Everyone can try to play for fun, but not everyone can play well. Becoming well at this beautiful sport takes dedication, years of practice and consistency. 

While a lot of practice is essential, the equipment you use is just as necessary. Because there are many styles of play, buying something expensive is never the answer. Instead, features like speed, control, level of play. Also, your goals as a player matter more.

For beginners, basic information such as properly holding the racket, what equipment to wear for training sessions, proper movements, and executing strokes.

If you are an active or more experienced player, here you can find the advanced techniques and the latest skills used by modern top players.


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The beauty of table tennis

Table tennis is one of the most beautiful indoor sports, actively practiced by over 300 million people worldwide. I’m here to share my experience of 25 years of professional playing and coaching.

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Table Tennis News

Have you ever wondered why a large number of people love this sport even though it is not as popular a sport as football, basketball, and other sports?

Is table tennis good for health?

What is the difference between table tennis and ping pong?    Find out here…

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Sorin Petroj

Table tennis player and coach.
Dedicated to table tennis from the age 9.
Currently, I am playing in the first league of Serbia and coaching kids up to 8th grade of elementary school.


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