7+ Best Andro Table Tennis Rubbers

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This blog post will look at some of the best Andro table tennis rubbers on the market today. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each type of rubber so that you can choose the one that is right for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Every Andro rubber is enough to scale up every serious player to another dimension in their table tennis game.

Some of the advantages that come with purchasing Andro rubbers online are:

  • Best prices and pocket-friendliness
  • Free shipping if you purchase products worth over $50
  • Fast order processing and shipping (contiguous US shipping takes 2-3 business days for Andro products).

Best Andro Rubbers Selected by The Author





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Best Overall


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Best Spin


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Best Control


Best for Backhand


Best Allround


Price Comparison Chart for the best andro rubbers

1. Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX

best andro rubbers hexer powergrip model main image


This offensive Andro rubber is available in black and red colors of 2.1 mm thicknesses. It has high levels of spin, speed, and control.

The top sheet is made of 100% original table tennis rubber. This rubber helps create a magic spin by allowing maximum spin and trajectories to take place altogether.

Andro Hexer Powergrip will give you maximum control during the game. It is a hard rubber made of a sponge of 42.5 degrees hardness. It is well equipped with small-sized pores providing a high failure tolerance and consistency in all shots.

The Andro Hexer table tennis rubbers are easy and enjoyable to play with, especially for top spins. It is also very comfortable as it balances all elements (grip, speed, and spin). Hexer Powergrip is considered Andro Hexer grip’s sibling. This is because they have several similarities. This rubber is recommended for all kinds of table tennis players to help them with spin, control, and stability.

If you are a beginner, you would want to start with a Hexer grip as you progress toward the power grip. Hexer grip is slightly slower, with a higher arc and the best control. On the other hand, the power grip is faster and sharper with a lower arc.

Andro Hexer Powergrip Features

The power grip is not as lenient as the hexer grip because it doesn’t easily forgive mistakes. These are the main distinguishing characteristics of the two. The rubber is lighter. It has perfect balance and high spin potential.

The deeper the contact is between the ball and the rubber, the more control you get. This rubber will increase your confidence levels.

  • Speed: 94
  • Spin: 92
  • Control: 71
  • Density: Medium-High


Verified Customer Review

“Hexer Powergrip, black, a max sponge on the backhand, mounted on Tibhar balsa defense 25 blades, R53 on forehand. An excellent rubber, reasonably fast, great spin, control, and good feeling, the sponge is medium hard 47.5, similar to Tibhar MXP and MXS, more so the MXS for the overall feel.

I have changed from the MXS on my backhand to the Hexer Powergrip (HPG). I feel that the difference between the two rubbers is hardly noticeable. They both play very similarly. The softer sponge on the HPG gives more feel than the R53. Spin is equal to the R53, and speed is less but still plenty quick enough. HPG is more forgiving than the R53.

Spin is good on serves, pushing and chops are good with excellent control, blocking can be fast and positive, or you can reduce the speed for a soft block. Blocking heavy spinning opening loops requires good technique.

best andro rubbers hexer power grip red

Backhand loops/top spins are good. With good spin, drives have to be played slightly more cautiously as the catapult effect from the sponge starts to kick in with more complex shots, and balls can go off the end of the table. The technique requires a slightly more closed face.

Andro has produced another great rubber that is up there with the MXPs and MX. If you had an unmarked or blank sheet of MXS and HPG, you might struggle to tell the difference!!!”

2. Andro Rasanter V47

best andro table tennis rubbers hexer rasanter model v47 main image


This is a high-speed Andro rubber. It is the fastest Rasanter table tennis rubber in this series. It’s the best rubber you can use for smashing and driving. It also works best in counter-looping, middle a,nd far distances from the table.

When used on the backhand, it spins quickly and is stable compared to punching it. You can quickly work with it against top spins, as the rubber is not sensitive to incoming spins.

The sponge hardness is 47 degrees for maximum control. It is manufactured in red 2.0, black 2.0, red UltraMax, and black UltraMax. It’s fast and renowned for exceptional performance in short and quick topspins. It also has a high grip and speed performance.

Rasanter V47 will give you great rotation. This rubber’s speed is added to stability so you can attempt a win or attack on your opponent. Great backhand rubber even for flicks or blocking.

Andro Rasanter V47 Features

You might want to consider it if you are an advanced or high-level player. Its spin is high, but this rubber is more loop-driving instead of using it for pure spinny loops. I would recommend it to players who like speedy rubbers with increased rotation.

