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7+ Best Ping Pong Conversion Tops (2023 Reviews)
7+ Best Ping Pong Conversion Tops (2023 Reviews)

7+ Best Ping Pong Conversion Tops (2023 Reviews)

Last Updated on April 29, 2023 by Sorin Petroj

Ping-pong conversion tops allow us to turn any ordinary table into a full-size ping-pong table. But almost all table tennis players will agree that a good ping pong conversion top is not easy to find. Don’t worry.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the best ping-pong conversion tops based on ten essential features and put together some crucial tips for choosing a quality topper for tables.

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But First, Why Would You Need A Conversion Top?

A good ping pong conversion top offers many advantages over authentic tables. First, you can easily fold conversion tops and store them away when unused.

Also, you use it for different purposes. The ping pong tops are convenient if you have guests or want to keep your expensive table out of the way. Plus, a conversion topper costs half the table tennis table price.

The 5 Best Ping Pong Conversion Tops of 2023

Here are the five best pong conversion tops that meet all the essential features of a quality table tennis topper.

1. The Butterfly Pool Conversion Top

The Butterfly Pool Conversion Top ping pong blue color


Overview On The Butterfly Pool Conversion Top

This is the best ping pong conversion top for an 8′ pool table from Butterfly and one of our favorites for several reasons. With the first glance at this pool conversion top, you can tell Butterfly’s distinctive craftsmanship, but there’s more to it!

It has everything you want from a quality table tennis top and will give you years of fun and pleasing playing experience.

Butterfly Pool Conversion Top Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9 feet x 5 feet
  • Surface thickness: 19mm
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Color: Blue/Green
  • Padding: full foam backing
  • Accessories: Butterfly Clip Net Set
  • Assembly: Pre-assembled
  • Warranty: 3 years

Butterfly Pool Conversion Top Key Features

Size & Dimension: The Butterfly Pool Conversion Top is the exact dimensions of a full-size table, 9″ x 5″, and best of all, it comes in two color options – blue and green.

This table topper is excellent for pool, billiard, and large dining room tables. You can also use this table tennis table conversion top on 9ft tables by removing the rails. You’ll be able to play on it for years without worrying about damaging the surface underneath or the top wearing out.

Surface: The surface of this topper is 19mm thick and comes with sturdy metal rail support. This conversion top is durable enough to stand up to intense matches. They’ve even covered the underside of the tops with a protective full-foam backing to ensure that your pool table stays pristine.

butterfly table top blue and green comparison picture

Assembly: The butterfly pool conversion top comes pre-assembled. But note that it is a giant ping-pong conversion top that would fit a billiard table nicely. So it’ll need two people to lift the halves on and off a table.

But the good news is it splits into two halves, so putting it on top of a table is effortless and requires only 2-3 minutes.

Additional Accessories: The Butterfly Conversion Pool Table Top also comes with a handy net system and supports so you can set up a game in minutes—without sacrificing your pool table!

Warranty: If you’re still not convinced, keep in mind that this top comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind. So if anything happens during that time, they’ll replace parts or fix any damage at no cost to you.

Butterfly Ping Pong Conversion Top Reviews

Here are some of the Butterfly ping pong conversion top reviews by users:

“The padding underneath is one of the best features of this table. It’s thick and firm yet soft and comfy. There is no other pool table on the market with better padding than this one. The ping pong balls don’t bounce over the table’s edge, either.

Another best part is that you can fold it up and put it out of sight when you are not playing on it. You can have an entire dinner party or relax as a family on it without feeling like you are playing ping pong on a ping pong table! It has been through some heavy use and still looks great!” Kim.

Butterfly Pool Conversion Top Pros and Cons


  • It complies with the official ITTF regulation size.
  • The table comes in two color choices: blue and green.
  • Removing the rails can also use the conversion top on 9ft ping pong tables.
  • Each half of this conversion top fits the pool and billiard tables nicely.
  • It comes with a high-quality net system that can be easily installed on the table.
  • It comes with 3 years warranty.


