6 Best Stiga Ping Pong Table (2023 Expert Roller, Optimum)

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The Best Stiga ping pong table is a drop-leaf-style table. It folds in half for easy storage and transportation, as it has an anchor on each of the sides and legs of the table.

Folding it down will lower the net more than most other ping-pong tables. Also, folding it only to about 2/3 rds makes it as high or higher than any other foldable table.

The Stiga-recommended tables have adjustable leg levelers, a modern style, and a five-year warranty.

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The Top Three ITTF Approved Tables from STIGA

The company behind Stiga ping pong tables is one of the original manufacturers, making them in their home country since its creation, and they have grown into one of the top 10 on the market today.

Their products are sold worldwide through Megaspin, Amazon, and other online stores. As with prices, it depends on what color or size you get and whether or not you buy used from third-party sellers instead of directly from Stiga’s online store or brick-and-mortar store.

These tables are also available with various accessories such as a Japanese-style net, storage pockets, and even under-table lighting for an extra cost. The best ITTF-approved table from Cornilleau is 740.

1. STIGA EXPERT ROLLER CSS Most Affordable ITTF-Approved

The Most Affordable ITTF-Approved Table model expert roller


The Expert Roller CSS is the best ITTF-approved official tournament choice for STIGA fans and professionals. Most independent reviews miss one important point.

There are two versions of the STIGA Expert Roller table. One is the European version made and ships from Germany, and another is the North American / US version made and ships from Mexico (United States).

The US-made and German versions come with a 25 mm competition-grade blue tabletop. However, they are very different in construction, weight and height, undercarriage, and functionality.

Most importantly, the US version is called STIGA Expert Roller Transportable. The European version is STIGA Expert Roller CSS and upgraded with all the essential features that the US version lacked.

It’s essential to know the differences, and then only can you understand why we ranked this table in our list as the first-best ITTF-approved STIGA ping pong table.

Stiga International Table Tennis Federation Approved

One of the fundamental differences between the Expert Roller Transportable (the US version) and the Expert Roller CSS (the European version) is the ITTF approval.

Both versions come with a 25 mm regulation-style tabletop, but the ITTF approves the CSS European version, while the US version does not. But it’s not just the ITTF approval that makes the difference between the two versions. It’s also the ease of use and other playability features.

YouTube video


STIGA Expert Roller CSS Table Surface 

This STIGA table has a 25 mm (1 inch) high-density blue table top with white edge banding silk strippings. The high-density fiberboard playing surface of the STIGA Expert Roller CSS is perforated and supported with a 2.25-inch wood apron for even bounce.

STIGA has sanded and used UV fillers on the tabletop of both the US and European versions. On the other hand, it is built to last and very easy to set up.

STIGA Ping Pong Table Assembly

STIGA Expert Roller CSS is built with two undercarriages and heavy-duty chassis to withstand aggressive gameplay – anytime and anywhere you want. Don’t be fooled by cheap undercarriages.

While all the STIGA tables in this list have good undercarriages, the Expert Roller CSS table is equipped with two rectangular undercarriages. The table stands on 2 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ heavy-gauge steel legs with adjustable levelers and 8 castor wheels, each with a 4-inch ball bearing.

stiga expert roller sturdy and super compact table folded

As you can see from the above image, STIGA Expert Roller CSS, as approved by the ITTF in 2012, is sturdy and super compact.

Super stable: Aside from the sturdiness, STIGA Expert Roller CSS is reinforced with a 2.25-inch wood apron adding extra support to the 1-inch table top. That’s why this table stays very stable during group and solo gameplay. 

Foldable; Two separate table halves design and dual trolley wheelbase

The 25 mm thick tabletop of the Expert Roller CSS sits on two robust undercarriages. This is one of the notable differences between the US and the European version of the STIGA Expert Roller.

The US version comes in a one-piece folding design. That means the two halves of the table are connected to a single trolley. Since the two halves are connected and cannot be separated, you will require more strength to lift and move the table.

On the other hand, the STIGA Expert Roller CSS is a two-piece folding table. That means it comes with two halves that stand independently and roll independently. Best of all, each half of the CSS table is equipped with four wheels. That’s why it feels lighter when lifting and moving each half.