  • Speed: 126
  • Spin: 124
  • Control: 87
  • Hardness: 47 degrees (Medium Sponge to Hard)

YouTube video

Verified Customer Review

“The V47 and the R47 have a distinction or two from each other, which is speed and spin. The V47 is the fastest one, and it is very bouncy. I can compare the speed at the level of a TIbhar MX-P, but the V47 feels much mofirmerhan Aurus. The V47 is purely more on hitting, smashing, and counter-driving.

I would choose Ccounter-drivingas its best asset, and this is a medium to far distance from the table. It is easier to counter with this version than the R47 because it has lesser spin sensitivity and a fast speed. I could put it at par with MX-P or Joola Rhyzm 48 in terms of lower speed with spin. The R47, however, has it all – spin, speed, and control.

I think even without the V47, the R47 will still be preferred by more players since it has more spin and can almost do everything the V47 can do. The R47 is good both inside and far from the table. You can flick well with it and do drop shots while maintaining control. V47 = 68grams; R47 = 69grams”

3. Andro Rasanter V42

Rasanter v42 model from megaspin main image


Andro Brand has manufactured the Rasanter series into two groups. Rasanter rubber was developed to allow all ambitious and skilled table tennis players to overcome the physical disadvantage of the 40+ ball. The top sheet compensates for this disadvantage.

The top sheet is relatively thin. It is combined with a pimple that provides a large surface area to produce enormous spins even at a lower speed.

The V series includes two rubbers, and the R series consists of four rubbers. V stands for Velocity, while R stands for Rotation.

The difference between these two rubbers is that the V series is smaller and has more distant-placed pimples that maximize the catapult effect. In contrast, the R series is thicker, with tightly arranged pimples that maximize the contact area with the ball and allow for stronger surface tension.

Rasanter V42 is a high-speed Andro rubber, available in red 2.0, black 2.0, red UltraMax, and black UltraMax.

rasanter v42 ultra max sponge thickness

This table tennis rubber is lightweight, and it weighs around 64g. It is the fastest version of the R42 and has a much harder overall feel.

Rasanter V42 table tennis rubber will work well for you if you prefer smashing and driving rather than looping. It has a medium-low arc when looping with an above-average spin.

Andro Rasanter V42 Features

These Andro rubbers are quite outstanding blocking rubbers for both backhand and forehand. The sponge layer is thicker with a medium-hard sponge of 42 degrees. It has a small cell structure which means that the catapult effect is high, and there is an increased power potential.

You can take the high risk of fast strokes with this rubber, describing today’s offensive semi-distance play. It will increase your sweet spot, minimizing scatter losses even at high speed.

  • Speed: 120
  • Spin: 124
  • Control: 90
  • Hardness: 42 degrees (Medium Sponge Hardness)

andro rubbers table tennis model rasanter v42


Verified Customer Review

“The rubber Adam Bobrow (in 2019) chooses to use on both wings. I tried it on my Nittaku Acoustic blade and Andro Wanokiwami AO OFF. Spin is similar to Vega Europe with a slightly lower throw angle, but V42 is faster and has a thicker sponge.

Lifting heavy backspin, I’d prefer a higher throw, but if you’re after a lower/medium throw angle, descent control, and med/soft sponge with good speed, then it’s a solid choice.

Possibly plays a bit like Hexer+ but with a thicker sponge and thinner top sheet – more zing. However, it’s been a few years since I’ve used Hexer+ on a different blade. I agree with ‘Alvinspin’s review about it being enjoyable for smashes and any form of well-struck top spin counters.

The top sheet is of very high quality and likely harder than a Hexer+ top sheet, so durability shouldn’t be an issue, while the sponge seems solid enough for its hardness of 42 degrees.

rasanter r42 sponge thickness

The V42 and R42 are almost similar rubbers with just a few differences. Both have the same softness even if the top sheet is considered together with the sponge. Both rubbers are medium soft. Both are bouncy and fast, and I would put the speed faster than a Xiom Vega Europe.

In a way, the R42 is a notch spinnier than the XVE. This is best suited for the backhand (both V42 and R42). Intermediate players can use it for some time to further develop their strokes and skills.

Both rubbers are at low to medium height in the arc when looping. The best strokes for this rubber are either smashing or blocking. V42 = 64 grams uncut; R42 = 66grams uncut”

4. Andro Hexer +

Andro Hexer plus table tennis rubber main image


The plus (“+”) stands for more spin, speed, precision, and a slightly elevated sponge hardness compared to the original Hexer rubber. It has a medium+ sponge and a spinny surface. It is usually red in the middle between the Hexer and the Hexer HD.

