xiom produced this rubber to improve the game of defensive players and thus focus on pimping, cutting the ball, and sometimes attacking with rotations.

It is also perfect for blocks when you want to slow down an opponent’s attack. So, this is a very elastic rubber with a hard sponge, which allows a lot of turning and returning the balls from a distance from the table.

Vega Def has a Hypo Elasto-Top-Layer, which means that it contains an additional catapult effect in the impact and good friction when pimping. On the other hand, the more you try to increase the blows, the more rotation there will be.

This is the construction material, and keep in mind that you can surprise and confuse your opponents with this beautiful ping-pong rubber. Spin and control are a priority, while the hardness of the sponge also allows rotation.

Xiom Vega Def Features

  • Class: Defense
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Style: Defense Pimples-In
  • Speed: 77
  • Spin: 89
  • Hardness: Hard-Dampening Sponge

xioma vega red and black rubber hyper elasto sponge

Firstly, it is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and is made to last a long time, so by investing, you will have rubber for a more extended period. Modern defensive rubber is made, especially for plastic table tennis balls.

Secondly, the thickness is 2.0 or max, which means you can also attack with topspins but only with rotations. There is no speed like attacking rubbers. It is also on our list of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping.

Thirdly, we recommend combining it with Round blades or OFF – to achieve maximum effect. You can put a pips-out rubber on the other side of the racket, and then you will be a completely defensive table tennis player.

YouTube video
Moreover, this is spinny rubber, and you can use it even if you are a mid-speed player who likes rotations. Services can also be inconvenient for you with it and blocks, as we have already said.

5. Butterfly Tackiness Chop II (Best Forehand Chopping Rubber)

best forehand rubber for chopper tackiness 2 butterfly main image


The Butterfly Tackiness Chop is a great choice for players looking for a good forehand rubber. This rubber provides good spin and excellent control, perfect for players who want to keep the ball in play.

The Tackiness Chop also has a high friction coefficient, making it ideal for players who want to generate a lot of spin on their shots. This table tennis rubber is a great choice for players looking for an all-around good forehand.

A chopper who wants a good answer on spinning balls will have great control and more underspin to the strokes. Top choppers like Anna Gaponova from Ukraine use the Tackiness rubber.

The sponge of the rubber is harder, but the sheet is soft with more surface area for the user to grip the ball, and the tacky surface helps keep the ball in place when hitting it. The rubber is also very durable, making it ideal for competitive games. Overall, the Butterfly Tackiness Chop II is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance table tennis rubber.

Butterfly Tackiness Chop II Features

  • Class: Inverted chopping
  • Style: Chopper defender high friction
  • Spin: 100
  • Speed: 75
  • Hardness: 41

tackiness chop 2 rubber for choppers


It belongs to the class of slow rubbers. Butterfly Tackiness should not be used as backhand rubber. It has the thinnest sponge compared to other slow rubbers. The classic defender will be delighted with it.

6. TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2

TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 best table tennis rubbers for chopping


If you’re looking for the ultimate short pip chopping weapon, look no further than TSP Superspinpips Chop 2. This unique table tennis rubber is designed for maximum chopping power, and it comes with a very special sponge that helps cushion your opponents’ attack shots.

The super-soft sponge provides excellent grip and control, while the top sheet produces incredible spin. As a result, TSP Superspinpips Chop 2 is the perfect choice for short pip-chopping players who want maximum performance.

Finding the right chopping equipment for the casual table tennis player can be a daunting task. This rubber combines an excellent pimple surface with a controlled, slightly slower sponge.

This combination strengthens the pimple effect and gives significantly better control. Additionally, like with all Spinpips rubbers, individual spin variations are possible.

So, if you’re looking for a chopping rubber that will give you the good control and spin variation you need, the TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 is a great option.

TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 Features

  • Rubber type: Pips out defender
  • Spin: 90
  • Speed: 80
  • Hardness: 23

best table tennis rubbers for chopping model TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 red rubber


If you have the Butterfly Tackiness on the forehand side, on the other side should be TSP Super Spinpips. It has short pips and is very suitable for a modern defender.

7. Joola Octopus (One of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping – Value & Price)

best table tennis rubbers for chopping joola octopus main image cover


Like the previous rubber, this is perfect for defensive players with reasonable control and the ability to slow down the ball. Ideal rubber for topspin and rotations when you want to get your opponent out of the game’s rhythm. Many variations can be done, from chopping the ball to depreciating the blocks and attacking the short balls.

One of the best table tennis rubbers for chopping is recommended by the two best defensive players in the world. These are Chen Weixing and Latin American Champion Liu Song. The Joola Octopus was also developed in cooperation with these two world table tennis players.

YouTube video
As for the sponge, you should note that it is very hard. But on the other hand, because of that, you have better control of the ball. Therefore, we recommend rubber for players who want to keep the ball safely on the table as much as possible.

Octopus is good for defending away from the table regarding player types. So if you are a real chopper who goes a meter or more from the table and defends, this will be a super table tennis rubber for you. But if you are such a player that you like to place and share balls at the table, then it is not recommended.

Joola Octopus Features

  • Class: Long Pips-Out
  • Surface: Pips-Out
  • Style: Defense Rubber
  • Speed: 53
  • Spin: 60
  • Hardness: 50

Firstly, excellent rubber is used with a sponge thickness of 0.5 because then you can occasionally attack during the game. Services can also be very awkward with the opponent because the turn is perfect.

joola octopus red rubber pips out long example

Secondly, our best choice for value is the affordable price and very longevity and quality. Defensive table tennis players who put Joola Octopus can be calm for a long time because they will not wear out.

Thirdly, you can confuse the opponent with good practice, and he cannot see the ball’s direction. This is because Octopus has a wobble effect due to the thickness of the sponge.

Moreover, you have nothing to worry about when you run the game. The only problem can arise when returning the service and when the opponent aggressively attacks with topspins. That’s why players need to practice more on the opponent’s attacks.

In any case, rubber is very modern and current among the world’s defensive players. Joola as a brand has made something that will significantly help players who opt for chopping. Also, the name Octopus is because the ball trajectory looks like an octopus.

5 best table tennis rubbers for chopping red rubber with zooming in pips put


It would be best to put it on the backhand side and on the forehand side to have some inverted rubber with which you can attack the opponent or cut stronger balls.

What to consider when choosing table tennis rubbers for chopping?

The first question is, are you a standard defensive player or a universal defender who attacks the opponent when he has the opportunity? The table tennis player returns from the table, and forces were pimping and defense in classic defense. It is desirable to have pips-out rubber on one side of the racket and inverted.

Modern players who move more and use good balls to attack need more training. Second, you need a faster table tennis blade to enter with topspins occasionally.

Close to the table Vs Standard chopper

Is another question about the thickness of the rubbers you want? The thinner the rubber, the better you cut the balls and the more control you have. If you take a thicker sponge, then it is assumed that you will use the entrance to the ball and occasionally blocks.

There is also a defensive player who stays close to the table and thus places balls with both rubbers to confuse the opponent. A modern defender should combine short pips rubbers with inverted ones on the FH side.

Rubber & Features

Image & Price

  • High Tempo Power

  • Flat ball trajectory

  • Spin on brush contact

The most important thing is to combine two different ping pong rubbers and practice keeping the ball on the table as much as possible. You will find adequate for your defense style from the previous list of the five best table tennis rubbers for chopping.






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