  • It might seem expensive, but the foam backing, thick table surface, and high-quality material will make your money well worth it!

Butterfly Pool Conversion Top Review And Our Final Verdict

You get what you pay for. The higher cost of the Butterfly Table Tennis Conversion Top is worth it based on what this table has to offer.

Since it can be used as a ping pong and pool/billiard table, it also has more value than others, and you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

So we highly recommend the Butterfly Pool Conversion Top, especially if you want to use your pool table regularly. The extra features set this ping-pong conversion top above the competition.


They also give you 3 years warranty for peace of mind. Thus, if you’re looking for a quality Billiard Table Ping Pong Conversion Top, this is it!


2. The Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Conversion Top

ping pong conversion top model The Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Conversion Top


Overview On Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Conversion Top

If you are looking to get the most out of your pool/billiard table in a manner that will leave very little to the imagination, the Martin Kilpatrick Pool Conversion Table Top is probably one of your top two options.

It is also the best American Heritage Ping Pong Conversion Top for many reasons.

First of all, the Kilpatrick ping pong Conversion Top is worthy of comparison and often preferred to Butterfly in terms of quality. Perhaps most notable, Martin Kilpatrick’s tables have the same craftsmanship as Butterfly but at less than half the price.

That’s why the Martin Killerspin ping Conversion Top is such great value for money. It also makes an exceptional replacement for 8ft pool tables that aren’t used to play billiard, pool, or table tennis.

Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Conversion Top Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9 feet x 5 feet
  • Surface thickness: ¾” thickness
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Color: Blue/Green/Grey
  • Padding: stick-on foam pads
  • Accessories: 2 paddles, three balls, and a net set
  • Assembly: Pre-assembled
  • Warranty: 3 years

Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Conversion Top Key Features

Size and dimensions: Martin Killpartrick Pool Table Conversion Top has been designed to fit into an 8ft pool and billiard tables, but by removing the rails, you can use it on 9ft tables.

This table tennis Conversion Topper can be used on tables in homes, college dorms, hotels, man caves, and restaurants. Made of flexible material that allows you to place the side clips onto their designated holes, it can fit almost any 8- or 5ft pool table.

Surface: The Martin Kilpatrick table tennis Conversion Top is built to last. With top-quality materials, it will please the most discerning ping-pong fans. The cover is 3/4 inches thick. The 3/4 inches-wide playing surface has been finished with non-slip material providing consistent bounce.

Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Conversion Top Key Features

Assembly: This Conversion Top has everything you need to assemble, and it would take no more than 4-5 minutes. The top features a metal rail system that attaches to any pool table in a dovetail locking system. This pool table Conversion Top hits the mark—it’s easy to put on your existing table, and it’s a breeze to take off. It folds up neatly for storage, and then, when you want to use it, you have to open it up and lock the halves in place.

Additional features: Additional critical features of this tabletop include an easy conversion process. The two solid halves lock together for extra stability. It is also available in three color choices – grey, blue, and green.

Additional Accessories: This table tennis Conversion Top includes a net post system, three ping pong balls, and two paddles.

Warranty: The MK Pool Table Conversion Top is backed with 3 years warranty.

Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Conversion Top Reviews

Here are some of the ping pong table Conversion Top reviews on the MK Pool Table Conversion Top:

“This is a great product for anyone short on space and looking to convert their dining or pool table to a tennis table. It is easy to assemble, and you can play ping pong within minutes of it being delivered. The new locking halves are an awesome feature.” Mark.

“For a tabletop ping pong conversion, the Kilpatrick is a very good choice. It’s simple to use, easy to assemble and gives you a superb playing experience. It is solidly built and will last for years. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an affordable tabletop ping pong conversion.” Timothy J.

Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Conversion Pros and Cons


  • The Martin Kilpatrick table tennis conversion is excellent for homes with recreational pool tables.
  • Unscrew the rails, and this tabletop will also fit regular billiard tables up to 9 feet wide.
  • It is also straightforward to remove for regular use as a tabletop in any dining room or kitchen table if you want to play with your kids.
  • This table Conversion Top is available in three colors: blue, green, and grey.