This is a high spin table tennis rubber available in black color of thickness 1.9 mm only. It is the second-fastest table tennis rubber in this series. The strength of this rubber is ball feedback. It has great speed that will gputa lot of pressure on your opponent. Andro Hexer+ is a very accurate rubber.

Some of its features include an upper layer combined with progressive pips geometry that gives it a strong trampoline effect and a comfortable flat ball rebound angle.

hexer plus red rubber from andro brand

Thus the ball can make its way to the target faster. This enables the player to generate more pace while less energy is needed (called pace performance).

The hexer sponge of the fourth tensor generation provides the dynamics you search for, and strokes from all table distances will be routine.

Andro Hexer + Rubbers Features

It will work best for you if you are an offensive player. You can genuinely feel the catapult effect with this rubber. You’ll have to hit the ball just a little, but the speed it will produce is immense. It is suitably used at half distance. The tensors (pace performance) will enable a fast game with high precision.

Note that Andro Hexer+ does not forgive as many times.

  • Speed: 109
  • Spin: 108
  • Control: 79
  • Sponge Hardness: Medium Soft

hexer vs hexer plus models sponge characteristics

Verified Customer Review

“This rubber is very similar to my previous backhand, Joola Express 1. However, this is a toned-down version, meaning a little less speed but a little more spin. I have the red 2.1 version. Maybe because I bought it used (2-3 months old), the spin is not where I’d like it to be.

It is okay to open the loop on the backhand side, but making consecutive loops from the backhand corner is hard. I often had to twiddle my forehand rubber, Tenergy 05, for a continuous backhand loop situation. Again, it might be better if it was new.

When I look for a backhand rubber, in terms of spin capability, it needs to be at par with Yasaka Rakza X or Donic Bluefire JP01. This one feels lacking compared to those two. However, it goes fast when you punch/smash/power loop the ball! So you need to adapt to this characteristic of the rubber.

I know it did. I have had this rubber for a year now on my backup racket (used for 4-5 months sporadically), and it looks very similar to the condition when I received it.

This rubber works well for lobbying and fishing, which is a big part of my game. It has tons of control in these departments. It also works fine for chopping, but I only do it when I am out of position. Luckily, it saved my butt many times.

In summary, give this rubber a try if your backhand game is generally pretty flat (block/drive/smash) with occasional loops. It may work well for your game.”

5. Andro Plaxon 450

plaxon 450 model of the rubber for table tennis main image


Andro Plaxon 450 is a recent rubber generation that uses older generation tensors. It contains a compact, energized sponge combined with a top sheet that gives immediate feedback with the plastic ball.

Thanks to four versions in varying sponge hardness grades, it is suitable for each player type. This rubber is easy to use because of its balanced speed and many other features.

Andro Plaxon 450 is an all-around rubber. It will offer you high energy, speed, and the best ball control. It has impressive features making it perform exceptionally.

These Andro rubbers have a classic tensor feel that gives you a sense of control over all types of shots. It is elementary to loop, and its high arc reduces errors.

It has a newly developed table tennis rubber surface that grips the ball and avoids any energy loss or preciseness during the stroke.


Andro Plaxon 450 has a compact medium sponge with speed reservoirs for aggressive and precise offensive play. This capability will make you become a very competent offensive player. It brings the ball right to its goal without any diversions.

This rubber will give you little influence on the opponent’s rotation. It is also relatively easy to receive, smash, counter, and block. Plaxon 450 is a very forgiving rubber. If you are learning to play table tennis, you might consider it.

This rubber literary decreases your error ratio while increasing the fun factor! Ensure you have one of your own!

  • Speed: 110
  • Spin: 105
  • Control: 75
  • Sponge Hardness: Medium

YouTube video

Verified Customer Review

“I bought this rubber to replace an old Andro Plasma 430. I hoped it would be a bit harder due to its name (450), but I was disappointed. This rubber is even softer than the Plasma 430!

Maybe the sponge is of identical hardness, but the pimples are longer, so the overall feeling is very soft. As long as you hit the ball gently, everything is fine, and you can play nice loops. Even blocking is okay. But if you hit harder, the pimples bend, and you lose everything: no spin, no additional speed, no control, and a high arc.

The rubber also produces less spin than the Plasma rubber. I used the rubber on a Stiga Allround Classic blade which is very soft by itself, so maybe you can get better results using the rubber on a harder and stiffer blade.”

6. High-Speed Andro Rubbers – The Rasanter R53

High-Speed Andro Rubbers - The Rasanter R53 main image


If you’re looking for a rubber that will give you more power and spin, the Rasanter R53 is a perfect choice.