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table Dimensions

The semi-automatic lock and fold system of the Expert Roller CSS makes it super convenient. Each side of the table has metal handles so you can fold the halves effortlessly. Thanks to the machine-grade caster wheels, one person can glide the expert roller CSS on any table’s surface.

expert roller space saving table caster wheels

This STIGA table takes significantly less space when stored and is easy to handle by one person. When folded, the dimensions are W: 60 inches, L: 30 inches, and H: 62 inches.

This ping pong table features STIGA’s CSS storage technology. The CSS system means it is a nesting table. So when not in use, the table halves can be stored folded into each other. When setting it up, the legs deploy automatically, making it very convenient.

Stiga ping pong table comes with an adjustable net and post set

The Expert CSS comes with the premium VM net set from STIGA. The height and tension of the clipper net and post set are adjustable. The US table version used to come with a 72-inch clipper net and steel post set (now it’s discontinued).

Best affordable professional choice 

The Expert Roller CSS is the most affordable ping pong table among the nine ITTF-approved STIGA tables. It was made in Germany and acquired the ITTF stamp approval in 2012.

expert roller ping pong table Comes with adjustable net and post set

You can see the list of ITTF-approved STIGA tables here. Some reviews state that the STIGA expert roller is a high-end/expensive table. Still, based on in-depth research, Expert Roller CSS (the European version) is the most affordable ITTF-approved STIGA table as of this writing.

It costs $1,299, and you won’t get a high-quality ITTF-approved table from STIGA under this budget. Fortunately, the European version of this STGA table tennis table is for sale on Megaspin at $1,299, and they also offer free curbside shipping inside the states.

In-depth research on the STIGA Expert Roller Reviews & Opinions

STIGA Expert Roller CSS comes with 4.5/5 star ratings on Amazon. Based on the STIGA expert roller reviews and customer opinions, this ITTF-approved table is worth the choice for serious tournament players.

Aside from all the hype about the European version, the superior build, quality construction, and particular features of the table speak for themselves. First, it comes with a 25 mm thick table top providing excellent bounce.

Second, it is both ITTF and UUSATT-approved– something serious tournament players would want. Another nice feature is this roller table can be easily folded and is very light to move around.

The table comes with self-opening legs and wheels. So, setting up and using the table is no fuss!

Best STIGA Ping Pong Table – Expert Roller Where To Buy & Price                                                                                

The list price of STIGA Expert Roller CSS is $1,299, and it is on sale at Megaspin.net free of shipping charge. It is not currently available on Amazon.

It’s important to note that this table tennis table from STIGA is manufactured in Germany and Mexico. If you want to buy the German-made STIGA Expert Roller table, it is currently available on Megaspin with free liftgate delivery and a $0 shipping charge!

Other table tennis equipment from Stiga

If you like the Stiga brand then consider the Stiga ping pong paddles. The best ping pong ready-made rackets are the Royal 4-star Crystal, 5-star Carbon, and the Stiga Focus. They are available on the following website:

MEGASPIN Online Store!

Stiga Expert Roller – Summary

STIGA Expert Roller CSS is a good choice for official tournaments, prominent families, and heavy-duty use, particularly in basements and clubs.

Yes, it might be a hassle when assembling the table for the first time, but if you follow the STIGA ping pong table owner’s manual, it will take an hour and a half.

YouTube video
And once you do, you’ll feel it was well worth an hour spent. Not to forget: the Expert Roller CSS is ITTF-approved, meaning it has everything recommended for professionals.


2. STIGA Optimum 30 – Best Stiga Ping Pong Table Two Piece

The Best two-piece ITTF-approved table model optimum 30


This STIGA ping pong table ranks on our list as the best ITTF-approved table money can buy. Optimum 30 is also the best of STIGA’s top 9 ITTF-approved table tennis tables.