  • The provided net attaches to the table with dovetail-style brackets, meaning you can’t adjust it once it’s set up. If you damage the net, replacing it will be more difficult.

However, this net goes well with almost any pool table because of the dovetail brackets.

Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Conversion Top Review And Our Verdict

With the Martin Kilpatrick table tennis Conversion Top, you can make the most of your dining room table by converting it into high-quality multipurpose table tennis or pool table.

The premium materials and professional crafting style provide a sturdy and well-built table tennis tabletop that you can use to convert 8ft pool tables into both 8ft or 9ft ping pong tables.


So, all in all, form meets functionality with this pool conversion table. And indeed, this is a ping pong table topper that will bring joy to adults and children alike, especially if they share the same passion for pool, billiard, and table tennis.

3. The Joola Tetra 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top For Pool Table

The Joola Tetra 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top For Pool Table main image


Overview On JOOLA Tetra 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top For Pool Table

The Tetra 4 Piece Conversion Top by JOOLA offers a whole new dimension to playing ping pong, which boils down to having fun. The JOOLA Tetra 4 Piece is the best table tennis conversion top in the US today. Why?

That’s because it comes from an Olympics table manufacturer, so it means you’ll get the best quality. It is designed to be the perfect addition to your billiard table. The JOOLA table tennis Conversion Top with a metal apron has a unique design of four corners that gives a wider playing field.

JOOLA Tetra 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top For Pool Table Specification

  • Dimension: 9 feet x 5 feet
  • Surface thickness: 12 mm
  • Surface material: Engineered wood board with PVC laminate
  • Padding: Foam padding.
  • Weight: 85 lbs. (37 lbs per half)
  • Color: Blue
  • Accessories: Clamp-style net
  • Assembly: 99% pre-assembled and takes 2-3 minutes.
  • Warranty: 1-year limited lifetime warranty.

JOOLA Tetra 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top For Pool Table Key Features

Size and dimensions: Joola ping pong Conversion Top is manufactured from durable material. The playing surface measures 9 feet x 5 feet, similar to a pool and dining table size.

It features a thick multi-ply covered MDF border to protect your billiard table from scratches during setup and play. Some reviews mention that you also use it on an 8ft pool table with ping pong Conversion Top from this series.

Surface: The surface of this table tennis Conversion Top is 12 mm in thickness. The foam pads on its bottom ensure they won’t scratch your table while setting it up on a table. The same foam padding is also used for the top padding to ensure balls do not make any marks on your table.

joola tetra 4 ping pong conversion top half assembled

Assembly: JOOLA Tetra 4 Piece ping pong table top comes 99% pre-assembled. It would take only 2-3 minutes to set it up. You must clip the provided net to the surface and start playing.

Additional Accessories

It includes a ‘custom-style’ net that fits very well on the table.

Additional features worth noting: The Tetra Conversion Top suits the needs of modern table tennis players perfectly, has a standard size, and will be equally great for outdoor and indoor play. It is high enough for a good bounce but thinner comparatively. So it can absorb a lot of energy so the bounces will be less powerful.

When it comes to folding table tennis tables, JOOLA Tetra is something everyone should look at. With its reasonable price, super-fast conversion time, and easy storage capabilities, it has no equal among its competitors. Plus, it is one of the most affordable ping-pong Conversion Tops we’ve seen on the market.

Warranty: It is backed with a 1-year lifetime warranty from JOOLA.

JOOLA Tetra 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top For Pool Table Reviews

Here are some reviews on Joola Tetra Conversion Top by users:

“The Joola Tetra Conversion Top is just what I needed. It’s sturdy, well-made, and can be easily stored. It’s thicker than I expected, giving it a better bounce than my old table. I also like using it as a dining room table when guests are over. In short, the Joola Tetra Conversion Top is a real steal.” Meredith.

JOOLA Tetra 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top For Pool Table


JOOLA Tetra 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top For Pool Table Pros and Cons


  • It is a regulation-length Conversion Top.
  • The Conversion Top folds in half for easy storage.
  • The EVA padding on the top and the PVC laminated surface provided extra protection from damage.
  • The unique design of four pieces/corners gives wider playability.
  • It is very reasonably priced.