This rubber provides a highly dynamic energy transfer with a high-speed andro Energy Cell sponge, making it ideal for hard and fast topspins. The 53° sponge offers immediate feedback on perfect ball contact, giving you the control and feeling you need to dominate your opponents.

This high-speed table tennis rubber is perfect for competitive and young players who demand the best performance from their equipment. The R53 is non-tacky, making generating lots of spin on strokes and services accessible.

The Chinese rubbers may be a bit springier, but the R53 makes up for it in terms of control and feel.

Short game and pushes are nice with this rubber, and you’ll have total control when playing further away from the table. The soft top sheet provides a controllable feel that is perfect for precision play.

rasanter r53 red rubber ping pong

Andro Rasanter R53 Features

  • Speed: 129
  • Spin: 127
  • Control: 89
  • Hardness: 53
  • Consistency: 94
  • Durability: 95
  • Tackiness: Slightly tacky

The R53 is the first rubber with the newly developed Andro ENERGY CELL sponge that charges every topspin with outstanding dynamics.

The perfect mixture of speed, spin, and medium hardness makes R53 the all-around weapon for ambitious tournament players. Get ready for your best performance yet – with RASANTER R53!

YouTube video


7. Andro Rocket Medium

Andro Rocket Medium ping pong rubber main image


Andro Rocket Medium table tennis rubber is the best option for young players and recreational beginners. This rubber is designed to provide an acute stroke for spin-offensive players, giving you the edge you need to win. The Andro Rocket is the benchmark for all classic pimples inside rubbers with improved surface structure.

Our recommendation for all class players is to act with middle fast arm movements, this rubber provides a powerful sound with speed gluing.

The medium density of the pimples inside also provides consistent ball contact, making it perfect for players of all levels. Also, the young players will increase the power of their strokes at training.

So, if you’re looking for a table tennis rubber to help you take your game to the next level, be sure to give ROCKET MEDIUM a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Andro Rocket Medium Features

  • Spin: 100
  • Speed: 97
  • Control: 87
  • Sponge: Medium Hardness

best andro rubbers model rocket medium


About Andro Brand

Andro is a Germany-based company that prides itself on high-quality German craftsmanship for all its equipment and accessories. It is strategically located in Dortmund. Andro has been in existence for over 25 years now.

The brand is exceptional as it has dedicated over three decades to developing high-performance table tennis equipment. Andro rubbers are well-known for their speed, spin, and versatility. A lot of research has shown that Andro consistently delivers products for those individuals who demand the most from their table tennis equipment.

andro brand black yellow image ping pong equipment

Andro has a long list of professional quality rubbers. One of them is the Andro Rasanter series. It is a famous rubber used by many professional table tennis players. The Hexer series is on the cutting edge of offensive rubbers.

For pips-out players, check out the Andro Blowfish and Chaos rubbers. Andro rubbers will give you the best results in your next tournament. Try out one rubber. For sure you will not be disappointed!

Once known only in Europe, Andro has established a worldwide presence, and its products have been seen at all international table tennis events.

Their corporate logo clearly shows their efforts to utilize the latest research and technologies for their manufacturing processes, including an essential focus on ensuring no harmful substances that damage the environment are found in their products.

Andro Events & Rubbers Innovation

Andro highly values the development of its players as much as it values the kind of equipment it produces. This brand devotes significant attention to players moving up through the ranks from adults to juniors to kids. One special event is the annual Andro Kids Open.

andro tournaments kids open germany sports hall with a lot of players and ping pong tables

In 2018, they went with a new approach and condensed their blades down from 60 to a handful. The popular series of their blades are Treiber, Kanter, and Ligna. Ligna blades are made from the same wood violins, and the craftsmanship that goes into making these blades is just as thorough as that of making a violin. Each blade is a fine instrument.

The Ransanter line introduces new rubber technological innovation with maximum velocity or spin profile choices. When you combine this with small-cell sponge technology, the new UltraMax sponge (Max/2.3 mm) results in multiple levels of sponge density.

Andro Table Tennis Rubbers – Conclusion

You can tell from the information above that Andro rubbers are worth spending money on.

We’ve also highlighted some notable differences in the same series of rubbers but different versions, like the Rasanter V and R rubbers.

It is essential to keep these differences in mind to identify the suitable rubber you need to enable you to scale up and become an exceptional player.

Go ahead and visit the Megaspin to purchase rubber from the Andro brand that will suit your game needs.

megaspin sale equipment






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