Almost every table tennis club has at least one of these tables on its terrain, particularly in the USA, Australia, and Canada. There are so many independent reviews on this STIGA ping pong table (one of the most expensive tables). Here’s a rundown of the essential points:

The thickness

As the name suggests, this competition-ready table comes with a 30 mm surface thickness – the thickest table tennis table on the market that the ITTF approves. But the two biggest concern of this table is that it doesn’t come pre-assembled and weighs 310 lbs. We have a full review of the top table tennis tables by thickness and the Optimum 30 here.

It is a thicker table than most indoor table tennis tables. However, this perfect ping pong table has a very good bounce and long-lasting durability.

Complicated assembly

It is quite a complex process. Assembling and setting up the entire table takes at least 2 to 3 hours and two adults.

Things can get pretty frustrating if the package arrives with missing spare parts (as with one customer on Amazon). You can get a good idea of how complicated it is by looking at the Optimum 30 instruction manual here.

optimum 30 table tennis folded and dimensions


Stiga Ping Pong Table Leg Parts & Price

 One Amazon customer mentioned STIGA Optimum 30 table arrived with significant damage to the table edges. Although the seller made the replacement, he was disappointed because of the surface color.

The table surface of this STIGA ping pong table is blue similar to the Expert Roller CSS. However, the table he received came with a gray surface.

Should you buy Optimum 30?

Is it worth the price? 

Firstly, this STIGA table is very popular in almost all the ping pong clubs and venues throughout the USA and Canada. This means you can easily give this table a test drive.

YouTube video
Fortunately, it is available to book at 344 N Street, Chicago, IL, and the 54th Street NY venue of the SPIN club. By spending $49 an hour, you can give this $1400 table a test drive and decide for yourself if it’s worth the price! You can check if Optimum 30 is available to book from here.

Best STIGA Ping Pong Table Optimum 30 Price and Where to Buy

The list price of Optimum 30 is $1,399. If you have your heart set on STIGA Optimum 30, I recommend getting it from Megaspin. Paddle Palace is one of the local delivery companies for table tennis equipment inside the USA, and STIGA has discontinued it on Amazon due to its misdemeanor.

STIGA Ping Pong Table Optimum 30 Price and Where to buy

Even if it gets available on Amazon, be very cautious about the seller’s refund policy. You won’t face this problem if you get Optimum 30 from Megaspin, and they ship to the USA.


3. STIGA EXPERT VM (The Sturdiest ITTF Approved Table)

The Sturdiest ITTF Approved Table From STIGA model vm


The Expert VM is an excellent ping-pong table for recreational rooms, venues, institutions, and those who want to build a world-class customer experience. It is a prestigious tournament table that instantly upscales the atmosphere and is recommended by STIGA professionals.

The Expert VM (German version) is a forever-classical choice among STIGA professionals. It is one of the selected few editions from STIGA, well-known for its historical significance.

In simple terms: it is a world-class model. STIGA Expert VM first made its appearance at the 1957 World Table Tennis Championship in Stockholm and five of the most significant tournament events.

This table is still considered one of the best competitive-class tournament tables because of a few essential points:

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table Assembly and rock-solid construction

The Expert VM table is STIGA’s flagship model designed for competitive table tennis players. It is a full-size indoor table with a 30 mm GmBh fiberboard playing surface in a matte blue color. Each half of the Expert VM stands on four galvanized steel legs.

Now, it’s no secret that German-made table tennis equipment is always the best in terms of quality materials and construction. And the STIGA Expert VM (European version) is made in Germany. From the fiberboard surface, the 60mm frame to the steel undercarriage, a heavy-duty table is built to endure high performance.

expert vm table tennis table surface and net set


Tournament-quality bounce at its best

The ITTF approves the STIGA Expert VM. Also, it is the second-best STIGA table in terms of thickness. Most competition-grade and even ITTF-approved tables have a surface thickness of 25 mm, like Butterfly Centrefold 25. The STIGA Expert VM comes with a 30 mm table thickness. The thicker the surface, the better bounce quality you get, even for outdoor tables.

Compact but not super transportable

The Expert VM is a foldable two-piece table. Each half of the table can be stacked against the other. But the only drawback of this STIGA table is that it doesn’t come with rolling wheelings attached. You can use it for solo playback positions sometimes.