  • The only downside of the JOOLA 4-piece table tennis Conversion Top is that the surface is 12 mm thick (most of the Conversion Tops come with 15 to 19mm thickness.
  • So you may have minimal bounce, and if that’s an issue, we recommend choosing the Joola Billiard Table Tennis Conversion Top (15mm).

Joola Tetra 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top For Pool Table Review: Verdict

Ultimately, if you’re looking to get started in table tennis and want a very affordable way, Tetra will get the job done. It doesn’t blow you away with quality or performance (nor should it), but it will do everything you need to do within this price range.

It’s arguably the simplest of the tops on our list, and the low price equates to simple performance. If you want versatility or elegance, this is not the right choice.


But if your budget is limited and you are just looking for a functional entry-level ping-pong player, this could be one of your best options.

4. The Stiga Premium Table Tennis Conversion Tables

The Stiga Premium Table Tennis Conversion Tables


Overview On STIGA Premium Table Tennis Conversion Tables

For most people, the best solution is to choose the STIGA Premium Conversion Top. It’s a quality indoor ping-pong Conversion Top that meets functionality. It also gives you everything you could want in one package from a premium conversion top.

While it’s a little thinner than many of the other Conversion Tops we tested, it still plays nicely enough and has excellent padding on the bottom. It also comes in a four-piece design. All of these features make this premium Conversion Top worth considering.

STIGA Premium Table Tennis Conversion Tables Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9 feet x 5 feet
  • Surface thickness: 13mm
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Color: Black with white edgings.
  • Padding: EVA foam backing
  • Accessories: Regulation size net
  • Assembly: Takes 3-4 minutes
  • Warranty: 30 Days

STIGA Premium Table Tennis Conversion Tables Key Features

Size and Dimensions: The playing dimension of this conversion top from STIGA is 9 feet x 5 feet which meets the ITTF regulation size. Like Joola 4-Piece Tetra, The Stiga Premium Conversion Top also features a four-piece design. But you can also choose a 2-piece. According to the Stiga Premium table tennis Conversion Top reviews, it sits nicely on 7.5 ft to 8 ft tables.

The Surface: STIGA Premium Table Tennis Conversion comes with a 15 mm thick surface. Most table tennis Conversion Tops come with a 12 mm to 19 mm wide surface. So, the STIGA Premium Conversion Top sits in between and will provide a consistent bounce.

Additional Accessories: STIGA ping pong Conversion Top comes with the net and posts, and the setup is pretty straightforward.

Assembly: Assembling and setting up the Stiga Premium Conversion Top is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Warranty: Stiga provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days from your purchase date.

STIGA Premium Table Tennis Conversion Tables Reviews

Here are some of the Stiga Premium Table Tennis Conversion reviews by users:

“This table topper looks natural both on our billiard and dining table, and it is easy to set up and start playing on it. It goes so well with our existing furniture. It’s also very portable.” Meredith.

“The Stiga Premium is one of the best choices we’ve made for a high-quality alternative to an actual ping pong table made from wood. Many factors will make it attractive, including its solid construction, good portability thanks to the four-piece design, and more. It’s worth it!” Jeremy.

best ping pong conversion tops of 2023 model STIGA Premium


STIGA Premium Table Tennis Conversion Tables Pros and Cons


  • The playing dimension of this topper meets the ITTF regulation size.
  • It incorporates a higher-quality surface with white edges and padding on the bottom to protect your table.
  • It is very portable and easy to store away when not in use.
  • It’s pretty easy to set up and install on dining or billiard tables.


  • This is designed to be used indoors and made of MDF, which is not waterproof. So you can’t use it outdoors.
  • The 4-piece topper is quite expensive compared to the 2-piece.

Stiga Premium Table Tennis Conversion Tables Review: Our Verdict

So, is the STIGA Premium table tennis Conversion Top the best ping pong table topper?

