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The product reviews on Table Tennis Top delve deep into the world of ping pong paddles, balls, and tables, dissecting their features and performance with surgical precision. As readers perused these reviews, they found themselves enlightened, able to make informed choices that would enhance their game.

But Table Tennis Top was not content with merely offering product reviews. It was a treasure trove of knowledge, housing a vast library of how-to guides and articles. From the basics of grip and stance to advanced strategies for spin and speed, the website left no stone unturned. Novices could learn the art of the game from scratch, while seasoned players could refine their skills and strategies.

The website’s articles were written by experts who were passionate about table tennis. Their words flowed with enthusiasm and expertise, making even the most complex techniques accessible to all.

In the end, Table Tennis Top was not just a website; it was a source of inspiration. It ignited a passion for table tennis, transforming novices into skilled players and skilled players into champions.

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Everyone can try to play for fun, but not everyone can play well. Becoming well at this beautiful sport takes dedication, years of practice and consistency. 

While a lot of practice is essential, the equipment you use is just as necessary. Because there are many styles of play, buying something expensive is never the answer. Instead, features like speed, control, level of play. Also, your goals as a player matter more.

For beginners, basic information such as properly holding the racket, what equipment to wear for training sessions, proper movements, and executing strokes.

If you are an active or more experienced player, here you can find the advanced techniques and the latest skills used by modern top players.

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My name is Petroj Sorin, a table tennis player from Uzdin (the small village in Vojvodina, Serbia), the champions of former Yugoslavia when the well-known table tennis player Ilija Lupulesku was born, and the title was won thanks to his merits.
In the year 2000, I moved to Subotica, the northern city of Serbia, to school and played for Spartak, a club with a long tradition and also winners of the Serbia Super League.
I have a coaching experience of more than five years with kids up to 8th grade of elementary school. In addition to working on my blog, I already play table tennis today and coach kids. My experience is more than 28 years in table tennis, playing, and coaching.

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