It is heavy – a good thing because this makes it one of the best stationary indoor tables. But unlike the STIGA Expert Roller CSS, it doesn’t come with wheels attached to each half.

ITTF ping pong table that arrives 98% pre-assembled

It’s no wonder the Optimum 30 ping pong table is always favored as one of the best STIGA ping pong tables by thickness.

However, one common complaint among Optimum 30 customers is the complex table assembling process. If you have your heart set on the 30 mm surface thickness but don’t want to tackle the complex assemblies, the Expert VM is the best option, as it comes pre-assembled. It takes just 10 – 15 minutes to set up the table.

STIGA Expert VM Price & Where to Buy

This ping pong table costs $1,345. Remember, you might get a cheaper version of this on Amazon. But Megaspin houses the German-made STIGA Expert VM. It is made there and also ships pre-assembled by the Germans.

In summary

We selected Expert VM as one of the best STIGA ping pong tables because it is the sturdiest indoor table from STIGA. We ranked it the best value ping pong table compared to its competitors.

It is a super durable table perfect for coaching clubs and institutions. But it is not suitable for home use.


4. The Stiga Advantage Pro (Best Stiga Ping Pong Table for Budget)

3 best stiga ping pong tables model advantage pro main image


The Stiga Advantage Pro is another trendy table for recreational players. It ticks a number of the boxes you should look for in the best table tennis tables, including being regulation size at 9 x 5 ft and coming with an easy-to-set-up surface (some people have done it within 10 minutes).

The playing surfaces come in a few different options: we like the 3/4 inch thick version, which is available on this model, but there are also cheaper versions with thinner surfaces (5/8 inch) or even less expensive models (. 16 mm).

The Stiga Advantage ping pong tables are high-quality ones designed for indoor play. Using thick medium-density fiberboard, they finish it with multiple layers of paint to ensure a smooth surface so you can have an incredibly consistent bounce all over the table.

stiga advantage pro half assembled ping pong table

If you ever need additional space or want someone on practice time, this table folds up in seconds and locks into place using spring-loaded safety latches built right onto the frame. So, when folded closed, it’s about 3 feet wide by 10 inches tall (or 90 cm x 25 cm). That said, this ping pong table is great for any game room or solo playback position.

Stiga Ping Pong Tables Features & Package

The Stiga Advantage Pro ping pong table is affordable and durable for every home or office. With a 4-inch premium black caster system that’s easy to transport. Also, it locks on wheels to keep your new investment safe from harm. You’ll find it easier than ever before!

It also features an adjustable height net set with tension control and comes equipped with tournament-grade nets 72 inches long. To top off, this complete package of ping pong happiness?

The convenient design of 3/4 inch MDF ensures pushing away won’t be needed when playing games in any location because if there’s one thing we know about life in America…it moves fast enough without us adding more pressure (pun intended)!

This model is also a good choice if you do not want to worry about constantly re-leveling the table whenever someone hits it off-center. Compared to the Joola Inside it has some give in its surface and a lower price tag. If you are interested in purchasing this model or other Stiga ping pong tables for sale online, check out Megaspin.net, and Amazon.com, for more information and reviews on the product.

Stiga Advantage Pro Table Surface

For someone who wants a high-quality tournament level 7′ table with a larger playing surface than regular tables but smaller than regulation size, this is likely one of your best choices in choosing between several different models by the same company. Due to its 1-inch thick ABS plastic surface, it also has some give, so you will not need to keep re-leveling it after every use.

While this table has a thinner playing surface than the previous Stiga ping pong tables mentioned above, with a total base thickness of 1 inch, this table is still ideal for leisure play than for someone who wants something closer to regulation.

stiga advantage pro lock wheels on the table

Firstly, whether you are a professional or recreational player doesn’t matter. This table allows you to repel the ball as in competitions. Due to the construction material and the tabletop’s thickness, the ball will not slip but bounce adequately.

Secondly, if you bought a ping pong table to play with at home, keep in mind that it is easy to unfold and can be placed in another games room where it will not take up much space.

Thirdly, the dimensions meet all ITTF standards and have wheels with leg brakes. This allows you to quickly move and block the wheels when you set it up for play. That way, it won’t move during play on any surface.