The Stiga Premium is an available option and a good choice for table tennis players looking for something easy to store when not in use.

You can also easily store this foldable ping pong table conversion top behind a couch. Some reviews also mention that it fits a 9-ft table nicely. Plus, it is available in both two pieces as well as four pieces.

The 4-piece Conversion Top folds into four and hence requires less space to store than the 2-piece ping pong Conversion Top.

stiga premium table in the living room pool and table tennis


The play surface is smooth, too, with white edgings, which provides improved playability. The price is on the high end (but not super expensive), and people appreciate that it gives a decent experience.

5. The MD Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top

The MD Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top


Overview On MD Sports Ping Pong Conversion Top

MD Sports table tennis Conversion Top is a high-quality outdoor ping pong conversion top. It is a foldable and compact topper incorporating high-quality materials. The water-resistant foam padding of the topper provides adequate protection to the surface and the base table.

It is a versatile ping pong Conversion Top that comes pre-assembled and provides multiple styles and color options. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the best-rated table tennis Conversion Top.

MD Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top Specification

  • Dimensions: 9 feet x 5 feet
  • Surface thickness: 1/2 inches
  • Weight: 90.36 lbs.
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Padding: EVA foam padding on the underneath.
  • Accessories: 1 retractable net.
  • Assembly: Pre-assembled.

MD Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top Key Features

Size and dimensions: It is a foldable ping pong Conversion Top with 9 feet x 5 feet. When folded, the dimensions of each halve are 54 inches x 30 inches. With this topper, you can convert your existing dining table or billiard table into an official-size tennis table quickly and easily.

The surface: The surface of this ping pong Conversion Top is 1/2 inch thick. The foam padding on the surface is water-resistant and protects from scratches and damage. The underneath is padded with EVA foam padding.

Foldable and space-saving: It is a ping pong Conversion Top, so you can fold it and store it when not in use. When folded, its height is around 6 feet.

Water-resistant: The surface of this topper is water-resistant. So you may use the conversion top as an outdoor table tennis top. With the MD Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top, you can protect your table from spilled drinks and protect against nicks & dings by simply flipping it over the table!

Assembly: This table topper comes pre-assembled, but it’ll require time and effort to set it up entirely. Note that this table tennis topper is a bit heavy and will need at least two people to assemble and set it up. It comes with an instruction book, though, and as per the Ping Pong Conversion Top reviews, it is very detailed.

MD Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top Reviews By Users

Here are some of the reviews on MD Ping Pong Conversion Top with Rectrable Net:

“I was worried about the installation, but it went very smoothly. I had it up in less than an hour. We have used it 4-5 times since we got it, and everyone loves playing. The only complaint is that it may slide a bit when you are playing and hit the table. I would recommend using a piece of foam in the middle. Other than that, it’s a great topper,” Nick said. 

“This Conversion Topper is high quality, but the net broke after a few games. I contacted MD Sports, who were extremely professional and quick to respond. They sent me a replacement net – free of charge!” Sheryl.

MD Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top Pros and Cons


  • The dimensions of this topper meet the ITTF standards.
  • This Conversion Top is available in multiple styles and colors.
  • It is very lightweight, portable, and space-saving.
  • Both sides fold quickly, so you can store them away when not in use.
  • It looks beautiful and decent once fully assembled.
  • The high-end material in its construction ensures it’ll last for years (even against unsupervised children!)
  • It is reasonably priced; a decent table tennis Conversion Topper under $200!


Assembling this table topper might take time and seem complex. But it does come with a reasonably explanatory instruction book.

Weighing around 139 pounds, the topper might feel a bit heavy when lifting.

Md Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top Review: Our Verdict

Altogether, the MD Sports Conversion table tennis top with a retractable net is an excellent choice because of its affordability and functionality.

Whether you want to add a much-needed family member to your Game Room or give some added value to your second living room in a basement – this Conversion Top can convert any surface and make it perfect for table tennis.

It is a foldable, portable, compact table tennis topper, and its space-saving design is also worth mentioning. The only concern is that this table topper is not readily available. Most importantly, it’s not yet available on Megaspin.

