3 Best Stiga Ping Pong Tables

Published on August 26, 2021 Last Updated on August 26, 2021 by Sorin Petroj

The Stiga Table tennis table type is a drop leaf style table. It folds in half for easy storage and transportation as it has an anchor on each of the sides and legs of the table. Folding it all the way down will make the net lower than on most other tables, but folding it only to about 2/3rds makes it as high or higher than any other foldable table. The SuperMax comes with two white clip-on nets that are easily removed when not being used and can be brought off or put back on in seconds. They come with a one-time use anti-cheating device attached to it, so once you have used the table for a time without the device no one can just clip on the net and start playing.

General Specifications

It comes in two different sizes of 7′ and 8′ widths with telescopic legs that can be adjusted to your desired height. This will make it harder to store, unfortunately, as you cannot fold them after adjusting them all the way down.

The surface of this table is 3/4″ thick which is 1 cm thicker than most other tables (23mm vs 22mm) so it will not get dents in the same way as thinner tables while still having a lightweight that makes moving it easy.

  • The construction quality of this model receives mixed reviews from customers online.
  • The smaller size 7′ model is lighter and easier to move around at only 92 lbs.

It also comes in two different colors, dark wood grain color or light brown with pine trim that can be used outdoors on patios if the weather is not too extreme.

This table comes with a handy ball pen, good for scoring use as well as keeping track of balls left when playing singles or doubles games.

The top surface is perforated so the balls will bounce better across it and roll faster due to less friction than on more solid surfaces where the air gets trapped between the ball and surface.

However, it does come with a leg leveler which makes keeping the table flat along its length simple and allows you to store it without having to worry about uneven surfaces in your garage or closet where you put the table away.

One customer said that they never had any problems putting it together but does recommend getting some help from a friend (and possibly a couple of beers!) when doing so.

The surface of this model can also get dents if you play with balls heavier than 1″ diameter such as those produced by Stiga titan or hurricane series racquetballs, as these tend to bounce harder than regular badminton style balls.

On the plus side, one customer does say that he has had his for over 10 years and never had any problems with it such as warping despite leaving it outside in the elements. He also adds that he does not use it constantly but only for a few hours each week, which likely makes the longevity of this table more impressive than if someone were to be playing on it every day.

The Original Manufacturer

The company behind Stiga ping pong tables is one of the original manufacturers who have been making them in their home country since its creation and they have grown into being one of the top 10 on the market today.

Their products are sold through Megaspin, Amazon, and other online stores worldwide with prices varying depending on what color or size you get as well as whether or not you buy used from third-party sellers instead of directly from Stiga’s online store or brick and mortar store.   This table is also available with a variety of accessories such as a Japanese-style net, storage pockets, and even under-table lighting for an extra cost.

The Stiga Advantage Pro

The STIGA Advantage Pro is another very popular table for recreational players. It ticks a number of the boxes that you should be looking for in the best table tennis tables, including being regulation size at 9 x 5 ft and coming with an easy to set up surface (some people have done it within 10 minutes). The playing surfaces come in a few different options: we like the 3/4 inch thick version which is available on this model but there are also cheaper versions with thinner surfaces (5/8 inch) or even less expensive models as well (. 16 mm).

The STIGA Advantage is a high-quality table designed for indoor play. Using thick medium density fiberboard, they finish it off with multiple layers of paint to ensure a totally smooth surface so you can have an incredibly consistent bounce all over the table. If you ever need any additional space or want some one on practice time, this table folds up in seconds and locks into place using spring loaded safety latches that are built right onto the frame; when folded closed it’s about 3 feet wide by 10 inches tall (or 90 cm x 25 cm).

The STIGA Advantage Pro ping pong table is the affordable, durable option for every home or office. With a 4-inch premium black caster system that’s easy to transport and locks on wheels to keep your new investment safe from harm, you’ll find it easier than ever before! It also features an adjustable height net set with tension control and comes equipped with tournament grade nets – all at 72 inches long. To top off this complete package of ping pong happiness? The convenient design of 3/4 inch MDF ensures pushing away won’t be needed when playing games in any location because if there’s one thing we know about life in America…it moves fast enough already without us adding more pressure (pun intended)!

This model is also a good choice if you do not want to have to worry about constantly re-leveling the table whenever someone hits it off-center as it has some give in its surface. If you are interested in purchasing this model or other Stiga ping pong tables for sale online check out megaspin.net, amazon.com, and ebay.com for more information and reviews on the product.

For someone who wants a high-quality tournament level 7′ table with a larger playing surface than regular tables but smaller than regulation size, then this is likely one of your best choices in choosing between several different models by the same company. It also has some give due to its 1-inch thick ABS plastic surface so you will not need to keep re-leveling it after every use.

While this table does have a thinner playing surface than the previous Stiga ping pong tables mentioned above with a total base thickness of 1 inch, this table is still more ideal for leisure play as opposed to someone who wants something that is closer to regulation.

Stiga XTR

Up next is the STIGA XTR, a great outdoor table tennis table built to withstand all that mother nature can throw at it. Boasting an exterior grade powder coating and galvanized steel frame, this six-by-six foot ping pong pad will last you for years of fun in any climate imaginable with its waterproof properties; no matter if your game gets interrupted by rain or snowstorms!

The tabletop is supported by a sturdy tubular steel frame, making it easy for the bounce to be even across the whole surface. The self-opening feature means that when you open or close this particular folding table, its legs automatically deploy and fold away with ease. Like other tables on our list of best ping pong tables under $1000 in 2017 – 2018, this one also features leg levellers and strong 3” locking wheels for safe transport over any terrain.

If you’re looking for a table tennis set that is both durable and versatile, then the STIGA XTR Pro will not disappoint. With its thicker frame made from weather-resistant material as well as bigger wheels which allow it to maneuver more easily on any surface type, this product might be just what you need!

The Stiga Vapor

The STIGA Vapor is another great option when it comes to outdoor ping pong tables. Unlike other options, this table has a 6mm thick aluminum composite surface that’s completely water resistant and the frame is galvanized steel (coated with Zinc) so rusting will never be an issue! However, unlike most of our favorite models in this category, there are only 3″ caster wheels on the bottom which we would like to see upgraded for better mobility outside; but overall it’s still one of your best choices if you want something durable.


This table is GREAT. It has plenty of room for two players to play doubles, and it’s strong enough that you can use the net as a target for when you are practicing smashing. If you’re playing singles, I suggest taking out the leg levelers because they do get in the way sometimes. This is a great value table for anyone looking to spend less than $500. If you ever decide to upgrade from this model, then it will be easy to resell because it isn’t very old yet!



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