3 best stiga ping pong tables model advantage pro second main image with link


Moreover, the price is quite affordable if we calculate that tables of this quality are around $ 1,000. Stiga as a brand has created Advantage Pro to satisfy a wide range of customers while at the same time providing a competitive feel.

5. Stiga XTR Outdoor Table (Best Stiga Ping Pong Table for Outdoors)

3 best stiga ping pong tables model xtr main image


Next is the Stiga XTR, a great outdoor table tennis table built to withstand all that Mother Nature can throw. Boasting an exterior grade powder coating and galvanized steel frame, this six-by-six foot ping pong pad will last you for years of fun in any climate imaginable with its waterproof properties, no matter if your game gets interrupted. By rain or snowstorms!

A sturdy tubular steel frame supports the tabletop. This makes it easy for the bounce to be across the whole surface. The self-opening feature means that when you open or close this folding table, its legs automatically deploy and fold away easily.

stiga xtr outdoor table playing a man with a woman

Like other tables on our list of best Stiga ping pong tables under $1000 in 2017 – 2018, this one also features leg levelers and strong 3” locking wheels for safe transport over any terrain. Other tables under $500 are reviewed here.

It is a solid table you can use as a picnic table or for school playgrounds. Also, the XTR model has great value for the budget.

Stiga Ping Pong Tables – XTR Features and Package

Firstly, the dimensions of this beautiful outdoor ping pong table are according to regular ITTF rules, 9 X 5 feet. This means that although it is intended for playing outside, it provides a feeling like in tournaments.

Secondly, the weight is 166 lbs, and the thickness of the game board is 6mm, made of aluminum composite. Aluminum is perfect for playing in the yard or any outdoor condition. You will not damage the table if it is raining, snowing, or windy.

In addition, this high-quality table can be quickly assembled and placed in another room or garage when you do not need it. It takes about 10 minutes overall. However, later when you want to set it up for play again.

stiga xtr outdoor table half assembled blue color ping pong table


With its thicker frame made from weather-resistant material and bigger wheels, which allow it to maneuver more quickly on any surface type, this product might be just what you need!

6. The Stiga Vapor for Outdoor Use

3 best stiga ping pong tables model vapor blue color table surface


The Vapor is another excellent option for outdoor Stiga ping pong tables. Unlike other options, this table has a 6mm thick aluminum composite surface that’s completely water-resistant. Also, the frame is galvanized steel (coated with Zinc), so rusting will never be an issue!

However, unlike most of our favorite models in this category, there are only 3″ caster wheels on the bottom, which we would like to see upgraded for better mobility outside. However, it’s still one of your best choices if you want something durable.

This high-quality table is great for any level playing surface. It has plenty of room for two players to play doubles, and it’s strong enough that you can use the net as a target when you are practicing smashing. If you’re playing singles, I suggest taking the leg levelers because they sometimes get in the way.

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table – Vapor Features and Price Value

This is a great value table for anyone looking to spend less than $500. It will be easy to resell if you upgrade from this model because it isn’t ancient yet!

stiga vapor table leg levelers and wheel lock

The SuperMax comes with two white clip-on nets that are easily removed when not being used and can be brought off or put back on in seconds.

They come with a one-time-use anti-cheating device attached to them. So, once you have used the table without the device. It is easy to assemble a table tennis table that no one can clip on the net and start playing.

This Stiga table is a good value for the money and best for playing ping pong in small spaces.

Stiga Vapor – General Specifications

It comes in two sizes, 7′ and 8′ widths, with telescopic legs that you can adjust to your desired height. Unfortunately, this will make it harder to store, as you cannot fold them after adjusting them.

The surface of this table is 3/4″ thick which is 1 cm thicker than most other tables (23mm vs. 22mm), so it will not get dents in the same way as thinner tables while still being lightweight, making moving it easy.

  • The construction quality of this model receives mixed reviews from customers online.
  • The smaller 7′ model is lighter and easier to move around at only 92 lbs.
  • It has an aluminum composite perfect for backyard or outdoor use.