The MD Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top (2)


You may get it at Walmart, but you may have to wait weeks to receive it.

6. Viper by GLD Products 3-in-1 Portable Table Tennis Top

Viper by GLD Products 3-in-1 Portable Table Tennis Top


The Viper by GLD Products 3-in-1 Portable Table Tennis Top is a versatile game table that can be used on any surface. Its trifold design makes it highly portable, and the tabletop is made of high-quality materials, which makes it both lightweight and durable.

In addition to table tennis, the tabletop features boards for playing chess, checkers, and backgammon, making it a perfect choice for those who love a variety of games.

This table tennis conversion top is easy to set up and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including kitchen islands, pool tables, air hockey tables, and even table saws.

The product comes with all the necessary accessories, including two table tennis paddles, two table tennis balls, chess pieces, checkers pieces, and a portable carrying case, making it perfect for quick-paced fun in any location.

7. JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top with Metal Apron

JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top with Metal Apron


This JOOLA conversion table tennis top with a metal apron, foam backing, and net set is a great addition to your indoor table tennis setup. With a regulation size of 9x5ft and a sleek, multi-layer painted standard blue color, you can expect a consistent ball bounce and prevent warping.

It is easy to assemble and can be set up in just a matter of minutes. You can transform any table, be it your billiard, dining, or outdoor picnic table, into a regulation-sized table tennis table in no time.

The conversion top features 10 EVA foam pads that protect your investment by creating a cushion between the table and the conversion top, allowing you to switch between billiards and table tennis without any damage.

In addition, the all-in-one indoor table tennis hit set bundle includes 4 rackets/paddles, 8 balls, and a carrying case, making it a complete package for all your indoor table tennis needs.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing A Ping Pong Conversion Top?

There are some essential features that you must consider when shopping for a conversion top for table tennis tables. We reviewed the top 5 ping pong conversion tops based on the ten essential factors as the following.

1. The Size and Dimensions

The standard size of most table tennis toppers is 9 ft x 5 ft. This is the standard size and dimension of most ping-pong conversion tops. You can also use the ping pong conversion top for an 8′ table by unscrewing the attached rails.

From the upcoming list, you’ll also find the best-rated ping pong conversion top for a 9′ pool table and the best-value Ping Pong Conversion Table Tops for dining tables.

  1. The Surface Thickness

The thickness of the topper affects the game. The thickness of table tennis conversion ranges from ½ inches or 12 mm, 5/8 inches or 15 mm, and ¾ inches or 19 mm approximately.

The thicker the surface, the more bounce you’ll achieve from it.

  1. Table Tennis Conversion Top Material & Padding

Most conversion tops come with surfaces equipped with either laminated PVC foam or EVA foam padding. The foam padding provides extra protection to the surface and improves the bouncing capacity.

Some conversion tops also have engineered wood borders that protect the edges and corners.

  1. Table Tennis Conversion Top Storage, Foldability& Portability

Ping Pong conversion tops come in either 4-pieces or 2-pieces that are foldable. The 2-pieces are lightweight compared to the 4-pieces and provide more excellent maneuverability.

The 4-pieces conversion tops fold into four pieces, take less space when storing, and are space-saving.

  1. The Weight                                                                        

Lightweight table tennis conversion tops are preferable for ease of portability. Most conversion tops weigh between 80 lbs to 150 lbs, dramatically affecting the convenience of use and the table’s stability.

When folded, this weight distributes evenly. The heavier the weight, the harder it is to fold, unfold, lift, and place it on a table.

6. Indoor/Outdoor & Usability

Most conversion table tennis tops are designed indoors only. That is why it is easy to get several indoor table tennis conversion types but hard to find a quality outdoor table tennis conversion top easily.

An excellent outdoor conversion top is built to withstand harsh weather and is constructed with water-resistant material. For example, the MD Sports foldable table tennis conversion top we reviewed in this list comes with a water-resistant surface.

So you can use it as an outdoor ping-pong conversion top. It’s much cheaper than buying an outdoor ping pong table such as Cornilleau 300X or 400X.