It also comes in two colors: dark wood grain or light brown with pine trim that can be used outdoors on patios if the weather is not too extreme.

This table comes with a handy ball pen, suitable for storing and keeping track of balls left when playing singles or doubles games.

stiga vapor table half assembled blue color one man playing

The top surface is perforated, so the balls bounce better across it and roll faster due to less friction than on more solid surfaces where the air gets trapped between the ball and the surface.

However, it comes with a leg leveler, which makes keeping the table flat along its length simple and allows you to store it without worrying about uneven surfaces in your garage or closet where you put the table away.

Table Surface & Customer Satisfaction

One customer said they never had any problems putting it together but recommended getting some help from a friend (and possibly a couple of beers!).

The surface of this model can also get dents if you play with balls heavier than 1″ in diameter, such as those produced by Stiga Titan or Hurricane series racquetballs, as these tend to bounce harder than regular badminton-style balls.

On the plus side, one customer says he has had his for over ten years and never had any problems with it, such as warping, despite leaving it outside in the elements. He also adds that he does not use it constantly. He played only for a few hours each week, which likely makes the table’s longevity more impressive than if someone were to be playing on it daily.

This beautiful ping pong table is designed for all weather conditions. Firstly, the complete material of the workmanship, and secondly, the playing surface.

Secondly, it contains a powder coating of galvanized steel and is waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about leaving it outside while you’re at work or on a weekend trip.

Thirdly, 95% comes assembled, so you only have 10 minutes to save it for the game. You also get an external mesh and a set of height adjustment poles. This is good if you place it in a yard where the terrain is uneven.

3 best stiga ping pong tables model vapor in the backyard playing four people


Moreover, for users’ satisfaction, we can say that this table is the third on our list, but the best in terms of price.

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table (About the Brand)

Stiga is a company that has existed for 77 years. It produces the highest quality table tennis equipment composed of the finest materials. It is headquartered in Sweden, but production and exports are worldwide.

Initially, they produced only ready-made rackets. Later they separated special ping pong blades. And today, complete table tennis equipment and the highest quality tables. What they can be proud of all over the world are handmade blades. The first and best-selling blade is the Stiga Allround Classic.

YouTube video
Then today’s professional table tennis blades are extremely precisely and thoroughly produced. In terms of sponsorship, Stiga is a sponsor of the Swedish and Chinese national teams. Also, many world-class players use Stiga equipment.

As a novelty, it should be said that Stiga introduces over 20 new products every year. Therefore, they are always in trend and step with modern table tennis.

Stiga Ping Pong Table Production

The largest production of tables is in Mexico, which produces 300,000 table tennis tables a year. Also, a slightly smaller number is made in China and Germany. Stiga is the sponsor of world championships making table tennis equipment excellent worldwide.

By the way, the tables are supplied in 130 countries worldwide. Users are also more than satisfied with the quality. Secondly, the durability of their products is fantastic.

We can say that once you buy a ping pong table from Stiga, you are safe for life with that investment. Of the players sponsored by Stig, we need to single out world champion Xu Xin.

In the US, Escalade Sports is the trademark of Stiga. It is headquartered in Indiana and produces and sells a lot of equipment, including table tennis.


Things to consider when buying a Stiga ping pong table

The most important things when choosing tables are water resistance, tabletop thickness, and durability.

Firstly, you don’t have to worry about anything with Stiga products. The aluminum material made for all weather conditions is ideal. For indoor play, they are manufactured to the highest world standards. The bounce of the ball and the quality of the surface are impeccable.

Secondly, the thickness of the tabletop is higher on some tables while minimal on others. Our selection of the 5 best Stiga ping pong tables is just enough to feel the good game. But, if you need only the ping pong conversion top, here are the offers.

Thirdly, the durability of Stiga’s ping pong tables is such that you invest once and then use them for the rest of your life. This has proven to be the case with satisfied customers so far. We hope you have learned enough information and are happy with your choice of Stiga tables.

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table – Final Takeaway

The ITTF-approved STIGA tables’ price ranges from $1399 – $1799. Given this price range, STIGA Expert Roller CSS is the most affordable. It is also the lightest yet sturdiest compared to the Optimum 30.

Second, training clubs and venues require many tables to be available. STIGA Expert Roller CSS tables are the most affordable ITTF tables that money can buy.

The tables are one of the best in STIGA’s CSS tech. It means it is super compact. The table halves of the STIGA Expert Roller can be folded into each other, requiring very little space for storage. Plus, the STIGA Expert Roller CSS is only 155 cm in height. 

The only drawback is that?

It doesn’t come pre-assembled. And just like Optimum 30, you will have to go through the complex assembly manual. But you can get the white-glove service from Megaspin or check with Taskrabbit; they will bear the complex assembling process from start to finish.

If you do that, the STIGA Expert CSS is the best ITTF-approved table and the most affordable one. Or else, you will have to get the STIGA Optimum Compact or the STIGA Expert VM – the only two other ITFF tables delivered pre-assembled.              

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table – Important FAQs

  1. What’s the primary difference between the STIGA Expert Roller (US version) and the STIGA Expert Roller (German version)?

The most significant differences between both versions are the undercarriage and the safety features.

  • You can take away one of the halves in the European version (two undercarriages). Meanwhile, the US version has one undercarriage, which will take some extra space during storage.
  • The height of the table is much higher than the US version during storage. It is a regulation-sized table with only high-levelers.
  • The European version is much lower in height when folded, which is also more secure and has high-quality components.
  • The European full-size table version has a bit higher safety standard for competitive players.

Best Table Tennis Tables – Important pieces of advice & FAQs

When choosing and buying a table, I have seen people worried about where it is manufactured and where it is shipped from. Also, it would be best to consider whether it has net posts or is suitable for personal playback.

All the above tables, including the Expert Roller CSS, Optimum 30, and Expert VM, are manufactured in Germany and shipped from there. STIGA table assembly instructions contain essential advice for users.

Please read the STIGA table tennis table instruction manual for all the above ones from here. This is the best way to get an idea of how super compact the table is and how complex is the assembling procedure.

  • Is STIGA a good ping-pong table?

Since 1944, STIGA has been the go-to table tennis brand for enthusiasts around the world. Founded in Sweden and now with partners in over 100 countries. From hobbyists to professional players alike rely on their products for a classic experience of outdoor and indoor sports items.

This includes Snowracer®s and Play-Off hockey games! Whether you’re an Olympics hopeful or just playing ping pong at home, STIGA’s got you covered.

  • Is STIGA better than Butterfly?

Players of the popular game, table tennis, have a choice between two top-tier table tennis tables: Stiga and Butterfly.

While some players may be attracted to the higher price tag that comes with Butterfly’s products, Chinese athletes are more likely to opt for a Stiga ping pong table due to its affordability and flexibility. Furthermore, by using these affordable yet reliable table tennis equipment they can play ping pong with a consistent bounce from both table brands.

  • What country is Stiga made?

STIGA, the renowned table tennis brand from Sweden, develops and produces its top-performing tables in the state-of-the-art production complex of Eskilstuna.

Using cutting-edge technology alongside expert staff with years of experience working with wood, fiber materials, and eco-friendly adhesives for research & development projects. Especially for ping pong blades – it’s no wonder why this Swedish company is a world leader in sports equipment.

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table – Conclusion

So, your choice of indoor table tennis tables depends on your needs.

Do you want a ping pong table for a club or house interior?

Or do you want recreation in your backyard that can withstand rain?

The best ping pong tables need to have a consistent ball bounce with a great playing surface.

Stiga has a wide selection of professional tables, but here we have selected the 5 best in terms of characteristics. Each has a quick assembly and dimensions that meet all standards. The only question is about the thickness of the playing surface and the purpose.

As for durability, you don’t have to worry because you will play whichever you choose for a very long time. In addition, it is essential to know that the quality of Swedish producers is inviolable. However, we wish you a lot of enjoyment in table tennis and good matches.

If you do not have a racket yet, see our selection of ready-made rackets on the next page. Best Ping Pong Paddles or especially Best Ping Pong Blades. Also, if you need rubbers, look at Best Ping Pong Rubbers.






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