You can also use these ping pong tops as coffee tables because they perfectly fit the bill in terms of portability, functionality, and fun table tennis.

  1. Assembly & Set-up

Table tennis conversion tops’ assembling and setup process is straightforward and takes 4-5 minutes. All it requires is to unfold and lay it flat on the table tennis table.

But some models may require more effort and time depending on the system and the weight.

  1. Additional Accessories

Most table tennis conversion top comes with a net and post sets included. Some also come with a ping pong conversion top holder. All the ping-pong conversion tops we reviewed here have net and post sets.

  1. The Warranty

Don’t underestimate the importance of the manufacturer’s warranty. Leading brands of table tennis equipment give at least 30 days to 3 years warranty period. You can replace your table tennis top within that time if you find the edges peeled or damaged.

  1. The Price

The average price of table tennis conversion toppers ranges from $150 to $350. Within this budget, you can get a quality conversion topper indeed.

Best Ping Pong Conversion Top of 2023: Final Takeaway

After thorough research on the features and user feedback on the most competitive ping pong Conversion Tops, we picked the above five models, and we’re confident these are excellent choices for all to consider.

And indeed, you can’t go wrong with the Butterfly Ping Pon Conversion hat we reviewed in this list. But if you are looking for the best American Heritage Ping Pong Conversion Top, look no further than the Martin Kilpatrick. It has almost the same craftsmanship as the Butterfly table tennis Conversion Top but half the price.

ping pong conversion top blue color featured image


If you want a more affordable option that won’t break the bank, then the Joola Tetra 4-piece Conversion Top and the MD table tennis Conversion Top are the most budget-friendly toppers in 2023. However, the Joola Tetra 4-piece is a little more durable than the Conversion Top from MD Sports.

That said, we do not doubt that regardless of the Conversion Topper you choose from the list above, it will provide the best ping-pong playing experience and be a good investment for your home entertainment needs.

Best Ping Pong Conversion Tops: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size of a billiard table tennis Conversion Top?

A legacy ping pong Conversion Top is designed for pool and billiard tables. And most professional billiard tables are 8ft to 9ft in length.

So a standard table tennis Conversion Top for a billiards table should meet this size. That said, the ping pong table pool topper reviewed here nicely fits a professional billiard table.

What are the market’s most popular ping pong Conversion Tops in 2023?

The 15 most popular ping pong Conversion Tops with 5-star ratings and hundreds of reviews are as follows:

  1. Butterfly Pool Conversion Top
  2. Martin Kilpatrick pool table conversion
  3. Joola Tetra four-piece ping pong tabletop
  4. Stiga premium table tennis conversion tables
  5. Md sports table tennis Conversion Top
  6. Killerspin ping pong Conversion Top
  7. Joola regulation table tennis Conversion Top with foam backing
  8. Brunswick ping pong Conversion Top
  9. Eastpoint foldable table tennis Conversion Top
  10. Dunlop table tennis Conversion Top

Some other brands of table tennis Conversion Top worth considering are the following: Air King Dynamite, Olhausen, Spyder, Pure X, Hathaway, and Harvil.

Can you use a ping-pong Conversion Top for Air Hockey Table?

The standard size of air hockey tables is 9ft in length and 5ft in width, which is the same as the standard size of most ping pong Conversion Toppers. If your air hockey table is 8 feet long, you can also use a 9 feet long ping pong Conversion Top by removing the rails and adjusting it to the length of the air hockey table.

All the ping pong Conversion Tops reviewed here are durable and compatible enough for playing air hockey with your friends and family. So you can easily convert your Sportcraft air hockey table with Table Tennis Conversion Top into an official ping pong table.

Can you use the ping pong Conversion Tops for Foosball Table?

The official size of a foosball table surface is 56 inches in length and 30 inches in width. A standard ping pong Conversion Top for the pool table measures around 108 and 60 inches in width and are foldable.

When folded, each half measures around 54 inches in length and 30 inches in width. So you can use one piece of a 2-piece table tennis Conversion Top over a foosball table.



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